Monday, 22 June 2009

Withhold OCs for Inanam KK TAIPAN new shop inappropriate

The call to withhold the OCs to the KK Taipan new shops in Inanam town is highly inappropriate and uncalled for. This comes after an inspection and meeting by the Inanam Assembly man Johnny Goh with his people and JKR to the site. He wanted DBKK to withhold the issuing of the OCs to the shops until an amicable solution is found to the traffic congestion problem at that section of the town.

Sabah DAP Local government and housing bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie and the Infra structure bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng commented the action not to issue the OCs to the new shop as unfair and unjustified. Johnny Goh is unreasonable to use the traffic circulation problem to stop DBKK in approving the OCs. He must know the road system in the development plan is approved by the Town Planning unit, JKR, DBKK and other authorities, how come he never make noise before? He also sits in the Joint action Committee, why this question was not raised before? He travels every day in and out of the area and looking at the development to its completion, how come he did not mention any thing about the traffic problem. What did he do all these times as the Inanam Assemble man? Now the development is built according to approved development plan, completed and ready for OCs, then he said stop.

Unfair, 没有估计其他人利益
Edward said this is the fault of the government if there is any planning mistake and should be put right in the early stage, and not come to amend at the completion stage. It is unfair for the shop purchasers, the developer and the consumers. Therefore, the development of the KK TAIPAN must be given the issuance of a “Conditional OCs” until all the list of work is strictly adhered to. There is no way the delay to take, who is going to bear for the losses, interest incurred, and business jam. Let the shops to go with the OCs and solve the traffic problem quickly. We can not wait for years until JKR to built the proposed roads in Inanam.

John Lee commented that the inlet and outlet of the KK Taipan development along the Tuaran main road had been constructed as a dual carriage way, and this should be sufficient to serve the area. There is no need to enter into the Inanam Kiansom road. The people here can get in and out easily of the KK Taipan into the Tuaran Road. Thus what ever future new road and access will also the traffic circulation in Inanam. He said JKR should have plan for these long time ago and not now to stop people from using their newly bought shops. Thus the proposal by the Johnny Goh should be shot down, and DBKK to proceed to issue the OCs.

Edward Mujie and John Lee. Pic: Taken at the entrance and outlet of the Jalan Tuaran.

停止分发下南南区亚庇大班新商店的入伙纸极为不妥。 这是经过下南南区代议士吴清乐和他的助理及公务局的检验到查该处,然后开会决定的定案。 吴氏要求亚庇市政厅停发该处新店的入伙纸,直到可以找解决该处的交通挤塞的问题。

沙巴民主行动党地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉和基本设施局主任李金星评论该停发新店入伙纸的做法非常不公平,同时也没有道理。 吴氏使用交通诸塞的问题为藉口来阻止市政厅批准入伙纸是极不合理。他必须要知道该处道路系统的发展计划是获得城市规划单位,公务局,亚庇市政厅和其他主管部门所批准的,怎么在当时他从来没有提出提问? 他也在在联合行动委员会里,为什么在开会时该项问题被没有提出讨论? 他每天都进出该地区,也同时监督该发展工程的完成,为什么他却当时没有提到任何有关交通诸塞的问题? 他身下南南的州议士到底在做什么? 该发展工程是按照被批准的发展计划而进行,如今已完成并准备发出入伙纸,而吴氏却说停发。

爱德华说,这是政府的过错,如果有任何发展规划有错误,应该在早期阶段加以纠正并且修改,而不是该工程已经完成后才发现有问题。 吴氏的做法太霸道,没有顾虑到其他人的利益。这对买家,发展商和消费者极大的不公平。 因此大阪发展商应该分发有附带条件的入伙纸给该处的新店,直到所有的工作严格完成其程序。 这事情不能再拖延,否则是谁要承担的所有损失,高利息和新店的营业?让新商店的业主得到他们的入伙纸,同时要立刻解决该处的交通问题。 我们不可能要等到公务局建造下南南的新道路。

李金星评论说,亚庇大坂的进出是沿斗亚兰的主要道路旁,并且已经建成双线大道,这应该没有太大的问题。 同时也比必要进入下南南建山路。 人们可以很容易从亚庇大班进入斗亚兰大道。 因此,在未来将要建的新道路也将流通下南南区 。 他说,公务局应当在很久以前就有所计划,而不是现在才来阻止人们启用新买的商店。 因此吴清乐的建议当被取消, 而亚庇市政厅应当着手处理入伙纸的程序并且尽早发出去。