Thursday, 23 July 2009

Jalan Bundusan road works caused inconvenience and hazards

The residents in Taman Golf View and the surrounding area felt worry and upset about the many inconveniences caused by the road construction work in Jalan Bundusan. They have brought the matters to the attention of the Sabah DAP Infrastructure Bureau chief Mr. John Lee Kim Seng. The complaints are basically focused on the road side drains which were done badly and waterlog, this created a bed for the mosquitoes, and sometime emitting bad smell too. Some of the road entrances to the residential area were set badly. It makes the turning of the cars very difficult.

A section of the drain next to a housing estate was total not built to the specification and even have a wrong gradient and fall. It is overgrown with grass now. There is no flow of water in the so call drain, a lady from the housing estate pointed out to John Lee.

John Lee wants the JKR engineer to inspect the drains and road entrances in the new road to rectify the situation. The resident here should not have to bear with all these inconveniences.

Pic: resident complained about the clogged up drain in Tmn Golf View.

John Lee.

卜都山路(Jalan Bundusan)的道路广建造成诸多困扰
Taman Golf View及其周围地区的居民感到担忧和不满,有关卜都山道路的工程造成诸多的困扰。 该处的居民向沙巴民主行动基本设施局主任李金星投诉,要求他向当局反映该问题。 该投诉主要是在路边的排水沟因为工程的善后工作做不好,严重的影响排水的问题,同时也形成蚊虫滋生的温床,由于沟渠的诸塞而引起了难闻的臭味。 此外该处住宅区的入口处也遭受破坏。使到车主们会有困难转进入口处。

此为住宅区旁的排水沟完全没有依照规范建造,因为新建的排水管比旧的排水管高,造成污水无法流出去,此外沟渠四周长满了野草。 该处一位女士向李氏指示她屋前诸塞的沟渠。


照片:Taman Golf View居民向李金星抱怨有关堵塞的排水沟