Monday, 29 June 2009

Tuaran road (Inanam to Menggatal) needed resurfacing and upgrading immediately

Sabah DAP infrastructure bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng and the Local government and Housing Bureau chief Edward Mujie received many complaints concerning the stretch of 6 KM bad road between Inanam and Menggatal. This portion of road had been the headache for the many road users in the area for many years. The road surface is uneven, dirty and dusty, and filled with pot holes. During the rain, there are muddy spot and pool of water collected on the road surface, and even severe flooding at places. The bad road condition led to road accidents in the area, and there is no street light too.

John said this portion of the Tuaran Road is heavily used by the people daily, due to the concentration of heavy industries, factories, stone quarry, shops and the population residing here. Every day there are more than a thousand of light and heavy vehicles using this important trunk road. The JKR seems not having a concerted effort to upgrade and rebuild this section of road. There is the need to make good the condition before any fatal accident occurred. They need to redo the ‘U’ turns, junctions, drains, round-about, street lights, trees, traffic lights, and the whole road surface.

There were an allocation for this job given sometimes ago, about RM 21 millions, where is this money, and it is believed to have been shifted to other project. The government should make available an allocation for the job immediately and should not wait any longer. This is part of the KK City area and we want good road in the city, perhaps DBKK should come in to request and seek funding for the said upgrading work.

Edward commented that we usually see good roads are being resurfaced over and over again, and yet bad roads get no attention at all. This indicated an imbalance usage of public fund, and the contracts of the road maintenance companies should be reconsidered and reshuffled to meet the requirement. The various authorities should be more alert in handling, executing and discharging their duties. This is in order to service the people well. We don’t want to see many things are not going well in Sabah.

By : Sabah DAP infrastructure bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng
and Local government and Housing Bureau chief Edward Mujie

沙巴民主行动党基本设施局主任李金星和地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉接获许多的投诉涉及下南南到孟加达约六公里长的路段。 多年来在该地区的许多道路使用者对该段路感到很头痛,因为路面不平衡,肮脏,尘土飞扬而且到处都是锅洞。 每逢下雨时,路面更是充满泥泞及严重的浸水。 如此糟糕的路面情况常常导致道路交通意外的事故发生,此外该处也没有路灯。

李金星说,由于该处有重工业,工厂,采石场,商店和住宅区,因此斗亚兰路的交通是非常繁忙的。每天约有千多辆的轻型和重型车辆使用这段道路。 似乎工务局却没有努力的提升或重建该路段。 现今是有必要提升,以免任何致命事故的发生。 他们需要重建回程路(U turn),马路进出口,排水渠,交通圈,路灯,树木,交通灯及路面。

联邦政府已经拨出约马币两千一百万的拨款给这项工程,而现在这笔钱在哪里?据了解好像是转移到其他的工程上。 政府应该即刻提供拨款给于所指定的工程并且不可拖延。 该地段是亚庇市的一部分,而我们希望亚庇市拥有良好的马路,或许亚庇市政厅应该向政府要求,并且寻求资金来进行维修和提升的工作。

爱德华说,我们通常看到良好的道路常常被重新的补修一遍又一遍,但恶劣的道路却得不到任何的关注。 这表明了不平衡使用公共基金,此外,政府也必须重新考虑和调整道路维修公司的服务,以符合及达到兴建或维修道路要求和标准。 各有关当局应该更加的警觉处理,执行和履行其职责,这是为了造福社会和人民。我们不希望在沙巴看到很多事情都处在糟糕情况里。