Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Kota Kinabalu “Jesselton Point” Jetty problem

Kota Kinabalu MP Dr. Hiew King Cheu received complaints from ferry and speed boat users about the various problems associated with the Jesselton Point jetty which is frequently used by the tourist and the locals to the islands and Labuan.

They complained that sea is filled with floating garbage and plastic bottles. The people felt that this is unsightly and unhygienic. Our tourist already openly complained about the situation and said Sabah is so dirty. The boats are facing the problem with the garbage too, because this will damaged their engines. The DBKK should sort out ways to clear and stop the attack of floating garbage in the sea. It is believed that the floating garbage comes from the opposite islands, where thousand of people pour the garbage into the open, and later swept to the Kota Kinabalu sea front.

The Jesslton Point jetty has no covered walkway to link from the jetty front to the front gate. This is very inconvenient to the travelers, who have to face rain and shine. This is even more so for the ladies with small children, and tourist who has to carry heavy luggage. It is so difficult to get from the boat to the front, especially getting socking wet. The port authority must immediately install suitable canopies or covered walkway for the convenience of the travelers. This is especially so when the port authority is collecting expensive port landing charges for using the Jesselton Point jetty.

Dr. Hiew hopes the authorities can expedite to do their job properly for the benefits of the thousands of users.

Dr.Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

Pic: the floating garbage at the Jesselton Point Jetty in KK.

亚庇杰士敦点“ Jesselton Point”码头问题
亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士收到许多投诉,有关在亚庇杰士敦点“ Jesselton Point”码头。这是经常使用该渡轮和高速快艇来往纳闽和附近岛屿的游客及居民。

他们抱怨说,该处的海面充满漂浮的垃圾和塑料瓶。 人们认为这是极难看和不卫生。 旅游业已经公开抱怨说,沙巴的情形是如此肮脏,而船只也面临垃圾太多的问题, 因为会损害他们的引擎。亚庇市政厅应该清理漂浮在海上的垃圾。 据有可能,该漂浮的垃圾是来自对面的岛屿,每天有数千人把垃圾倒入大海中,导致亚庇海面充满垃圾。

此外,该码头并没有遮篷盖的行人道链接从码头至前面的正门。 这是对旅客极不方便,他们必须面对日晒雨淋,尤其是有年幼子女的旅客,还要搬运沉重的行李。 该段路程虽短,但是若遇到大雨时将是寸步难行。 海港局必须立即安装合适的有盖行人通道,以方便旅客,尤其是海港局有征收昂贵的港口着陆费。