Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wrongly built Jalan Kiansom Bus Stop - too close to road

The 2 bus-stops built in Jalan Kiansom, Inanam, infront of the government clinic are too close to the main road which process danger to the passenger, the mini buses, and the vehicles using the stretch of road. The road is very busy in the Kiansom area and usually there is long traffic jam. There is not lay-by for the buses to park safely, and the bus stop sits just next to main road on the road shoulder. If the buses stop in front the bus stop, half of the road is blocked.

DAP Infrastructure Bureau chief, John Lee Kim Seng inspected the site of the two bus-stop, opposite each other, after received complaint from the Kiansom folks and commuters, said it is very through that the sitting of the bus-stop is wrong and should not be there at all. These two bus-stops have to be moved to some safe location with a space to construct a lay-by and parking space for the buses to avoid occupying half the road. We are concern about the safety of the passengers.

We want the authority to immediately put right the situation and move the uncompleted bus-stop to a suitable location to avoid future accident. We don’t want the tax-payers’ money to be spent unreasonably and wasted in such a way. DAP will be watching how the BN government spending our money, whether wisely, foolishly, over spent, and on all improper spending, especially on those untendered projects. The members of the public can bring to us any information on such cases so that we can take action to expose them.

(pic : John Lee and Edward Mujie inspecting the bus-stop)

John Lee Kim Seng

建于下南南建山路政府医务所前的新巴士站太靠近主要道路,对乘客,小型巴士以及车辆使用者是极危险的。 建山地区的交通非常繁忙,通常会面对交通堵塞的问题。 该处的巴士站在路旁没有停车位,而巴士就得停在主要公路上,而将一半的路面诸塞着,造成其他车辆大排长龙。

沙巴民主行动党基本建设局主任李金星接到建山居民和公路使用者的投诉后,就往视察该处相对的两座巴士站。 他说当局不应该在该处设立巴士站,这是非常不合适的做法。 这两座巴士站应该转移到较安全的地点,同时要有足够的停车位让巴士停泊,以避免占领一半的路。我们非常关心乘客的安全。

我们希望当局立即纠正有关情况,把该巴士站移置到一个合适的地点,以避免将来有意外事件的发生。我们不要当局不合理的做法及浪费纳税人的钱。 民行党将密切关注国阵政府如何运用人民的钱,无论是恰当或不恰当,超支,或所有不当的支出,尤其是针对那些没有经过正式招标的工程。 亚庇市民若发现有任何工程不合常规可以把资料带到民行党的办事处,我们必定会采取行动揭露它们的所做所为。