Monday, 20 July 2009

Sleeping Officers in the Land office

The Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu Dr. Hiew King Cheu received complaints about the slackness and bad management of the Land office in dealing with land dues collection. The complaint said that money had been to settle the land dues with proper official receipts issued, but the owner of the land and properties still received “Notice of Demand” under Schedule xxviii of the Land ordinance-section 134. The notice stated that if payment is not made within 30 days of the date of the Notice of Demand, the arrears of revenue together with the fees and the costs shall be recovered under the power contained in Part vii of the Land Ordinance, and the total dues will be subjected to surcharge of 24% if not settled before expiry date of the notice. These notices were issued from the Assistant Collector of Land office, Kota Kinabalu.

The payment was made in April with official receipt issued, but in July the Notice of Demand was issued with an notice fee of RM30.00 stating all the above fine and penalty.

This is disturbing for a lot of people who had dully paid the dues to the Land office, but in return received such unreasonable Notice of Demand and being threatened to pay up. This is totally unfair to those who are law abiding, and followed strictly to the procedures. Dr. Hiew wants the Director of Land and Survey to conduct a thorough investigation to the matters, and find out what is the reason behind these unpleasant cases of gross mistake. The land owners suffered mental stress and had to spend time to put right and explain the mistake to the officers. If not for the mistake caused by the Land office, all the problem will not happen. Some one must be responsible, and do not blame the computers.

The Land office needed to be revamped and reshuffled in order to streamline and wipe out totally the many mistakes and wrong doing in the department. There are many other cases involving the department, and this is only some examples.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu KK MP.

(attach : Official Receipt from Land Office and the Letter of Demand)

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士收到许多投诉,有关土地局的官员涣散的态度及地税收缴处的管理不善。多位投诉者说,他们已经付清土地税的金额,并且也收到当局的正式收据,但该地主却仍然收到土地法令第二十八则的第134条之下的 “通知书”。 根据该‘通知书’指出,如果在通知书发出之日起的三十天内不付清款项,根据土地条例第七条,该拖欠的税收与其他杂费在通知后的截止日期,将增加24%的附加费。 该通知书是由亚庇土地局的地税收缴助理主管办事处所发出。


这让很多已经按时支付地税给土地局的人们感到烦扰,因为他们仍然收到当局寄出的不合理通知书,并威胁他们付钱。 这对奉公守法并且严格遵循程序的人民,是一件很不公平的事。 邱博士希望土地局主任能够进行彻底的调查有关该事项,并去了解犯出严重错误的背后原因。 地主们受到精神上的压力,并且不得不花很多的时间,向当局的官员解释和想办法纠正该错误。 如果不是因为土地局造成的失误,所有的问题就不会发生。有些人应该负起责任,不要推却说是电脑的错。