Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Angry Taman Judy Residents Blamed DBKK

The whole housing area and the surrounding houses near Taman Judy in Jalan Pulutan, Menggatal had faced the problem caused by the timber yard and stores in front and at the back of the housing estate for many years. The residents seek help from the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu, who came to meet the people on site to further investigate and understand the situation.

It is true after conducting the visit and had referred to DBKK, and to the relevant authorities, the two timber depots were built and operating illegally. This is because the timber yards were built on lands designated for Residential (B) zoning by the country and town planning authority. DBKK had previously issued letter of notice for them to move out, but so far no action had been taken. There is no sign of the timber yard moving out but instead the timber yard has started on the construction of a new shed to store their swan timber. The timber yards presented hazardous environmental unsafe for the residents here, that also includes a primary school who had complained before. The timber yards produced many nuisances affecting the houses here, like heavy lorry traffic, night work, noise, dust, danger to traffic, and damaged road. The most worry of all is fire hazard, due to the close proximity to the housing estate.

Dr. Hiew said the timber store yards should not be there and sit right in the middle of houses and school. The DBKK had been notified but according to the officers when contacted, they are seeking advice from the legal department before notices can be served. At the moment, the resident here are very upset with the slow and “tidak bah” attitude of DBKK. They said they wonder whether there is some “special” arrangement with the owners of the timber yards, otherwise why no action had been taken so long.

Therefore, it is the power of DBKK to act to put thing right and any unlawful land use that affecting others must be put right. Law is still law!

Dr. Hiew King Cheu KK MP.

Picture 1 : Showing new timber store under construction, behind is housing.
Picture 2 : Residents showing pile of timber next to houses

孟家达,卜罗丹路,朱迪花园整个房屋区及周围的房屋多年来面临着两家木材板料仓库影响的问题。该处的居民向亚庇国会议员国会议员邱庆洲博士寻求帮助。 邱博士今天前往会见该处的居民以进一步的调查和了解该处的情况。

经过巡视后发现确实有问题,他也有向亚庇市政厅和有关当局询问有关这两家非法土地运用及建立木材仓库的问题。 这是因为该木材仓库是建立在城市规划条例所定的住宅区(B组)之下的土地上。 亚庇市政厅曾经发出通知书要他们搬迁,但迄今他们却没有采取任何搬迁行动。不但没有搬迁的迹象反而该业主又开始建造另一座新的仓库来储存木材。 目前该木材仓库的存在使到该处的居民面对极不安全的处境及危害环境健康。这里包括了一所小学,校长也曾经抱怨投诉过。 木材仓库滋扰影响该处的居民多年,重型货车流量极大,加上夜班工作,噪音,尘埃,造成交通危险并损坏道路。 最令人担心的是会引发火灾的危险,因为该仓库的大批木材太靠近房屋。

邱博士说,木料仓库不应建立在房屋区和学校的中间。 亚庇市政厅已被通知也知道该情况,但根据所接触的官员说,他们正在寻求法律咨询及意见,以便发出通知书及送达。 目前,这里的居民对亚庇市政厅缓慢和“不理睬”的态度觉得非常失望和不满 。他们说,他们想知道是否有一些与业主的“特殊”安排,否则为什么这么久一直都没有采取任何行动。
因此,亚庇市政厅应该立即采取行动,把事情搞好。 他们应该阻止任何土地非法利用和避免影响其他人的权益,同时一切都须遵照法律所制定而行。

图1 :新木材储存仓库在兴建中,后为朱迪花园住宅区
图2 :该处居民投诉靠近其房屋的木材堆。