Saturday, 13 June 2009

What happen to the promised Kolombong Land title extension?

The Sabah DAP consumer affairs bureau chief Fred Fung Kong Win received a group of concerned and worried land owners from Kolombong and Inanam regarding their landed properties lease term that will expire soon. The group of people said that their land has less then 10 years lease term and they wish to extend for at least 50 years or more. Some said the banks are after them giving pressure on them to repay the mortgage or loans. Some needed to obtain temporary finance for their business turn over were rejected. This gives rise to many headaches and problems.

The people want to know whether the promises made by the Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman during the 308 general election through to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for the land titles that will expire will get their renewal with an extended period immediately and with a reasonable renewal premium charges. The chairman of SCCC Datuk Sari Tan had openly thanked the CM for his consent to extend the land titles lease term. To date there is no sight and no words from the Land and survey Department on the promised extension. It looks as if the words from the Chief Minister were just another political gimmick, for and in order that the people will support BN. In fact, the BN had got what they want by winning the election, so what about the poor folks in Inanam and Kolombong? They are stuck with their problems unsolved until 15 months had passed.

We want to know what the Hasil Bumi section in the Chief Minister Department and the Land and survey Department are doing about these particular case. This is of very much public interest and concern, and we can not allow this to dredge on without any positive action, especially it was promised by the Chief Minister himself.

Fred Fung reminds the Chief Minister not to be forgetful, and should instruct the Land office to immediately proceed with the granting of the extension of the lease term to the near expire titles to the land owners concerned. There shouldn’t be any expensive premium to be paid, and this will not be an excuse for the government to squeeze for more money from the people.

On the issue of the Land and Survey Director Datuk Osman Jamal said in the newspaper on Thursday about the problem of people selling Native Title (NT) lands after getting the titles, he said this is why the Government decided to amend the law and change the lease period of 99 years for NT to just only 30 years. The shorter lease period will discourage people to buy NT land. He also added that the government had to balance the land alienation between NT and CL because it was only through CL that it could collect revenue for the State. Sabah DAP feels the move to cut down the NT lease period is inappropriate, the Land and Survey Department should not use this as an excuse to stop people to sell and buy NT land. There is no law stopping people to transact their property, because this is a free enterprising society. At the moment only Bumiputra can own NT land, if the period is cut down to 30 years, many of our native will suffer. The natives live off the land, planting agricultural produce and most of these are their ancestries land. Therefore, drop the idea of doing that, and resort to other means. Also hurry up with the extension to the land titles in Sabah.

By: Fred Fung Kong Win. Sabah DAP Consumer Affairs Bureau Chief and State Committee Treasurer.


沙巴民主行动党消费者事务局主任冯光荣接到一群下南南哥隆邦地主投诉,有关其地契期限将快要到期。 投诉人说,他们的地契所剩的期约不到十年,他们希望能够延长至少五十年或更长。 当中有人说银行已经给他们施压力,要他们偿还抵押的贷款。 有的则申请临时融资时却被驳回,这引起许多麻烦和问题

他们想知道当时在308大选时,由首席部长拿督穆沙阿曼承诺说,当时也获得亚庇中华商会的赞许,对将要到期并且需要更新或延长租约的地契,可以立即延长并且会有合理的续期费用。亚庇中华商会拿督陈友仁当时公开感谢首席部长延长该地契租约期。 但迄今为止还没有看到土地局批准任何延长地契租约的承诺。 看起来好像首席部长当时所承诺的只是一个政治口号,只希望人民投票支持国阵。 事实上国阵已经赢得了该选举,但是对下南南哥隆邦的承诺在那里? 十五个月已经过去了,地主们的问题仍然还没有解决

我们想知道首席部长署及土地局会怎么样处理这项问题。 公众非常关注该事件,我们不能让此事件被遗忘并且没有任何积极的行动,尤其是该承诺是来自首席部长本人

冯光荣提醒首席部长不要如此健忘,应该负责指示土地局立即着手办理即将到期的地契租约,给予延长租约于地主们。 此外不应有任何昂贵的续期费, 尤其是政府更不能够藉此而挤压更多人民的钱

此外,针对土地局主任拿督奥斯曼于周四在报纸上表示说,当土著获得土著地契(NT)后再出售的问题,他说,导致政府决定修改法律,把九十九年的期限改为三十年。 该短期得期限将能够阻止土著售卖或购买土著地契。 他还补充说,政府为了增加收入,将平衡土著地契和商业地契的数量,因为只有透过商业地契才可以征收更多的地税。 民行党则认为,减短土著地契的期限,此举是不恰当的,土地局更不应该利用这为藉口,阻止土著出售和购买土著地契。 目前没有任何法令阻止土著进行土地交易,因为这是一个自由进取的社会。 此外只有土著可以申请和拥有土著地契,如果该期限减少到三十年,许多的土著将蒙受损失。 当地土著是依靠土地来种植农产品和大多数都是他们祖地。 因此,应该搁置该想法,并寻求更妥善的处理方法。 更需要尽快的处理在沙巴所有将要到期的地契期限问题