Wednesday, 29 July 2009


The DAP Malaysia Socialist Youth wing (DAPSY) chief Anthony Loke Siew Fook with DAPSY deputy chief, Lee Ying Ha and Ooi Leng Hang (DAPSY political education) are at the moment visiting the Sabah DAP youth for a three days round the state tour. Their first stop is in Kota Kinabalu, then travel by car to Sandakan and Tawau. The visitors from DAPSY are escorted by the Sabah DAP youth chief Teddy Yang Chan Tsze and Jeffrey Wong for the Sabah state tour. In Kota Kinabalu, many people greeted the DAPSY member and welcome them to visit Sabah.

Their purpose of the visit is to bring about more understanding and cooperation among the young members of the Sabah DAP, and also pave way for the coming general election. They hope to establish closer relationship and to foster stronger tie between the east and the west Malaysia. They explained also about the various function and activities of the DAPSY in Malaysia, and updated on many current issues in the country. They expressed much interest in the organization of the Sabah DAP youth movement and the activities that the young DAP are undertaking. They hope more young people can come forward to take part and learn more about the political and social work.

Picture : YB Loke, YB Lee, Ooi with Dr. Hiew, Fred Fung, Teddy Yang, Jeffrey Wong meeting the people in Luyang coffee shop.

Teddy Yang Chan Tsze

马来西亚民主行动党社青团(DAPSY)主席陆兆福国会议员,副主席李映霞州议员和社青政治教育局主任黄隆汉进行为期三天访问沙巴民行党青年团的活动。 他们的第一站是在亚庇市,接下来将乘坐汽车前往山打根和斗湖进行访问,同行的有沙巴民主行动党青年团主席扬展之和黄势恩。他们在亚庇市受到许多人的欢迎,以及很高兴他们能够前来沙巴探访。

他们今次访问的目的是为了与沙巴民行党年轻党员有更多的合作和联系,以配合将来大选的准备工作。 他们希望建立更密切的关系,并且促进更强有力东马和西马之间的配合。他们也向沙民行党青年团解释并介绍在西马社青团的事工和活动,以及带来更多有关我国最新的政治动向。 他们非常关注沙巴民主行动党所组织的青年团以及其活动,并认为年轻的一代更应该积极的参与政治及社会的工作。