Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Matters on late registration of births

The announcement by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak in his 100 days in office to deal with the birth certificates and citizenship especially in Sabah and Sarawak, is seemed to be an act out of the “blue” and may looks as if there will be another round of “population drive”. His proposal has already exposed the weaknesses and negligence on the part of the government in not handling the national registration with the upmost care and security. This is reflected through the sudden increase in Sabah population during the late 80’s to mid 90’s. The Sabah population suddenly escalated to almost by 70% in a short few years. There is definitely no way that Sabah population can increase by that much, if not for the issuance of “dubious identity” through the so called “late registration” or “blanket granting of citizenship” to foreigners.

Under the Sabah registration of births and deaths ordinance, any late registration of birth is needed to be certified by the court after an enquiry is made, but the National Registration Department (JPN) is not following this set procedure. The eventual effect is that the natives of Sabah are sidelined in favor of the illegal. This does not augurs well for Sabah and the government must ensure the authorities issuing the identity cards must comply and adhere strictly to the law on all the late registration of births.

On the other hand, the assurance will come to nothing if no support is given to the court, especially to the Mobile Court set up in Sabah, since the court can and have the power to validate any late registration of birth certificates. If not such certificate issued by the National Registration Department is not admissible in evidence and if used to issue identity cards. That is also it will mean the government is using inadmissible document to give out citizenship. If that is the case, many illegal immigrants will get Mycard and citizenship. In Sabah, legal Mycards and citizenships should only be given to those who can prove that they are born in Sabah with their parents being originally Sabahans, and must be filtered, certified and screened by the court.

We in Sabah do not wish to see that the illegal immigrants becoming Sabahan through dubious channel. Our rights and interest are to be protected. The government should take upmost care in handling the situation, the above mentioned situation is just a typical case of possible abuse that can lead to real wearing out of the rights of the genuine Sabahan and its natives.

By : Dr. Hiew King Cheu

首相拿督斯里纳吉在就位100天宣布,优先处理沙巴和沙捞越的迟登记报生纸和公民权的问题。 这是似乎是一种‘突发’的行为,或可能好像是准备及编排另一次‘人口爆发’的计划。 他的提议暴露了联邦政府许多的弱点和疏忽,及国家登记局的处理程序的低效率。 在80年代末至90年代中期沙巴人口突然的爆增就是一个好例子,沙巴的人口在很短的几年内突然爆增到几乎约70 %。 沙巴州的人口不可能在这么短的时间内增加那么多,如果不是通过所谓的‘迟登记’或签发‘公民权’给‘身份不明’的外国人。

根据沙巴州宪法登记出生及死亡的条例,任何迟登记出生者必须透过法院的查询和认证。 但国家登记局(JPN)没有按照这一项所规定的程序进行。 最终的结果是夺取了沙巴本地土著拥有的权益而利于外来非法移民。 这对沙巴完全不公平,因此州政府必须确保有关当局在签发‘身份证’时必须严格遵守迟登记出生纸的程序。

另一方面,如果不授予法院应有的职权,一切将是空谈,尤其是在沙巴州的流动法庭,因为法院是最好的管道来验证任何迟登记的出生证明。 由登记局所签发的证书将不被接纳为证据或证明身份。 这也是这将意味着政府使用不正当的文件来签发公民权。 如果是这种情况下,许多非法移民将获得身份证和公民权。 在沙巴州真正的身份证和公民权,应该签发给可以证明他们出生在沙巴,及确证他们的父母是道道地地的沙巴人,这些必须要经过法院过滤和认证。

我们不希望看到在沙巴州的非法移民通过非法的管道成为沙巴人。 我们的权益必须要得到保障。政府应当采取谨慎的态度来处理这种情况。 上述所提的情况是一个典型不公正,不合常规及被滥用的案件,这将导致剁削了沙巴人真正的权力。