Tuesday, 4 August 2009

DAP - Kaki Lima Politics

The comment made by Aki Ragang as published in the Sunday Forum and as letter to the Editor in the local papers on the 2nd August, quoting that the DAP representatives are prompt of appearing in the newspaper pointing at some road problems or standing at the road side to high light certain problem. He said that he had enough of the DAP Kaki Lima Politics and urged DAP to spend more time in dealing with the more pressing problem in Sabah like the illegal immigrant, corruption, prostitutes line up by the side walk of KK, abuse of development fund, buildings started to crack up after few months of officiating, crimes increasing, injustices, etc..

Sabah DAP publicity chief Teddy Yang Chan Tsze said the DAP expressed deep appreciation to the comments made by Aki Ragang, and thank him for reading the various press statement published by the various party leaders through out Sabah on many issues affecting the general public from as small as a pot hole in a street corner to as big as one hundred kilometer of highway. There will be no stone unturned, DAP will continue to bring up matters that is affecting the people and hurting the people. The problems that were highlighted by DAP in the newspaper, eventually were attended and put right by the government. That is the DAP style for 48 years of struggles. The people had accepted us and we are always in the fore front of the people.

Aki Ragang’s comment said that there are bigger issues that affecting our national security is very true! We have highlighted these matters over and over again. This includes the illegal immigrants, Sabah land claim by others, illegal My-cards and passports, foreigners becoming Malaysian, fake birth certificates, and many others. These matters are not put up only in the local press, but our many members of parliament and state assembly man also brought up in the sittings to question the government about the matters.

Teddy said people like Aki Ragang should assist DAP to speak more for the people and he is welcome to join the DAP movement for a better Sabah. It will be more positive to speak for the wrong doing of the government and not criticizing the DAP style of Kaki Lima politic.

Teddy Yang.

阿克拉昂(Aki Ragang)写给报馆编辑的一篇刊登在星期日(八月二日)当地报纸的论坛里,提出他对民主行动党的领袖们的“五加基”政治文化的意见,并且声称他们只会站在街边或路旁指出问题的所在处。 他说,他已经受够民主行动党之“五加基”政治文化,并敦促民行党应该花更多的时间去处理更紧迫的问题,如非法移民,贪污,不道德交易的活动, 滥用发展基金,豆渣建筑物的问题,犯罪案的增加,不公平的事件等等的问题。

沙巴民主行动党州宣传秘书杨展之说,民行党感谢阿克拉昂(Aki Ragang)在报章上所作的评论,并感谢他注意到及阅读各报刊所刊登民行党领袖努力通过当地报纸去揭露许多影响公众的基本设施问题。 民主行动党将不遗余力继续的带出影响和伤害人民的问题,就如街道上一个小小的破洞的小问题甚至到百公里长的公路大问题。往往在这些问题被行动党带上报章后,都能够被政府关注及获得解决。 这是民行党四十八年来的风格,大家都明白及接受本党为民服务的风格。 行动党是以行动为主要的服务方针,所以党领袖就算坐在街边为民服务,也并不奇怪。

阿克拉昂的评论里说,在沙巴还有更大的问题存在,深深的影响我们国的安全,那是非常真实的! 而我们在这些问题上也不断的重复强调,该些课题包括非法移民,沙巴土地问题,伪造身份证和护照,外国人成为公民,假出生纸等等。 这些事项不单单在当地报纸上有刊登,同时在国会和州议会里也被不断的提出,要求政府解决。

杨氏说,像阿克拉昂这样的人士,应该前来加入协助民主行动党,为人民代言,我们非常欢迎他的加入,一起创造更美好的沙巴州。 因此,主要的是为人民和社会揭发政府的错误,而不是批评为人请命的民行党“五加基”政治文化。