Monday, 22 June 2009

Strata Titles dilemma in Sabah

Strata Titles dilemma in Sabah

Sabah DAP is very concern about the much delayed issuance of the various strata title to the flats, apartments and condominium in Sabah. This is still pending after many years of processing by the departments like the Land and Survey department, the Local councils, City Hall, and the various government authorities. Many cases are as old as 30 years now.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament had been contacted by many owners of the buildings who required strata titles, to express their concern and worries over the issues, and they requested the MP to assist to find ways to resolve the matter as soon as possible. They said what they worry now is that they are actually holding a sale and purchase agreement with the developers only, and the developers would not be there for ever. The strata title is the responsibility of the developers.

There are many high-rise buildings in the state of Sabah without strata titles, and so far there is very few strata titles being issued. The big development projects like the Country Height Apartment in Kota Kinabalu consisting of 2,000 over units of apartments are pending the issuance of the strata titles. It is estimated easily over 80,000 0f such title pending all over the state, with the highest in KK.

Why is it so difficult to issue the housing development with strata titles? What is wrong with the system and the authorities? Or rather the departments are no doing their job? Or the ordinance and laws are not adequate or too strict? What is the real problem?

Until today, the difficulties still can not be resolved due to the slackness of the authority unable to tackle certain minor discrepancies in the process of preparing the titles. This gives rise to many hardships to the purchaser, unit owners, and including certain legal proceedings. The management cooperation employed by the developers for the apartments sometimes ended up in trouble and in some cases over charged the units.

Sabah DAP urges the government to expedite on the issuance of all the strata titles which is taken as urgent now. There are more and more such high rise building being put up day by days, and the piling up of such titles are getting more serious. The land and survey department must work overtime to clear this back-lock. The efficiency, accountability, credibility and performance of the government is falling far from expectation. There is the need to establish a total overhaul of the whole procedure for the preparation and issuance of the strata titles. We don’t want the people to surfer due to the non issuance of their titles.

DAP will continue to hop on this issue, and we are watching how the BN government is going to tackle this problem. It is no use to announce to us every times, we want to see our strata title.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

沙巴民主行动党非常关注目前在沙巴州有关当局拖延发出的各层公寓单位的分层地契(Strata Titles)。 虽然土地局,地方议会,市政厅及其他政府部门经过很多年的处理,屋主仍然还在等待中。 有许多已经等了三十年都还没有得到该地契。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士已接触了许多想要得到分层地契的业主,他们都感到忧虑和担心。 该业主向邱国会议员寻求协助,并希望能够尽快的解决这项问题。 他们说令人他们担心的是,他们实际上是持有和发展商签署的买卖协议合约,而发展商也不会长久都在。 发出分层地契是发展商的责任。

在沙巴州有许多公寓或大厦都没有分层地契,而迄今只有极少数被分发分层地契。 一项大建筑工程如拥有约两千多个单位的亚庇翠景原公寓仍然在等待他们的分层地契。 因此,跟据如此的估计,相信在整个沙巴州有超过八十多千的单位仍然在等待当局发出他们的地契,尤其是在亚庇市。

为什么会这么困难要发出房屋发展的分层地契? 是否该制度和当局有什么问题? 或者是说有关部门没有做他们的工作?或是条规和法令不符合条件或过于严格? 到底真正的问题是什么?

由于当局的涣散态度,在处理分配分层地契的文件过程中,无法处理某些轻微的差异,直到今天,问题仍然不能得到解决。 这使到许多买家,单位的业主,包括在面对某些法律程序时引起许多的困境。 此外,由发展商雇用的管理层也引发许多麻烦和问题,甚至在某些情况下有超收单位的服务费问题。

沙巴民主行动党敦促政府尽快签发所有公寓单位的分层地契。 尤其是越来越多公寓不断的兴建,然而该地契的问题也越来越严重。 土地局必须加班以清除此回锁。 政府的效率,公信力,诚信和工作表现实在是远远落后人民的期望。 因此,有必要重组整个地契的编制及手续办理程序。 我们不想让人们长期面对因没有地契所带来的困扰和问题。