Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Yong’s reply on “Ministry can only assist on Strata Titles”

Assistant Minister to the Ministry of Local Government and housing Datuk Edward Yong Oi Fah said the housing controller under the ministry is only responsible for the development of planning of housing. The approval of housing plans is the responsibility of the local authorities, while the ministry is in charge of the issuance of development licenses as well as effects and liabilities matters, but not the issuance of subsidiary and strata titles.

He further said that the issuance of sub and strata titles is the responsibility of the Land office under the Chief Minister’s Department, and his ministry is only acting part and parcel to assist the house buyers to obtain their sub and Strata titles. The ministry acts as a mediator between the developers, corporation management and the entities that issues land titles. The housing controller only looks after the housing development sector but not the commercial properties.

Yong reminded that it is the responsibility of the housing developers to obtain the sub and strata titles for the house buyers. In many cases, it is the fault of the developers failing to settle the small titles to the buyers, and the ministry has to come in to assist in cases where the developer went bankrupt, disappear and even passed away.

Dr. Hiew said since Yong knew about all these problems all the while, and what has his ministry and his minister did all this time to eliminate the problems? This had caused much anger and pain among the buyers and owners of these properties. The fault, loop-holes and restriction in our law system, government administration, the power and jurisdiction of the ministry and the bad coordination of various departments caused all these problems to the house buyers. We all know what is going on and the question is why nothing had been done to improve the situation? We can not sit and hope for the problem to go away, and the people continue to suffer.

Judging from the statement made by Yong, it is concrete enough to say the Sabah Government is helpless in dealing with the task to make available the subsidiary and strata titles for the house buyers. It is unreasonable to discharge their responsibility and liabilities by saying that the Ministry of Local government and housing is not responsible for the issuance of Sub and Strata titles, but just to help the Land Office. In fact they are the one who issued developer licenses, control them, certify on all works, and issue OC. Why can’t the ministry go one step ahead by making them to settle all outstanding bank deal, charges, certify all terms and condition set in the Sales and Purchase Agreement with the buyers, assist the forming of management cooperation as stated in the Sub titles etc..

The Ministry is to help the people to iron out problem faced by them, but now very unfortunately the problems keep piling up, and may last for a long time. It is their duty to get things sorted out, don’t just sit on it and giving excuses to cover the problems. DAP hopes the government can immediately come up with an amendment to the existing system to solve the problem.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP.


他进一步表示说,负责分发附属及分层地契是首相公署管辖的土地局的责任,而他的部门只是协助购屋者获取得这些地契的部分责任。 该部门是监督发展商,成立管理层和联络土地局的中间人。 地政部的房屋局只负责房屋的发展和规划而不负责是商业发展。

杨氏指出,房屋发展商必须协助购屋者获得其附属及分层地契。 在许多情况下,许多发展商未能解决这项问题,而且有些发展商甚至于破产,消失或去世,因此该部门将要插手协助。

邱博士说,杨氏是已知道所有这些问题,为什么他和他的部长都没有针对该些问题进行改进或消除这些存在已久的问题? 这造成许多的愤怒和痛苦。 该发出附属及分层地契的程序中的问题有许多漏洞和限制,又有在法律制度中,政府管理程序,该部门的职权和管辖范围以及各部门间的协调已制造出许多不必要的问题。 我们都知道这是怎么一回事,为什么他们没有将这一切不妥之处更正,以改善现有的糟糕情况呢? 政府不能坐而不视,并希望该问题能自动消失,使到人民继续受苦。

从杨氏所发表的言论中,足以说,沙巴州政府是无能力来处理和协助分发附属和分层地契于购屋者。 地方政府和房屋部不负责发放附属和分层地契,而只是协助土地局,他们这样推却责任的说法是不能被接受的。 事实上,是由他们签出发展商执照,监督及保证所有工程准则,并发出入伙纸,为什么不能进一步制定及修改条例,使到发展商能够尽快解决所有悬而未决的银行贷款问题,履行所有房屋买卖合约里的协议,协助成立管理层等等。

该部门是为了帮助人民消除所面对的房屋及地契问题,但非常遗憾的是,现在问题是在不断堆积,并可能会持续一段很长的时间。 这是他们的责任把事情办好,不要只是找借口以掩饰所犯的问题,所以希望政府能够尽快寻求良策来直接解决该项问题。