Monday, 10 August 2009

playground kota kinabalu need attentions

Children playground is an important, but often neglected space in early child education and development. While conventional approach and wisdom stress on the important of schools, neighborhoods landscape and homes that shape child’s characteristics, environment outside from schools and homes are equally crucial in shaping their identity. Playgrounds are not only meant for children to have fun and be equipped with equipment that promote physical fitness, relationships, knowledge, environmental awareness and safety, and a places to integrated community, involving people from all rakyat, be it children, the disabled or the elderly. Local playgrounds are built with the purpose of promoting the sense of belonging, as well as to foster integration among the society.After received numerous complaints from the public, DAP infrastructure Bureau Chief Mr. John Lee and team members had a field visit to numerous playgrounds locate at Luyang - Lrg. Angsa 9, Tmn. Friendly 3 - Lrg. Nibung4 and Kepayan- Lrg. Ridgeview 2, for inspections; however we found these few play ground equipments are in bad condition, some with exposed wire of the lamp post, while some flooded with water and uncollected garden waste which could be dangerous to the public user and children can fall off the equipment.However we urge DBKK to be more responsible for operating and maintaining the playground by selecting better quality contactors as to avoid wastage of the house assessment funds collected from the public.By : Infrastructure Development Bureaus Chief, John Lee King Seng儿童游乐场极需受关注儿童游乐场是孩子欢乐的天地,但却常常被遭受忽视。 专家常常强调健康和智慧是相并重要,无论是在学校,公园或家园的环境是同样重要来塑造孩子和帮助他们成长。 儿童游乐场不仅是儿童玩乐的地方,同时其设备能够帮助孩子促进身体健康,建立人际关系,增加环境知识和安全意识。此外,也让无论是儿童,父母,残疾人或老人互相联系的地方。 因此,在各住宅区里兴建游乐场的目的是促进社区的归属感,以及促进社会的融合。当收到许多市民的投诉,沙巴民主行动党基本设施局主任李金星和其党员前往几处地游乐场所进行实地查视,如路阳区的Lrg. Angsa 9 ,Tmn Friendly 3的Lrg. Nibung 4 及甘拜园的Lrg. Ridgeview 2等处。 我们发这几处的游乐场地的设备状况非常不佳,而且很危险。 如暴露电线的灯柱而其四周都集着雨水,以及可能会造成危险的废弃的垃圾和脱落朽坏的场地设备。因此我们敦促亚庇市政厅必须更要负起应有的责任,来管理和维护亚庇市区内的游乐场,也要求当局选择品质较好材料,以避免浪费纳税人的钱。