Monday, 27 July 2009

Tun Fuad Park in Kota Kinabalu

The public complained to the DAP Infrastructure Bureau Chief Mr. John Lee Kim Seng over the spoiled road entrance to the popular Tun Fuad Park in Kota Kinabalu. This place is frequent by joggers and the people who visit the restaurant here.

The damaged road section and the flow of foul water had been there for many months. The authority, DBKK or the road maintenance contractor seem couldn’t border in spite of many complaint made. The bad road surface will only take few hours to make good. There is no reason that this was never on their work schedule list.

Lee said that DBKK should monitor and supervise the road maintenance contractor on doing there job properly. DBKK or JKR should publish the telephone numbers or contacts of the person in charge, in order for the general public to notify them for any repair work. The perimeter of the Kota Kinabalu City zone is very wide, and many places needed constant attention, thus we need a bigger team to serve. If the present work team is incapable to carry out their work, may be it is about time that we should recruit a second team to share the work load. The tax payers will be paying for the same amount, but we shall get double the work output. We pay for what the money worth.

At the moment, the road maintenance contractors are spit into council road, state road and federal road packages, 3 contractors on Federal road maintenance, and one contractor for all the council roads maintenance which includes the DBKK roads in Kota Kinabalu.

John Lee wants the government to review the performance of all the contractors. This is because judging on the present stage of the road condition and the complaint received, their performances are questionable and doubtful. We wonder whether they have done their job to the contract requirement.

The bad road condition on most federal highways posted danger to motorist and users. Many accidents had happened due to the uneven road surface and potholes, and some cases lives are lost. Who should be blame?

John Lee Kim Seng.

Pic: spoiled road surface at Tun Fuad Park


该处损坏的路面和流动的脏水已经存在有很多个月。 尽管有许多投诉,亚庇市政厅和其道路维修承包商似乎视而不见。 修补该坏路面只需要几个小时,没有理由他们没有办法安排修补的工作。

李氏表示说,亚庇市政厅应监督道路维修承包商的工作。 市政厅或工务局应该公布该些的承包商的联络电话号码或其负责人,为了使到公众方便通知他们有关任何需要维修之处。 亚庇市的周围是非常宽阔,许多地方需要不断的受到关注,因此我们需要一个更大的维修服务工队。 如果目前的工队无法胜任他们的工作,应该是时候让我们聘请另外一组的工作队来分担该维修工作。 如用两组人马以相同的金额来进行工作,将有更好的工作效率,让我们的钱有所值。

目前,道路维修工程分为市议会道路,州管道路和联邦横贯公路, 其中承包联邦横贯公路的维修有三家和一家承包商则主管所有市议会的道路维修,其中也包括亚庇市的道路。

李氏希望州政府能着手评估和审查这些承包商的工作。 这是因为从收到的投诉来判断,和路面的糟糕情况,他们的工作表现是有疑问和质疑。 他们是否有遵照维修合约里的准则和条例。

糟糕的路面情况,尤其是联邦横贯公路,造成驾车者的高度危险。 许多事故发生的原因是因为不均衡的路面和坑洞所导致。在某些情况下发生生命的损失,这该由谁来负责?