Thursday, 30 July 2009

In Federal Department too few Sabahan holding major post

Dr. Hiew King Cheu the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament received a reply from the Prime Minister Department regarding the number of Sabahan heading the various Federal Department in Sabah and the possibility for more numbers to be appointed as head of department in Sabah.

As up to date, there are all together 81 Federal departments in Sabah. There is a total of 29 Sabahans (36%) heading the post as head of department, and there are 52 head of departments (64%) not from Sabah.

The government will take steps to appoint more senior officers originated from Sabah to be the head of the federal department in the future. Any how this has to be based on the Civil Service guide line under the merits, importance, necessity, ability, and suitability for the person in consideration for the appointment of the post. The government will take special attention, and taken into account the importance for the Sabahan to become the head of departments in the future.

Hiew said in Sabah the federal departments to be headed by Sabahan are particularly important due to the merits of knowing the local environment and situation, especially in the case of dealing with the people here. There should be more Sabahan be engaged into these 81 federal department and along with its agencies. By using more Sabahan in the federal department has the advantage of even saving the government lots of money, this is because the officers from Semanajong working in Sabah are usually being paid extra outstation allowances and they can claim all other benefits for themselves and the family too. The government pays a huge sum of money for their lodgings by renting houses and providing transportation. All these can be saved if the local Sabahan are deployed to head position in the federal departments in Sabah. The Police, Arm forces, Immigration, National Registration Department, Department of Civil Aviation, Health Department, and the Education department are the very good example for these extra spending, especially these department are traditionally headed be west Malaysian from Head to the other top ranks.

It is essential to use more Sabahan in the federal departments to reduce the expenses and let more Sabahan have the chance to work there. We are capable and eligible to hold major and important position in the federal departments. Further more, there will be plenty of work opportunities available for the Sabahan in the future, provided the government decides to gradually reduce the number coming from Semanajong. This definitely will be something that Sabahan are looking forward to. The 81 federal department in Sabah can easily absorb some 5 thousand Sabahan, if they start to replace with.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP.




邱氏说,沙巴州联邦部门由沙巴人来担任,其中最主要的原因是因为他们了解当地的环境和情况,特别是在处理该州人们的问题。 应该有更多的沙巴人被委任为该八十一个联邦部门和其附属机构的职位。 通过委任更多沙巴人任职联邦部门的其一优点,是可以让政府节省许多钱,因为政府必须支付驻沙巴州的西马官员,给予他们额外的外地津贴,同时他们自己和家庭可以要求其他的补贴。 政府需要支付巨大的房租及提供交通工具的费用给外地官员。 如果由沙巴人来担任沙巴联邦部门的职位,这可以节省很多额外的开销,为国家省钱。 这种情况对任职于警察部队,国防卫队,移民厅,国民登记局,民航局,卫生局及教育部等联邦部门就是最好的例子,特别是这些部门的主管和其他的高级官员多是来自西马,政府必须为他们支付巨大额外的开支。

沙巴州联邦部门应该委任更多沙巴人在该些部门服务,减少外地官员而造成的额外花费,此外也让更多沙巴人有工作的机会。 我们沙巴人有能力和有资格担任沙巴任何联邦部门的职位。 只要政府决定逐步减少来自西马的官员,这是沙巴人所期待的。如果政府开始取代西马官员,沙巴州的八十一个联邦部门将可以提供多约五千沙巴人的工作机会 。

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


The DAP Malaysia Socialist Youth wing (DAPSY) chief Anthony Loke Siew Fook with DAPSY deputy chief, Lee Ying Ha and Ooi Leng Hang (DAPSY political education) are at the moment visiting the Sabah DAP youth for a three days round the state tour. Their first stop is in Kota Kinabalu, then travel by car to Sandakan and Tawau. The visitors from DAPSY are escorted by the Sabah DAP youth chief Teddy Yang Chan Tsze and Jeffrey Wong for the Sabah state tour. In Kota Kinabalu, many people greeted the DAPSY member and welcome them to visit Sabah.

Their purpose of the visit is to bring about more understanding and cooperation among the young members of the Sabah DAP, and also pave way for the coming general election. They hope to establish closer relationship and to foster stronger tie between the east and the west Malaysia. They explained also about the various function and activities of the DAPSY in Malaysia, and updated on many current issues in the country. They expressed much interest in the organization of the Sabah DAP youth movement and the activities that the young DAP are undertaking. They hope more young people can come forward to take part and learn more about the political and social work.

Picture : YB Loke, YB Lee, Ooi with Dr. Hiew, Fred Fung, Teddy Yang, Jeffrey Wong meeting the people in Luyang coffee shop.

Teddy Yang Chan Tsze

马来西亚民主行动党社青团(DAPSY)主席陆兆福国会议员,副主席李映霞州议员和社青政治教育局主任黄隆汉进行为期三天访问沙巴民行党青年团的活动。 他们的第一站是在亚庇市,接下来将乘坐汽车前往山打根和斗湖进行访问,同行的有沙巴民主行动党青年团主席扬展之和黄势恩。他们在亚庇市受到许多人的欢迎,以及很高兴他们能够前来沙巴探访。

他们今次访问的目的是为了与沙巴民行党年轻党员有更多的合作和联系,以配合将来大选的准备工作。 他们希望建立更密切的关系,并且促进更强有力东马和西马之间的配合。他们也向沙民行党青年团解释并介绍在西马社青团的事工和活动,以及带来更多有关我国最新的政治动向。 他们非常关注沙巴民主行动党所组织的青年团以及其活动,并认为年轻的一代更应该积极的参与政治及社会的工作。



Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Influenza A H1N1 spreading amount schools

The recent outspread of the H1N1 in the Kota Kinabalu schools had caused much concern and worry amount the schools and especially the parents. The parents had contacted the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew to express their concern and fear over the wide and fast spread of the H1N1 virus.

MP Dr. Hiew has visited the schools because these affected schools are all in and around the kota Kinabalu Parliamentary constituency. He viewed the cases are very serious, especially some 5 secondary and primary schools are reported with confirmed positive cases. The rate of spreading is fast and the Education department and the Health Ministry should take immediate action and all means of prevention to stop the spread. To date there is not much action taken, but seems like they are waiting for cases to appear then some action can be seen. The people must be protected at all cost, and we have to prevent this from spreading.

The confirmed positive cases in schools can spread faster due to the dense student population and the close contact of students. The virus, according to doctors can be transferred by bodily contact and air transfusion. Therefore, it is essential to avoid mixing in crowds and always keep bodily clean by washing and taking showers. All persons suspected with unusual high fever and coughing should immediately go to the hospital for checkup, especially for students having the symptoms should not go back to school.

The Education department, the Health department and even the local authorities like DBKK should come in to work together to minimize the spread of the dangerous virus. There are plenty of measures to be done, these can be carrying out awareness exercises, cleaning process in public places, spraying disinfectant, the use of antibacterial, personal hygiene campaign in school, etc.. We have to put our heads together in order to over come this difficult time.

The latest out break has caused all the Antibacterial liquid, hand gel, and lotion in the market being sold out. It will be good for the government to ship in more of such item and disinfectant/chemical to Sabah to provide free for the people. The schools whether it is infected or not shall be disinfected accordingly by the authorities. The face masks are to be provided to those suspected infection cases in all schools, so not to allow them to spread the virus.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

H1N1, A型流感蔓延亚庇市校园

邱博士今天访问了学校,因为这些受影响的学校都在亚庇选区。他认为是非常严重的状况,特别是有五间的中学和小学,已有确实呈阳性反应病例的报告证实。其蔓延的速度很快,教育部和卫生局应立即采取行动,预防蔓延。 迄今为止,当局没有实际采取行动。他们采取等待状况出现后才有一些行动。 人民必须受到保护,政府有责任防止这种情况的蔓延。

该学校确认的病例传播的速度很快,这是由于学生人口密集。据医生的解说,该病毒可以藉身体接触和空气传播。因此,必须避免混在人群中,保持身体的清洁,多洗涤和淋浴,可减少感染。 所有被怀疑有不寻常的发高热和咳嗽等症状,应该立即去医院进行检查,特别是学生有该症状的不应该回到学校,以免感染他人。

教育部,卫生局和地方政府,如亚庇市政厅应该共同努力,以尽量减少该危险病毒的蔓延。要准备许多项的措施和许多工作要做,例如可以进行宣传活动,公共场所的清洗,喷洒消毒剂,使用抗菌物品,个人卫生运动等。 我们必须一起来克服这一困难时刻。

这项病毒造成了所有的抗菌液体,手用消毒剂和清洗剂目前在市场上销售一空。 政府需要入口更多的消毒/化学品,以便免费提供给人们使用。 在学校无论是否有受到感染,当局都应前往进行彻底消毒,也应提供消毒口罩给被怀疑有感染个案的学校,让他们不再受到病毒的感染和传播。

Yong’s reply on “Ministry can only assist on Strata Titles”

Assistant Minister to the Ministry of Local Government and housing Datuk Edward Yong Oi Fah said the housing controller under the ministry is only responsible for the development of planning of housing. The approval of housing plans is the responsibility of the local authorities, while the ministry is in charge of the issuance of development licenses as well as effects and liabilities matters, but not the issuance of subsidiary and strata titles.

He further said that the issuance of sub and strata titles is the responsibility of the Land office under the Chief Minister’s Department, and his ministry is only acting part and parcel to assist the house buyers to obtain their sub and Strata titles. The ministry acts as a mediator between the developers, corporation management and the entities that issues land titles. The housing controller only looks after the housing development sector but not the commercial properties.

Yong reminded that it is the responsibility of the housing developers to obtain the sub and strata titles for the house buyers. In many cases, it is the fault of the developers failing to settle the small titles to the buyers, and the ministry has to come in to assist in cases where the developer went bankrupt, disappear and even passed away.

Dr. Hiew said since Yong knew about all these problems all the while, and what has his ministry and his minister did all this time to eliminate the problems? This had caused much anger and pain among the buyers and owners of these properties. The fault, loop-holes and restriction in our law system, government administration, the power and jurisdiction of the ministry and the bad coordination of various departments caused all these problems to the house buyers. We all know what is going on and the question is why nothing had been done to improve the situation? We can not sit and hope for the problem to go away, and the people continue to suffer.

Judging from the statement made by Yong, it is concrete enough to say the Sabah Government is helpless in dealing with the task to make available the subsidiary and strata titles for the house buyers. It is unreasonable to discharge their responsibility and liabilities by saying that the Ministry of Local government and housing is not responsible for the issuance of Sub and Strata titles, but just to help the Land Office. In fact they are the one who issued developer licenses, control them, certify on all works, and issue OC. Why can’t the ministry go one step ahead by making them to settle all outstanding bank deal, charges, certify all terms and condition set in the Sales and Purchase Agreement with the buyers, assist the forming of management cooperation as stated in the Sub titles etc..

