Monday, 24 August 2009

Government unable to help rice planters

The government spoke so much on increasing the rice production in Sabah and to become self-sufficient in rice production, and now even go crazy to say we can export rice in two years, all these seem to be empty talk.

In a statement announced by the Deputy Agriculture and Agro based Industries Minister Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim today, that Sabah can export rice in 2 years. The infrastructure works on the 12,140 hectares in Kota Belud and 16,187 hectares in Setumbim-Bijat padi cultivation areas in Sarawak have already started.

Dr. Edwin Bosi an agriculture specialist with the Sabah DAP Agriculture, Live Stock and Fisheries Bureau said that the announcement seem to be “building sand castle in the air”! The Deputy Minister could have got the figures all wrong, and how can the time frame of two years be enough to bring Sabah to become a rice exporting state along with Sarawak? The question on how to produce enough for the present shortage of rice in Sabah is still unknown. It is at the moment some 200,000 tons shortage of rice in Sabah in a year, and we have to depend on heavy import. In the past twenty over years, the government never border to see to this need to boost the production of rice, but choose to import. That is why the padi fields became housing estate and abandoned.

During the last visit to Jelapang Padi Sabah area in Kota belud with the Sabah DAP chief Dr. Hiew King Cheu, it was observed with deep regret that the so call government plans to improve the rice production remains as something yet to be seen. The drainage and irrigation work although started by is working slowly and negligible.

On the issue on where they are going to get the large piece of land to plant, is still a question, and to compulsory acquire the kampong land will definitely face with strong objection. The other issue on just to prepare the land, build all the required drains, roads, and put in irrigation and so on, all these takes time and money, can the government do it in two years?

As for the so call “new hybrid padi” mentioned by the Deputy Minister that produces up to 6 tonnes of rice per hectare, how can the government produces enough seeds for the planters in one go? At the moment, the local planters can only produce up to 1.8 tonnes per hectare with the old seed type. They are running out of seed from the seed processing plant here, the local planters are planting only one crop now instead of two rounds in a year, due to shortage of seed.

The government is advised to put in its best effort and pump in huge capital sum to help Sabah to speed up the Padi projects and not making silly announcement to calm down the Sabahan, and give them false hope. The people waited long enough now, let us see some sincerity in the government in helping Sabah’s rice planters and millers.

Dr. Edwin Bosi. Sabah DAP Agriculture, Live Stock and Fisheries Bureau.

(Picture : Dr. Edwin in front of Kota Belud irrigation gate)


农业及农基工业部副部长拿督罗哈妮今天在本地报章中宣布,沙巴州可以在两年内出口白米。 而在沙巴的古打毛律约有12,140公顷的农地和在砂劳越的申杜斌-必加(Setumbim – Bijat)约16,187公顷的农地种植区的基本设施工程已经展开。

沙巴民主行动党农业,渔业及畜牲局主任艾德温博西医生说,这似乎是‘在空气中建沙堡’!副部长可能搞错了,目前如何生产足够稻米给沙巴州仍是未知之数。 试问沙巴州与砂劳越州又如何能够在两年的时间里出口白米? 在沙巴州每年约有20万吨白米的严重短缺,而我们必须依靠大量进口。在过去的20年以来,政府从来没有注重稻米生产方面的需要,反而选择进口,这造成许多的稻田被遗弃及荒废着。

由邱博士所带领的行动党一行人到访古打毛律的稻米乡,他们对所见的稻田深表遗憾,并对政府要提高水稻生产的计划,仍有待观察。 该处的排水和灌溉工作虽已开始,但是进度缓慢。
政府需要更多的土地来生产稻米,这是个大问题。 如果强制收回甘榜人的土地,一定会面对强烈的反对。 至于其他的农地问题,如建立排水渠,道路和灌溉系统等等,这些都需要时间和大量金钱,政府真的可以在两年内做到吗?

副部长所提到的‘新稻米高产量品种’,能生产高达每公顷6吨的水稻。 政府如何能够生产有足够的种子于稻农? 目前当地稻农只能用老品种来种出每公顷1.8吨而已。 他们又面对种子加工厂严重的种子供应短缺,本来是一年两轮的耕种,由于种子短缺只能进行一轮而已。 这是有关当局应该去优先解决的问题。


图 :慑于古打毛律的水利灌溉水闸前

When will KB sport complex be ready?

Sabah DAP chief Dr. Hiew King Cheu cum Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu with Dr. Edwin Bosi visited Kota Belud last Sunday on the 16th August, on request by the local folks to inspect the sport complex upgrading work under construction which is just next to the Federal House and the Kemp Paradise.

It is very surprising to learn that the project on the construction of the complex building is way behind schedule as long as 6 months, and it is now not even half finished. During the visit, it is clearly seen on the signboard that the work was commenced on 1st March 2008 and due for completion on 28th March 2009. What is the reason for the delay? Is this another project by Barisan National? It should have been handed over 6 months ago.

The people in Kota Belud need to use the complex for their sport meet, and there seems to be another long wait ahead of them. They urge the government to really be serious on it and step up their action to make sure that the sport can be completed earliest possible.

Dr. Hiew said that no matter what, it is demonstrating the slackness in the BN government administration. How can a project like this take such a long time to complete? May be it will take another one year to complete the work for hand over.

Kota Belud, the “cow boy” town needed much attention in terms of its infrastructure development and amenities, for example better street lights, roads, and drains. The street lights are in a very poor condition, where most of the areas and main roads are without street lights.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.

Pic: The skeleton structure of the complex building under construction.
The project sign board showing the dates.



非常令人惊讶的,该建筑工程的进度已经超越竣工期已有六个月之久,但目前一半的工程都还没有完成。 在巡视的期间,很清晰的看到该工程招牌的注明,这项工程始于二零零八年三月一日,并于二零零九年三月二十八日完工。 这座体育馆应该在六个月前完工,但如今延迟的原因是什么? 这是否又是一项‘国阵的工程’?

古打毛律的人民需要使用这座体育馆,但是他们必须还要等待一段漫长的时间。 他们敦促政府认真地关注,并且加紧行动,以确保这座体育馆能够尽早完工。
邱博士说,不管是什么原因,这展示了国阵政府管理的松懈。 这样的工程需要花这么长的时间才能完成吗? 以目前看来,估计可能还需要多一年的时间才能竣工。

此外,政府应该重视古打毛律这个‘牛仔’镇的基本设施和建设,例如维修街灯,道路和水渠等。 该处的街灯非常差,甚至于该地区的主要道路都没有路灯。

图:该体育馆的骨架正在建设中。 该项工程的标志牌显示出的日期。

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Essay competition on SESB poor power supply

The recent incident involving the DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on Sunday 16th of August during the returning trip from Kudat to Kota Kinabalu after attending the UMNO function in Kudat, the Royal Air force Nuri helicopter forced landed in Tuaran after hit by heavy rainy condition. The DPM was supposed to attend another UMNO function in Penampang.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu questioned the use of the Royal Air force Nuri helicopter by the DPM whether it was authorized dully or there is any abuse of power involved. Can he use a military helicopter for the UMNO private function and nearly involved in a mishap? Did they pay for the charges involved or rather they can just use when ever they like? What happen if the helicopter crashed? Will the insurance company pay for the accident?

The question remains why the air force allowed this flight and authorized the use, or is it because the group is from UMNO? We don’t see that any one can simply use a military helicopter to attend a private UMNO function? There was no urgency, emergency and it is just a small political meeting.

Dr. Hiew wants an explanation from the DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on the use of the Nuri helicopter or has he paid for the use and if he has paid the trip, where is the receipt? Just to remind him, the air force Nuri helicopter is not for hire either.

The DPM can always hire a private helicopter or plane from the flying club, and he sure can afford to pay for it. He should travel by car to feel the bad road condition from KK to Kudat, and he should visit the various poor kampongs on the way to Kudat to have a feel of the hardship faced by the people here.

After checking with the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) base in Labuan, where the Nuri Helicopter was dispatched, it is made known that the request was done through the Prime Minister department for the use of the aircraft. The trip was totally for private use. Whether this is an abuse of power or not it is entirely up to your judgment.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.

最近涉及副首相丹斯里慕尤丁于8月16日出席在古达的巫统大会后返回亚庇之时,因为当天下大雨的缘故,致使皇家空军的鹦鹉直升机被迫降落在斗亚兰。 当时副首相是准备前往兵南邦参加另一个巫统大会。

邱庆洲博士质疑副首相是否有权使用皇家空军直升机或有任何牵涉滥权。他能否使用一架军用直升机来参加非政府性质的巫统大会,并几乎造成意外事故发生? 他们是否有支付任何费用,或是他们可以任意使用军方之设备? 如果发生直升机坠毁事故,谁来负责?保险公司是否会支付该项意外保险?

问题是为什么皇家空军允许这次的飞行并且给予使用,还是因为是巫统的缘故? 我们并不认为任何人都能随意使用一架军用直升机来前往参加私人的巫统会议? 而且这只是一个小规模的政治会议,并非是紧迫或任何官方重要会议。

邱博士希望丹斯里慕尤丁能够解释关于使用军用直升机来参加巫统会议,并且他是否有支付该项费用,如果已经付还,请问有收据吗? 在这里要提醒他一下,空军直升机是不能出租给私人使用的。

副首相及巫统是可以随时租用飞行俱乐部的私人直升机或小型飞机前往古达,而且他肯定可以负担得起。 此外,他应该从亚庇开车到古达,并且亲身体验该段路程糟糕的情况,他也应该顺便访问古达区甘榜里的穷人和了解他们所面临的困境。
邱博士已联络驻纳闽的马来西亚皇家空军(RMAF),了解到该辆直升机是由纳闽派出,并且获知是通过首相署的指示让副首相使用该直升机,这次的行飞完全不是为官方用途。 这是否是一种滥用权职呢? 就由您的雪亮眼睛来判断。

Essay competition on SESB poor power supply

The Sabah DAP is launching an essay/composition competition for all Sabahan on the suffering and anger caused by the SESB on not being able to supply every one of us the steady and uninterrupted power supply in Sabah. This is more serious in Sandakan, Tawau and Kota Kinabalu.

