Thursday, 23 July 2009

Fare Hike for public transport in Sabah

General commuter in the State of Sabah sounded their anger and dismay towards the government allowing a fare hike starting August 2009 of up to 30% on all public transport system in the country. They said the government is very inconsiderate towards their difficulties in paying more and more on their daily expenses in travelling using public transport. One person from Telipok complaint he has to pay RM4.50 to reach the Kota Kinabalu mini bus terminal and again board a city bus to reach his work place, this will cost him a staggering RM10.00 per day for the return trip. For earning just RM800.00 per month, he had to spend RM240.00 on the bus fare alone. How can I feed my family with the balance of RM560.00? He laminated that the minister are highly paid and using government vehicles with drivers, they would not feel the pain of the people.

Sabah DAP consumer affair Bureau chief, Mr. Frederick Fung Kong Win received much complaint over these few days since the announcement of the fare hike as from the 1st of August, said he is very concern about these fare increase to all classes of public transport, especially with the sudden increase to as high as 30% of the fare. The last increase was last June 2008, during the fuel price hike, but now after so many months of price drop to a very level the fare for the public transport remained as high. This is totally unacceptable and is intolerable. It looks as if the government is inconsiderate to the hardship of the general commuters. There is no reason for the fare hike at this moment, especially during this economy down turn, when many people are facing financial hardship in Sabah. The rich may not feel it, but for the small income group who had to travel by public transport system will definitely feel the pinch.

Therefore, Sabah DAP strongly objects to the fare increase and wants the BN government to drop the idea to grant the increase in all the fares to the public transport. This should not happen until the government can produce and enhance an improved economy in Sabah, or until the income and earning of the Sabahan can increase by 30% or more. Failing to do this, means that the BN government is a government that do not care for the people, Sabahan should move to abandon them.

Sabah DAP consumer affair bureau chief, Frederic Fung Kong Win.

(picture : Bus commuters complain to Fung and Edward Mujie on the bus fare hike)


沙巴州公共交通使用者,他们对政府下个月开始让所有公共交通的票价上涨30%的事件,感到非常愤怒和不满! 他们表示说,政府完全不体谅他们的困境,尤其是日常的开销已经如此紧肘,如今还面对公共交通的车资上涨。 其中一位投诉者说,从打里卜(Telipok)搭公车到到亚庇迷你巴士总站的车费将是马币四块半,他接着投诉说,亚庇城市巴士(City Bus)也害到他要另付一天一令吉的车费才能到他的工作场所,他每天来回的车费将耗资约十令吉。 而他每月的收入只有马币八百,却需花马币两百四十在巴士车费上。他投诉说剩下的马币五百六十,他如何养活他的家?。他指出部长高官都是受高薪并且都使用政府所供应的车辆,他们根本不会感受到他人的痛苦和辛苦。

至从当局宣布八月一日起,全州公共交通的车费将上涨后,沙巴民主行动党消费事务局主任冯光荣接到很多的投诉,他非常关注公共交通的加价问题,尤其是突然增加高达30%的车费。 他说最后一次的加价是在去年六月原油价格高涨的时候,但经过了这多月以来,原油的价格已经下降到低水平,但是公共交通的票价仍然没有下降,现在反而又要上涨,这是完全不能被接受亦不能容忍的事。 看起来好像政府一点也不体谅人民面对的困境。 在这个时刻提高票价实在没有理由及逻辑,尤其当许多中产阶级以下的人民面临经济萧条的时刻。 对富有的人可能不觉得,但对收入微薄的群众,对公共交通票价的上涨肯定要他们的命!

因此,沙巴民主行动党强烈反对公共交通车资涨价,并希望国阵政府能够取消所有公共交通票价上涨的计划。 除非政府可以加强和改善沙巴州的经济,或者提高30%沙巴人民的平均收入或更多,不然就不应该加价。 如果仍然坚持如此做,这意味着国阵政府根本是个不关心人民的政府, 沙巴人就应该遗弃这样没用的政府。