The Ministry is to help the people to iron out problem faced by them, but now very unfortunately the problems keep piling up, and may last for a long time. It is their duty to get things sorted out, don’t just sit on it and giving excuses to cover the problems. DAP hopes the government can immediately come up with an amendment to the existing system to solve the problem.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP.


他进一步表示说,负责分发附属及分层地契是首相公署管辖的土地局的责任,而他的部门只是协助购屋者获取得这些地契的部分责任。 该部门是监督发展商,成立管理层和联络土地局的中间人。 地政部的房屋局只负责房屋的发展和规划而不负责是商业发展。

杨氏指出,房屋发展商必须协助购屋者获得其附属及分层地契。 在许多情况下,许多发展商未能解决这项问题,而且有些发展商甚至于破产,消失或去世,因此该部门将要插手协助。

邱博士说,杨氏是已知道所有这些问题,为什么他和他的部长都没有针对该些问题进行改进或消除这些存在已久的问题? 这造成许多的愤怒和痛苦。 该发出附属及分层地契的程序中的问题有许多漏洞和限制,又有在法律制度中,政府管理程序,该部门的职权和管辖范围以及各部门间的协调已制造出许多不必要的问题。 我们都知道这是怎么一回事,为什么他们没有将这一切不妥之处更正,以改善现有的糟糕情况呢? 政府不能坐而不视,并希望该问题能自动消失,使到人民继续受苦。

从杨氏所发表的言论中,足以说,沙巴州政府是无能力来处理和协助分发附属和分层地契于购屋者。 地方政府和房屋部不负责发放附属和分层地契,而只是协助土地局,他们这样推却责任的说法是不能被接受的。 事实上,是由他们签出发展商执照,监督及保证所有工程准则,并发出入伙纸,为什么不能进一步制定及修改条例,使到发展商能够尽快解决所有悬而未决的银行贷款问题,履行所有房屋买卖合约里的协议,协助成立管理层等等。

该部门是为了帮助人民消除所面对的房屋及地契问题,但非常遗憾的是,现在问题是在不断堆积,并可能会持续一段很长的时间。 这是他们的责任把事情办好,不要只是找借口以掩饰所犯的问题,所以希望政府能够尽快寻求良策来直接解决该项问题。

Teoh Beng Hock Trust Fund

Cheque payable to“Teoh Beng Hock Trust Fund”Public Bank (Cawangan Seri Kembangan)Account # 3154 127 533

Monday, 27 July 2009

Tun Fuad Park in Kota Kinabalu

The public complained to the DAP Infrastructure Bureau Chief Mr. John Lee Kim Seng over the spoiled road entrance to the popular Tun Fuad Park in Kota Kinabalu. This place is frequent by joggers and the people who visit the restaurant here.

The damaged road section and the flow of foul water had been there for many months. The authority, DBKK or the road maintenance contractor seem couldn’t border in spite of many complaint made. The bad road surface will only take few hours to make good. There is no reason that this was never on their work schedule list.

Lee said that DBKK should monitor and supervise the road maintenance contractor on doing there job properly. DBKK or JKR should publish the telephone numbers or contacts of the person in charge, in order for the general public to notify them for any repair work. The perimeter of the Kota Kinabalu City zone is very wide, and many places needed constant attention, thus we need a bigger team to serve. If the present work team is incapable to carry out their work, may be it is about time that we should recruit a second team to share the work load. The tax payers will be paying for the same amount, but we shall get double the work output. We pay for what the money worth.

At the moment, the road maintenance contractors are spit into council road, state road and federal road packages, 3 contractors on Federal road maintenance, and one contractor for all the council roads maintenance which includes the DBKK roads in Kota Kinabalu.

John Lee wants the government to review the performance of all the contractors. This is because judging on the present stage of the road condition and the complaint received, their performances are questionable and doubtful. We wonder whether they have done their job to the contract requirement.

The bad road condition on most federal highways posted danger to motorist and users. Many accidents had happened due to the uneven road surface and potholes, and some cases lives are lost. Who should be blame?

John Lee Kim Seng.

Pic: spoiled road surface at Tun Fuad Park


该处损坏的路面和流动的脏水已经存在有很多个月。 尽管有许多投诉,亚庇市政厅和其道路维修承包商似乎视而不见。 修补该坏路面只需要几个小时,没有理由他们没有办法安排修补的工作。

李氏表示说,亚庇市政厅应监督道路维修承包商的工作。 市政厅或工务局应该公布该些的承包商的联络电话号码或其负责人,为了使到公众方便通知他们有关任何需要维修之处。 亚庇市的周围是非常宽阔,许多地方需要不断的受到关注,因此我们需要一个更大的维修服务工队。 如果目前的工队无法胜任他们的工作,应该是时候让我们聘请另外一组的工作队来分担该维修工作。 如用两组人马以相同的金额来进行工作,将有更好的工作效率,让我们的钱有所值。

目前,道路维修工程分为市议会道路,州管道路和联邦横贯公路, 其中承包联邦横贯公路的维修有三家和一家承包商则主管所有市议会的道路维修,其中也包括亚庇市的道路。

李氏希望州政府能着手评估和审查这些承包商的工作。 这是因为从收到的投诉来判断,和路面的糟糕情况,他们的工作表现是有疑问和质疑。 他们是否有遵照维修合约里的准则和条例。

糟糕的路面情况,尤其是联邦横贯公路,造成驾车者的高度危险。 许多事故发生的原因是因为不均衡的路面和坑洞所导致。在某些情况下发生生命的损失,这该由谁来负责?

Friday, 24 July 2009

Kota Kinabalu, the “Billboard City”.

Sabah DAP supported the statement made by the Sabah Chief Datuk Musa Aman that Kota Kinabalu is having too many billboards in the city centre and its surrounding areas.

In Supporting his claim, the Sabah DAP vice chairman cum Local government and housing bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie said he shared the same view as the chief minister Datuk Musa, and he was asked a question sometimes ago by someone, “where do you come from? I am from Kota Kinabalu. Oh, the Billboard City”! That’s how the general feeling of the people looked at Kota Kinabalu nowadays. It is true that at every street corners, road junctions, on building, on hillside, on shops and road sides, one can easily sees huge billboard standing there. The empty billboards are looking even uglier.

Edward wonders why there are so many billboards being approved in the KK city. Many of these are being approved to be erected in a position where by causing obstruction and may endanger the public safety. The recent strong wind had caused some of the huge billboards collapsed into the roads, just imaging if there were people and cars during that hour, what will happened? There were many cases of collapse in the pass history of Kota Kinabalu city.

We want DBKK to explain whether these tall and huge billboards had been proper checked on their structural framework design and its safety factors, the location of erections whether are suitable and do not cause nuisance to the public. How much do DBKK collected from these billboards in term of rental, license fees and other benefits? All these must be justifiable for the erection of the billboards. The DBKK must answer because the people in the city want to know, and there should not be any cover up. It is estimated some few hundred billboards, big and small, erected and hung in the city.

Edward said there must be some control over the numbers, and it is high time that DBKK must streamline and standard all the erection, in terms of position, location, sizes, height, the structural frame work and its content.

Edward Ewol Mujie.


在支持他说法的同时,沙巴民主行动党州副主席兼地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉说,他同意首席部长的看法。 他曾经被人问过,‘你从那里来’?他说:‘我是从亚庇来’,‘噢,那个广告板城市’! 这是一般上人们如何看亚庇。 的确在亚庇的每一个街角,路口,建筑物,山坡上,道路两侧的商店,人们可以很轻易地看到巨大的广告板树立在那里。 空白的广告板甚至更难看 。

爱德华不禁要问,亚庇市为什么会有这么多的广告板被批准建立。 许多这些被批准竖立的位置,会造成危及公众安全。 最近的强风造成了多个巨大的广告板倒塌,可以想像如果有人或车辆在该时段经过,会有多危险? 在过去有许多如似的情况发生过。
我们希望亚庇市政厅解释,这些巨大的广告板是否有被妥善的检查其框架结构的设计和安全标准,设立的位置是否适合,有没有造成滋扰市民。市政厅征收这些广告板在租金及执照费和其他收费有多少? 所有这些问题亚庇市政厅必须回答,因为亚庇人要知道,他们不应该有任何掩饰。据估在市政厅范围内大约有数百面的广告板建立或悬挂在城市。


Thursday, 23 July 2009

Help house buyers with their Sub and strata Titles

Many house buyers and owners of the multi storey apartment, condos, flats and shops units complained that they are still waiting for their individual subsidiary titles or strata titles after many years (some 20 years) of dealing with the developers, and the answers were all the same, “wait and wait”! They are really fed up, and have come to lodge complaints with the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu. They said that they have faced individually with many problems that involved bank mortgages charges, loan, the setting up of management cooperation, legal suits, and legal ownership if the developers went bankrupt. The many problem involved in why the subsidiary titles and strata titles can not be issued and released to the house owners and buyers can be of the following categories:-

(1) Sub division premium not paid to Land office,
(2) Master land title still charged to bank and financial institutions,
(3) Organizing of management cooperation not done and improper,
(4) Land office incomplete process and delay in preparation of sub titles,
(5) Developers not complying to land ordinance, by laws and building regulations,
(6) Incomplete construction work, drawings, and details not furnished,
(7) Developers involved in legal suits,
(8) Land office’s slow processing and issuing procedure tedious.

There are many development cases in Sabah facing the above similar problems, the owner and purchasers are the one who eventually suffered the most. Therefore, it is high time that certain strong measure and action had to be taken up to protect the rights of these people. The government has to come up with certain amendment to the enactment, law and enforcement to ensure the house purchasers are protected. The Ministry of Local Government is the key ministry involving in this matter, so far there is little sign of setting in to help to straighten and iron out problems entangled in the issuance of sub and strata titles. Just imaging there are hundreds of thousand of such titles to be issued in Sabah, how long will it take to settle all these titles? May be another 50 years?

Hiew said some action must be carried out immediately, the Ministry of Local Government and Housing should do their job. The people are waiting to see how they can solve these problems? There will be more and more such problem appearing because more development projects will be building up, especially high rise buildings. We don’t want to see the developers, the Local government, Land office, and other authorities put the helpless house buyers in great difficulties.

Hiew said the Sabah State Government needs to move a motion and put forward an amendment to strengthen the existing law, act, ordinance, and by-law to save guard the right of the house buyers in general during the coming sitting of the State Assembly in August. “Don’t just sit on the problem and, hope it will go away”! Furthermore, it will be useful for the government to work closely with the Housing Developer Association (SAHREDA) to clear and solve whatever problem there is.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.

