Wednesday, 1 July 2009

evi for Foreign workers in Sabah will not increase in August 2009.

The Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu, Dr. Hiew King Cheu received the Parliament reply on the question raised on the possibility for an increase in August 2009 on the levy imposed on employing foreign workers in the agriculture, manufacturing industries, and service sectors.

The Minister of Home Affairs said, the government proposed to increase the rate of the levy is on a ‘win win’ basis in order to install a mechanism to reduce the dependence on the foreign workers by the industries, and also when the cost goes up for employing the foreign workers, the employers will consider to move to adopt a better pay offer for the local work force.

Any way, the launching of this increase in the levy for the foreign workers in the agriculture, manufacturing industries, and service sector is differed for the moment due to the present economic situation and consideration for the difficulties faced by the industries. The increase on the levy will not be implemented during August 2009.

Dr. Hiew said this is appropriate for the moment, and hope the government will view the situation in Sabah as important, and hopefully this will help the Sabahan to tie over this difficult time. We need the foreign work force in our agriculture, manufacturing industries, and service sectors. Sabahan is not willing to work in this areas is due to the low pay structure and nature of the work, therefore there is the opptunaties for the foreign worker to get jobs in these areas. The minister’s reply is ‘easy said than done’, but in real live situation this is difficult to achieve, to increase the levy to a high level may not solve the problem but invite more complication. We in Sabah had been using foreign workers for a long time, and we don’t see how the situation can be changed overnight.

In order to help the Sabah situation, we urge the government not to impose any more increase in the levy on the employment of foreign workers, and give incentive to those who employ the local workers.

DR. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP


内政部长说,政府建议增加人头税是处于‘双赢’的概念。 当局决定如此做,是为了使雇主能够减少依赖外国劳工。各行业因为雇用外国劳工的费用太昂贵而必然考虑雇用本地工人,同时也会付他们比较合理的薪水。

然而这项增加外国工人的人头税在各农业,制造业和服务业的费用是不相同的,由于目前的经济形势和考虑各行业所面临的困难。 增加人头税的费用将不会在2009年8月中实施。

邱博士说,不增加人头税是正确的,希望联邦政府着重目前沙巴州的情况,并希望这将帮助沙巴人 ,以渡过这个艰难的时刻。 我们的农业,制造业和服务业需要外国劳工。 沙巴人不愿意在该领域工作,原因是因为工资低及其工作性质和领域, 因此是外国劳工有机会在这些领域找到工作。 部长的回答‘看似容易,要做却很难’, 在实际生活的状况里这是难以实现的事,所以增加人头税决不能够解决问题,凡而会引起更多的问题。 沙巴州雇用外国劳工有很长的一段时间,我们看不出提高人头税如何能够在一夜里可以改变局势。