Monday, 29 June 2009

Visit to Inanam market

The Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu, Dr. Hiew King Cheu today paying a routing visit round to the Inanam central market, together with him was the Sabah DAP Organizing Secretary Jeffrey Kumin and the Infrastructure Bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng.

The team was welcome by the hawkers and shoppers in the market. The people thanked the MP for his visit to meet them regularly to listen to their problems and hope he will come more often. There are various matters arising concerning the DBKK, the traffic jam, illegal hawkers, whole sale suppliers robbing their business, arrangement of stalls, business not well, and dirty environment.

Dr. Hiew said he will arrange with the DBKK and JKR to come to Inanam Market to see what the authorities can help to reduce the various problem faced by the market. He said the problems can be solved if the authorities cooperate with the people, and their requests are reasonable. On the other hand, the MP also advice the Custom Department, Immigration, the police and DBKK to tackle the illegal immigrants, illegal hawkers, illegal cigarettes, street kids, drugs and gum-sucking, and dirty surroundings in the Inanam town. For JKR, they must speed up with the necessary road projects which are very important to solve the long hanging traffic jam problem. Inanam had been forgotten and neglected by the authorities, so it is high time there some one will have to take responsibility to solve the problem permanently.

The people in Inanam should not just bear with these day in and day out. Let us do some thing together before it goes out of hand, it is our place where we live and work in. We should stand up to all that is affecting us, to stage our protest, to speak out our grievances, and not to be afraid to the pressure and force by the government.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP


他们受到该处小贩们的欢迎。 民众感谢邱国会议员的探访及听取他们的问题和投诉,他们多谢邱博士常来探望他们。 他们提出各种有关亚庇市政厅,交通堵塞,无牌小贩,蔬菜供应商的问题,摊位安排,生意萧条和肮脏的环境。

邱博士说,他将安排与亚庇市政厅及工务局前来下南南商讨该处所面对的问题,并建议当局帮助该区。 邱氏也说,如果有关当局和人民有良好的合作,问题是可以获得解决,他们的要求必须是合理的。 另一方面,邱国会议员要求关税局,移民厅,警方和市政厅必须严格的对付非法移民,非法摆卖,非法香烟出售,街头儿童,吸毒者,和处理下南南肮脏的环境。 工务局必须加紧推行兴建新道路工程计划,这是非常重要,因为必须尽快解决长期悬挂的交通堵塞问题。 下南南已被当局遗忘和忽视太久了,因此现在是时候及需要有人来承担该责任,以解决该处的多项问题。

下南南区的居民不应该再默默地承受及面对这些问题。 让我们开始做一些事情免得问题越来越严重,这是我们生活和工作的地方,我们应该站出来面对及抗议,说出我们的不满,而且更不应该怕高压,迫使政府执行他们所应有的职责。