许多住宅,公寓的屋主和商店单位的业主抱怨地说,他们直到今天仍在等待发展商处理他们的小芽蓝或分层地契,这已经拖延有二十多年,仍然所得到的答案还是 “再等一等” ! 他们已经受够了,因此前往亚庇国会议员办事处向邱庆洲博士投诉他们的不满。 他们说,他们面临着许多的问题,例如银行的抵押贷款和房屋贷款,设立管理层,法庭控诉及其他法律等问题。 这些问题将会更严重如果发展商面对法律纠纷或甚至于破产。 现存的问题是因为发展商无法处理和分发小芽蓝或分层地契给屋主和业主,其原因如下: -

( 1 )分层地契的手续费还没有支付给土地局,
( 2 )主地契仍然还抵押在银行或金融机构,
( 3 )管理层还没有成立或不齐全,
( 4 )土地局尚未完成分割程序及延误编制小芽蓝或分层地契,
( 5 )发展商没遵照土地条例,规则和建筑准则,
( 6 )不完整的工程施工,未遵照蓝图细则,
( 7 )发展商面对法律控诉,
( 8 )土地局缓慢的处理态度和繁琐的分地契手续。

在沙巴州有许多的案件都面临着上述类似的问题,最终购屋者受害最深。 现在政府是时候要采取一个强有力的措施,以及必须要有积极的行动来保护屋主的权益。 州政府必须立刻修订有效于保障屋主的法令,法律和执行方案来处理和解决分层地契的问题。 沙巴地方政府和房屋部部长是该项问题的主要关键人物,然而迄今完全没有迹象要设置有效的处理方式,以帮助,整顿及提升和减少有关分发小芽蓝或分层地契各项头痛的问题。 可以想像得到在沙巴州有十几万张小芽蓝或分层地契等待着被分发,这将要花费多少时间来解决呢?可能需要五十年吧!

邱博士说当局必须立即进行改进及加强小芽蓝和分层地契分发的问题,地方政府和房屋部更应该尽快把该项工作做好。 人们现在等着他们如何去解决这些懸而未決的问题? 将来必定会有越来越多这类的问题出现,因为有更多的发展商都在进行兴建的工程,特别是高楼大厦。 我们不希望看到发展商,地方政府,土地局,和其他当局任凭屋主或业主面对困境而袖手旁观。

邱氏也指出,沙巴州政府需要在八月期间的州议会中提出动议,并且提呈一项修正法案,以加强现有的法律,规则和条例,以确保买主们的权益。 “不要视而不见,期望问题会自动消失” ! 此外,州政府应该和房屋发展商协会(SAHREDA)保持密切的合作关系,这有助于明确和迅速解决任何存在的问题。

Fare Hike for public transport in Sabah

General commuter in the State of Sabah sounded their anger and dismay towards the government allowing a fare hike starting August 2009 of up to 30% on all public transport system in the country. They said the government is very inconsiderate towards their difficulties in paying more and more on their daily expenses in travelling using public transport. One person from Telipok complaint he has to pay RM4.50 to reach the Kota Kinabalu mini bus terminal and again board a city bus to reach his work place, this will cost him a staggering RM10.00 per day for the return trip. For earning just RM800.00 per month, he had to spend RM240.00 on the bus fare alone. How can I feed my family with the balance of RM560.00? He laminated that the minister are highly paid and using government vehicles with drivers, they would not feel the pain of the people.

Sabah DAP consumer affair Bureau chief, Mr. Frederick Fung Kong Win received much complaint over these few days since the announcement of the fare hike as from the 1st of August, said he is very concern about these fare increase to all classes of public transport, especially with the sudden increase to as high as 30% of the fare. The last increase was last June 2008, during the fuel price hike, but now after so many months of price drop to a very level the fare for the public transport remained as high. This is totally unacceptable and is intolerable. It looks as if the government is inconsiderate to the hardship of the general commuters. There is no reason for the fare hike at this moment, especially during this economy down turn, when many people are facing financial hardship in Sabah. The rich may not feel it, but for the small income group who had to travel by public transport system will definitely feel the pinch.

Therefore, Sabah DAP strongly objects to the fare increase and wants the BN government to drop the idea to grant the increase in all the fares to the public transport. This should not happen until the government can produce and enhance an improved economy in Sabah, or until the income and earning of the Sabahan can increase by 30% or more. Failing to do this, means that the BN government is a government that do not care for the people, Sabahan should move to abandon them.

Sabah DAP consumer affair bureau chief, Frederic Fung Kong Win.

(picture : Bus commuters complain to Fung and Edward Mujie on the bus fare hike)


沙巴州公共交通使用者,他们对政府下个月开始让所有公共交通的票价上涨30%的事件,感到非常愤怒和不满! 他们表示说,政府完全不体谅他们的困境,尤其是日常的开销已经如此紧肘,如今还面对公共交通的车资上涨。 其中一位投诉者说,从打里卜(Telipok)搭公车到到亚庇迷你巴士总站的车费将是马币四块半,他接着投诉说,亚庇城市巴士(City Bus)也害到他要另付一天一令吉的车费才能到他的工作场所,他每天来回的车费将耗资约十令吉。 而他每月的收入只有马币八百,却需花马币两百四十在巴士车费上。他投诉说剩下的马币五百六十,他如何养活他的家?。他指出部长高官都是受高薪并且都使用政府所供应的车辆,他们根本不会感受到他人的痛苦和辛苦。

至从当局宣布八月一日起,全州公共交通的车费将上涨后,沙巴民主行动党消费事务局主任冯光荣接到很多的投诉,他非常关注公共交通的加价问题,尤其是突然增加高达30%的车费。 他说最后一次的加价是在去年六月原油价格高涨的时候,但经过了这多月以来,原油的价格已经下降到低水平,但是公共交通的票价仍然没有下降,现在反而又要上涨,这是完全不能被接受亦不能容忍的事。 看起来好像政府一点也不体谅人民面对的困境。 在这个时刻提高票价实在没有理由及逻辑,尤其当许多中产阶级以下的人民面临经济萧条的时刻。 对富有的人可能不觉得,但对收入微薄的群众,对公共交通票价的上涨肯定要他们的命!

因此,沙巴民主行动党强烈反对公共交通车资涨价,并希望国阵政府能够取消所有公共交通票价上涨的计划。 除非政府可以加强和改善沙巴州的经济,或者提高30%沙巴人民的平均收入或更多,不然就不应该加价。 如果仍然坚持如此做,这意味着国阵政府根本是个不关心人民的政府, 沙巴人就应该遗弃这样没用的政府。


Jalan Bundusan road works caused inconvenience and hazards

The residents in Taman Golf View and the surrounding area felt worry and upset about the many inconveniences caused by the road construction work in Jalan Bundusan. They have brought the matters to the attention of the Sabah DAP Infrastructure Bureau chief Mr. John Lee Kim Seng. The complaints are basically focused on the road side drains which were done badly and waterlog, this created a bed for the mosquitoes, and sometime emitting bad smell too. Some of the road entrances to the residential area were set badly. It makes the turning of the cars very difficult.

A section of the drain next to a housing estate was total not built to the specification and even have a wrong gradient and fall. It is overgrown with grass now. There is no flow of water in the so call drain, a lady from the housing estate pointed out to John Lee.

John Lee wants the JKR engineer to inspect the drains and road entrances in the new road to rectify the situation. The resident here should not have to bear with all these inconveniences.

Pic: resident complained about the clogged up drain in Tmn Golf View.

John Lee.

卜都山路(Jalan Bundusan)的道路广建造成诸多困扰
Taman Golf View及其周围地区的居民感到担忧和不满,有关卜都山道路的工程造成诸多的困扰。 该处的居民向沙巴民主行动基本设施局主任李金星投诉,要求他向当局反映该问题。 该投诉主要是在路边的排水沟因为工程的善后工作做不好,严重的影响排水的问题,同时也形成蚊虫滋生的温床,由于沟渠的诸塞而引起了难闻的臭味。 此外该处住宅区的入口处也遭受破坏。使到车主们会有困难转进入口处。

此为住宅区旁的排水沟完全没有依照规范建造,因为新建的排水管比旧的排水管高,造成污水无法流出去,此外沟渠四周长满了野草。 该处一位女士向李氏指示她屋前诸塞的沟渠。


照片:Taman Golf View居民向李金星抱怨有关堵塞的排水沟

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Angry Taman Judy Residents Blamed DBKK

The whole housing area and the surrounding houses near Taman Judy in Jalan Pulutan, Menggatal had faced the problem caused by the timber yard and stores in front and at the back of the housing estate for many years. The residents seek help from the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu, who came to meet the people on site to further investigate and understand the situation.

It is true after conducting the visit and had referred to DBKK, and to the relevant authorities, the two timber depots were built and operating illegally. This is because the timber yards were built on lands designated for Residential (B) zoning by the country and town planning authority. DBKK had previously issued letter of notice for them to move out, but so far no action had been taken. There is no sign of the timber yard moving out but instead the timber yard has started on the construction of a new shed to store their swan timber. The timber yards presented hazardous environmental unsafe for the residents here, that also includes a primary school who had complained before. The timber yards produced many nuisances affecting the houses here, like heavy lorry traffic, night work, noise, dust, danger to traffic, and damaged road. The most worry of all is fire hazard, due to the close proximity to the housing estate.

Dr. Hiew said the timber store yards should not be there and sit right in the middle of houses and school. The DBKK had been notified but according to the officers when contacted, they are seeking advice from the legal department before notices can be served. At the moment, the resident here are very upset with the slow and “tidak bah” attitude of DBKK. They said they wonder whether there is some “special” arrangement with the owners of the timber yards, otherwise why no action had been taken so long.

Therefore, it is the power of DBKK to act to put thing right and any unlawful land use that affecting others must be put right. Law is still law!

Dr. Hiew King Cheu KK MP.