The Sabah DAP youth, culture and sport Bureau chief Teddy Yang Chan Tsze disclosed that the competition is split into 3 categories, the primary school group, secondary school group, and the open group. All the essays can be written in Chinese, English, and Bahasa Malaysia. The competitors have to put down their name, IC number, address, and telephone contact, and send it to or by post and E-mail to the Organizer, Essay competition, S10 shop lot, 1st floor, Lrg Mawas 1, Taman Foh Sang, Luyang, 88300, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, or call 088-254987, and E-mail to

The content of the essay shall be not more then 300 words, and it is to express the feeling of the particular person towards the power supply cut, black out and disruption. The competition is judged on the use of words, phrases, expression, skill of writing, and the content of the essay. The essay can be hand written, typed, or computer print.

Attractive cash prizes are given out to each category, with 1st prize at Rm 300, 2nd prize at Rm200, and 3rd prize at Rm 100. There is also a certification of appreciation to the winners.

The closing date for the competition will be on the 5th of October, 2009. Any submission later than the closing date will be rejected.

Teddy Yang further said that the objective of the competition can also enhance the writing skill of the students in particular, and create awareness of what is happening to us nowadays and that is seriously affecting our daily life. The modern life style can not do without electricity.

Picture : Chief Judges for the Essay Competition : Teddy Yang-English, Edward Mujie-BM and
Jeffrey Wong-Chinese

Teddy Yang Chan Tsze.

征文比赛 –沙巴电供不足
沙巴民主行动党开展一项征文比赛,写述有关沙巴电力有限公司的电供不足并且无法供应稳定的电力,造成沙巴人的愤怒,痛苦和损失。 尤其是在山打根,斗湖及亚庇市受到最严重影响。

沙巴民主行动党青年,文化和体育局主任杨展之说,这次的竞赛共分为3组,小学组,中学组和公开组。 该文章可以用华语,国语或英语投稿参赛。 参赛者必须写下他们的名字,身份证号码,地址和电话联络。 其文章可以交到或寄往‘征文比赛, S10 shop lot, 1st floor, Lrg Mawas 1, Taman Foh Sang, Luyang, 88300, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah’或电邮给sabahdap@hotmail.com或拨电088-254987 。

该文章比赛的内容不得超过300个字, 该文章是表达沙巴州电力不足,停电和受影响的感受。 主办当局将以词句的使用,文法,表达方式,写作技巧,以及其内容给于评审。 该比赛的文章可以手写,打字,或电脑打印。
各组将给予现金奖,第一名是RM300,第二名是RM200及第三名是RM100,还有奖状。截止日期将在2009年10月5日。 任何在截止日期后所提交将被拒绝。
杨展之说,征文比赛的目标可以提高学生们的写作技能,特别是在创意及认识目前所发生的事件,而严重影响我们的日常生活。 现代的生活方式离不了使用电力。

图 :主要评审团 :杨展之-英语,爱德华-国语及黄势恩-华语

JKR needs to put right road junction at Damai

The road junction in front of Taman Seputeh at Damai next to the Esso station is the location of many traffic accidents. The angry public complained to the Sabah DAP Infrastructure Bureau Chief, John Lee Kim Seng. He inspected the location and found out definitely there is a need to modify the traffic flow here.

The junction is for the turning into Taman Seputeh, Damai, and also for coming out from the Taman, very unfortunately vehicles make use of this junction as a U-turn too. This created a dangerous situation especially at night and in heavy traffic flow. The main road is a three lanes high speed road, therefore cars coming in or going out in the junction faced chances being banged is very high. Recently there were some serious accident happened here.

The accidents happened can caused life lost. Whose fault is that and who should pay more attention to the causes? The drivers, the road engineers and even the government authorities are equally liable. The problems still remain that the road engineers should design based on maximum safety factors, and not design and built some road junction that can cause accident and life lost.

John said that he needs not teach the road engineers to design the road, but he wishes the JKR and the authorities can immediately come in to make good the situation. He reminds them by saying that there is not even a “no U-turn” sign, because most cases here involved cars taking a u-turn. The matter is urgent, don’t wait for more accidents to occur.

John Lee Kim Seng. Sabah DAP infrastructure Bureau chief.

许多市民向沙巴民主行动党基本建设局主任李金星投诉,位于在达迈,进出斯布迪花园的路口,也是在益苏油站前面马路的交接处,常常发生许多严重的交通意外,及人命的损失。 李氏前往该处视察后,发现确实有必要修正该处的交通流程。

许多车辆经常使用达迈,斯布迪花园进的出路口做为调头转,这将引起许多的危险,尤其是在夜间和交通繁忙的时刻。 该主要道路是个三道路线的高速路,因此,车辆转入或转出交接处面临被撞的机率是非常高。 最近在那里出现了一些严重的交通意外事故的发生。

事故发生可能造成生命的损失,其问题在那里,谁应该注意这些问题?司机,公路工程师,或政府部门也同样要负起责任。 该问题的存在是因为工程师在设计方面并没有顾虑到安全因素,而其设计和建造的交通交接处或路口可能造成意外事故和生命的损失。

李金星说,他并不需要教道路工程师怎样去设计道路,但他希望工务局和地方当局能够立即前来解决该处的问题。 他提醒他们说,甚至于该处也没有安置一个“禁止调头”(No U-Turn)的标志,因为在大多数的情况下,涉及的车辆往往在调头时,就会引起车祸。 这是个紧迫的问题,不要等到有更多的事故发生。

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Kasigui old market toilet - filthy

Kasigui town is about one kilometer from the Donggongon, Penampang. It used to be a small town, until its two blocks of wooden shops were gutted by fire many years ago. What remains is the wet market which is now a popular coffee shop and eatery. There is also a grocery shop and vegetable stall. There is a public toilet next to the market.

Dr. Edwin Bosi the new party member of Penampang DAP, said that the point of attention is about the depilated state of the public toilet. The toilet can not be used because there is no proper doors, no water, no wash basin, and the water leakage is serious.

Dr. Edwin urges the Penampang District Council (PDC) to take immediate steps to repair this toilet for those patronizing the coffee shops and sometimes even tourists who stop for rest here.
He has seen and used the toilets in Kota Kinabalu, managed by DBKK, and the toilets are clean. He suggests PDC to get hold of the DBKK toilet design and erect a new toilet in Kasigui and Donggongon, and all these toilets must be properly cleaned and maintained.

Dr. Edwin Bosi was one of the judges in the toilet cleanliness competition for Kota Kinabalu City organized by DBKK from March to October, 2006.

Pic. Dr. Edwin Bosi of Penampang DAP pointing at the depilated toilet at Kasigui.

From Dr. Edwin Bosi


离兵南邦,东贡岸约一公里的加西桂(Kasigui),多年前该处两座三夹板商店铺被大火烧毁之前,曾经是一个热闹的小镇,而之前的菜市场现在变成是咖啡馆和餐厅,此外还有一家杂货店和菜摊。 在该市场的旁边有一个公共厕所。

民主行动党兵南邦支部新党员艾德温博西医生说,该处的公共厕所非常污秽肮脏。 该厕所根本不能用,因为没有门,没有水,没有洗手盆,并且严重的漏水。

艾德温医生敦促兵南邦县议会 (PDC)立即采取措施,修复该公共厕所,尤其是前往该咖啡馆光顾的民众及到该处旅游的游客。 如此肮脏的厕所不单不能够用,也妨碍市容。 他曾经看到并且也使用由亚庇市政厅所管理的亚庇公共厕所,该厕所是干净的。 因此他建议兵南邦县议会掌握亚庇市政厅的厕所设计,并且依照其设计在加西桂和东贡岸建造新的厕所,而且所有的厕所必须要得到定时的清洁和维护。


Monday, 17 August 2009

Kg. Labuaya Water tank built and not used

Sabah DAP Tuaran Chief Peter Liew Fui Ken received information and complaints from the Kampong folks from Kg. Labuaya in Tuaran concerning a huge pressed steel water tank that was built some 7 years ago and never been used. Now the water tank is abandoned and overgrown with thick bushes and trees all around it.

The kampong folks feel that it is a total waste to spend so much tax payers’ money to built a water tank and yet it was never been used. Now it looks as if the tank is left to rot and many parts are getting rusty. The kampong folks learnt that there were some design miscalculation, and the water can not reach Kg. Serusop in Tuaran.

Peter Liew later checked with Jabatan Air on this water tank and found that the complaints from the Kampong folks were right. The water tank is in fact built on a level too low, and the water can not cross over a higher hill on the way to Kg. Serusop. Jabatan Air is at the moment supplying directly through the main pipe to serve the area without going through the water tank. That is why the water tank is not used.

Peter Liew took the hard work by walking to inspect the water tank with his assistant Edwin Augustine Banau. He said the Jabatan Air must study this case on how to reuse the tank (if it is still can be used) to service the surrounding Kampongs, and not just leave it to rot there. He said Jabatan Air could have already forgotten all about this tank. He also fails to understand on why the department can be so careless on the design and construction of this tank. It is apparent that the tax payers’ money had not been put in good use.

