Monday, 6 July 2009

Angry Sabahan Wanted normal and steady power supply, BN government be responsible.

Sabah DAP had received many angry complaints from the angry power consumers all over Sabah, especially those from the urban areas. The frequent and long hours of power cuts are seriously affecting the lively hood and daily production of the people in Sabah. The anger is growing day by day, especially there is no sign of the SESB and the government giving the power consumers assurance on when will the situation can improved or permanent solved.

The affected areas are ranging from the general house holds, schools, industries, commercial, and even hospitals. The losses are uncountable, and there is billion of ringgit lost over the many months of power cuts. To the general consumers, it is not only the money losses incurred, but sometimes can be as fatal as live lost and serious injuries in situation of no traffic light car accident. The school children can not do their home work due the no electricity at night. The house wife can not prepare meals, and the whole family had to eat out, and spending more money. The electrical appliances damaged due to unsteady power supply and heavy power surge. Is it the way that we have to live nowadays?

The present Sabah total power requirement is around 750 MW which is equivalent to the total production output by all the power generators in Sabah. If deducted the low efficiencies due to the old age of most of the power plants, we actually are getting less than 600 MW. The situation will be worst, if some of these power plants have breakdown or total shut down, then we are very short of power supply in the whole state. At the moment, the Tenom Panggi hydro-power station is still under repair, with one more power generator still not functioning. SESB said some private IPP power station had breakdown and needed time to put back on service, and the present power supply in the State is already gone down to as low as 500 MW. These caused the wide spread of power-shedding and cuts throughout the state. The announcement to upgrade and build new power plant remains as something in the future, in Sabah we continue to suffer everyday.

Dr. Hiew, the Kota Kinabalu MP says that since the BN government took over the government in 1994 from the PBS state government, they promised that the power problem in Sabah shall be solved, but now after 15 years “in power”, there is no sign of power improvement, but instead the situation is becoming even serious. We actually can see that the BN had totally failed in their promises, or may be they had forgotten about the Sabahan. The ministers might not suffer as we are, may be they all have big power generators at home or in their offices supplied by the government. That is why the SESB is calling the people to start using your own power generator at home and in your factories. A reminder, you need special permits from SESB under the law to operate power generators in your premises. You can be fine heavily if you are caught without a license.

The people in Sabah want the government to bear full responsibility and be answerable to the suffering of the Sabahan. The Chief Minister, Datuk Musa Aman and his whole cabinet must resign on the reason that they had failed to provide the basic power supply to the people. If the simple task of providing steady electricity supply to the Sabah consumer can not be achieved, what else the BN government can do for us? The anger and frustration are growing day by day, and the people said they had enough. The widely publicized Sabah Development Corridor remains as a BN political publicity gimmick. With the poor, insufficient and unstable electricity supply, we don’t see that the so call development projects or corridor can make any advancement.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu

沙巴民主行动党收到沙巴电力消费者的愤怒投诉,尤其是来自市区的居民。频繁及长时间的停电严重的影响沙巴人的日常生活和工厂的生产。 人民的愤怒是日益俱增,尤其至今电力局和州政府都没有任何迹象给予消费者一个明确的保障,让他们获得永久改善或解决电力供应的问题。

受影响地区的范围从一般住宅区,学校,工业,商业,甚至到医院,其损失是不可计数的,并且因为多个月的停电造成的损失估计约有马币十亿之多。 对一般消费者来说,它不仅是金钱上的损失,同时可能会达致失去生命和严重受伤的危险,因为红绿灯不能操作发生车祸而导致。 又因为晚上没有电流供应,学童不能做家课,家庭主妇无法做饭,而使到全家必须在外消费,花更多的钱。 此外,也因为电流的不稳定和电力激增,造成了一般电器遭到损坏,难道我们到今天还要面对这种情况?

目前沙巴州需要的总电力供应约750兆瓦,就是相当于沙巴州所有的发电厂总产量。 如果扣除效率低的旧发电机的电力供应,我们实际上的电力供应是少于600兆瓦。 如果其中一座发电厂发生故障或完全遭受损坏,我们将面临和处在非常糟糕的情况,那么整个沙巴州将面对电源严重短缺的供应问题。 目前在丹南邦基的水力发电站仍然在进行修复当中,其中还有一台发电机还没有修复好。 电力局说,一些私人的发电站已经停止供电,并且需要时间来进行维修。 本州的电源供应已经降低至500兆瓦,因此造成了整个沙巴州面临广泛的电力短缺的原因。 而政府仍然还在不断地宣布在未来将会提升和兴建新的发电厂,而我们仍然将继续忍受电力短缺所带来的各种辛苦和难题。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士说,直从国阵政府于一九九四年从团结党(PBS)接管沙巴州政府后,当时他们曾经应许为本州所面对的电力短缺问题,必定会获得解决。 但是执政到今天已经有十五年了,却没有任何迹象显示出电力供应的改善,反而变得的更加严重。 我们可以看到国阵已经完全忘记他们的许诺,或可能是他们根本忘记了沙巴人的需要。 政府当局及在位的部长们可能不会像平民百姓一样的受到影响,或许他们的家里或办公室都有政府所提供的发电机。 电力局呼吁民众在家里和工厂应立即开始使用自设的发电机来发电。 需要提醒大家的就是,根据发电机操作的法律,在私人场所使用发电机是需要特别的电力局准证,如果无牌或非法安装将会面对刑罚。

沙巴人民非议州政府应该承担全部的责任,并负责全面永久解决沙巴人面对电供的痛苦 。 州首席部长拿督穆沙阿曼和他的内阁必须迎疚辞职,因为他们无能提供给人民最基本上的电力供应。 如今如何还能期望国阵政府能够提供稳定和足够的电力供应给沙巴消费者? 如此简单的任务既然无法办妥,那么他们还可以能够为沙巴做点什么? 人民的愤怒和失望日益俱增,沙巴人已经受够了。 沙巴发展走廊的广泛宣传,似乎是国阵政治宣传的花招。 针对不足及不稳定的电力供应,该发展走廊的项目又如何能够在本州作出任何提升和发展?