Picture 1 : Showing new timber store under construction, behind is housing.
Picture 2 : Residents showing pile of timber next to houses

孟家达,卜罗丹路,朱迪花园整个房屋区及周围的房屋多年来面临着两家木材板料仓库影响的问题。该处的居民向亚庇国会议员国会议员邱庆洲博士寻求帮助。 邱博士今天前往会见该处的居民以进一步的调查和了解该处的情况。

经过巡视后发现确实有问题,他也有向亚庇市政厅和有关当局询问有关这两家非法土地运用及建立木材仓库的问题。 这是因为该木材仓库是建立在城市规划条例所定的住宅区(B组)之下的土地上。 亚庇市政厅曾经发出通知书要他们搬迁,但迄今他们却没有采取任何搬迁行动。不但没有搬迁的迹象反而该业主又开始建造另一座新的仓库来储存木材。 目前该木材仓库的存在使到该处的居民面对极不安全的处境及危害环境健康。这里包括了一所小学,校长也曾经抱怨投诉过。 木材仓库滋扰影响该处的居民多年,重型货车流量极大,加上夜班工作,噪音,尘埃,造成交通危险并损坏道路。 最令人担心的是会引发火灾的危险,因为该仓库的大批木材太靠近房屋。

邱博士说,木料仓库不应建立在房屋区和学校的中间。 亚庇市政厅已被通知也知道该情况,但根据所接触的官员说,他们正在寻求法律咨询及意见,以便发出通知书及送达。 目前,这里的居民对亚庇市政厅缓慢和“不理睬”的态度觉得非常失望和不满 。他们说,他们想知道是否有一些与业主的“特殊”安排,否则为什么这么久一直都没有采取任何行动。
因此,亚庇市政厅应该立即采取行动,把事情搞好。 他们应该阻止任何土地非法利用和避免影响其他人的权益,同时一切都须遵照法律所制定而行。

图1 :新木材储存仓库在兴建中,后为朱迪花园住宅区
图2 :该处居民投诉靠近其房屋的木材堆。

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Sandakan Electricity Supply a total negligence of the BN government

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu was brought around to visit all the power generating facilities in Sandakan by the people there during his mobile service to understand further the real cause of the power cut, failure and shortage in the area. The inspection team went round to all the facilities in Sandakan which includes the Gantisan power barge (2x20MW), IPP-Sandakan Power (4x8MW), Libaran Power (4x15MW), Kina Biopower (1x10MW), Labuk (3x4.74MW), Batu Sapi (3x8MW) and (2x14MW) plus a Jet turbine power generator (1x20 MW).

According to the calculation, the total output is 228.22MW. This is 30% of the power generation of the whole Sabah requirement of 750MW, just for Sandakan alone there is a total requirement of 220MW. Very unfortunately, this is not the real picture, because the Sandakan power facilities are in a very poor stage. During the inspection on last Sunday, the team found out that most of the power generators are practically not functioning. The power generators not functioning are as follows:-

(1) Gantisan Power Barge --- 2x20MW
(2) Batu Sapi Station --- 3x8MW and 1x14MW
(3) Batu Sapi- Jet turbine --- 1x20 MW
total= 98MW
With so many power generators in Sandakan out of service (7 out of 20) and power lost of 98MW out 228.22 MW, no wonder the Sandakan folks are crying foul for power. The power cuts and load shedding in Sandakan town is getting more serious nowadays. There is little effort being put in to repair and upgrade the facilities, or at least there should be some concerted effort and plans to bring in new, big and efficient power generators to be installed to give Sandakan its power supply. The existing generator sets are getting worn out with low output efficiency, and might breakdown anytime now, what will happen then? How long do the Sandakan folks had to wait for the steady power to resume?

Dr. Hiew viewed the situation as very critical in Sandakan, and the people’s suffering and losses can not be quantified, who should be held responsible? It is only the government that they should point their finger at. In Sandakan, there is a Sabah Chief Minister, Datuk Musa Aman, a full Minister, Datuk Raymond Tan, a full Minister Datuk Peter Pang, and an assistant Federal Minister, Datuk Liew Vui Kiong. “All these power full people in the BN government seem powerless to help the power needed poor folks in Sandakan”. DAP call upon them to bring back the power supply to Sandakan, if not they have seriously failed the Sandakan people who had voted them to their seats. They need to resign to the effect for failing to take care the well being of the Sandakan folks.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. Sabah DAP chief cum KK MP.

1. Picture taken infront of the broken down Jet Turbine power generator (20MW),
2. The idling Gantisan Power Barge (2x20MW) on Sunday 19th July 2009.

上星期天亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士和他的流动服务团队前往山打根进行流动服务,在同时他被带领前往该处的发电厂巡视,以进一步了解山打根停电和电供不足的真正原因。他们也视察了所有山打根的发电设施,其中包括了电力驳船(2x20兆瓦),山打根私营独立发电站(4x8兆瓦), 里巴兰电力站(4x15兆瓦),吉那生物气体发电站(1x10兆瓦),拉卜发电站(3x4.74兆瓦),巴都沙比发电站(3x8兆瓦)和(2x14兆瓦)加上喷射涡轮发电机(1x20兆瓦)。

根据计算,该些发电站的总电力生产为228.22兆瓦。 是整个沙巴州总需求750兆瓦的30%。单单在山打根区,其总电力的需求量是220兆瓦。 非常不幸的是,这并不是真正的实况,因为山打根的电力设施是处在一个非常恶劣的阶段。 在上星期日巡视的期间,发现大多数的发电机几乎都没有发动和操作。 该些不能操作的发电机如下:-

(1) 电力驳船 --- 2x20兆瓦
(2) 巴都沙比发电站 --- 3x8兆瓦和 1x14兆瓦
(3) 巴都沙比 - 喷射涡轮发电机 --- 1x20兆瓦
合计= 98兆瓦

山打根有二十多台的发电机,有七台发电机无法操作,而造成了总发电量的228.22兆瓦中的98兆瓦的电源损失,难怪山打根人对此感到欲哭无泪。 目前该处的停电和电力负荷问题越来越严重。 而政府却毫无迹象积极去实施维修和提升级该处的设备,或者努力做更新的工作。 他们应该计划引进和安装新高效率的发电机,让山打根有足够的电力供应。 现有的发电机已经破旧和效率低,随时可能发生故障,到时后果是不堪设想!山打根的人们要等到什么时候才能拥有稳定的电力供应?

邱博士认为山打根的情况非常糟糕,人民的痛苦和损失已经无法再估计,谁应该负起责任呢? 该矛头应该们直指向州政府。 山打根有沙巴首席部长拿督慕沙阿曼,拿督陈树杰部长,拿督彭恩荣部长和一名联邦助理部长,拿督刘伟强。 然而‘这些有权力的国阵政府老大,似乎无能力来帮助和解决山打根人民的逼切需要’。 民主行动党呼吁他们尽快处理山打根电供的问题,山打根人民投票选择他们当代议士,而他们却无法认真的处理山打根人的需求及诉求,他们应该迎疚辞职,因为他们未能照顾到山打根人的基本利益和福利。


Monday, 20 July 2009

Justice for Teoh Beng Hock, and an answer for the rakyat!

Sabah DAP chairman cum the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu with the Sandakan DAP chief Teo Yan Boon and members were at the Pasar Tanah Merah, Nam Tong, Sandakan attending a mobile service. During the mobile service, many of the Sandakan folks approached the MP and the Sandakan chief to enquire about and expressed their anger on the sad case concerning the death of Teoh Beng Hock. The sad incident had become the focal point of public concern. A few hundred copies of the leaflets printed by the party HQ had been distributed within an hour. The mobile service was a great success with many people visited the counter and they were glad to meet the MP who came from KK to visit them in Sandakan and listen to their problem in Sandakan. The biggest problem is still the Power supply and economy hardship faced by the Sandakan folks. They said in spite the Sandakan area has existing few ministers including the chief minister, but still Sandakan is facing plenty of problem which never get solved. They urge Dr. Hiew to visit them more often.

Teoh Beng Hock Public donation drive for the family.

DAP Malaysia has launched a public donation and contribution campaign to a foundation fund set up for the family. His death had brought about much outcry and a lot of anger in the Malaysian society. The justice must be seek and many people said they want an answer to the cause of death to the young man who left behind a fiancée and unborn child. His family members are in total distraught and in disbelief over what has happened.

Sabah DAP is organizing a fund raising event by public donation in Sabah. The general public can either bank in directly to the account in Public Bank Bhd., JSK branch, account no.3150093530 under the name Pusat Khidmat Dun Seri Kembangan or come to the DAP office in TAMAN FOH SANG, LUYANG, or call 088-254987.
So far there is a sum of RM7,000.00 for the foundation has been bank in and we are expecting more will come in these few days.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KKMP

沙巴民主行动党州主席兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士和山打根民主行动党负责人张衍文和党员们在山打根的南通市巴刹进行流动服务活动。 在该流动服务站,许多山打根人前来向邱议员和张衍文,查询并且表示他们对涉及赵明福不幸死亡案件感到非常愤怒和关注。 该悲伤的事件已成为公众所关注和焦点。 由该党总部所安排的数百份有关的传单在一个小时内全被索取。 该项由国会议员所主持的流动服务活动是非常成功,许多山打根人很高兴能够亲身与邱国会议员见面,同时非常欢迎他的到访和听取他们在该处的问题。 山打根人目前面对最大的问题仍然是电力供应和经济的困境。他们说尽管在山打根区现有几位部长,包括首席部长在内,但仍然面对许多问题并且从来都没有获得解决。 他们请求邱博士能够经常前来山打根探访他们。

马来西亚民主行动党发起了一项公众捐款活动并为明福的家人成立援助基金。 他的事件引起了很多马来西亚社会强烈的愤怒和抗议。 人民要求司法公正必须为他讨回公道,此外每个人都要知道造成这位年轻人的真正死因。 他的家人对他的死觉得无法接受及难以置信。
沙巴民主行动党在沙巴州已进行一项为明福基金的公众筹款活动。 公众人士可以直接把款项捐到大众银行JSK分行的帐户,该帐户号码是3150-0935-30,支票进入Pusat Khidmat Dun Seri Kembangan或前来沙巴民主行动党,路阳和生园的办事处,或拨电088-254987 。

到目前为止我们已经收到马币七千令吉的捐款并已汇入该基金,我们希望在这几天内可以收到更多善款。 在此沙巴民主行动党代明福的家人向大家致上万二分的感激。

Sleeping Officers in the Land office

The Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu Dr. Hiew King Cheu received complaints about the slackness and bad management of the Land office in dealing with land dues collection. The complaint said that money had been to settle the land dues with proper official receipts issued, but the owner of the land and properties still received “Notice of Demand” under Schedule xxviii of the Land ordinance-section 134. The notice stated that if payment is not made within 30 days of the date of the Notice of Demand, the arrears of revenue together with the fees and the costs shall be recovered under the power contained in Part vii of the Land Ordinance, and the total dues will be subjected to surcharge of 24% if not settled before expiry date of the notice. These notices were issued from the Assistant Collector of Land office, Kota Kinabalu.

The payment was made in April with official receipt issued, but in July the Notice of Demand was issued with an notice fee of RM30.00 stating all the above fine and penalty.

This is disturbing for a lot of people who had dully paid the dues to the Land office, but in return received such unreasonable Notice of Demand and being threatened to pay up. This is totally unfair to those who are law abiding, and followed strictly to the procedures. Dr. Hiew wants the Director of Land and Survey to conduct a thorough investigation to the matters, and find out what is the reason behind these unpleasant cases of gross mistake. The land owners suffered mental stress and had to spend time to put right and explain the mistake to the officers. If not for the mistake caused by the Land office, all the problem will not happen. Some one must be responsible, and do not blame the computers.

The Land office needed to be revamped and reshuffled in order to streamline and wipe out totally the many mistakes and wrong doing in the department. There are many other cases involving the department, and this is only some examples.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu KK MP.

