Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Kasigui old market toilet - filthy

Kasigui town is about one kilometer from the Donggongon, Penampang. It used to be a small town, until its two blocks of wooden shops were gutted by fire many years ago. What remains is the wet market which is now a popular coffee shop and eatery. There is also a grocery shop and vegetable stall. There is a public toilet next to the market.

Dr. Edwin Bosi the new party member of Penampang DAP, said that the point of attention is about the depilated state of the public toilet. The toilet can not be used because there is no proper doors, no water, no wash basin, and the water leakage is serious.

Dr. Edwin urges the Penampang District Council (PDC) to take immediate steps to repair this toilet for those patronizing the coffee shops and sometimes even tourists who stop for rest here.
He has seen and used the toilets in Kota Kinabalu, managed by DBKK, and the toilets are clean. He suggests PDC to get hold of the DBKK toilet design and erect a new toilet in Kasigui and Donggongon, and all these toilets must be properly cleaned and maintained.

Dr. Edwin Bosi was one of the judges in the toilet cleanliness competition for Kota Kinabalu City organized by DBKK from March to October, 2006.

Pic. Dr. Edwin Bosi of Penampang DAP pointing at the depilated toilet at Kasigui.

From Dr. Edwin Bosi


离兵南邦,东贡岸约一公里的加西桂(Kasigui),多年前该处两座三夹板商店铺被大火烧毁之前,曾经是一个热闹的小镇,而之前的菜市场现在变成是咖啡馆和餐厅,此外还有一家杂货店和菜摊。 在该市场的旁边有一个公共厕所。

民主行动党兵南邦支部新党员艾德温博西医生说,该处的公共厕所非常污秽肮脏。 该厕所根本不能用,因为没有门,没有水,没有洗手盆,并且严重的漏水。

艾德温医生敦促兵南邦县议会 (PDC)立即采取措施,修复该公共厕所,尤其是前往该咖啡馆光顾的民众及到该处旅游的游客。 如此肮脏的厕所不单不能够用,也妨碍市容。 他曾经看到并且也使用由亚庇市政厅所管理的亚庇公共厕所,该厕所是干净的。 因此他建议兵南邦县议会掌握亚庇市政厅的厕所设计,并且依照其设计在加西桂和东贡岸建造新的厕所,而且所有的厕所必须要得到定时的清洁和维护。