Peter Liew Fui Ken, DAP Tuaran chief

(Picture show Edwin Banau pointed out Kg. Labuaya Water tank built and not used)

设立在甘榜拉布亚 (Kg. Labuaya)的巨大储水箱
沙巴民主行动党斗亚兰支部负责人刘辉坚收到甘榜拉布亚 (Kg. Labuaya)居民的投诉,有关当局约七年前在斗亚兰甘榜拉布亚建立了一个巨大的储水箱,完工之后却从来未使用过。 目前该储水箱已被遗弃着,并且周围被厚厚的灌木林围绕着。

该处的甘榜人认为花这么多纳税人的钱建造一个巨大的储水箱,却从未使用过实在是个浪费。 目前看来好像任凭该钢制的储水箱在那里废置生锈。 据该处的甘榜人所悉,这是因为错误的设计,无法使到达该储水箱的水无法供应到斗亚兰的甘榜士鲁梭 (Kg. Serusup)。
刘氏向水务局询问有关空置的钢制储水箱后,正如甘榜居民所投诉一样,该储水箱是因为设立在水平线较低之处,因此造成水力不足,而不能够流过一处高的山丘到甘榜士鲁梭。 目前水务局正透过大水管直接供水到甘榜士鲁梭,而不必通过该储水箱。 所以该巨大的钢制储水箱被荒置着。

刘辉坚和支部秘书艾德温巴讷(Edwin Augustine Banau)很艰难的步行到该处检查废置的储水箱。他说,在这种情况下水务局必须要研究如何重新使用这巨大的储水箱(如果它仍然可以被使用),而不是让它如此被荒废生锈着。他指出可能水务局已经忘记了该储水箱的存在。 刘氏不明白为什么水务局能够在设计方面出错。 非常显然的纳税人的金钱并没有被好好的利用。 谁应该负起责任?


Sunday, 16 August 2009

Musa covered up fault of government on power supply

Sabah Chief Datuk Musa Aman’s statement today seems to be covering up the fault and misdo of the government for not providing enough power supply to the Sabahan, and merely trying to discharge its liability and responsibility towards the matter. He also blamed Sabah DAP for going against the Coal-fire power plant that caused further delay in providing power to the state. He said the government knew about the problem to the ill supply of power, and had instructed the SESB to submit a report to solve the problem.

The CM in the matter of fact already exposed the “couldn’t be border” altitude of himself and the government towards the suffering of the fellow Sabahan. The pain and anger of the people were not heard, but in return he chooses to blame DAP for delivering their care towards the people. To straighten the record, Sabah DAP is not on the fore front to stop the coal-fire power station to be built, as claimed by him. In fact, many of his BN people and leaders had openly condemned the coal plant. If he needs to be reminded, DAP can send him the various statements made by his people who had voiced against the coal fire power plant.

Musa has exposed another weakness of the government, from his statement he repeatedly mentioned the whole problem that caused the power short supply is because the coal plant cannot be built. That means all this while he sits and doing nothing, but waiting for the coal plant to be built. May be it is true what the people talking about in the town that the present power supply frequent disruption is purposely done to build up the pressure for the people to allow the government to build the coal plant. Our forgetful CM has forgotten that the Coal plant was stopped by the government in Lahad Datu and later moved to Sandakan and now where? Now the statement by Musa has indicated that the government is aiming on the coal plant only, and forgetting on all other alternatives to cater for the urgent supply of electricity. The government must be held fully responsible for this mishap of power short supply in the state of Sabah, and they should not push the responsibility to SESB, and put the blame on the people to cover his own miss-do. When compared to the steady power supply in Sarawak and West Malaysia, Sabah State government has totally failed us.

The Chief Minister Musa Aman should resign to show that he is a responsible person, that he and his government have put the well being of the people in Sabah in line of deep suffering.

On the other hand, the application for the police permits to hold the peaceful protest gathering in front of the SESB offices in Kota Kinabalu, Tawau, and Sandakan were handed in to the various OCPDs respectively. It is the people’s hope that the permits can be approved, for at least there is a channel for the people to stage their voices. To our surprise, during the submission for the permit in Kota Kinabalu, the Police station in Karamunsing also hit by power cut. The police officers had to work in the dark, without air-conditioning, computers not functioning, and worst of all, the high ranking police officers were conducting “open-door” meeting in a hot and dark meeting room. This sort of power failure and long hour power cut will still be persistent for future months.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KKMP cum Sabah DAP state chairman.



首席部长实际上已经高度暴露了他本人及政府对遭受苦难的沙巴同胞的一种‘莫不关心’的态度。 他们似乎没有听到人民的痛苦和愤怒,反而选择责怪关心人民的民主行动党。 根据他所指责,沙巴民主行动党并没有像他所说的那样,一味要求停止燃煤发电站的计划。 事实上,许多他的国阵盟友和领导人都曾公开谴责燃煤发电站的计划。 如果他需要证明,民行党可以提供他有关国阵人士反对燃煤发电站的剪报。

在慕沙的文告里,他又暴露了另一个政府的弱点,他反复提到造成整个电供短缺的问题,是因为燃煤发电站不能依照计划进行。 这就像人民所议论纷纷的,目前的电供经常中断是故意的,是为了向人民施压力,好让政府有藉口兴建燃煤发电站。 我们健忘的首席部长似乎忘了,是政府宣布停止拿笃兴建燃煤发电站计划,后来又搬到山打根,现在又会建在哪里? 看来慕沙的言论,很容易洞悉到政府的最终目标是兴建燃煤发电站。 而政府根本不去寻找其他的发电方式来解决迫切的电供问题。 沙巴州的电力供应短缺问题,政府必须承担全部负责,他们不应该把全部责任推给沙电或推给人民,以试图掩饰自己的过失。 就以砂劳越州及西马有稳定的电供来比较,在这方面沙巴州政府的确是彻底的失败。


此外,有关向亚庇,斗湖和山打根申请警方准证在沙电办公楼前举行的‘和平抗议’集会,申请信已经分别交给各区警监。 人民希望许可证可以被批准,至少该项集会将提供一个管道让人们向沙电投诉他们的不满心声。 非常惊讶的当在亚庇提呈申请信时,加拉文星警察局也遭受到停电。 警伯们不得不在黑暗没有空调的办公室摸黑进行工作,电脑不能运作,最糟糕的是高级警官正在进行会议,由于没有冷气及黑暗的会议室,不得不‘大开大门’。 这种电源故障和长时间停电的情况仍然会再持续不知要多几个月或几年.

Sabah power disruption set for “Malaysia Book of Records”

Sabah DAP youth will conduct a historical move to get the Sabah power supply disruption and woes to be recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records. In deed, the power problems arising in the power woes in Sabah can really be set in the Malaysia Book of Records.

The Malaysia Book of Records will be happy to keep this record in their new edition of records. The Sabah DAP youth chief cum publicity secretary, Teddy Yang said in a brief statement today. He said the items to be recorded in relation to the power supply woes are as follows:

(1) SESB having the most number unworkable and broken down power generators,
(2) The high frequency of power disruption in Sabah,
(3) The longest hour of power cut in Sabah,
(4) The highest record of distribution faults,
(5) The most number of IPP in Malaysia,
(6) The oldest power generators in Malaysia,
(7) The longest unsolved power supply woes in Malaysia,
(8) The worst power supply state in Malaysia,
(9) SESB the most blamed power producer,

Teddy said the chance for the above mentioned events are well known in Sabah. It is easy for the Malaysia Book of Records to register them and be recorded down in history. He is contacting their people to proceed for the necessary details for the setting of the records.

Teddy who is also the Sabah DAP publicity secretary commented that Sabah state is being monopolized by a single power producer and the power woes is something that never got solved in many years in Sabah. The peaceful Sabahan is quietly absorbing the pain and suffering. When Sabah DAP proposed to put up the Peaceful Protest gathering in front the SESB offices in KK, Sandakan, and Tawau, the government turn around and blamed the DAP for not helping the government to solve the problems, and used many other reasons to cover their mistakes. It is pointless to tell the people what they are going to do, but they have forgotten to tell what they did not do in the past 15 years to improve the power supply when they took the government from PBS in 1994.

Teddy said whatever future plans there is will not immediately solved the power woes, therefore Sabahan will continue to suffer at least for the next 3 to 5 years. The plans to build new power plants, whether it is of gas, hydro and diesel fire power or other means, will definitely need 3 to 5 years.

Teddy Yang Chan Tsze, Sabah DAP youth Chief, cum Publicity Chief.

沙巴民主行动党社青团将进行一项具有历史性的记录,这是针对沙巴州长期电供不足和停电的次数,以记录在“马来西亚纪录大全”里。 沙巴州长期电供不足和停电产生的各种问题确实是可以记载在‘马来西亚纪录大全’里。

该‘马来西亚纪录大全’将会很乐意把这个记录记载在其新版本中。 沙巴民主行动党社青团主席兼州宣传秘书,杨展之今天在文告中说,该项有关电供的问题及其破记录的事项如下:

(1) 沙巴电力有限公司拥有最多故障的发电机,
(2) 沙巴停电频率最高,
(3) 沙巴有最长停电的时间,
(4) 沙巴拥有最高纪录的传电网技术故障,
(5) 沙巴拥有最多私人发电站,
(6) 沙巴拥有最‘老爷’的发电机,
(7) 沙巴花最长时间来解决电供问题,
(8) 沙巴有最严重的电供问题,
(9) 沙巴电力有限公司是最受指责的电供商,

杨氏说,上述所说的事件在沙巴州是众所周知的事。 这些记录很容易被通过并登记在‘马来西亚记录大全’里。 他将联络民众并取得更多详细的资料以着手进行申请记录。

杨展之说,沙巴州目前被唯一电力公司垄断了所有的电供,导致多年来沙巴州电供的问题从来都没有被解决和好好处理。 一向来温顺的沙巴人都默默地承受着这些痛苦。 当沙巴民主行动党建议在亚庇,山打根和斗湖的沙电大楼门前进行‘和平抗议’集会,政府却反过来指责民行党不协助政府解决该项问题,并且用许多其他理由以掩饰其过失,政府不该这么做,这是毫无意义的。 他们在一九九四年从沙巴团结党手中夺取州政府后,在过去15年里他们根本无能力改善电供的问题。

杨氏说不论在未来有什么改善电供的计划,这是不能够立即解决目前严重的电供问题,因此沙巴人民在未来的三至五年仍然继续会面对电供断缺的问题。 如果政府计划兴建新的发电站,无论是天然气,水力,柴油或其他发电方式,很肯定将需要至少3至5年的时间才能完成。

Herbert Timbon’s statement unwise

Herbert Timbon’s statement published in the newspaper is reflecting his ignorance of the power supply woes situation in Sabah. He as a state Community Development and Consumer Affairs Assistance Minister, he should be on the tip top of the matter. Unfortunately, he chooses to condemn the Sabah DAP in order to help to cover the state government’s fault for not dully attending to the matter of ill power supply. He even proposed that DAP should give a proposal to the government on the power woes, to help to solve the problem. He also said the DAP can even channel their proposal in the form of a working paper or a memorandum to the relevant authorities for consideration.

