Friday, 24 July 2009

Kota Kinabalu, the “Billboard City”.

Sabah DAP supported the statement made by the Sabah Chief Datuk Musa Aman that Kota Kinabalu is having too many billboards in the city centre and its surrounding areas.

In Supporting his claim, the Sabah DAP vice chairman cum Local government and housing bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie said he shared the same view as the chief minister Datuk Musa, and he was asked a question sometimes ago by someone, “where do you come from? I am from Kota Kinabalu. Oh, the Billboard City”! That’s how the general feeling of the people looked at Kota Kinabalu nowadays. It is true that at every street corners, road junctions, on building, on hillside, on shops and road sides, one can easily sees huge billboard standing there. The empty billboards are looking even uglier.

Edward wonders why there are so many billboards being approved in the KK city. Many of these are being approved to be erected in a position where by causing obstruction and may endanger the public safety. The recent strong wind had caused some of the huge billboards collapsed into the roads, just imaging if there were people and cars during that hour, what will happened? There were many cases of collapse in the pass history of Kota Kinabalu city.

We want DBKK to explain whether these tall and huge billboards had been proper checked on their structural framework design and its safety factors, the location of erections whether are suitable and do not cause nuisance to the public. How much do DBKK collected from these billboards in term of rental, license fees and other benefits? All these must be justifiable for the erection of the billboards. The DBKK must answer because the people in the city want to know, and there should not be any cover up. It is estimated some few hundred billboards, big and small, erected and hung in the city.

Edward said there must be some control over the numbers, and it is high time that DBKK must streamline and standard all the erection, in terms of position, location, sizes, height, the structural frame work and its content.

Edward Ewol Mujie.


在支持他说法的同时,沙巴民主行动党州副主席兼地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉说,他同意首席部长的看法。 他曾经被人问过,‘你从那里来’?他说:‘我是从亚庇来’,‘噢,那个广告板城市’! 这是一般上人们如何看亚庇。 的确在亚庇的每一个街角,路口,建筑物,山坡上,道路两侧的商店,人们可以很轻易地看到巨大的广告板树立在那里。 空白的广告板甚至更难看 。

爱德华不禁要问,亚庇市为什么会有这么多的广告板被批准建立。 许多这些被批准竖立的位置,会造成危及公众安全。 最近的强风造成了多个巨大的广告板倒塌,可以想像如果有人或车辆在该时段经过,会有多危险? 在过去有许多如似的情况发生过。
我们希望亚庇市政厅解释,这些巨大的广告板是否有被妥善的检查其框架结构的设计和安全标准,设立的位置是否适合,有没有造成滋扰市民。市政厅征收这些广告板在租金及执照费和其他收费有多少? 所有这些问题亚庇市政厅必须回答,因为亚庇人要知道,他们不应该有任何掩饰。据估在市政厅范围内大约有数百面的广告板建立或悬挂在城市。