Thursday, 30 July 2009

In Federal Department too few Sabahan holding major post

Dr. Hiew King Cheu the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament received a reply from the Prime Minister Department regarding the number of Sabahan heading the various Federal Department in Sabah and the possibility for more numbers to be appointed as head of department in Sabah.

As up to date, there are all together 81 Federal departments in Sabah. There is a total of 29 Sabahans (36%) heading the post as head of department, and there are 52 head of departments (64%) not from Sabah.

The government will take steps to appoint more senior officers originated from Sabah to be the head of the federal department in the future. Any how this has to be based on the Civil Service guide line under the merits, importance, necessity, ability, and suitability for the person in consideration for the appointment of the post. The government will take special attention, and taken into account the importance for the Sabahan to become the head of departments in the future.

Hiew said in Sabah the federal departments to be headed by Sabahan are particularly important due to the merits of knowing the local environment and situation, especially in the case of dealing with the people here. There should be more Sabahan be engaged into these 81 federal department and along with its agencies. By using more Sabahan in the federal department has the advantage of even saving the government lots of money, this is because the officers from Semanajong working in Sabah are usually being paid extra outstation allowances and they can claim all other benefits for themselves and the family too. The government pays a huge sum of money for their lodgings by renting houses and providing transportation. All these can be saved if the local Sabahan are deployed to head position in the federal departments in Sabah. The Police, Arm forces, Immigration, National Registration Department, Department of Civil Aviation, Health Department, and the Education department are the very good example for these extra spending, especially these department are traditionally headed be west Malaysian from Head to the other top ranks.

It is essential to use more Sabahan in the federal departments to reduce the expenses and let more Sabahan have the chance to work there. We are capable and eligible to hold major and important position in the federal departments. Further more, there will be plenty of work opportunities available for the Sabahan in the future, provided the government decides to gradually reduce the number coming from Semanajong. This definitely will be something that Sabahan are looking forward to. The 81 federal department in Sabah can easily absorb some 5 thousand Sabahan, if they start to replace with.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP.




邱氏说,沙巴州联邦部门由沙巴人来担任,其中最主要的原因是因为他们了解当地的环境和情况,特别是在处理该州人们的问题。 应该有更多的沙巴人被委任为该八十一个联邦部门和其附属机构的职位。 通过委任更多沙巴人任职联邦部门的其一优点,是可以让政府节省许多钱,因为政府必须支付驻沙巴州的西马官员,给予他们额外的外地津贴,同时他们自己和家庭可以要求其他的补贴。 政府需要支付巨大的房租及提供交通工具的费用给外地官员。 如果由沙巴人来担任沙巴联邦部门的职位,这可以节省很多额外的开销,为国家省钱。 这种情况对任职于警察部队,国防卫队,移民厅,国民登记局,民航局,卫生局及教育部等联邦部门就是最好的例子,特别是这些部门的主管和其他的高级官员多是来自西马,政府必须为他们支付巨大额外的开支。

沙巴州联邦部门应该委任更多沙巴人在该些部门服务,减少外地官员而造成的额外花费,此外也让更多沙巴人有工作的机会。 我们沙巴人有能力和有资格担任沙巴任何联邦部门的职位。 只要政府决定逐步减少来自西马的官员,这是沙巴人所期待的。如果政府开始取代西马官员,沙巴州的八十一个联邦部门将可以提供多约五千沙巴人的工作机会 。