Sunday, 16 August 2009

Herbert Timbon’s statement unwise

Herbert Timbon’s statement published in the newspaper is reflecting his ignorance of the power supply woes situation in Sabah. He as a state Community Development and Consumer Affairs Assistance Minister, he should be on the tip top of the matter. Unfortunately, he chooses to condemn the Sabah DAP in order to help to cover the state government’s fault for not dully attending to the matter of ill power supply. He even proposed that DAP should give a proposal to the government on the power woes, to help to solve the problem. He also said the DAP can even channel their proposal in the form of a working paper or a memorandum to the relevant authorities for consideration.

Edward Ewol Mujie said it is in a very sorry state that the leaders in the state government can not give concrete solution in providing the poor Sabahan their daily uninterrupted power supply requirement, but only know how to transfer the blame to Sabah DAP to cover their own mistake. How can they say DAP to be blamed for the power woes in Sabah, and especially on the organizing of the peaceful protest to let the consumers to come forward to stage their grievances and anger? The BN government had totally failed and discharged their respective duties to care for the Sabahan.

On the count that Herbert asked DAP to forward a working paper for the proposal to solve the power woes in Sabah, that means Sabah government and the SESB has no idea at all to solve the problem and needed the strong opposition to advice the government. If he sincerely meant what he said, may be Sabah DAP will consider coming in to meet his request. He must recognize the fact that, DAP had positively contributed much to help to solve the power woes in Sabah, even on staging the peaceful protest on the 30th August. The DAPs also are the sufferers and consumers of power supply. BN leaders should come to support the peaceful protest, because they are also power consumers.

The power supply supply in Sabah is in a very critical stage. If any further breaks down of the power generators, the power supply in Sabah will further jeopardized. We want the SESB to publish their “immediate, short term, and long improvement plans”, if there is any such plans and the plans are to be workable and reliable. The government should immediately review the terms and conditions of the Power Privatization agreement with SESB for their failure to deliver the steady supply to Sabah.

Edward Ewol Mujie. Sabah DAP Vice Chairman, cum Local Government and Housing Bureau chief.

赫伯丁布(Herbert Timbon)刊登在报章的文告,反映出他对沙巴州电供困难的情况无知。 他身为一个州社区发展和消费者事务部副部长,他应该是第一个站出来处理和解决问题的人。 不幸的是他选择谴责沙巴民主行动党,以掩饰州政府的过失和对电供问题的迟钝反应。 他甚至指出民主行动党应该给予有建设性的建议,帮助政府的解决电供的问题。 他还表示民行党甚至可以把他们的备忘录及建议书提呈给有关当局,以协助政府把电供搞好。

爱德华慕吉说,他感到非常遗憾州政府不能提供具体的解决方案,给沙巴人稳定的电供需求,而只有知道指责沙巴民主行动党,以掩饰自己的过失。 他们怎能把沙巴电力短缺的困境归咎于沙民行党,特别是针对该党让消费者能够发泄他们的不满和愤怒的‘和平抗议’活动。 国阵政府的职责是维护沙巴人民的利益,这项职责已经彻底的失败。

依照赫伯向民行党提议呈交一份备忘录的建议,以协助解决沙巴州的电力困境,似乎沙巴州国阵政府和沙电已经穷途末路及没办法来解决这个问题,而极需要反对党的协助。 如果他是有真诚意的要求协助,民行党可能会考虑他的要求。 他也必须承认一个事实,民行党是积极付出,以协助解决沙巴电力的问题。 要知道民行党也是电力消费者之一。 在八月三十日的‘和平抗议’活动,他本身及其他国阵成员都必须出席支持该项活动,因为他们也是电力消费者。

沙巴州电供问题已经进入一个非常严重短缺的阶段。 如果任何目前还在操作的发电机发生故障,沙巴的电供将进一步受到更大的短缺。 我们希望沙电能够立即公布他们的‘立即,短期及长期的计划’,如果有有这样的计划,这些计划必须是可以行的通和可靠的。 政府应该立即重新检讨及审核与沙电合约里的电供条例及协议,如有出入及不当之处,应该立刻采取行动调整。 我们只要求有足够及稳定的电力供应。