Wednesday, 5 August 2009

DAP thanks LDP KoK for watching DAP news

Albert Kok Yee Kian of LDP and also the confidential secretary of the Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister Department Liew Vui Kiong hit on the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu for the “cheap publicity” put up in the local papers on the various issues through out the state of Sabah. He said Hiew were vocal but given no constructive suggestion to the matters. He also mentioned that Hiew never care about the KK traffic problem, city bus problem, and the Sandakan power supply shortage and frequent black out, but instead Hiew chose to spend time going round the state.

DAP thanks Albert Kok for taking such an effort to go to the press to highlight the work of the DAP, and DAP thanks him for closely watching the news put up on the various wrong doing of the government. To what he said, the people of Sabah are the best judge of the matter whether Hiew had performed well.

DAP in Sabah is the “watch dog” of the government, therefore this made it compulsory for DAP to constantly check on the government, that includes what KOK is doing, because he is on government pay-roll too. Just to remind him, Hiew had made a promise on the day he was elected as a Member of Parliament, that he will serve the Sabahan and not only the people in Kota Kinabalu. This is because he is the sole elected opposition MP in Sabah, and it is his duty to cover the whole state to highlight various problems affecting the people in Sabah. Now not only Hiew is doing that, but our State assemblyman Jimmy Wong Sze Phin and the whole DAP team are serving the people in Sabah positively.

The work by the DAP mobile service team which had been highlighted in the newspaper, did attracted the attention of KOK and the government, including his minister Liew Vui Kiong. Some issues were dealt with by the authorities, except for those cases that the government is incapable and helpless to serve, for example the Sabah power supply failure and shortage problem, the poverty rate, economy crisis, illegal immigrant, fake My-card, crime rate, gambling, and corruption.

The works by DAP are well received by Sabahan, but looking at KOK who comes from Beaufort and holding important position in LDP and in the government, what has he done in term of solving the Beaufort flood problem? Is he helpless or he can not even get his bosses to help? The problem is there for donkey years before he was born. As for the Sandakan Power supply problem, his boss Liew Vui Kiong can not discharge his responsibility as the MP of Sandakan and a minister to resolve the matter. He should not feel bad when DAP highlighted the issue and help him with the detailed facts finding and publication of the problem arising from the performance of SESB.

The DAP gets blamed from certain quarters for performing positively for the Sabahan, is totally uncalled for and unfair. Why should someone envy and get upset over the hard work of the DAP? It is not easy for the DAP mobile service member who served with their own time, money, risk, and even forgo the family hours to sit by the street, Kaki Lima and travel to all corners of Sabah to listen and look at the problems faced by the Sabahan. We shall continue to strive to achieve to our best in serving the Sabahan for a better future. We only ask for a bit of appreciation and not those words from our friend Albert Kok.

Sabah DAP State Committee

沙巴自民党的郭育健,也是首相署副部长拿督刘伟强的机要秘书,他在当地的报章上刊登文告,作出批评有关亚庇国会议员邱庆授博士对各项问题只为了博取“廉价宣传”。 他也说,邱氏在各项事件上都没有提供建设性的建议。 他还提到,邱氏从未关心到亚庇交通,城市巴士,和山打根的电力供应短缺等问题,而是只选择花时间到州内各个城镇四处跑动。

行动党感谢郭育健花时间到报馆去刊登和特意的指出民行党为民服务的活动和其工作表现。 民行党感谢他的密切关注有关火箭的各项新闻,却无视政府仍然无法解决民生福利的问题。 邱博士的工作表现最好让沙巴人来自己鉴定和评审,由不得郭氏以‘小人之心度君子之腹’!

民主行动党是向来扮演监督州政府的角色,因此民主行动党要不断进行监督和查检政府的工作,包括郭氏在做什么,因为他也是受薪于政府。 在此要提醒他一下,邱博士曾经承诺,若他当选为国会议员,他将尽所能协助全沙巴州的人民而不止是亚庇区而已。 此外因为他是沙巴州唯一当选的反对党国会议员,因此是他的职责关注整个沙州,并确保和敦促政府重视和处理各种影响人民和社会的问题。 现在不仅是邱博士如此做,同时州议员黄仕平和整个民主行动党都积极的为沙巴人民服务及谋求福利。

沙巴民主行动党流动服务活动常常被刊登在报章上,引起郭氏包括他的老板刘伟强和政府的关注。 在报章上有些刊登的问题已被有关当局处理,有很多的都是政府无能力和无法解决的问题,例如沙巴电力故障和短缺的问题,极高的贫困率,经济萧条,非法移民,伪造身份证,犯罪率,赌博和严重贪污滥权等等。 这些悬而未解的问题,请问郭氏有关心及提过吗?可能只会发文告来贬低他人以提高自己的身份。

民行党的工作深受沙巴人的欢迎,若反过来看看来自保佛的他,并且目前在自民党和政府里当任高职位的郭氏,他曾经做了些什么? 他有否为保佛区解决淹水的问题?在郭氏出世前,保佛淹水问题已经存在。 若他是无能为力,他应该请求他的老板来协助。 至于山打根电力供应的问题,郭氏的老板刘伟强,身为山打根国会议员兼首相署副部长更不能推却其责任给他人来解决问题。 因此,当民行党关注和强调山打根电力短缺的问题,并且帮助他详细调查和刊登其事实有关电力局的问题,郭氏不应该感到难为情或觉得自己没有把工作做好。他的老板也不应为此怪责他。

积极为沙巴人民服务的民主行动党被如此指责,是完全没有公理的事。 为什么别人会如此妒嫉和不满民行党辛勤的工作表现? 服务人民是一件不容易的事,民行党的流动服务队必须利用自己的宝贵时间,金钱和冒风险,甚至放弃和家庭聚集的时间,坐在五加基和其他的街边角落数小时,听取和协助沙巴人民面临的各种问题。 我们将会更加的努力,为沙巴人民献出我们的最好的服务,共创美好的未来。 我们只要求一点点的鼓励和支持,而不需要像郭氏那样的破坏及攻击性的言论。