Monday, 13 July 2009

Petagas foul garbage dump

The residents of Kampong Tengah Padang in Petegas, complained about the huge pile of foul stinging garbage dumped at the road side which caused much hazard to health and endanger the environment in the kampong. The people complain that the huge pile of rotten garbage had not been collected by the Penampang Council for many weeks.

The Sabah DAP local government and housing bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie received the complaint and inspected the garbage dump and found that the site is really unbearable and the condition is bad, much of the rubbish had been dumped directly to the Petagas River too. Edward when arrived at the site, and found something that is truly insulting and totally in contras to the filthy dump site. There is a large beautiful sign board erected just next to the dump site, saying “keep your environment clean”! What is the use of the big sign board while the authority can not even carry out their work effectively?

The Penampang Council should immediately send their workers and trucks to remove the garbage form the area. They must provide at least four pieces of suitable community bins for the use of the kampong folks, and to regularly clear the bins. There must be notice boards erected by both side of the river banks to tell people not to throw their rubbish into the Petagas River. The rubbish in the river will eventually ended up in Tanjong Aru beach or even in KK sea front.

Edward Mujie. (photo : show the environmental signboard and the pile of garbage)

必打卡士甘榜登亚巴登 (Kg. Tengah Padang) 的居民向民行党抱怨有关被丢弃在路旁堆积如山的肮脏垃圾。造成危害甘榜人的健康及破坏环境。人们抱怨说,兵南邦县议会没有妥善处理这堆积已久的腐烂垃圾至少有多个星期了。

沙巴民主行动党地方政府和房屋局主任爱德华慕吉收到该投诉,并前往视察该处的垃圾场,发现到该投诉是确实,真的无法忍受肮脏及臭气熏天的恶劣情况,真难为甘榜人天天要路过该处。 又部分甘榜人甚至把被垃圾直接倾倒入必打卡士河里。 当爱德华去到现场并发现一项巨大的讽刺,就是该垃圾场的旁边竖立了一个美丽的大招牌,上面说: “保持您的环境清洁”,和肮脏的垃圾场形成强烈的对比。竖立该大招牌有何用,而当局却不能有效地清理堆积的垃圾?

兵南邦县议会应该立即派出他们的工人和卡车清理该处的垃圾。 他们必须提供至少4个大垃圾箱给甘榜人使用,并定期清除该垃圾箱。 同时必须按置告示板在河岸两侧,告诉人们不要把他们的垃圾抛入河里。 他们抛入河里的垃圾最终将会漂流到丹绒亚路海滩,甚至到亚庇的海域。