Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Influenza A H1N1 spreading amount schools

The recent outspread of the H1N1 in the Kota Kinabalu schools had caused much concern and worry amount the schools and especially the parents. The parents had contacted the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew to express their concern and fear over the wide and fast spread of the H1N1 virus.

MP Dr. Hiew has visited the schools because these affected schools are all in and around the kota Kinabalu Parliamentary constituency. He viewed the cases are very serious, especially some 5 secondary and primary schools are reported with confirmed positive cases. The rate of spreading is fast and the Education department and the Health Ministry should take immediate action and all means of prevention to stop the spread. To date there is not much action taken, but seems like they are waiting for cases to appear then some action can be seen. The people must be protected at all cost, and we have to prevent this from spreading.

The confirmed positive cases in schools can spread faster due to the dense student population and the close contact of students. The virus, according to doctors can be transferred by bodily contact and air transfusion. Therefore, it is essential to avoid mixing in crowds and always keep bodily clean by washing and taking showers. All persons suspected with unusual high fever and coughing should immediately go to the hospital for checkup, especially for students having the symptoms should not go back to school.

The Education department, the Health department and even the local authorities like DBKK should come in to work together to minimize the spread of the dangerous virus. There are plenty of measures to be done, these can be carrying out awareness exercises, cleaning process in public places, spraying disinfectant, the use of antibacterial, personal hygiene campaign in school, etc.. We have to put our heads together in order to over come this difficult time.

The latest out break has caused all the Antibacterial liquid, hand gel, and lotion in the market being sold out. It will be good for the government to ship in more of such item and disinfectant/chemical to Sabah to provide free for the people. The schools whether it is infected or not shall be disinfected accordingly by the authorities. The face masks are to be provided to those suspected infection cases in all schools, so not to allow them to spread the virus.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

H1N1, A型流感蔓延亚庇市校园

邱博士今天访问了学校,因为这些受影响的学校都在亚庇选区。他认为是非常严重的状况,特别是有五间的中学和小学,已有确实呈阳性反应病例的报告证实。其蔓延的速度很快,教育部和卫生局应立即采取行动,预防蔓延。 迄今为止,当局没有实际采取行动。他们采取等待状况出现后才有一些行动。 人民必须受到保护,政府有责任防止这种情况的蔓延。

该学校确认的病例传播的速度很快,这是由于学生人口密集。据医生的解说,该病毒可以藉身体接触和空气传播。因此,必须避免混在人群中,保持身体的清洁,多洗涤和淋浴,可减少感染。 所有被怀疑有不寻常的发高热和咳嗽等症状,应该立即去医院进行检查,特别是学生有该症状的不应该回到学校,以免感染他人。

教育部,卫生局和地方政府,如亚庇市政厅应该共同努力,以尽量减少该危险病毒的蔓延。要准备许多项的措施和许多工作要做,例如可以进行宣传活动,公共场所的清洗,喷洒消毒剂,使用抗菌物品,个人卫生运动等。 我们必须一起来克服这一困难时刻。

这项病毒造成了所有的抗菌液体,手用消毒剂和清洗剂目前在市场上销售一空。 政府需要入口更多的消毒/化学品,以便免费提供给人们使用。 在学校无论是否有受到感染,当局都应前往进行彻底消毒,也应提供消毒口罩给被怀疑有感染个案的学校,让他们不再受到病毒的感染和传播。