(attach : Official Receipt from Land Office and the Letter of Demand)

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士收到许多投诉,有关土地局的官员涣散的态度及地税收缴处的管理不善。多位投诉者说,他们已经付清土地税的金额,并且也收到当局的正式收据,但该地主却仍然收到土地法令第二十八则的第134条之下的 “通知书”。 根据该‘通知书’指出,如果在通知书发出之日起的三十天内不付清款项,根据土地条例第七条,该拖欠的税收与其他杂费在通知后的截止日期,将增加24%的附加费。 该通知书是由亚庇土地局的地税收缴助理主管办事处所发出。


这让很多已经按时支付地税给土地局的人们感到烦扰,因为他们仍然收到当局寄出的不合理通知书,并威胁他们付钱。 这对奉公守法并且严格遵循程序的人民,是一件很不公平的事。 邱博士希望土地局主任能够进行彻底的调查有关该事项,并去了解犯出严重错误的背后原因。 地主们受到精神上的压力,并且不得不花很多的时间,向当局的官员解释和想办法纠正该错误。 如果不是因为土地局造成的失误,所有的问题就不会发生。有些人应该负起责任,不要推却说是电脑的错。



Friday, 17 July 2009

Teo Beng Hock was supposed to register to be married tomorrow,

Inanam New Township shop lot quit rent problem unsolved

The shop owners of the Inanam New Township have great difficulty in paying to Land and Survey Department the quit rent on their individual unit. The complaint said that the department can not state the amount of quit rent on each individual unit of the shop according to floors.

The individual subsidiary titles are finally ready for collection after 25 years long wait, but the titles will not be released until all quit rent is settled by the owners up to date. The developer LPPB had been paying the quit rent since the beginning until 2007, based on block titles. With the issuance of the new sub title, the owners of their unit will have to pay the outstanding due on the quit rent. The problems arise here is because the Land and Survey Department can not tell what is the quit rent allotted to each unit according to floors, but in stead the owners are asked to pay the quit rent for the whole block of shop in order to take their tittles from the legal firm.

Sabah DAP Local government and Housing Bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie attended to the complaint and had found out the problem on the release of the Subsidiary Tittles to the owners of the shop units who had waited for 25 long years. The subsidiary titles for different floors are actually under a block title registered under LPPB for the particular shop lot, and the quit rent is set by Land office for the block only. Therefore, they have to pay as one block and not on each floor. There is also the requirement to organize a management for the maintenance of the block.

The owners looked at this as unreasonable, they don’t wish to handle the quit rent for others, in fact LPPB should settle all quit rent to date since the titles are registered under their name. Once fully settled, the Sub titles then can be released to each floor.

Edward said LPPB should liaise with Land office to iron out what ever the problem there is hindering the release of the Subsidiary titles to the owners of Inanam New Township. We hope the simple task can be sorted soonest possible to avoid further complication arising. It is ridiculous that just to issue a simple sub title can take up 25 years.

Edward Ewol Mujie

(picture : Edward Mujie show the copy of the Subsidiary titles of Inanam New Township)

下南南店铺的店主面对很大的困扰在支付给土地局他们各层单位的地税。 他们投诉说,当局到今天仍然无法根据各层店铺单位明确需付的地税。

经过二十五年漫长的等待,个别附属的地契已经完成了,但是如果店主没有付清该处的地税,个别的分层地契就无法获得分发。 沙巴房屋发展局(LPPB)已付还地税给土地局至二零零七年,依照整栋楼来计算。 根据新的个别分层地契地税,业主们必须也依照整栋楼来清还余额的地税,才能获得其分层地契。 然而因为土地局无法根据各单位的地段来计算要付的地税,而出现了无法得到个别的地契问题,因此当局要业主们支付整栋店铺的地税,以便他们可以即刻完成分发个别分层地契的程序。

沙巴民主行动党地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉接到该投诉,并且发现店主们等了二十五年才完成个别分层地契,实际上该些地契仍然是登记在沙巴房屋发展局的名下和以整栋店屋一张地契,而所征收的地税是属于整栋店铺的。 现在的店主们必须支付整栋店铺的地税,而不是个别层楼。 此外,各层业主们必须要组织管理委员会来保管和维修该栋楼。

该处的业主们对地税的问题觉得非常不合理,他们不要支付不属于他们单位的地税,实际上沙巴房屋发展局有责任去解决该些地税,因为至今该地契仍然登记在他们的名下。 一旦解决了地税,业主就可以得到他们的个别的分层地契。

爱德华说,沙巴房屋发展局与土地局应该即刻坐下来一同解决下南南店铺的地税所面对的问题。我们希望当局能够在最短的时间内尽快处理如此简单的任务,以避免以后有更多问题出现。 个别附属的分层地契需要花上二十五年的时间才完成,实在是非常可笑。

(图 :爱德华展示下南南店铺的分层地契)

Sabah DAP welcome first Imam as member.

The first Islamic Imam, member is welcome by the Sabah DAP today in Beaufort in a simple welcoming ceremony. At present was the Sabah DAP chief cum Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the vice chief Edward Ewol Mujie, the Beaufort DAP chief Jinlin Bin Abd. Rahman, with other branch chairman and members.

Haji Jusri Kamat is an Islamic priest (Imam), he said his decision to join the Sabah DAP is because he admires the devoted spirit and effort of the DAP leadership to help the people. The party deeply inspired a lot of people in Sabah, and the people now understand that they can not depend too much on the government, but have to stand up to find ways in order to survive. He hopes that he move can bring about other Muslim community in Sabah to be with Sabah DAP to work for a better future.

Dr. Hiew said in the welcome ceremony that Sabah DAP gaining further support from the Muslim community from Beaufort and other areas in Sabah is a big achievement. We will work harder and push forward to further strengthen the support from all corners of Sabah in order to achieve a grand victory in the next general election. To change the present government, is the only solution to the many pro-long and outstanding problems in Sabah. So if the Sabahan want a “change”, we have to work hard together, together we can help and change Sabah.

There will be many more bumiputra branches formed in Sabah soon. That includes Kota Belud, Tenom, Ranau, Lahad Datu, Kudat, Tawau and Sandakan.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, Sabah DAP chief.

Pic: Haji Jusri Tamat handing over the membership forms of 35 people to Beaufort chief Jinlin Bin Abd. Rahman, witness by Dr. Hiew and Edward Mujie.


今天在保佛,沙巴民主行动党进行一个简单却隆重的欢迎仪式欢迎首位回教宗教师的加入该党。 由沙巴民主行动党亚庇国会议员兼沙民行党州主席邱庆洲博士,州副主席爱德华慕吉,保佛行动党负责人京林亚都拉曼和其他支部主席及党员见证该入党仪式。

哈芝祖士里卡末(Hj. Jusri Kamat)是一位回教宗教师,他说,他决定加入沙巴民主行动党是因为他钦佩该党领袖的服务精神和乐意帮助他人。 现在很多沙巴人已明白,他们不能过于依赖政府,而是必须联合一致站起来,寻找生存办法来解决自身问题。 他希望此举可以带来其他在沙巴的穆斯林社群将与沙巴民主行动党同心建立一个更美好的未来。

邱博士在欢迎仪式上说,沙巴民主行动党得到保佛穆斯林社群及其他地区的支持是一项很大的成就。 我们将更加努力,继续推动加强支持,让沙巴州行动党能够在下一次大选获得更大的胜面。 如要改变及解决许多长期悬而未决的问题,唯一的办法就是要有一个“转变”,也就是说我们必须换政府。 让我们大家一起努力,同心协力来改变沙巴州的困境。

在不久的将来会有更多的土著支部成立,这包括古打毛律 ,丹南,兰瑙,拿督,古达,斗湖和山打根。

照片:哈芝祖士里卡末移交35份入党表格于保佛行动党负责人京林亚都拉曼。 由邱庆洲博士和爱德华慕吉见证。

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Matters on late registration of births

The announcement by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak in his 100 days in office to deal with the birth certificates and citizenship especially in Sabah and Sarawak, is seemed to be an act out of the “blue” and may looks as if there will be another round of “population drive”. His proposal has already exposed the weaknesses and negligence on the part of the government in not handling the national registration with the upmost care and security. This is reflected through the sudden increase in Sabah population during the late 80’s to mid 90’s. The Sabah population suddenly escalated to almost by 70% in a short few years. There is definitely no way that Sabah population can increase by that much, if not for the issuance of “dubious identity” through the so called “late registration” or “blanket granting of citizenship” to foreigners.

Under the Sabah registration of births and deaths ordinance, any late registration of birth is needed to be certified by the court after an enquiry is made, but the National Registration Department (JPN) is not following this set procedure. The eventual effect is that the natives of Sabah are sidelined in favor of the illegal. This does not augurs well for Sabah and the government must ensure the authorities issuing the identity cards must comply and adhere strictly to the law on all the late registration of births.

On the other hand, the assurance will come to nothing if no support is given to the court, especially to the Mobile Court set up in Sabah, since the court can and have the power to validate any late registration of birth certificates. If not such certificate issued by the National Registration Department is not admissible in evidence and if used to issue identity cards. That is also it will mean the government is using inadmissible document to give out citizenship. If that is the case, many illegal immigrants will get Mycard and citizenship. In Sabah, legal Mycards and citizenships should only be given to those who can prove that they are born in Sabah with their parents being originally Sabahans, and must be filtered, certified and screened by the court.

We in Sabah do not wish to see that the illegal immigrants becoming Sabahan through dubious channel. Our rights and interest are to be protected. The government should take upmost care in handling the situation, the above mentioned situation is just a typical case of possible abuse that can lead to real wearing out of the rights of the genuine Sabahan and its natives.

By : Dr. Hiew King Cheu

首相拿督斯里纳吉在就位100天宣布,优先处理沙巴和沙捞越的迟登记报生纸和公民权的问题。 这是似乎是一种‘突发’的行为,或可能好像是准备及编排另一次‘人口爆发’的计划。 他的提议暴露了联邦政府许多的弱点和疏忽,及国家登记局的处理程序的低效率。 在80年代末至90年代中期沙巴人口突然的爆增就是一个好例子,沙巴的人口在很短的几年内突然爆增到几乎约70 %。 沙巴州的人口不可能在这么短的时间内增加那么多,如果不是通过所谓的‘迟登记’或签发‘公民权’给‘身份不明’的外国人。

根据沙巴州宪法登记出生及死亡的条例,任何迟登记出生者必须透过法院的查询和认证。 但国家登记局(JPN)没有按照这一项所规定的程序进行。 最终的结果是夺取了沙巴本地土著拥有的权益而利于外来非法移民。 这对沙巴完全不公平,因此州政府必须确保有关当局在签发‘身份证’时必须严格遵守迟登记出生纸的程序。

另一方面,如果不授予法院应有的职权,一切将是空谈,尤其是在沙巴州的流动法庭,因为法院是最好的管道来验证任何迟登记的出生证明。 由登记局所签发的证书将不被接纳为证据或证明身份。 这也是这将意味着政府使用不正当的文件来签发公民权。 如果是这种情况下,许多非法移民将获得身份证和公民权。 在沙巴州真正的身份证和公民权,应该签发给可以证明他们出生在沙巴,及确证他们的父母是道道地地的沙巴人,这些必须要经过法院过滤和认证。

我们不希望看到在沙巴州的非法移民通过非法的管道成为沙巴人。 我们的权益必须要得到保障。政府应当采取谨慎的态度来处理这种情况。 上述所提的情况是一个典型不公正,不合常规及被滥用的案件,这将导致剁削了沙巴人真正的权力。

Sekolah Agama in Tuaran built and not use

The muslim community in Tuaran brought to the attention of Sabah DAP Tuaran Branch chairman Peter Liew Fui Ken and members about the Sekolah Agama in Perumahan Laya Laya, Tuaran, that was completed 5 years ago and until today the new class room and school was never been open for use. They said that there is no religious teacher to teach in the school. Thus the authority left the school empty until today. The empty school has become the hide for drug users.

