Monday, 20 July 2009

Justice for Teoh Beng Hock, and an answer for the rakyat!

Sabah DAP chairman cum the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu with the Sandakan DAP chief Teo Yan Boon and members were at the Pasar Tanah Merah, Nam Tong, Sandakan attending a mobile service. During the mobile service, many of the Sandakan folks approached the MP and the Sandakan chief to enquire about and expressed their anger on the sad case concerning the death of Teoh Beng Hock. The sad incident had become the focal point of public concern. A few hundred copies of the leaflets printed by the party HQ had been distributed within an hour. The mobile service was a great success with many people visited the counter and they were glad to meet the MP who came from KK to visit them in Sandakan and listen to their problem in Sandakan. The biggest problem is still the Power supply and economy hardship faced by the Sandakan folks. They said in spite the Sandakan area has existing few ministers including the chief minister, but still Sandakan is facing plenty of problem which never get solved. They urge Dr. Hiew to visit them more often.

Teoh Beng Hock Public donation drive for the family.

DAP Malaysia has launched a public donation and contribution campaign to a foundation fund set up for the family. His death had brought about much outcry and a lot of anger in the Malaysian society. The justice must be seek and many people said they want an answer to the cause of death to the young man who left behind a fiancée and unborn child. His family members are in total distraught and in disbelief over what has happened.

Sabah DAP is organizing a fund raising event by public donation in Sabah. The general public can either bank in directly to the account in Public Bank Bhd., JSK branch, account no.3150093530 under the name Pusat Khidmat Dun Seri Kembangan or come to the DAP office in TAMAN FOH SANG, LUYANG, or call 088-254987.
So far there is a sum of RM7,000.00 for the foundation has been bank in and we are expecting more will come in these few days.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KKMP

沙巴民主行动党州主席兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士和山打根民主行动党负责人张衍文和党员们在山打根的南通市巴刹进行流动服务活动。 在该流动服务站,许多山打根人前来向邱议员和张衍文,查询并且表示他们对涉及赵明福不幸死亡案件感到非常愤怒和关注。 该悲伤的事件已成为公众所关注和焦点。 由该党总部所安排的数百份有关的传单在一个小时内全被索取。 该项由国会议员所主持的流动服务活动是非常成功,许多山打根人很高兴能够亲身与邱国会议员见面,同时非常欢迎他的到访和听取他们在该处的问题。 山打根人目前面对最大的问题仍然是电力供应和经济的困境。他们说尽管在山打根区现有几位部长,包括首席部长在内,但仍然面对许多问题并且从来都没有获得解决。 他们请求邱博士能够经常前来山打根探访他们。

马来西亚民主行动党发起了一项公众捐款活动并为明福的家人成立援助基金。 他的事件引起了很多马来西亚社会强烈的愤怒和抗议。 人民要求司法公正必须为他讨回公道,此外每个人都要知道造成这位年轻人的真正死因。 他的家人对他的死觉得无法接受及难以置信。
沙巴民主行动党在沙巴州已进行一项为明福基金的公众筹款活动。 公众人士可以直接把款项捐到大众银行JSK分行的帐户,该帐户号码是3150-0935-30,支票进入Pusat Khidmat Dun Seri Kembangan或前来沙巴民主行动党,路阳和生园的办事处,或拨电088-254987 。

到目前为止我们已经收到马币七千令吉的捐款并已汇入该基金,我们希望在这几天内可以收到更多善款。 在此沙巴民主行动党代明福的家人向大家致上万二分的感激。