Thursday, 6 August 2009

Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia

The main stream media have been highlighting the financial objectives of Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia unit trust fund set up by the government on the medium and long term investment. The current trend of increasing number of people intended to withdraw their fixed deposits from the banks and financial institutions to invest in the Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia which is managed by Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad(ASNB) due to currently low FD saving rate environment is unhealthy, because FD and AS 1 Malaysia are different types of investment products. DAP would like to take this opportunity to remind and suggest to potential investors to read and understand the AS 1Malaysia Prospectus before making an investment decision and if in doubt, investors should consult a financial adviser. If there are any enquiries on AS 1 Malaysia unit trust fund, investors should contact ASNB directly for more details before investing your money.

The billions of Ringgit invested into the various trust fund launched by the government recently, which might come mostly from the withdrawal of Fix deposits or Saving deposit and bank loan from the banks and financial institutions. The mass withdrawal of funds all over the country had landed hardship to the banks in terms of available cash turn over and lower lever of customers deposits and might also lead to increase the cost of funds for the banks.

Sabah DAP Economic advisory committee member, John Lee Kim Seng pointed out to the potentials investors on the differences of the unit trust fund and fixed deposit. Generally FD offers security of your money but less risky investment with acceptable returns, and as according to AS 1Malaysia master prospectus section 5.1, AS 1Malaysia unit trust fund is suitable for investors who targeting regular and consistent income stream whilst preserving the unit holders’ investment capital over a long term horizon through a diversified portfolio of investment. John also wishes to highlight another 2 common questions and of which the answers can be found in the AMANAH SAHAM 1MALAYSIA Prospectus, which are: Section 7.1 PRICING. The units of AS 1Malaysia are transacted at a fixed price of RM1.00 a unit. As such, it is not necessary to value the units on each Business Day under the Section 7.1.1 Determination of Prices and Charges. The buying and selling price of AS 1Malaysia unit is fixed at RM1.00. However, AS 1Malaysia is also not a capital guaranteed fund as defined under the Guidelines, which means there is no guarantee that the underlying assets value will not drop below the RM1.00 value in the futurefor example, some Fixed Price products are like ASM, ASW2020.

There are some units given out for free totaling RM5mil, allocated to 50,000 fresh undergraduates in the local public institutions of higher learning. This is contributed by Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) and Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB) agents. However John Lee hopes that some more free units could also be offer to the many hardcore poor, in order to serve the national social obligation, and to ensure the government’s target of zero hard core poor by 2010.

John Lee Kim Seng, Sabah DAP Economic advisory committee.

近来主流媒体多次刊登由联邦政府成立的‘一个马来西亚信托基金’有关其中期和长期的投资。 目前的趋势有越来越多人打算撤出在银行的定期存款和存在金融机构的钱,来投资购买由国家信托公司Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad(ASNB)所管理的‘一个马来西亚信托基金’的做法并不健康,尤其是在目前面对极低的定期存款利息的时候。 因为定期存款和‘一个马来西亚信托基金’是不同类型的投资产品。民主行动党想借此机会提醒和建议各位投资者,应该详细阅读和理解AS 1Malaysia的招股说明书后才做决定。 如果有任何疑问,投资者应该向财务顾问咨询详情。 任何投资者在投资前,想要查询和了解‘一个马来西亚信托基金‘,可以直接联络ASNB有关详情。

最近有十多亿马币已投入由政府所发起的各种信托基金,大多数的款项是来自银行定期存款, 储蓄存款或是银行和金融机构贷款。 在全国各地所吸取的大量资金深深影响到各地银行的现金周转和降低客户存款的数量,以及可能导致银行增加资金成本。

沙巴民主行动党经济咨询会成员,李金星向投资者指出信托基金和定期存款的差异。一般上定期存款提供比较安全及风险较低并有稳定投资的回报率。 根据‘一个马来西亚信托基金’章程里第5.1节,对该单位信托基金是适合投资者有一贯的收入来源,同时维护该单位持有人的投资资本在长期来算,及通过多元化的投资组合。 李氏说另两个常被问的问题,其中是有关其价格和保值的问题。 这可以在其说明书第7.1节里找到答案。 这些信托单位是可以在一个固定的交易价格(RM1.00)一个单位。 因此,它是没有必要以每天浮动的单位价值计算,如第7.1.1节里的测定价格和费用条例。 该单位的购买和销售价格是固定在RM1.00。 然而,‘一个马来西亚信托基金’没有资本保证基金所界定的指南,这意味着我们不能确保在未来该基金的资产价值不会跌破RM1.00的价值,例如ASM, ASW202 的定价产品。

政府提供免费总额RM5Mil的‘一个马来西亚信托基金’分配给大学毕业生。 这是由 Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) 和 Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB)的代理所提供的。 李氏希望能将多一些单位提供给许多沙巴的穷人,以尽社会义务,并确保政府在2010年达到‘零’贫穷率的目标,。