Edward Ewol Mujie said it is in a very sorry state that the leaders in the state government can not give concrete solution in providing the poor Sabahan their daily uninterrupted power supply requirement, but only know how to transfer the blame to Sabah DAP to cover their own mistake. How can they say DAP to be blamed for the power woes in Sabah, and especially on the organizing of the peaceful protest to let the consumers to come forward to stage their grievances and anger? The BN government had totally failed and discharged their respective duties to care for the Sabahan.

On the count that Herbert asked DAP to forward a working paper for the proposal to solve the power woes in Sabah, that means Sabah government and the SESB has no idea at all to solve the problem and needed the strong opposition to advice the government. If he sincerely meant what he said, may be Sabah DAP will consider coming in to meet his request. He must recognize the fact that, DAP had positively contributed much to help to solve the power woes in Sabah, even on staging the peaceful protest on the 30th August. The DAPs also are the sufferers and consumers of power supply. BN leaders should come to support the peaceful protest, because they are also power consumers.

The power supply supply in Sabah is in a very critical stage. If any further breaks down of the power generators, the power supply in Sabah will further jeopardized. We want the SESB to publish their “immediate, short term, and long improvement plans”, if there is any such plans and the plans are to be workable and reliable. The government should immediately review the terms and conditions of the Power Privatization agreement with SESB for their failure to deliver the steady supply to Sabah.

Edward Ewol Mujie. Sabah DAP Vice Chairman, cum Local Government and Housing Bureau chief.

赫伯丁布(Herbert Timbon)刊登在报章的文告,反映出他对沙巴州电供困难的情况无知。 他身为一个州社区发展和消费者事务部副部长,他应该是第一个站出来处理和解决问题的人。 不幸的是他选择谴责沙巴民主行动党,以掩饰州政府的过失和对电供问题的迟钝反应。 他甚至指出民主行动党应该给予有建设性的建议,帮助政府的解决电供的问题。 他还表示民行党甚至可以把他们的备忘录及建议书提呈给有关当局,以协助政府把电供搞好。

爱德华慕吉说,他感到非常遗憾州政府不能提供具体的解决方案,给沙巴人稳定的电供需求,而只有知道指责沙巴民主行动党,以掩饰自己的过失。 他们怎能把沙巴电力短缺的困境归咎于沙民行党,特别是针对该党让消费者能够发泄他们的不满和愤怒的‘和平抗议’活动。 国阵政府的职责是维护沙巴人民的利益,这项职责已经彻底的失败。

依照赫伯向民行党提议呈交一份备忘录的建议,以协助解决沙巴州的电力困境,似乎沙巴州国阵政府和沙电已经穷途末路及没办法来解决这个问题,而极需要反对党的协助。 如果他是有真诚意的要求协助,民行党可能会考虑他的要求。 他也必须承认一个事实,民行党是积极付出,以协助解决沙巴电力的问题。 要知道民行党也是电力消费者之一。 在八月三十日的‘和平抗议’活动,他本身及其他国阵成员都必须出席支持该项活动,因为他们也是电力消费者。

沙巴州电供问题已经进入一个非常严重短缺的阶段。 如果任何目前还在操作的发电机发生故障,沙巴的电供将进一步受到更大的短缺。 我们希望沙电能够立即公布他们的‘立即,短期及长期的计划’,如果有有这样的计划,这些计划必须是可以行的通和可靠的。 政府应该立即重新检讨及审核与沙电合约里的电供条例及协议,如有出入及不当之处,应该立刻采取行动调整。 我们只要求有足够及稳定的电力供应。

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Visit to H1N1 centre in Kg. Nosoob

The people living near the government rented Ling Zhi Care Centre in Kampong Nosoob, Kapayan, complained to the Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu expressing their concern about the close proximity of their houses to the H1N1separation centre, and the fear of catching the sickness.

Dr. Hiew and Edward Mujie went over personally to the centre to find out the situation there this afternoon. They were met by the medical staff in the centre to explain the situation in the centre.

The doctors said, it is not to worry about the surrounding houses will contract the H1N1. This is because the virus will not spread through air and be transmitted to the houses in the area. The virus will be more easily transmitted through close body contact and by droplets. That means through coughing, or sneezing. The people should avoid crowded or people packed areas, and to keep always a safe distant of at least 3 feet from each other. Every one must maintain cleanliness of the body, wash hand thoroughly.

During the visit, there were some twenty patients in the centre undergo treatment, with the care of three doctors and other medical staffs. Some patient had recovered and discharged to return home from the centre.

Dr. Hiew feels that the Ministry of Health and its Health department should look for some other building to convert as the separation centre, in order to cater for the increasing number of patients. The cases in Sabah are increasing very fast, and there is the fear that the present facilities will not be able to house all these patients.

At the moment, there is still no actual antivirus for the cure, and the preventive vaccine for the particular Influnza ‘A’ H1N1 virus is not yet available.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP.

Pic: Dr. Hiew and Edward in front of the Ling Zhi Care Centre.

在位于甘邦诺索 (Kg. Nosoob) 政府所租用的灵芝护理中心,隔邻附近的甘榜的居民向亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士表示关于太靠近他们房屋的H1N1隔离中心,他们担心会感染上该疾病。

邱博士和爱德华慕吉今天亲自到该中心去了解那里的局势。 该中心的医疗人员迎接他们并且向他们解释该中心的情况。
医生说,周围的房屋居民其实不必担心会感染H1N1病毒。 这是因为该病毒不会通过远隔的空气传播,或传染到该房屋区人。 只有通过密切的身体接触和飞沫,该病毒才容易被传播于他人, 如咳嗽,打喷嚏等。 人们应该避免挤在人群中,并且保持一个至少有3尺的安全距离,每个人都必须保持自身的清洁,此外,要彻底以消毒剂洗手。
在访问期间,大约有20病人在该中心接受治疗,共有3名医生和其他医务人员照顾他们。 有一些病人已经康复出院,返回自己的家园。

邱博士认为,卫生部应该寻找一些其他的建筑物作为隔离中心,以应付越来越多的患者。 在沙巴的病例不断的增加,他担心目前的设施将无法容纳所有这些病人。


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Telipok shop drainage work-no good

The people and shop owners in Telipok town complained to Sabah DAP Local government and Housing Bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie, concerning the drainage work that caused much anger among the shops owners and the people affected by the drainage work by DBKK.

The original concrete drain at the back lane of the block of shop next to the church was been servicing well since the past, but they don’t understand why the DBKK constructed a new underground culvert drain with a diameter of 30 inches and several big manholes that set the back lane road. The mild steel grating covers to the manhole were not designed to cater for heavy traffic. Some already gave way under heavy load, and few cars also failed into the manhole without cover. The culvert drain did not constructed to the right fall, and dirty water caught and stagnant in the drain are very smelly and stinging, especially during hot days like now. There were even three dead rats found floating in the underground drains. The old drain was covered and blocked by the excavated earth. This caused more stagnant water trapped there, giving out more foul smell.

Edward inspected the underground culvert said he will request DBKK to change the design of the cover to the big manholes by using air tight concrete covers instead of mild steel grating, this will stop the foul smell emitting from the manhole to the shops. The old/unused drain must be filled up by earth and paved to create a wider space for parking and not to leave it unattended and forming pot holes which is dangerous and may hide snakes, rats and mosquitoes.

Picture : Edward inspecting the damaged new MS grating.

Edward Ewol Mujie.


在过去,教会旁边的商店后巷的水沟一直都没有问题,现在他们不明白为什么亚庇市政厅建造一个地下三十寸直径的地下排水沟,以及几个地洞在后巷的路上。 该些遮盖地洞的铁栅的设计根本无法荷负重量的车辆,有些重型的车辆已经压坏其中的铁栅,及有些车不小心掉进没有铁栅遮盖的地洞而造成交通意外。 因为该排水沟没有依照应有的标准建造,使到污水停滞无法流走而造成肮脏集水和发出恶劣的臭味,特别是炎热的天气下,甚至在现场还发现三只死老鼠漂浮在水渠里。 该处的旧排水沟被泥土掩盖和诸塞,这造成了更多的积水和恶劣的臭味。

爱德华视察了该地洞后表示,他会向亚庇市政厅要求更换并且设计比较好的密封洋灰盖,而不是以空洞的铁栅来遮盖。 这样将会停止恶臭从地洞冒出。 旧的水沟必须被填满并铺平制造一个更宽阔的空地,让店主泊车,而不是造成破洞满布,造成危险和可能藏蛇,老鼠和蚊子滋长。


Monday, 10 August 2009

Sabah DAP New Intake of Senior Professional

Sabah DAP welcomes Dr. Edwin Bosi, a senior veterinary doctor cum politician from Penampang to join in as a life member of the party. Dr. Edwin Bosi finds the Sabah DAP a better and stronger platform for him to perform politically and will be a better route to serve the people positively, especially for those in the Penampang area. He has been in politic for quite some time now, and judging on the current situation and political scenario in Sabah, there is really a need for a change of the government in Sabah.

Edwin has the following academic qualification:-

(1) Diploma in Animal Science (1978) from University Pertanian Malaysia (UPM)
(2) Degree in Veterinary Medicine (1984) from University Pertanian Malaysia (UPM)
(3) Masters in Philosophy- in Veterinary Public Health (1992) from Massey University, New Zealand.