It is not clear that the school is under the education department or the MUIS, but one thing for sure is that parents from this Perumahan Laya Laya area have to send their children to the near by Sekolah Tembalang which is about 4 km away. The school is full at the moment, and can not receive any more new student. It is very inconvenient to the local folks.

The people here requested the abandoned school to be open for use immediately to ease their problem. If no teachers, go and find the teachers. The school should not be left just like that, and it is a total waste of public fund.

Peter Liew visited the empty school and it is overgrown with grass and weed. He said the building and the class rooms are wasted. The muslim community here wanted the school to be open for use immediately.

Peter Liew Fui Ken.

斗亚兰回教社群向沙巴斗亚兰民主行动党支部主席彼得刘辉坚及他的党员投诉说,有关位于在斗亚兰拉雅拉雅住宅区(Perumahan Laya Laya)的宗教学校。 他们说该学校是在5年前建竣,然而直到今天,新学校却从未曾使用过,因为没有宗教老师。 因此,当局就让该学校荒废到今天。 目前该学校已成为毒品使用者集聚的场所。

目前仍然不清楚该学校是属于教育部或回教事务部(MUIS),但有一点可以肯定的是,拉雅拉雅住宅区的父母逼不得已要把孩子送到离该处约有四公里远的丹巴兰学校(Sekolah Tembalang)去就读。 该学校目前人数已满,因此无法再接收新学生。 这令到当地的居民非常不便。

该处的人们要求民行党协助他们向有关当局把荒废已久的宗教学校,重新开放以减轻他们的负担。 如果没有宗教老师,就即刻去找。 该学校不应该就这样空置荒废着,这完全是在浪费人民的金钱。
刘氏前往巡视该学校并发现该校的建设遭到破坏及四周都长满了杂草,当局把学校这样空置着实在太浪费。 该处的回教社群希望该学校立即开设供当地人们使用。

Monday, 13 July 2009

Petagas foul garbage dump

The residents of Kampong Tengah Padang in Petegas, complained about the huge pile of foul stinging garbage dumped at the road side which caused much hazard to health and endanger the environment in the kampong. The people complain that the huge pile of rotten garbage had not been collected by the Penampang Council for many weeks.

The Sabah DAP local government and housing bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie received the complaint and inspected the garbage dump and found that the site is really unbearable and the condition is bad, much of the rubbish had been dumped directly to the Petagas River too. Edward when arrived at the site, and found something that is truly insulting and totally in contras to the filthy dump site. There is a large beautiful sign board erected just next to the dump site, saying “keep your environment clean”! What is the use of the big sign board while the authority can not even carry out their work effectively?

The Penampang Council should immediately send their workers and trucks to remove the garbage form the area. They must provide at least four pieces of suitable community bins for the use of the kampong folks, and to regularly clear the bins. There must be notice boards erected by both side of the river banks to tell people not to throw their rubbish into the Petagas River. The rubbish in the river will eventually ended up in Tanjong Aru beach or even in KK sea front.

Edward Mujie. (photo : show the environmental signboard and the pile of garbage)

必打卡士甘榜登亚巴登 (Kg. Tengah Padang) 的居民向民行党抱怨有关被丢弃在路旁堆积如山的肮脏垃圾。造成危害甘榜人的健康及破坏环境。人们抱怨说,兵南邦县议会没有妥善处理这堆积已久的腐烂垃圾至少有多个星期了。

沙巴民主行动党地方政府和房屋局主任爱德华慕吉收到该投诉,并前往视察该处的垃圾场,发现到该投诉是确实,真的无法忍受肮脏及臭气熏天的恶劣情况,真难为甘榜人天天要路过该处。 又部分甘榜人甚至把被垃圾直接倾倒入必打卡士河里。 当爱德华去到现场并发现一项巨大的讽刺,就是该垃圾场的旁边竖立了一个美丽的大招牌,上面说: “保持您的环境清洁”,和肮脏的垃圾场形成强烈的对比。竖立该大招牌有何用,而当局却不能有效地清理堆积的垃圾?

兵南邦县议会应该立即派出他们的工人和卡车清理该处的垃圾。 他们必须提供至少4个大垃圾箱给甘榜人使用,并定期清除该垃圾箱。 同时必须按置告示板在河岸两侧,告诉人们不要把他们的垃圾抛入河里。 他们抛入河里的垃圾最终将会漂流到丹绒亚路海滩,甚至到亚庇的海域。

English teaching in school

The uncertainty in the education policy caused massive confusion in the field of education and caused general concern among the people especially the parents and students. This only reflects the incapability of the BN government to implement their policy and amplified their attitude of “trail and error”! This is real bad, and the people are pushed into a dilemma and wasted a lot of time and effort, the tax payers’ money had gone down the drain. This is all because the BN had different direction with different leaders.

The recent announcement by the BN government to change the policy on English to teach mathematic and science in schools by 2012, has made many unrest among the people. The whole decision is confusing enough to bring about many complaint, the comments are mixed with good and bad. The people have totally no choice but have to accept the decision, and also being pushed from left and right.

It is true that the government is not certain about how to promote English in the country, but at the same time do not want to forgo Bahasa Malaysia as the Official language. The decision to change back to use mother tongue during primary level and use English in secondary level, is correct, but why wait until 2012. By then the gap will be even bigger, and more difficult to catch up, or may be some new policy will appear. Who is going to suffer?

Dr. Hiew views the way to master the English language is to adopt the following:-

(1) To teach English as a language subject in primary school, while other subjects can be in mother tongue,
(2) to use English as teaching media in bridge class, and
(3) to use English to teach in government aided and private secondary school (SM), while the government national type secondary schools (SMK) can have the choice of using both BM and English language to teach. This provides flexibility for the student and parent to decide on what they want the best and which type of medium they want. The teachers will finally be able to teach in what type of medium based on their language ability for the benefit of the student. The shortage of English teachers will be reduced. This is a “win-win” solution.

We must master the English language, otherwise we will be falling behind time. China had been pushing their 100 million people to learn English, this is to catch up with the advancement of the world development. More MPs had proposed to use English for the Parliament sitting.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Kota Kinabalu “Jesselton Point” Jetty problem

Kota Kinabalu MP Dr. Hiew King Cheu received complaints from ferry and speed boat users about the various problems associated with the Jesselton Point jetty which is frequently used by the tourist and the locals to the islands and Labuan.

They complained that sea is filled with floating garbage and plastic bottles. The people felt that this is unsightly and unhygienic. Our tourist already openly complained about the situation and said Sabah is so dirty. The boats are facing the problem with the garbage too, because this will damaged their engines. The DBKK should sort out ways to clear and stop the attack of floating garbage in the sea. It is believed that the floating garbage comes from the opposite islands, where thousand of people pour the garbage into the open, and later swept to the Kota Kinabalu sea front.

The Jesslton Point jetty has no covered walkway to link from the jetty front to the front gate. This is very inconvenient to the travelers, who have to face rain and shine. This is even more so for the ladies with small children, and tourist who has to carry heavy luggage. It is so difficult to get from the boat to the front, especially getting socking wet. The port authority must immediately install suitable canopies or covered walkway for the convenience of the travelers. This is especially so when the port authority is collecting expensive port landing charges for using the Jesselton Point jetty.

Dr. Hiew hopes the authorities can expedite to do their job properly for the benefits of the thousands of users.

Dr.Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

Pic: the floating garbage at the Jesselton Point Jetty in KK.

亚庇杰士敦点“ Jesselton Point”码头问题
亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士收到许多投诉,有关在亚庇杰士敦点“ Jesselton Point”码头。这是经常使用该渡轮和高速快艇来往纳闽和附近岛屿的游客及居民。

他们抱怨说,该处的海面充满漂浮的垃圾和塑料瓶。 人们认为这是极难看和不卫生。 旅游业已经公开抱怨说,沙巴的情形是如此肮脏,而船只也面临垃圾太多的问题, 因为会损害他们的引擎。亚庇市政厅应该清理漂浮在海上的垃圾。 据有可能,该漂浮的垃圾是来自对面的岛屿,每天有数千人把垃圾倒入大海中,导致亚庇海面充满垃圾。

此外,该码头并没有遮篷盖的行人道链接从码头至前面的正门。 这是对旅客极不方便,他们必须面对日晒雨淋,尤其是有年幼子女的旅客,还要搬运沉重的行李。 该段路程虽短,但是若遇到大雨时将是寸步难行。 海港局必须立即安装合适的有盖行人通道,以方便旅客,尤其是海港局有征收昂贵的港口着陆费。


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

SPR proposal not acceptable

Sabah DAP views the recent proposal for another round of delineation on the electoral to produce more state and parliament constituencies in Sabah as an exercise to increase the chance to further secure the power and control by the BN government.

The DAP Sabah vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie said, in Sabah there is an unbalance distribution of state and parliament constituencies, which can be split into urban, sub-urban, and rural constituencies. The criteria used for the delineation by the SPR are not clear and specific, especially on the process of deciding on the size of the areas. Some urban areas in the country are loaded with some 150,000 voters in one parliament constituency, and some less than 20,000 voters in the rural areas. For example, in rural area like Pensiangan P182, the total voters are 19,712, and in urban area like Kota Kinabalu P172, the total voters are 43,715. There is a different of 24,003 voters, strictly speaking Kota Kinabalu should be given another Parliament seat, like many urban and sub-urban constituencies.

The state and parliament areas in Sabah should be more people based and not designed to suit the political parties’ chance of winning the seats. These should not be based on races and religion, and the grouping of political supporters. This can be easily demonstrated by future decision to create more rural constituencies, but leaving the urban and sub-urban area unchanged.

Edward said, the constituencies must be maintained, distributed and delineated fairly to truly represent the voters, so that a fair election can be conducted to demonstrate true democracy.

