Sunday, 16 August 2009

Musa covered up fault of government on power supply

Sabah Chief Datuk Musa Aman’s statement today seems to be covering up the fault and misdo of the government for not providing enough power supply to the Sabahan, and merely trying to discharge its liability and responsibility towards the matter. He also blamed Sabah DAP for going against the Coal-fire power plant that caused further delay in providing power to the state. He said the government knew about the problem to the ill supply of power, and had instructed the SESB to submit a report to solve the problem.

The CM in the matter of fact already exposed the “couldn’t be border” altitude of himself and the government towards the suffering of the fellow Sabahan. The pain and anger of the people were not heard, but in return he chooses to blame DAP for delivering their care towards the people. To straighten the record, Sabah DAP is not on the fore front to stop the coal-fire power station to be built, as claimed by him. In fact, many of his BN people and leaders had openly condemned the coal plant. If he needs to be reminded, DAP can send him the various statements made by his people who had voiced against the coal fire power plant.

Musa has exposed another weakness of the government, from his statement he repeatedly mentioned the whole problem that caused the power short supply is because the coal plant cannot be built. That means all this while he sits and doing nothing, but waiting for the coal plant to be built. May be it is true what the people talking about in the town that the present power supply frequent disruption is purposely done to build up the pressure for the people to allow the government to build the coal plant. Our forgetful CM has forgotten that the Coal plant was stopped by the government in Lahad Datu and later moved to Sandakan and now where? Now the statement by Musa has indicated that the government is aiming on the coal plant only, and forgetting on all other alternatives to cater for the urgent supply of electricity. The government must be held fully responsible for this mishap of power short supply in the state of Sabah, and they should not push the responsibility to SESB, and put the blame on the people to cover his own miss-do. When compared to the steady power supply in Sarawak and West Malaysia, Sabah State government has totally failed us.

The Chief Minister Musa Aman should resign to show that he is a responsible person, that he and his government have put the well being of the people in Sabah in line of deep suffering.

On the other hand, the application for the police permits to hold the peaceful protest gathering in front of the SESB offices in Kota Kinabalu, Tawau, and Sandakan were handed in to the various OCPDs respectively. It is the people’s hope that the permits can be approved, for at least there is a channel for the people to stage their voices. To our surprise, during the submission for the permit in Kota Kinabalu, the Police station in Karamunsing also hit by power cut. The police officers had to work in the dark, without air-conditioning, computers not functioning, and worst of all, the high ranking police officers were conducting “open-door” meeting in a hot and dark meeting room. This sort of power failure and long hour power cut will still be persistent for future months.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KKMP cum Sabah DAP state chairman.



首席部长实际上已经高度暴露了他本人及政府对遭受苦难的沙巴同胞的一种‘莫不关心’的态度。 他们似乎没有听到人民的痛苦和愤怒,反而选择责怪关心人民的民主行动党。 根据他所指责,沙巴民主行动党并没有像他所说的那样,一味要求停止燃煤发电站的计划。 事实上,许多他的国阵盟友和领导人都曾公开谴责燃煤发电站的计划。 如果他需要证明,民行党可以提供他有关国阵人士反对燃煤发电站的剪报。

在慕沙的文告里,他又暴露了另一个政府的弱点,他反复提到造成整个电供短缺的问题,是因为燃煤发电站不能依照计划进行。 这就像人民所议论纷纷的,目前的电供经常中断是故意的,是为了向人民施压力,好让政府有藉口兴建燃煤发电站。 我们健忘的首席部长似乎忘了,是政府宣布停止拿笃兴建燃煤发电站计划,后来又搬到山打根,现在又会建在哪里? 看来慕沙的言论,很容易洞悉到政府的最终目标是兴建燃煤发电站。 而政府根本不去寻找其他的发电方式来解决迫切的电供问题。 沙巴州的电力供应短缺问题,政府必须承担全部负责,他们不应该把全部责任推给沙电或推给人民,以试图掩饰自己的过失。 就以砂劳越州及西马有稳定的电供来比较,在这方面沙巴州政府的确是彻底的失败。


此外,有关向亚庇,斗湖和山打根申请警方准证在沙电办公楼前举行的‘和平抗议’集会,申请信已经分别交给各区警监。 人民希望许可证可以被批准,至少该项集会将提供一个管道让人们向沙电投诉他们的不满心声。 非常惊讶的当在亚庇提呈申请信时,加拉文星警察局也遭受到停电。 警伯们不得不在黑暗没有空调的办公室摸黑进行工作,电脑不能运作,最糟糕的是高级警官正在进行会议,由于没有冷气及黑暗的会议室,不得不‘大开大门’。 这种电源故障和长时间停电的情况仍然会再持续不知要多几个月或几年.