Edwin Bosi was the first Sabah Native to qualify as a veterinarian.

His experiences was with the Veterinary Department since 1978 and was seconded to the Sabah Rhino and Wildlife Conservation committee in the Chief Minister’s Department (1985/6) as senior Veterinary officer, as Group Manager (live stock) to KPD Holdings (1992/94), and in Wildlife Department (1994/2000).

He served as Research Fellow and also lectured at University Malaysia (UMS) from 2000/02.
Edwin is a partner in Companion Animal Clinic in Kota Kinabalu and he is also a livestock farming consultant.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the Sabah DAP state chairman cum Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament said With Edwin Bosi joining the Sabah DAP has given the party a very much bigger strength in term of ability, and has opened up a wider scope of service to the people in Sabah. With the high academic qualifications and vast experiences in the Veterinary business, Edwin definitely has become a valuable part of Sabah DAP organization. Edwin will be given an important role to perform in DAP, and his contribution will be very much appreciated both by the party and the people of Sabah. We must recognize his ability and his deep hearted urge to perform to serve and to help the fellow Sabahan.

Sabah DAP welcomes all those people who wish to contribute and to share the struggle in Sabah to join. We shall form a very strong team consisting of professionals and experienced personnel to form a strong DAP team in Sabah, and we hope the people in Sabah will give us the mandate to form the next state government.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu.

Pic: Edwin Bosi.

沙巴民主行动党欢迎埃德温博西医生(Dr. Edwin Bosi),一位专业兽医兼兵南邦区的政治工作者的加入,并成为民行党永久党员。埃德温医生说,因为沙巴民主行动党是有更好的发展空间,并且是个平稳而有力的平台,让他能够藉政治上的能力大展身手,来为沙巴人民提供更有效的服务,特别是在兵南邦区。 他参与政治也有相当长的一段时间,他评论以沙巴州当前极坏的局势和面对政府无能的状况,绝对有需要更换现任国阵政府。

(1) 动物学文凭(1978年)- 马来西亚农业大学(UPM)
(2) 兽医学位(1984年)-马来西亚农业大学(UPM)
(3) 动物卫生硕士学位(1992年)- 纽西兰墨西大学(Massey University)

他在1978年在兽医部任职,此外,他也是沙巴犀牛和野生动物保护委员会( 1985 / 6 )的高级兽医官,同时也曾经在92年至1994年担任沙巴农业发展局(KPD)管理牲畜的区经理,也曾任职于野生动物部(1994/2000)。 他曾担任研究员,并于2000年至2002年在沙巴马来西亚大学(UMS)担任教授一职。 埃德温医生是亚庇动物诊所(Companion Animal Clinic)的合作伙伴,他也是一位畜牧业的资深顾问。
沙巴民主行动党州主席兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士说,埃德温医生的加入给予该党更强的实力,并且提供了一个更广范的服务范围。 埃德温医生在兽医界拥有高深的学历和丰富的经验,绝对是民行党一位有才能又专业的党员。 埃德温将会给于重任并在民行党里担任重要职位。 他在未来的贡献将会给予沙巴人民有很大的收益,他的才能以及工作能力,尤其是他的一股为民服务的热诚,将会得到沙巴人的赞赏。

沙巴民主行动党欢迎任何人愿意为沙巴人作出贡献,并一起为沙巴人争取福利的人士加入。 我们将成为一个非常强大而有实力的团队,我们将以专业和有经验的人士组成一个能为人民谋求福利的政党,希望能够

SJK (C) Chung Hwa, Kualu Penyu - 3 years without water

Sabah DAP Beaufort chief, Jinlin Abdul Rahman with the branch member Ong Boon Hoo visited the SJK (C) Chung Hwa yesterday to find out the reason why there is no water supply to the school for as long as three years . The Jabatan Air had cut off the water supply to the school due to no payment from the education department. The school has been depending on rain water stored in tanks during rainy days. There is no water for the toilets and washing hands, it is very smelly there and especially in this time of H1N1 wide spread, all the hands must be washed thoroughly. The parents, students and teachers are complaining very much. The teachers who live in the school also faced the problem of not having water for shower, they have to go to the school toilet to use the water from the rain water tank.

During the visit Jinlin, he met some parents and students and they all wanted DAP to bring up the issue to the Education Department and ask them to pay the Water department the outstanding bills. There is no reason for the bills not paid, and water department should not cut the supply to the school. The school consists of 120 student and ten teachers. The principal of the school should immediately bring up the case and seek help from the Education department.

Jinlin said he wants the Education Department, the principal, the school management board to immediately work to get the water supply back to the school. The school should not have one day without water. The rain water collected is not clean and not fit for consuming.

There are some other schools in the Kuala Penyu area having the same problem. DAP hopes the situation can be put right immediately by the Education Department, and Jabatan Air should not cut the school water supply. The Supply must be reconnected for the sack of the student and teachers.

Pic: Jinlin and Ong with the students in front of the school gate.

Jinlin Abdul Rahman, Beaufort chief.

沙巴民主行动党保佛负责人,吉林阿都拉曼与党员王文和昨天访问了瓜拉班尤中华小学,去视察该学三年没有水供的问题。 水务局切断该小学的水源供应,是由于教育部没有支付其水费。 该学校目前只能依靠储存在水箱里雨水。 因为没有水洗手和冲洗厕所,所以发出恶臭及非常不卫生,尤其是在 H1N1病毒广泛蔓延的期间。 为了预防病毒的传染,学生必须彻底清洗双手,但是没有自来水如何能够保持干净呢? 该处的家长,学生和老师们不断的抱怨。 尤其是住在学校宿舍的老师们面临着没有水洗澡和如厕的问题,他们必须前往使用雨水储存箱的学校厕所来冲凉。

在访问的期间,吉林会见了一些家长和学生,他们都希望民行党向教育部提出他们学校面对的问题,并且要求他们尽快清还水务局的水费。 没有理由教育部迟迟不清还该水单,而且水务局也不应切断该小学的水供。这所学校共有120名学生和10多位教师。学校校长应该向教育部寻求帮助。

还有其他在瓜拉班尤区的一些学校也面对相同的问题。沙巴民主行动党希望教育部能够立即纠正该情况,及水务局也不应切断学校的水供。 该些学校的水源供应必须重新接回,以解决该些校学生和教师们的问题。


English oldies Karaoke singing competition

Sabah DAP youth team will be organizing the “English Oldies Karaoke Singing competition” on the 15th of September, 2009 at the Alantis Seafood Restaurant in Jalan Bundusan, Kota Kinabalu. The objective of the karaoke singing competition is targeting at the old English song found during the 60’s and the 70’s. The will bring back the sweet old memories of the good old songs, and a revival of the English old songs that had been the mouth piece of many people in Sabah.

The organizing chairman for the event is Teddy Yang Chan Tsze, he is the Sabah DAP Youth chief. The competition is open to all Sabahan with the age above 16, both male and female category. They must sing the song from the 60’s and the 70’s. Their singing will be judged on the voice level, rhythm, timing, costume, and their stage performance. The panel of judges shall be formed from prominent musician, well known singers, music conductor and music teacher.

The organizer will give out attractive prices of RM 1,000 plus trophy for winner, RM 800 plus trophy for 2nd price, RM 500 plus trophy for third price, and 12 consolations prices of RM 50 for the finalists.

The application forms are available at the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament office at Tmn Foh Sang, or call 088 254987 / 012-8209661 / 013-8504300 for more details. Already there are many enquiries from interested contestants, please come early before the forms run out.

Pic: the organizing committee of the “English oldies Karaoke singing competition” displayed the old English songs LP record.

Teddy Yang, DAP Youth chief.

沙巴民主行动党青年团将在二零零九年九月十五日,举办一项‘英语老歌卡拉OK歌唱比赛’,地点是在Jln Bundusan, 海洋城海鲜酒家(Alantis Sea Food Restaurant)。该项卡拉OK歌唱比赛的目的是怀念和重温六十到七十年代的英语老歌。 这些优美的老歌将会带回许多甜蜜的回忆,因此藉此来重温当年沙巴人朗朗上口的英语老歌。

该活动是由沙巴民主行动党青年团主席杨展之为筹委会主席。 今次的竞赛是开放给所有人的年龄16岁以上的沙巴人,分为男女混合赛。他们所参赛的歌曲必须是60至70年代。 该比赛将于声量,节奏,服装,和台风等为评审标准。 当天的评审团是由音乐家,著名歌手,音乐指挥和音乐导师作为裁判。

申请表格可以在路阳,和生园亚庇国会议员办事处索取,或拨电088-254987 / 012-8209661 / 013-8504300了解更多详情。已经有许多感兴趣的参赛者前来询问并索取报名表格,请尽早前来免得错失了机会。


Teddy Yang upset with Tourism, Cultural and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun

Teddy Yang kecewa dengan Menteri Pelancongan Kebudayaan dan Alam Sekitar Daruk Masidi Manjun yang menasikan potensi Sungai Petagas dibangunkan sebagai destinasi pelancongan serta meyalahkan penduduk di tebing sungai Petagas yang menyebabkan pemenmaran.Ketua Penerangan Negeri Parti DAP Sabah Teddy Yang menyokong cadangan Ahli Dun Bugaya, Datuk Ramlee Marahaban supaya memajukan sungai Petagas sebagai destinasi pelancongan, ini kerana ia akan memberi peluang perniagaan dan pekerjaan kepada penduduk tempatan di sekeliling sungai Petagas dan justeru membangunkan ekonomi di dearah tersebut.Teddy berkata bahawa cadangan tersebut sesuai dengan dasar satu daerah satu industry, kos permulaan untuk menceburi industry pelancongan adalah dalam kemampuan penduduk tempatan.“Jika kerajaan Singapore mampu mengubah imej sungai Singapore yang 20 tahun lalau penuh dengan sampah-sarap dan tercemar kepada distinasi pelancongan yang unik dan indah, sungai Petagas harus diberi pluang.” Kata Teddy Yang, “ Ia tertakluk kepada kemampuan dan kreativiti kementerian untuk meneroka potensi pelancongan disini.”Manakala mengenai pencemaran di sungai Petagas, Datuk Ramlee bertanya kepada Menteri apakah langkah atau usaha yang diambil oleh Kementerian Pelancongan, Kebudayaan dan Alam Sekitar bagi mengatasi masalah tersebut. Malangnya Datuk Masidi Manjun mengelakkan soalan tersebut dengan menyalahkan penduduk di kawasan itu yang menyumbang kepada pencemaran sungai.Teddy Yang berkata, “Pendidikan tidak cukup untuk mengatasi masalah pencemaran, pihak penguatkuasa kementerian juga mesti berusaha dengan lebih gigih bagi membanteras pencemaran sungai dan alam sekitar dengan menguatkuasakan undang-undang.Daripada : Ketua Penerangan Negeri Parti DAP Sabah Teddy Yang(English Text)Teddy Yang upset with Tourism, Cultural and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun for denying Sungai Petagas as tourist destiny and put the blame on the people as the main cause of pollution to the river.Sabah DAP State Publicity Secretary supported Budaya Assemblyman Datuk Ramlee Marahaban’s suggestion to develop Sungai Petagas river into a tourist destiny, as it will not only attract tourist to know more about living culture in Petagas and Putatan area, but also boost the economic activities amongst the local community here along the river, this will definitely benefit the local folks especially to the lower income group by offering business opportunity.Teddy said that as the state government is promoting one dearah are industry, tourist industry will be ideal for Petagas whereby start-up last of the industry is affordable and less pollution. “20 years ago Singapore river was the most dirty and polluted river in the country as it used to be garbage dumping site of nearly all Singaporean. However, the said river was transformed into a nice and attractive tourist destination as Singapore Government spent effort in development and management of the river.” said Teddy, “It all depends on whether the government or the ministry want to do it or not.” “because potential can be created through creativity and the right effort. Therefore, it is not for a minister to decide the tourism potential of an area.”Meanwhile, Teddy also upset with Datuk Masidi Manjun on putting the blame on people of Petagas for contribution to the pollution of Petagas River. The Bugaya Assemblyman asked what steps has the government taken to slove the pollution problem along Petagas River ? However, the minister didn’t answer the question but instead make Petagas folks as a scapegoat.“Education alone con not solved the pollution problem without taking team action to enforce law and lead the people to clean up the river. Education by taking is useless, we need education by example, education by enforcing the law. Furthermore, if Petagas River developed into a tourist destiny, it will become the rice bowl of the people along the river and they will protect it.”Teddy commented that if Singaporean can do it, why can’t Sabahan and the Ministry? If our neighboring Sarawak state government can make all cities, town, villages and river comparatively cleaner than Sabah, why can’t our Sabah state government?杨展之不满旅游,文化和环境部部长拿督马希迪否认必打卡士河(Petagas River)为旅游区,并且把指责必打卡士人民污染了该河流。沙巴民主行动党州宣传秘书支持布达亚(Budaya)州议员拿督冉里的建议,把必打卡士河(Petagas River)发展成为一个旅游点,因为它不仅能够吸引游客了解必打卡士和卜打丹土著的生活文化,而且也能够推动经济及提供该区的就业机会。这必将会造福当地的人民及提供的商业生机,特别是低收入的群体。杨氏说,州政府正在促进一个地区一个工业的计划,而在该区成立旅游业将是最理想的,因为该行业是可负担得起并且也减少污染。 ‘在二十年前新加坡河是最脏,最受污染的河流,因为它曾经是新加坡人倾倒垃圾的场地。 然而,该河流今天成为了也个极有吸引力的旅游点,新加坡政府很努力的发展和管理该河。’ ‘这一切都决定于政府各部门是否愿意这样做。 因为潜在性可以激发创造力,而通过创造力和努力可以改造更美好的环境。因此,部长不可否决该处的旅游业潜在性。’此外,杨氏不满拿督马希迪针对该污染的河流归咎于必打卡士的人民。布达亚州议员询问政府将采取什么步骤来解决该河流的污染问题以?但是,部长没有回答他,反而是使指责该处的居民污染该河流。‘口头上的教育本身没有办法解决污染的问题,如果没有采取执法行动和带领人民清理该河。只是通过口头上教育是毫无用处的,我们需要言行一致,执行清理行动。’ 此外,如果必打卡士河发展成为一个旅游点运,它将成为该处人民的谋生饭碗,他们必会保护它。杨展之评论说,如果新加坡能够做到这一点,为什么沙巴人和州政府不能? 此外,如果我们的邻国沙捞越州政府可以使所有的城市,镇,村庄和河流比沙巴州更加干净,为什么我们沙巴州政府不能?

playground kota kinabalu need attentions

Children playground is an important, but often neglected space in early child education and development. While conventional approach and wisdom stress on the important of schools, neighborhoods landscape and homes that shape child’s characteristics, environment outside from schools and homes are equally crucial in shaping their identity. Playgrounds are not only meant for children to have fun and be equipped with equipment that promote physical fitness, relationships, knowledge, environmental awareness and safety, and a places to integrated community, involving people from all rakyat, be it children, the disabled or the elderly. Local playgrounds are built with the purpose of promoting the sense of belonging, as well as to foster integration among the society.After received numerous complaints from the public, DAP infrastructure Bureau Chief Mr. John Lee and team members had a field visit to numerous playgrounds locate at Luyang - Lrg. Angsa 9, Tmn. Friendly 3 - Lrg. Nibung4 and Kepayan- Lrg. Ridgeview 2, for inspections; however we found these few play ground equipments are in bad condition, some with exposed wire of the lamp post, while some flooded with water and uncollected garden waste which could be dangerous to the public user and children can fall off the equipment.However we urge DBKK to be more responsible for operating and maintaining the playground by selecting better quality contactors as to avoid wastage of the house assessment funds collected from the public.By : Infrastructure Development Bureaus Chief, John Lee King Seng儿童游乐场极需受关注儿童游乐场是孩子欢乐的天地,但却常常被遭受忽视。 专家常常强调健康和智慧是相并重要,无论是在学校,公园或家园的环境是同样重要来塑造孩子和帮助他们成长。 儿童游乐场不仅是儿童玩乐的地方,同时其设备能够帮助孩子促进身体健康,建立人际关系,增加环境知识和安全意识。此外,也让无论是儿童,父母,残疾人或老人互相联系的地方。 因此,在各住宅区里兴建游乐场的目的是促进社区的归属感,以及促进社会的融合。当收到许多市民的投诉,沙巴民主行动党基本设施局主任李金星和其党员前往几处地游乐场所进行实地查视,如路阳区的Lrg. Angsa 9 ,Tmn Friendly 3的Lrg. Nibung 4 及甘拜园的Lrg. Ridgeview 2等处。 我们发这几处的游乐场地的设备状况非常不佳,而且很危险。 如暴露电线的灯柱而其四周都集着雨水,以及可能会造成危险的废弃的垃圾和脱落朽坏的场地设备。因此我们敦促亚庇市政厅必须更要负起应有的责任,来管理和维护亚庇市区内的游乐场,也要求当局选择品质较好材料,以避免浪费纳税人的钱。

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Sabah State Assembly procedure on sitting under fire

The just concluded sitting of the Sabah State Assembly was not conducted professionally and having too short a time for the many urgent and pressing matters in Sabah to be dealt with in more depth and detail.

Dr. Hiew, the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament commented that the State Assembly sitting should have been conducted in a more proper manner and hastily concluded in a rush. The state assemblymen were not given enough time in presenting their views concerning the items for discussion. In the case of the amendments to the bills, and the approval of the supplementary supply bills, these were passed without getting thorough discussion and given enough time for the members to digest the contents. The order paper and the bill amendment papers were only being distributed on the day of the sitting itself. This gave no chance and time for the assemblymen to study and analysis the content of the amendments. How can we pass an important bill amendment just like that? More time should be given for research and for public opinion before any bill is amended. Thus, after the bills were amended, there are so much voices coming from the ground, and the government has to explain the detail on why this is done so. The explanation may not be acceptable to the people, and now the government is getting all the back fire. The government has not been fair to the people, they think they had control over 57 seats out of the 60, they can do what they want. This is demonstrated by the “bulldozing” through to approve the amendments tabled. As for the RM290million Supplementary Supply Bill, this paper was not distributed to the assemblymen for study before the sitting. How can the assemblymen debate on the issue without knowing the figures and where it will be used?

As for the question and answer session on the second day of the sitting, it lasted only for an hour before the session is adjourned indefinitely until further notice. There were only 12 out of the 65 question submitted that had the chance to asked and answered. Why the question and answer session only being given such a short time and there were so many other questions there waiting to be answered? The assembly should sit for the full day, so that the questions can have the chance to be presented and to obtain the answer on it. They should give more time for the assemblymen to seek clarification on the answers. The sitting is supposed for the whole day, but why should they just used one hour and not allowing the rest of the question continue to be asked in the meeting.

The short coming of the Sabah State Assembly must be put right, otherwise valuable tax payers’ money will be wasted, not productive, and matters are not given a thorough spin before approval. All these happenings are not healthy and not right, we really should put in more effort in the future sitting of the State Assembly to ensure a proper procedure is adopted, especially in dealing with important matters.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.


亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士评论说,该州议会的会议程序需要有更适当的方式来进行,而不该如此仓促匆忙的结束。 各州议员也没有给予足够的时间对讨论的事项提出自己的意见。 针对修正法案及批准马币2.9亿的附加供应法案,这些都没有彻底的经过讨论,以及让议员们有足够的时间去了解其内容,就草率地给予通过。 该些法案修正文件只是在当天的会议中分发,使议员们没有机会研究和分析其内容及含义以便进行修正。 我们如何能够让这样重要的法案修正如此草率的通过? 正确的做法应该是给予更多的时间以进行研讨以及让大众有机会了解或提供意见于该项修正法令。 在如此草率的情况之下修改法令,将会引起很大的社会反弹,政府到时必需详细地向大家解释为什么要这样做。 往往其解释可能不会被人民所接受,现在政府已面对许多的反弹和不满。 沙巴政府从来都对人民不公平,他们认为他们已经控制了六十个席位里的五七个席位,所以他们就可以随心所欲,不把人民放在眼中,横扫千军万马,强行修改各项法案。至于马币2.9亿的附加供应法案,其文件也是在会议中被分发给各议员,让他们没有足够的时间去研究该笔钱的如何使用。 尤其是在不知道其数额和被用于何处,议员们将无法辩论其中的利与蔽。

至于在第二天会议的问答环节中,只持续了一个小时就告终,而该次的州议会无限期休会,直至另行通知为止。总共有65个口头问题,却只有12个问题得到部长的当面回答。为什么问答环节只得到短短的一小时,而且还有如此多的其他问题还有待回答。 会议应该要开一整天,这样所有的问题可以有机会被提出并且获得答案。如果时间允许,应该有更多的附加问题得到口头澄清及答案。真的不明白为什么全体州议员及部长们已到齐在州议会里,却只用了一个小时的时间就快快收档。他们应该充份利用州议会的时间来让其他的口头问题被提出。这样草率的做法,已充份显示出沙巴国阵州政府不想在州议会里暴露出其弱点及无能处。

沙巴州议会的开会程序在未来必须要纠正,否则宝贵纳税人的钱将被白白的浪费,没有效率和导致民生福利问题没有得到彻底的了解及分拆之前就草草的被批准。 大多的事件都没有在健康和正确的方式下进行,我们应该在下次的州议会有适当的开会程序,特别是在处理重要的事项。

Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia

The main stream media have been highlighting the financial objectives of Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia unit trust fund set up by the government on the medium and long term investment. The current trend of increasing number of people intended to withdraw their fixed deposits from the banks and financial institutions to invest in the Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia which is managed by Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad(ASNB) due to currently low FD saving rate environment is unhealthy, because FD and AS 1 Malaysia are different types of investment products. DAP would like to take this opportunity to remind and suggest to potential investors to read and understand the AS 1Malaysia Prospectus before making an investment decision and if in doubt, investors should consult a financial adviser. If there are any enquiries on AS 1 Malaysia unit trust fund, investors should contact ASNB directly for more details before investing your money.

The billions of Ringgit invested into the various trust fund launched by the government recently, which might come mostly from the withdrawal of Fix deposits or Saving deposit and bank loan from the banks and financial institutions. The mass withdrawal of funds all over the country had landed hardship to the banks in terms of available cash turn over and lower lever of customers deposits and might also lead to increase the cost of funds for the banks.

Sabah DAP Economic advisory committee member, John Lee Kim Seng pointed out to the potentials investors on the differences of the unit trust fund and fixed deposit. Generally FD offers security of your money but less risky investment with acceptable returns, and as according to AS 1Malaysia master prospectus section 5.1, AS 1Malaysia unit trust fund is suitable for investors who targeting regular and consistent income stream whilst preserving the unit holders’ investment capital over a long term horizon through a diversified portfolio of investment. John also wishes to highlight another 2 common questions and of which the answers can be found in the AMANAH SAHAM 1MALAYSIA Prospectus, which are: Section 7.1 PRICING. The units of AS 1Malaysia are transacted at a fixed price of RM1.00 a unit. As such, it is not necessary to value the units on each Business Day under the Section 7.1.1 Determination of Prices and Charges. The buying and selling price of AS 1Malaysia unit is fixed at RM1.00. However, AS 1Malaysia is also not a capital guaranteed fund as defined under the Guidelines, which means there is no guarantee that the underlying assets value will not drop below the RM1.00 value in the futurefor example, some Fixed Price products are like ASM, ASW2020.

There are some units given out for free totaling RM5mil, allocated to 50,000 fresh undergraduates in the local public institutions of higher learning. This is contributed by Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) and Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB) agents. However John Lee hopes that some more free units could also be offer to the many hardcore poor, in order to serve the national social obligation, and to ensure the government’s target of zero hard core poor by 2010.

John Lee Kim Seng, Sabah DAP Economic advisory committee.

近来主流媒体多次刊登由联邦政府成立的‘一个马来西亚信托基金’有关其中期和长期的投资。 目前的趋势有越来越多人打算撤出在银行的定期存款和存在金融机构的钱,来投资购买由国家信托公司Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad(ASNB)所管理的‘一个马来西亚信托基金’的做法并不健康,尤其是在目前面对极低的定期存款利息的时候。 因为定期存款和‘一个马来西亚信托基金’是不同类型的投资产品。民主行动党想借此机会提醒和建议各位投资者,应该详细阅读和理解AS 1Malaysia的招股说明书后才做决定。 如果有任何疑问,投资者应该向财务顾问咨询详情。 任何投资者在投资前,想要查询和了解‘一个马来西亚信托基金‘,可以直接联络ASNB有关详情。

最近有十多亿马币已投入由政府所发起的各种信托基金,大多数的款项是来自银行定期存款, 储蓄存款或是银行和金融机构贷款。 在全国各地所吸取的大量资金深深影响到各地银行的现金周转和降低客户存款的数量,以及可能导致银行增加资金成本。

沙巴民主行动党经济咨询会成员,李金星向投资者指出信托基金和定期存款的差异。一般上定期存款提供比较安全及风险较低并有稳定投资的回报率。 根据‘一个马来西亚信托基金’章程里第5.1节,对该单位信托基金是适合投资者有一贯的收入来源,同时维护该单位持有人的投资资本在长期来算,及通过多元化的投资组合。 李氏说另两个常被问的问题,其中是有关其价格和保值的问题。 这可以在其说明书第7.1节里找到答案。 这些信托单位是可以在一个固定的交易价格(RM1.00)一个单位。 因此,它是没有必要以每天浮动的单位价值计算,如第7.1.1节里的测定价格和费用条例。 该单位的购买和销售价格是固定在RM1.00。 然而,‘一个马来西亚信托基金’没有资本保证基金所界定的指南,这意味着我们不能确保在未来该基金的资产价值不会跌破RM1.00的价值,例如ASM, ASW202 的定价产品。

政府提供免费总额RM5Mil的‘一个马来西亚信托基金’分配给大学毕业生。 这是由 Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) 和 Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB)的代理所提供的。 李氏希望能将多一些单位提供给许多沙巴的穷人,以尽社会义务,并确保政府在2010年达到‘零’贫穷率的目标,。

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

DAP thanks LDP KoK for watching DAP news

Albert Kok Yee Kian of LDP and also the confidential secretary of the Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister Department Liew Vui Kiong hit on the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu for the “cheap publicity” put up in the local papers on the various issues through out the state of Sabah. He said Hiew were vocal but given no constructive suggestion to the matters. He also mentioned that Hiew never care about the KK traffic problem, city bus problem, and the Sandakan power supply shortage and frequent black out, but instead Hiew chose to spend time going round the state.

DAP thanks Albert Kok for taking such an effort to go to the press to highlight the work of the DAP, and DAP thanks him for closely watching the news put up on the various wrong doing of the government. To what he said, the people of Sabah are the best judge of the matter whether Hiew had performed well.

DAP in Sabah is the “watch dog” of the government, therefore this made it compulsory for DAP to constantly check on the government, that includes what KOK is doing, because he is on government pay-roll too. Just to remind him, Hiew had made a promise on the day he was elected as a Member of Parliament, that he will serve the Sabahan and not only the people in Kota Kinabalu. This is because he is the sole elected opposition MP in Sabah, and it is his duty to cover the whole state to highlight various problems affecting the people in Sabah. Now not only Hiew is doing that, but our State assemblyman Jimmy Wong Sze Phin and the whole DAP team are serving the people in Sabah positively.

The work by the DAP mobile service team which had been highlighted in the newspaper, did attracted the attention of KOK and the government, including his minister Liew Vui Kiong. Some issues were dealt with by the authorities, except for those cases that the government is incapable and helpless to serve, for example the Sabah power supply failure and shortage problem, the poverty rate, economy crisis, illegal immigrant, fake My-card, crime rate, gambling, and corruption.

The works by DAP are well received by Sabahan, but looking at KOK who comes from Beaufort and holding important position in LDP and in the government, what has he done in term of solving the Beaufort flood problem? Is he helpless or he can not even get his bosses to help? The problem is there for donkey years before he was born. As for the Sandakan Power supply problem, his boss Liew Vui Kiong can not discharge his responsibility as the MP of Sandakan and a minister to resolve the matter. He should not feel bad when DAP highlighted the issue and help him with the detailed facts finding and publication of the problem arising from the performance of SESB.

The DAP gets blamed from certain quarters for performing positively for the Sabahan, is totally uncalled for and unfair. Why should someone envy and get upset over the hard work of the DAP? It is not easy for the DAP mobile service member who served with their own time, money, risk, and even forgo the family hours to sit by the street, Kaki Lima and travel to all corners of Sabah to listen and look at the problems faced by the Sabahan. We shall continue to strive to achieve to our best in serving the Sabahan for a better future. We only ask for a bit of appreciation and not those words from our friend Albert Kok.

Sabah DAP State Committee

沙巴自民党的郭育健,也是首相署副部长拿督刘伟强的机要秘书,他在当地的报章上刊登文告,作出批评有关亚庇国会议员邱庆授博士对各项问题只为了博取“廉价宣传”。 他也说,邱氏在各项事件上都没有提供建设性的建议。 他还提到,邱氏从未关心到亚庇交通,城市巴士,和山打根的电力供应短缺等问题,而是只选择花时间到州内各个城镇四处跑动。

行动党感谢郭育健花时间到报馆去刊登和特意的指出民行党为民服务的活动和其工作表现。 民行党感谢他的密切关注有关火箭的各项新闻,却无视政府仍然无法解决民生福利的问题。 邱博士的工作表现最好让沙巴人来自己鉴定和评审,由不得郭氏以‘小人之心度君子之腹’!

