Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Take down ‘Ah Long’ banner

The problem of ‘Ah Long’ is getting worse in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah, as victims are not only harassed and threatened but also kidnapped and tortured, thus we also need to take pre-emptive measure to safeguard our society, DAP local government and housing bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie and the Infrastructure bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng, had recently inspected various housing area at Kolombong, Putatan, Luyang, and Penampang. It is found that various ‘Ah Long’ advertisement banners can be found all over the place. It was difficult to tell which of those advertised were licensed moneylenders, because mostly it is just hand phone number provided but without any company name and address. According to the law, the legal moneylender should obtain proper advertising permit, be governed by the law and be answerable to it, instead of splashing all housing area with their advertisement banner, name card and leaflet, which turn our peaceful neighborhoods into a Loan Shark Villa.

No doubt, licensed moneylenders are an alternative channel in providing short-term or emergency cash for individual to meet the financial hardship requirement. However the extremely high interest rates and unethical modes of collection by illegal moneylenders had become a night mare for many borrowers, as the loan amount could be ballooned into unbearable sums and reach to a dead end where income was not enough to clear his debts with the Ah Long.

We urge the relevant authorities to solve the problem of illegal posters which gave the city dwellers a bad image and thinking that nothing is being done by them. The police and the City Council in Johor Baru (MBJB) had done a good job by seizing some 1,422 posters put up by the ‘Ah Longs’ in a joint operation last Wednesday. Our local Council and the DBKK should also remove all these banners without proper permit, or impose a fine to all unauthorized advertising (littering). With an effective enforcement, less ‘Loan Shark’ posters means fewer victims.

By : Infrastructure bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng

高利贷问题在马来西亚半岛及沙巴越来越恶化,受害者不仅被骚扰和威胁,甚至还面对绑架和虐待,因此,我们必需要先发制以避免问题继续,以保障社会安全。 民主行动党地方政府和房屋局主任爱德华慕吉和基本设施局主任李金星前往哥隆邦,布达丹,路阳及兵南邦进行视察时,发现在各处可以找到各种不同的‘阿窿’广告的横幅悬挂着,这造成了严重的公害。 该广告布条
只提供手机号码,并没有任何公司名称和地址,因此很难判断这些广告是否有准证。 有准证的私人贷款公司理所当然应该有广告的许可证,而不是到处随心所意的贴放或悬挂在住宅区。


我们敦促亚庇市政厅及市议会解决该非法张贴广告的问题,以提升城市的形象。 如果做不到将会引起公众对当局无能的看法。 上周三柔佛警方和柔佛市政厅 ( MBJB )做的非常出色,他们的联合行动检获约1422的‘阿窿’彩旗和海报。 在沙巴的地方当局也应该仿效,立即拆除所有没有许可证的广告布条及海报,或给予重重罚款。 有效的执法就可减少高利贷和必然减少受害者。