Monday, 17 August 2009

Kg. Labuaya Water tank built and not used

Sabah DAP Tuaran Chief Peter Liew Fui Ken received information and complaints from the Kampong folks from Kg. Labuaya in Tuaran concerning a huge pressed steel water tank that was built some 7 years ago and never been used. Now the water tank is abandoned and overgrown with thick bushes and trees all around it.

The kampong folks feel that it is a total waste to spend so much tax payers’ money to built a water tank and yet it was never been used. Now it looks as if the tank is left to rot and many parts are getting rusty. The kampong folks learnt that there were some design miscalculation, and the water can not reach Kg. Serusop in Tuaran.

Peter Liew later checked with Jabatan Air on this water tank and found that the complaints from the Kampong folks were right. The water tank is in fact built on a level too low, and the water can not cross over a higher hill on the way to Kg. Serusop. Jabatan Air is at the moment supplying directly through the main pipe to serve the area without going through the water tank. That is why the water tank is not used.

Peter Liew took the hard work by walking to inspect the water tank with his assistant Edwin Augustine Banau. He said the Jabatan Air must study this case on how to reuse the tank (if it is still can be used) to service the surrounding Kampongs, and not just leave it to rot there. He said Jabatan Air could have already forgotten all about this tank. He also fails to understand on why the department can be so careless on the design and construction of this tank. It is apparent that the tax payers’ money had not been put in good use.

Peter Liew Fui Ken, DAP Tuaran chief

(Picture show Edwin Banau pointed out Kg. Labuaya Water tank built and not used)

设立在甘榜拉布亚 (Kg. Labuaya)的巨大储水箱
沙巴民主行动党斗亚兰支部负责人刘辉坚收到甘榜拉布亚 (Kg. Labuaya)居民的投诉,有关当局约七年前在斗亚兰甘榜拉布亚建立了一个巨大的储水箱,完工之后却从来未使用过。 目前该储水箱已被遗弃着,并且周围被厚厚的灌木林围绕着。

该处的甘榜人认为花这么多纳税人的钱建造一个巨大的储水箱,却从未使用过实在是个浪费。 目前看来好像任凭该钢制的储水箱在那里废置生锈。 据该处的甘榜人所悉,这是因为错误的设计,无法使到达该储水箱的水无法供应到斗亚兰的甘榜士鲁梭 (Kg. Serusup)。
刘氏向水务局询问有关空置的钢制储水箱后,正如甘榜居民所投诉一样,该储水箱是因为设立在水平线较低之处,因此造成水力不足,而不能够流过一处高的山丘到甘榜士鲁梭。 目前水务局正透过大水管直接供水到甘榜士鲁梭,而不必通过该储水箱。 所以该巨大的钢制储水箱被荒置着。

刘辉坚和支部秘书艾德温巴讷(Edwin Augustine Banau)很艰难的步行到该处检查废置的储水箱。他说,在这种情况下水务局必须要研究如何重新使用这巨大的储水箱(如果它仍然可以被使用),而不是让它如此被荒废生锈着。他指出可能水务局已经忘记了该储水箱的存在。 刘氏不明白为什么水务局能够在设计方面出错。 非常显然的纳税人的金钱并没有被好好的利用。 谁应该负起责任?