Thursday, 23 July 2009

Help house buyers with their Sub and strata Titles

Many house buyers and owners of the multi storey apartment, condos, flats and shops units complained that they are still waiting for their individual subsidiary titles or strata titles after many years (some 20 years) of dealing with the developers, and the answers were all the same, “wait and wait”! They are really fed up, and have come to lodge complaints with the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu. They said that they have faced individually with many problems that involved bank mortgages charges, loan, the setting up of management cooperation, legal suits, and legal ownership if the developers went bankrupt. The many problem involved in why the subsidiary titles and strata titles can not be issued and released to the house owners and buyers can be of the following categories:-

(1) Sub division premium not paid to Land office,
(2) Master land title still charged to bank and financial institutions,
(3) Organizing of management cooperation not done and improper,
(4) Land office incomplete process and delay in preparation of sub titles,
(5) Developers not complying to land ordinance, by laws and building regulations,
(6) Incomplete construction work, drawings, and details not furnished,
(7) Developers involved in legal suits,
(8) Land office’s slow processing and issuing procedure tedious.

There are many development cases in Sabah facing the above similar problems, the owner and purchasers are the one who eventually suffered the most. Therefore, it is high time that certain strong measure and action had to be taken up to protect the rights of these people. The government has to come up with certain amendment to the enactment, law and enforcement to ensure the house purchasers are protected. The Ministry of Local Government is the key ministry involving in this matter, so far there is little sign of setting in to help to straighten and iron out problems entangled in the issuance of sub and strata titles. Just imaging there are hundreds of thousand of such titles to be issued in Sabah, how long will it take to settle all these titles? May be another 50 years?

Hiew said some action must be carried out immediately, the Ministry of Local Government and Housing should do their job. The people are waiting to see how they can solve these problems? There will be more and more such problem appearing because more development projects will be building up, especially high rise buildings. We don’t want to see the developers, the Local government, Land office, and other authorities put the helpless house buyers in great difficulties.

Hiew said the Sabah State Government needs to move a motion and put forward an amendment to strengthen the existing law, act, ordinance, and by-law to save guard the right of the house buyers in general during the coming sitting of the State Assembly in August. “Don’t just sit on the problem and, hope it will go away”! Furthermore, it will be useful for the government to work closely with the Housing Developer Association (SAHREDA) to clear and solve whatever problem there is.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.

许多住宅,公寓的屋主和商店单位的业主抱怨地说,他们直到今天仍在等待发展商处理他们的小芽蓝或分层地契,这已经拖延有二十多年,仍然所得到的答案还是 “再等一等” ! 他们已经受够了,因此前往亚庇国会议员办事处向邱庆洲博士投诉他们的不满。 他们说,他们面临着许多的问题,例如银行的抵押贷款和房屋贷款,设立管理层,法庭控诉及其他法律等问题。 这些问题将会更严重如果发展商面对法律纠纷或甚至于破产。 现存的问题是因为发展商无法处理和分发小芽蓝或分层地契给屋主和业主,其原因如下: -

( 1 )分层地契的手续费还没有支付给土地局,
( 2 )主地契仍然还抵押在银行或金融机构,
( 3 )管理层还没有成立或不齐全,
( 4 )土地局尚未完成分割程序及延误编制小芽蓝或分层地契,
( 5 )发展商没遵照土地条例,规则和建筑准则,
( 6 )不完整的工程施工,未遵照蓝图细则,
( 7 )发展商面对法律控诉,
( 8 )土地局缓慢的处理态度和繁琐的分地契手续。

在沙巴州有许多的案件都面临着上述类似的问题,最终购屋者受害最深。 现在政府是时候要采取一个强有力的措施,以及必须要有积极的行动来保护屋主的权益。 州政府必须立刻修订有效于保障屋主的法令,法律和执行方案来处理和解决分层地契的问题。 沙巴地方政府和房屋部部长是该项问题的主要关键人物,然而迄今完全没有迹象要设置有效的处理方式,以帮助,整顿及提升和减少有关分发小芽蓝或分层地契各项头痛的问题。 可以想像得到在沙巴州有十几万张小芽蓝或分层地契等待着被分发,这将要花费多少时间来解决呢?可能需要五十年吧!

邱博士说当局必须立即进行改进及加强小芽蓝和分层地契分发的问题,地方政府和房屋部更应该尽快把该项工作做好。 人们现在等着他们如何去解决这些懸而未決的问题? 将来必定会有越来越多这类的问题出现,因为有更多的发展商都在进行兴建的工程,特别是高楼大厦。 我们不希望看到发展商,地方政府,土地局,和其他当局任凭屋主或业主面对困境而袖手旁观。

邱氏也指出,沙巴州政府需要在八月期间的州议会中提出动议,并且提呈一项修正法案,以加强现有的法律,规则和条例,以确保买主们的权益。 “不要视而不见,期望问题会自动消失” ! 此外,州政府应该和房屋发展商协会(SAHREDA)保持密切的合作关系,这有助于明确和迅速解决任何存在的问题。