Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Beverly Apartment affairs

The owners and residents of Beverly Hill Apartment Phase 1 & 2 visited the KK MP for their problem over the setting up of their management corporation (MC) for the housing. They requested the MP to assist them for the setting up of the resident management corporation as stipulated under the provisions of the Sabah Land (Subsidiary Title) Enactment 1972, Part IV, which stated that as soon as a file of the subsidiary register is opened in respect of a subdivided building, a management corporation consisting of all the subsidiary owners shall be established for the building. All the requirements of the MC and its power are stated very clearly in the particular Enactment.

The owners are granted the right to vote, to decide and have say over the MC as stipulated in the condition of the Subsidiary titles. Therefore, the owners wanted to exercise this right in order to form the MC and have direct control over a lot of things related to the housing.

The representatives seek help and advice from the KK MP for the setting up of the Resident committee and MC in order to have an ownership control and to replace the present developer appointed MC. Dr. Hiew sees the importance of the setting up of the MC which in the future will eventually represent the owners in the housing. Since this is the condition set in the titles, thus make use of your power granted by the law. There will be many advantages to form the MC by the owners, for example, the direct control, cheaper management fees, better work quality and performance, improved community relationship, security improvement and more benefits to the resident.

There are many owners of the housings and buildings involving subsidiary and strata titles in Sabah had not exercised their ownership rights, is because the owners do not know and aware of their rights, and also not being duly informed by the developers. There are various other problems associated with the formation of the MC too, that is none corporation among the owners, selfish altitude, avoid problems and developers holding on to the MC, etc..

The people from Beverly Hill Apartments expressed their keen interest in setting up their own MC is welcome, therefore the KK MP office will assist them to establish the MC in the coming week. It is scheduled to have a meeting and an open discussion between the Penampang council, the developer, the Ministry of Local government and housing, and the owners of the housing to pave way for the resident MC. The time, date, and the venue for the meeting shall be made known to the owners in the near future.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.

每位业主有投票权及决定权,自身管理层中所给予的权力是已规定在附属地契的条件中。 因此,业主可以自行运用该项权力,成立自身管理层,并直接控制该公寓的管理。

必华利公寓的代表们前来向邱国会议员征求意见对有关成立自身的管理层,以取代目前发展商所雇用及控制的管理公司。 邱博士认为,必须尽早成立自身的管理层,因为这是最终能代表业主们及所有居民。 由于这是附属地契条律中所规定的,也是法律给于业主的权力。 成立自身的管理层会有很多的优势,例如能够直接控制,减低管理费,有更好的工作质素,有更好的睦邻关系,安全设施的改善和对居民有更好的利益。
在沙巴有许多拥有附属地契的业主并没有实际的行使自己在产业方面的权力,这是因为业主并不知道自己所拥有的权力。 他们也没有得到发展商的正式通知和解释。 还有其他各种相关的问题形成了组织自身的管理层受到极多的阻扰,列如自私的心态,避免问题和发展商不愿让出其持有的管理层等。

必华利公寓的代表们表示要成立自身的管理层是值得欢迎的,因此,亚庇国会议员办事处将尽所能来协助他们。 预定将会召开一项公开会议来讨论成立必华利公寓的自身管理层。这项会议将邀请所有必华利公寓的业主,发展商,兵南邦市议会,沙巴地方政府房屋局及其他有关政府部门。 日期,时间,地点和开会的议程将会在在不久的将来告知业主们。 如有任何意见及疑问可拨电给088-254987询问。