As on the nomination procedure proposed to be changed to as long as 3 days from the one-hour nomination time used on the 308 general election, Edward said this is ridiculous. He said this will definitely brings about much suspected abuse and undue waste of time, public money, and even corrupt practices. There will be much “trading” and “fault finding” during this three days. The whole process will be even more tedious and troublesome. We want an election based on integrity, truth, and genuine faith, but not to input in advance and allow fault play to happen in the election mechanism. Any slight chance or loop-hole for such unlawful and malpractice should be eradicated or permanently removed. The ‘3-day cooling period’ after the nomination day should be abolished too.

Thus, Edward said, the Nomination day proceeding should adhere to the straight principle of clear, clean and without any chance of fault play. We propose to adopt the time to be from 9am to 12 noon for the nomination period, and 12 noon to 1pm for the objection period. The result shall be announced at 1pm sharp by the Returning Officers.

Edward Ewol Mujie, Sabah DAP Vice Chairman.


沙巴民主行动党州副主席爱德华慕吉说,沙巴一直都有国会或州议选区的分配不平衡状态,分布为城市,半郊区和内陆的选区。 而选举委员会所采用的划分标准是不明确也不具体,特别是以地区的面积或人口的划分来决定。 一些城市选区拥有大约十五万的选民堆积在同一国会选区,而一些内陆选区的选民却只有两万人。 例如在内陆选区的冰湘岸(P182),该总选民有19,712人,而市选区如亚庇(P172),该总选民约43,715人。 两个国会选区的相差是24,003人,因此严格来说亚庇国会选区应该考虑另设一国会议席,如许多的城市和半郊区的选区也应增加其国会及州代表。

沙巴州的国会和州选区划分应该以人民的需求为重点,而不是特意设计以适应政党,并让他们有最好的机会赢得该些席位。 这些划分更不应该基于种族和宗教之分,或聚集其政治的支持者以达到胜面。 这很明显地证明到他们将会成立更多的内陆选区,而城市和半郊区的选区将保持原样。

有关提名手续从308大选的一个小时的提名时间改为三天,爱德华表示,这是荒谬的。他说,这肯定会带来很多时间的浪费,纳税人的钱的损失,甚至导致有贿咯的行为。将会有“买卖交易”和“故意找渣”在这三天里发生。 整个提名过程将会更加繁琐和麻烦。 我们希望有一个完整及公平的选举机制,让大家有公正的程序发挥在选举的机制上,而不能有任何人为的漏洞造成让某方面有机可乘,这种非法和违规的行为应该给予消除或永久删除。此外,那三天的‘冷却期’应该删除,以免造成‘买卖’的不道德行为。

因此,爱德华说,该提名程序要坚持原则,明确性,透明化,不许有任何不法的行为。 我们建议采用的时间由上午9点至中午12点为提名时间,过后中午12点至下午1点是异议期。 提名结果应该在下午1点正宣布。

Kota Kinabalu (Jesselton) old photo show

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament office is launching a collection of old photographs taken in the old days before the 2nd world war and after the war in Kota Kinabalu, the then called Jesselton town. This is for the purpose of keeping records on the historical events and happenings in Kota Kinabalu down the memories lane. The old valuable photographs taken during the old days can bring back all the momories of the development of Kota Kinabalu, especially after the war.

This idea was inspired by a group of old folks in Kota Kinabalu, who met the KK MP Dr. Hiew and requested him as the MP of KK he must put in a effort to collect the old photographs, compile and edit them, store as a permanent record with description of the event. The valuable photos shall cover the various sites, spots, old buildings, people, events, trees, ports, schools, places of worship and beaches.

Dr. Hiew said, his office will be glad to take up this challenge, and have decided to adopt the following steps:

(1) the collection of valuable old photos from those who still keeps them in the album, the photos shall be scanned and returned to the owners,
(2) to compile all photos in different categories, ages, reproduced, and enlarged, then store in CD,
(3) a public photo show shall be launched in the Kota Kinabalu City to display all the photos,
(4) a photo album is also printed to record the old photos of Jesselton and Kota Kinabalu.

The people in Kota Kinabalu is welcome to participate and bring their old photos to the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament office in Foh Sang, or call 088-254987, or E-mail: All photos will be return after scanning and copied. Let us work together and keep our memories of the old Kota Kinabalu forever.

(photo shows : the old bus stop and bus, old shops and lorry in Jesselton, during 1948)

By : Dr. Hiew King Cheu

亚庇国会议员办事处正在发起一项收集第二次世界大战前和战争结束后至今在亚庇的老照片,当时亚庇称为杰士顿(Jesselton)镇。 这是为了保存在亚庇的历史事迹并作为一个永久性的纪录。 昔日老旧的宝贵照片可以带回很多记忆及亚庇的发展过程,尤其是在战争结束之后。

这想法和灵感来自一群在亚庇的乐龄人士,他们建议邱国会议员,并邀请他拿出时间并付出了努力,搜集亚庇老照片,把它们重整汇编和存储,作为一个永久记录及事件的描述。 该些宝贵的照片应该包括在不同的地点,景点,老建筑,人物,事件,树木,港口,学校,宗教场所和海滩等等。


欢迎亚庇人民参加该项活动,使到他们的亚庇老照片能够与大家一同分享及怀旧,也能让年轻的一代知道亚庇市多年来的进展,请拨088-254987或电邮给 。 所有的照片被扫描和复制后将会立即被归还。 让我们共同努力,使我们的记忆永远获得保留。


Monday, 6 July 2009

Angry Sabahan Wanted normal and steady power supply, BN government be responsible.

Sabah DAP had received many angry complaints from the angry power consumers all over Sabah, especially those from the urban areas. The frequent and long hours of power cuts are seriously affecting the lively hood and daily production of the people in Sabah. The anger is growing day by day, especially there is no sign of the SESB and the government giving the power consumers assurance on when will the situation can improved or permanent solved.

The affected areas are ranging from the general house holds, schools, industries, commercial, and even hospitals. The losses are uncountable, and there is billion of ringgit lost over the many months of power cuts. To the general consumers, it is not only the money losses incurred, but sometimes can be as fatal as live lost and serious injuries in situation of no traffic light car accident. The school children can not do their home work due the no electricity at night. The house wife can not prepare meals, and the whole family had to eat out, and spending more money. The electrical appliances damaged due to unsteady power supply and heavy power surge. Is it the way that we have to live nowadays?

The present Sabah total power requirement is around 750 MW which is equivalent to the total production output by all the power generators in Sabah. If deducted the low efficiencies due to the old age of most of the power plants, we actually are getting less than 600 MW. The situation will be worst, if some of these power plants have breakdown or total shut down, then we are very short of power supply in the whole state. At the moment, the Tenom Panggi hydro-power station is still under repair, with one more power generator still not functioning. SESB said some private IPP power station had breakdown and needed time to put back on service, and the present power supply in the State is already gone down to as low as 500 MW. These caused the wide spread of power-shedding and cuts throughout the state. The announcement to upgrade and build new power plant remains as something in the future, in Sabah we continue to suffer everyday.

Dr. Hiew, the Kota Kinabalu MP says that since the BN government took over the government in 1994 from the PBS state government, they promised that the power problem in Sabah shall be solved, but now after 15 years “in power”, there is no sign of power improvement, but instead the situation is becoming even serious. We actually can see that the BN had totally failed in their promises, or may be they had forgotten about the Sabahan. The ministers might not suffer as we are, may be they all have big power generators at home or in their offices supplied by the government. That is why the SESB is calling the people to start using your own power generator at home and in your factories. A reminder, you need special permits from SESB under the law to operate power generators in your premises. You can be fine heavily if you are caught without a license.

The people in Sabah want the government to bear full responsibility and be answerable to the suffering of the Sabahan. The Chief Minister, Datuk Musa Aman and his whole cabinet must resign on the reason that they had failed to provide the basic power supply to the people. If the simple task of providing steady electricity supply to the Sabah consumer can not be achieved, what else the BN government can do for us? The anger and frustration are growing day by day, and the people said they had enough. The widely publicized Sabah Development Corridor remains as a BN political publicity gimmick. With the poor, insufficient and unstable electricity supply, we don’t see that the so call development projects or corridor can make any advancement.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu

沙巴民主行动党收到沙巴电力消费者的愤怒投诉,尤其是来自市区的居民。频繁及长时间的停电严重的影响沙巴人的日常生活和工厂的生产。 人民的愤怒是日益俱增,尤其至今电力局和州政府都没有任何迹象给予消费者一个明确的保障,让他们获得永久改善或解决电力供应的问题。

受影响地区的范围从一般住宅区,学校,工业,商业,甚至到医院,其损失是不可计数的,并且因为多个月的停电造成的损失估计约有马币十亿之多。 对一般消费者来说,它不仅是金钱上的损失,同时可能会达致失去生命和严重受伤的危险,因为红绿灯不能操作发生车祸而导致。 又因为晚上没有电流供应,学童不能做家课,家庭主妇无法做饭,而使到全家必须在外消费,花更多的钱。 此外,也因为电流的不稳定和电力激增,造成了一般电器遭到损坏,难道我们到今天还要面对这种情况?

目前沙巴州需要的总电力供应约750兆瓦,就是相当于沙巴州所有的发电厂总产量。 如果扣除效率低的旧发电机的电力供应,我们实际上的电力供应是少于600兆瓦。 如果其中一座发电厂发生故障或完全遭受损坏,我们将面临和处在非常糟糕的情况,那么整个沙巴州将面对电源严重短缺的供应问题。 目前在丹南邦基的水力发电站仍然在进行修复当中,其中还有一台发电机还没有修复好。 电力局说,一些私人的发电站已经停止供电,并且需要时间来进行维修。 本州的电源供应已经降低至500兆瓦,因此造成了整个沙巴州面临广泛的电力短缺的原因。 而政府仍然还在不断地宣布在未来将会提升和兴建新的发电厂,而我们仍然将继续忍受电力短缺所带来的各种辛苦和难题。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士说,直从国阵政府于一九九四年从团结党(PBS)接管沙巴州政府后,当时他们曾经应许为本州所面对的电力短缺问题,必定会获得解决。 但是执政到今天已经有十五年了,却没有任何迹象显示出电力供应的改善,反而变得的更加严重。 我们可以看到国阵已经完全忘记他们的许诺,或可能是他们根本忘记了沙巴人的需要。 政府当局及在位的部长们可能不会像平民百姓一样的受到影响,或许他们的家里或办公室都有政府所提供的发电机。 电力局呼吁民众在家里和工厂应立即开始使用自设的发电机来发电。 需要提醒大家的就是,根据发电机操作的法律,在私人场所使用发电机是需要特别的电力局准证,如果无牌或非法安装将会面对刑罚。

沙巴人民非议州政府应该承担全部的责任,并负责全面永久解决沙巴人面对电供的痛苦 。 州首席部长拿督穆沙阿曼和他的内阁必须迎疚辞职,因为他们无能提供给人民最基本上的电力供应。 如今如何还能期望国阵政府能够提供稳定和足够的电力供应给沙巴消费者? 如此简单的任务既然无法办妥,那么他们还可以能够为沙巴做点什么? 人民的愤怒和失望日益俱增,沙巴人已经受够了。 沙巴发展走廊的广泛宣传,似乎是国阵政治宣传的花招。 针对不足及不稳定的电力供应,该发展走廊的项目又如何能够在本州作出任何提升和发展?