民主行动党是向来扮演监督州政府的角色,因此民主行动党要不断进行监督和查检政府的工作,包括郭氏在做什么,因为他也是受薪于政府。 在此要提醒他一下,邱博士曾经承诺,若他当选为国会议员,他将尽所能协助全沙巴州的人民而不止是亚庇区而已。 此外因为他是沙巴州唯一当选的反对党国会议员,因此是他的职责关注整个沙州,并确保和敦促政府重视和处理各种影响人民和社会的问题。 现在不仅是邱博士如此做,同时州议员黄仕平和整个民主行动党都积极的为沙巴人民服务及谋求福利。

沙巴民主行动党流动服务活动常常被刊登在报章上,引起郭氏包括他的老板刘伟强和政府的关注。 在报章上有些刊登的问题已被有关当局处理,有很多的都是政府无能力和无法解决的问题,例如沙巴电力故障和短缺的问题,极高的贫困率,经济萧条,非法移民,伪造身份证,犯罪率,赌博和严重贪污滥权等等。 这些悬而未解的问题,请问郭氏有关心及提过吗?可能只会发文告来贬低他人以提高自己的身份。

民行党的工作深受沙巴人的欢迎,若反过来看看来自保佛的他,并且目前在自民党和政府里当任高职位的郭氏,他曾经做了些什么? 他有否为保佛区解决淹水的问题?在郭氏出世前,保佛淹水问题已经存在。 若他是无能为力,他应该请求他的老板来协助。 至于山打根电力供应的问题,郭氏的老板刘伟强,身为山打根国会议员兼首相署副部长更不能推却其责任给他人来解决问题。 因此,当民行党关注和强调山打根电力短缺的问题,并且帮助他详细调查和刊登其事实有关电力局的问题,郭氏不应该感到难为情或觉得自己没有把工作做好。他的老板也不应为此怪责他。

积极为沙巴人民服务的民主行动党被如此指责,是完全没有公理的事。 为什么别人会如此妒嫉和不满民行党辛勤的工作表现? 服务人民是一件不容易的事,民行党的流动服务队必须利用自己的宝贵时间,金钱和冒风险,甚至放弃和家庭聚集的时间,坐在五加基和其他的街边角落数小时,听取和协助沙巴人民面临的各种问题。 我们将会更加的努力,为沙巴人民献出我们的最好的服务,共创美好的未来。 我们只要求一点点的鼓励和支持,而不需要像郭氏那样的破坏及攻击性的言论。


The Beverly Apartment affairs

The owners and residents of Beverly Hill Apartment Phase 1 & 2 visited the KK MP for their problem over the setting up of their management corporation (MC) for the housing. They requested the MP to assist them for the setting up of the resident management corporation as stipulated under the provisions of the Sabah Land (Subsidiary Title) Enactment 1972, Part IV, which stated that as soon as a file of the subsidiary register is opened in respect of a subdivided building, a management corporation consisting of all the subsidiary owners shall be established for the building. All the requirements of the MC and its power are stated very clearly in the particular Enactment.

The owners are granted the right to vote, to decide and have say over the MC as stipulated in the condition of the Subsidiary titles. Therefore, the owners wanted to exercise this right in order to form the MC and have direct control over a lot of things related to the housing.

The representatives seek help and advice from the KK MP for the setting up of the Resident committee and MC in order to have an ownership control and to replace the present developer appointed MC. Dr. Hiew sees the importance of the setting up of the MC which in the future will eventually represent the owners in the housing. Since this is the condition set in the titles, thus make use of your power granted by the law. There will be many advantages to form the MC by the owners, for example, the direct control, cheaper management fees, better work quality and performance, improved community relationship, security improvement and more benefits to the resident.

There are many owners of the housings and buildings involving subsidiary and strata titles in Sabah had not exercised their ownership rights, is because the owners do not know and aware of their rights, and also not being duly informed by the developers. There are various other problems associated with the formation of the MC too, that is none corporation among the owners, selfish altitude, avoid problems and developers holding on to the MC, etc..

The people from Beverly Hill Apartments expressed their keen interest in setting up their own MC is welcome, therefore the KK MP office will assist them to establish the MC in the coming week. It is scheduled to have a meeting and an open discussion between the Penampang council, the developer, the Ministry of Local government and housing, and the owners of the housing to pave way for the resident MC. The time, date, and the venue for the meeting shall be made known to the owners in the near future.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.

每位业主有投票权及决定权,自身管理层中所给予的权力是已规定在附属地契的条件中。 因此,业主可以自行运用该项权力,成立自身管理层,并直接控制该公寓的管理。

必华利公寓的代表们前来向邱国会议员征求意见对有关成立自身的管理层,以取代目前发展商所雇用及控制的管理公司。 邱博士认为,必须尽早成立自身的管理层,因为这是最终能代表业主们及所有居民。 由于这是附属地契条律中所规定的,也是法律给于业主的权力。 成立自身的管理层会有很多的优势,例如能够直接控制,减低管理费,有更好的工作质素,有更好的睦邻关系,安全设施的改善和对居民有更好的利益。
在沙巴有许多拥有附属地契的业主并没有实际的行使自己在产业方面的权力,这是因为业主并不知道自己所拥有的权力。 他们也没有得到发展商的正式通知和解释。 还有其他各种相关的问题形成了组织自身的管理层受到极多的阻扰,列如自私的心态,避免问题和发展商不愿让出其持有的管理层等。

必华利公寓的代表们表示要成立自身的管理层是值得欢迎的,因此,亚庇国会议员办事处将尽所能来协助他们。 预定将会召开一项公开会议来讨论成立必华利公寓的自身管理层。这项会议将邀请所有必华利公寓的业主,发展商,兵南邦市议会,沙巴地方政府房屋局及其他有关政府部门。 日期,时间,地点和开会的议程将会在在不久的将来告知业主们。 如有任何意见及疑问可拨电给088-254987询问。

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

DAP - Kaki Lima Politics

The comment made by Aki Ragang as published in the Sunday Forum and as letter to the Editor in the local papers on the 2nd August, quoting that the DAP representatives are prompt of appearing in the newspaper pointing at some road problems or standing at the road side to high light certain problem. He said that he had enough of the DAP Kaki Lima Politics and urged DAP to spend more time in dealing with the more pressing problem in Sabah like the illegal immigrant, corruption, prostitutes line up by the side walk of KK, abuse of development fund, buildings started to crack up after few months of officiating, crimes increasing, injustices, etc..

Sabah DAP publicity chief Teddy Yang Chan Tsze said the DAP expressed deep appreciation to the comments made by Aki Ragang, and thank him for reading the various press statement published by the various party leaders through out Sabah on many issues affecting the general public from as small as a pot hole in a street corner to as big as one hundred kilometer of highway. There will be no stone unturned, DAP will continue to bring up matters that is affecting the people and hurting the people. The problems that were highlighted by DAP in the newspaper, eventually were attended and put right by the government. That is the DAP style for 48 years of struggles. The people had accepted us and we are always in the fore front of the people.

Aki Ragang’s comment said that there are bigger issues that affecting our national security is very true! We have highlighted these matters over and over again. This includes the illegal immigrants, Sabah land claim by others, illegal My-cards and passports, foreigners becoming Malaysian, fake birth certificates, and many others. These matters are not put up only in the local press, but our many members of parliament and state assembly man also brought up in the sittings to question the government about the matters.

Teddy said people like Aki Ragang should assist DAP to speak more for the people and he is welcome to join the DAP movement for a better Sabah. It will be more positive to speak for the wrong doing of the government and not criticizing the DAP style of Kaki Lima politic.

Teddy Yang.

阿克拉昂(Aki Ragang)写给报馆编辑的一篇刊登在星期日(八月二日)当地报纸的论坛里,提出他对民主行动党的领袖们的“五加基”政治文化的意见,并且声称他们只会站在街边或路旁指出问题的所在处。 他说,他已经受够民主行动党之“五加基”政治文化,并敦促民行党应该花更多的时间去处理更紧迫的问题,如非法移民,贪污,不道德交易的活动, 滥用发展基金,豆渣建筑物的问题,犯罪案的增加,不公平的事件等等的问题。

沙巴民主行动党州宣传秘书杨展之说,民行党感谢阿克拉昂(Aki Ragang)在报章上所作的评论,并感谢他注意到及阅读各报刊所刊登民行党领袖努力通过当地报纸去揭露许多影响公众的基本设施问题。 民主行动党将不遗余力继续的带出影响和伤害人民的问题,就如街道上一个小小的破洞的小问题甚至到百公里长的公路大问题。往往在这些问题被行动党带上报章后,都能够被政府关注及获得解决。 这是民行党四十八年来的风格,大家都明白及接受本党为民服务的风格。 行动党是以行动为主要的服务方针,所以党领袖就算坐在街边为民服务,也并不奇怪。

阿克拉昂的评论里说,在沙巴还有更大的问题存在,深深的影响我们国的安全,那是非常真实的! 而我们在这些问题上也不断的重复强调,该些课题包括非法移民,沙巴土地问题,伪造身份证和护照,外国人成为公民,假出生纸等等。 这些事项不单单在当地报纸上有刊登,同时在国会和州议会里也被不断的提出,要求政府解决。

杨氏说,像阿克拉昂这样的人士,应该前来加入协助民主行动党,为人民代言,我们非常欢迎他的加入,一起创造更美好的沙巴州。 因此,主要的是为人民和社会揭发政府的错误,而不是批评为人请命的民行党“五加基”政治文化。