Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Sekolah Agama in Tuaran built and not use

The muslim community in Tuaran brought to the attention of Sabah DAP Tuaran Branch chairman Peter Liew Fui Ken and members about the Sekolah Agama in Perumahan Laya Laya, Tuaran, that was completed 5 years ago and until today the new class room and school was never been open for use. They said that there is no religious teacher to teach in the school. Thus the authority left the school empty until today. The empty school has become the hide for drug users.

It is not clear that the school is under the education department or the MUIS, but one thing for sure is that parents from this Perumahan Laya Laya area have to send their children to the near by Sekolah Tembalang which is about 4 km away. The school is full at the moment, and can not receive any more new student. It is very inconvenient to the local folks.

The people here requested the abandoned school to be open for use immediately to ease their problem. If no teachers, go and find the teachers. The school should not be left just like that, and it is a total waste of public fund.

Peter Liew visited the empty school and it is overgrown with grass and weed. He said the building and the class rooms are wasted. The muslim community here wanted the school to be open for use immediately.

Peter Liew Fui Ken.

斗亚兰回教社群向沙巴斗亚兰民主行动党支部主席彼得刘辉坚及他的党员投诉说,有关位于在斗亚兰拉雅拉雅住宅区(Perumahan Laya Laya)的宗教学校。 他们说该学校是在5年前建竣,然而直到今天,新学校却从未曾使用过,因为没有宗教老师。 因此,当局就让该学校荒废到今天。 目前该学校已成为毒品使用者集聚的场所。

目前仍然不清楚该学校是属于教育部或回教事务部(MUIS),但有一点可以肯定的是,拉雅拉雅住宅区的父母逼不得已要把孩子送到离该处约有四公里远的丹巴兰学校(Sekolah Tembalang)去就读。 该学校目前人数已满,因此无法再接收新学生。 这令到当地的居民非常不便。

该处的人们要求民行党协助他们向有关当局把荒废已久的宗教学校,重新开放以减轻他们的负担。 如果没有宗教老师,就即刻去找。 该学校不应该就这样空置荒废着,这完全是在浪费人民的金钱。
刘氏前往巡视该学校并发现该校的建设遭到破坏及四周都长满了杂草,当局把学校这样空置着实在太浪费。 该处的回教社群希望该学校立即开设供当地人们使用。