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Rice production problem in Sabah, can we meet sufficiency in 2020?

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament, Dr. Hiew King Cheu asked in Parliament and received a written reply from the Minister of Agriculture on the issue of rice production in Sabah. This is concerning the measures taken by the Ministry to improve the rice production to meet the self sufficiency level in Sabah.

The reply said that in order to increase the rice production, the various departments like the Agriculture, Drainage and Irrigation, and others are involved to expedite the process, but at the moment there is effort being put in by the Sabah Agriculture department under the 9th Malaysia Plan, with the following steps:-

(1) SUBSIDIES: to launch projects on subsidies assistance on fertilizers from the State government as much as RM 100 per acre. The purpose of the subsidy is to assist and encourage the farmers to open up their paddy fields to plant paddy.

(2) NEW TECHNOLOGY: to launch projects by the Federal Government level to increase the rice production from 3 ton to 7 ton per hectare with new technology packet. These are to be used in areas where there are efficient drainage and irrigation system.

(3) RENEW IDLE FIELDS: the Federal Government will assist to open up long idle paddy fields, in order these paddy fields will be productive again.

(4) LOAN SCHEME: to provide small loan scheme for the purchase of agriculture equipment. This is to assist the small farmers who can not afford to purchase the machineries for the rice planting work.

(5) HIGH YIELD PADDY: to introduce high yield type paddy to be planted in Sabah.

(6) UPGRADE SEED PROCESSING PLANT: to build additional and upgrade exiting paddy seed preparation and sorting plant in Sabah, in order to ensure the production of seed supply for the rice planters. The upgrading project for Pusat Pengeluaran Benih Tenom from 200 ton to 1,500 ton per year was completed in 2007. This also includes the construction of a chill-room that store 960 ton of paddy seed. In order to ensure the supply of seed, the Kimanis Papar seed processing plant will be upgraded from production of 600 ton to 1,000 ton per year, and is expected to start in 2009. The seed processing plant in Timbang Menggaris in Kota Belud is ensured to produce at least 2,000 ton yearly. The total paddy seed production in Sabah by the Agriculture department will eventually reach 4,500 ton per year.

From the information provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Hiew said that the measures and effort as mentioned are not enough to meet the rice production sufficiency targeted for year 2020, as announced by the government few weeks ago. The measures mentioned are insufficient to increase the rice production in Sabah, and the department is incapable to implement all the various projects within the time frame as stipulated. There is much to do in Sabah in terms of rice production to meet self sufficiency by year 2020. Based on the answers and proposals given by the Ministry, DAP has the following proposal to put forward for the consideration of the government:-

(a) New paddy field: we need to open up at least 60,000 acres (with a production of 7 ton per hectare) of new paddy field to meet the increasing rice consumption in Sabah, and to stop further import of rice as it is now at 220,000 ton per year. That is at least 6,000 acres yearly to be opened up.

(b) Foreign participation and investors: we shall need the participation and investors from abroad to help to provide finance, technology knowledge, expertise and experience to help the development.
(c) Government land: the state government must provide the necessary land for paddy planting to the local planters, or open up state land bank for easy application to genuine rice planters in order to increase the acreage.

(d) Seed processing plant: the existing seed processing plants in Kota Belud, Tenom, and Kimanis are not capable to produce the needed seed to cover the heavy demand in the near future, even with the improved production capacity of 4,500 ton yearly. Therefore, there is the need to immediately expand or built new plants, and may have to adopt to import seed from other source. The local planters are facing the shortage of seeds supply now.

(e) Financial assistance: there is a need for the government to give out loan to capable, creditable, and genuine planters in Sabah, to assist them in the purchase of machineries, land, and operational capital. This shall be at a low interest rate and an easy repayment scheme.

(f) Milling Plant: to handle the future big volume of paddy planted, there is the need to increase the capacity of the rice millers in Sabah. There is the need to assist them to expand and upgrade. This is where the government can come into provide them with sufficient milling subsidies and loan scheme.

(g) Fertilizers subsidies: the subsidies on the fertilizers shall be increased and reviewed following the increase in the market price. At the moment, it is not enough for higher production rate.

(h) Bernas and Sazaic purchasing price: the price for purchasing rice from the planters must be increased in order to give better profit margin to the planters. This will encourage more people to get involve and also to commercialize the paddy planting industry.

(Picture : Dr. Hiew and Edward Mujie visit the Seed processing plant at Kimanis)
Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士在国会中提问并且收到农业部长的书面回答,有关在沙巴州的水稻生产问题。 这是关于农业部将采取的措施,改善在沙巴州的水稻生产,以达到能够自给自足的水平。

该书面回答说,为了增加稻米的产量,各单位如农业,排灌和其他参与者,将以最快的时间内实践该计划,但目前根据第九马来西亚计划,沙巴州农业部门需要努力实施及执行下列步骤: -




(4)贷款计划:提供小型的贷款计划,用于购买农业设备。 这是为了帮助小型的农户能够有能力购买机械来进行水稻种植工作。


(6)提高种子高产量技术:兴建立并且提升水稻种子高产量的品质及分拣技术在沙巴州,以确保水稻高产量的种子供应。提升工程以‘Pusat Pengeluaran Benih Tenom’已经在二零零七年完成,以致从每年两百吨提高为一千五百吨。 这包括建造一间冷房能够储存约九百六十〇吨的水稻种子。 为了确保种子的足够供应,当局将提升吧巴金马尼士(Kimanis Papar)的种子品质及处理厂,以达致其生产量每年六百吨,这预计将会在二零零九年开始。 而在哥打毛律丁邦孟加里(Timbang Menggaris in Kota Belud)的种子品质及处理厂将确保其生产量至少提升每年二千吨。 在沙巴州在农业部的敦促下,该水稻的每年总生产量将最终会达到四千五百吨左右。

从农业部所提供的资料里,邱博士表示说,政府在几个星期前所宣布的措施及拨款,是不能够达到稻米生产量在二零二零年可以自给自足的目标。 上述措施是不能够在沙巴州提高水稻的生产量,此外当局是无法在时间规定的范围内,实践所提的各种项目。 在能够自给自足之前,沙巴州的水稻生产有许多工作必须要先做。 根据部长的答复, 民主行动党有以下建议提出给联邦政府考虑: -

(a)新的稻田:我们需要开放至少六十万英亩(以每公顷生产七吨计算)的新的稻田,以供应在沙巴州日益增加的白米消费,并且减少进口每年二百二十万吨左右外国米。 那就是说至少每年需要增加六千英亩的新田地。



(d)种子处理厂:目前在哥打毛律,丹南和金马尼士的种子处理厂,在将来是没有能力生产所需要的种子以应付需求,即使要改善每年四千五百屯的生产量。 因此,是有必要立即扩大或兴建新的工厂,并且可能通过进口优良品种的种子来提高生产量。 目前本地稻农正面临着种子供应短缺的问题。

(e)财务援助:联邦政府必须协助有能力,可靠的和真正进行种植的稻农们,让他们可以得到贷款,以协助他们购买机器,土地和资金周转。 这项贷款将是以低利息或轻松的还款措施。

(f)米较工厂:未来若要处理大量的稻米种植,有需要增加米较工厂。 因此有必要帮助他们进行扩张和提升设备。 政府应该开始为他们提供足够的补贴和贷款计划。

(g)肥料补贴:随着市场价格的起落,肥料的补贴应该时常审查而增加。 目前是不够的来提高生产的速度。

(h)Bernas和Sazaic采购价格:向稻农们购买白米的价格必须增加,以提供更好的利润给他们。 这将能鼓励更多农民参与种植,并使到稻米种植业走向商业化。

(图 :邱博士和爱德华慕吉于金马尼士米较工厂前摄)

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

evi for Foreign workers in Sabah will not increase in August 2009.

The Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu, Dr. Hiew King Cheu received the Parliament reply on the question raised on the possibility for an increase in August 2009 on the levy imposed on employing foreign workers in the agriculture, manufacturing industries, and service sectors.

The Minister of Home Affairs said, the government proposed to increase the rate of the levy is on a ‘win win’ basis in order to install a mechanism to reduce the dependence on the foreign workers by the industries, and also when the cost goes up for employing the foreign workers, the employers will consider to move to adopt a better pay offer for the local work force.

Any way, the launching of this increase in the levy for the foreign workers in the agriculture, manufacturing industries, and service sector is differed for the moment due to the present economic situation and consideration for the difficulties faced by the industries. The increase on the levy will not be implemented during August 2009.

Dr. Hiew said this is appropriate for the moment, and hope the government will view the situation in Sabah as important, and hopefully this will help the Sabahan to tie over this difficult time. We need the foreign work force in our agriculture, manufacturing industries, and service sectors. Sabahan is not willing to work in this areas is due to the low pay structure and nature of the work, therefore there is the opptunaties for the foreign worker to get jobs in these areas. The minister’s reply is ‘easy said than done’, but in real live situation this is difficult to achieve, to increase the levy to a high level may not solve the problem but invite more complication. We in Sabah had been using foreign workers for a long time, and we don’t see how the situation can be changed overnight.

In order to help the Sabah situation, we urge the government not to impose any more increase in the levy on the employment of foreign workers, and give incentive to those who employ the local workers.

DR. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP


内政部长说,政府建议增加人头税是处于‘双赢’的概念。 当局决定如此做,是为了使雇主能够减少依赖外国劳工。各行业因为雇用外国劳工的费用太昂贵而必然考虑雇用本地工人,同时也会付他们比较合理的薪水。

然而这项增加外国工人的人头税在各农业,制造业和服务业的费用是不相同的,由于目前的经济形势和考虑各行业所面临的困难。 增加人头税的费用将不会在2009年8月中实施。

邱博士说,不增加人头税是正确的,希望联邦政府着重目前沙巴州的情况,并希望这将帮助沙巴人 ,以渡过这个艰难的时刻。 我们的农业,制造业和服务业需要外国劳工。 沙巴人不愿意在该领域工作,原因是因为工资低及其工作性质和领域, 因此是外国劳工有机会在这些领域找到工作。 部长的回答‘看似容易,要做却很难’, 在实际生活的状况里这是难以实现的事,所以增加人头税决不能够解决问题,凡而会引起更多的问题。 沙巴州雇用外国劳工有很长的一段时间,我们看不出提高人头税如何能够在一夜里可以改变局势。