Monday, 10 August 2009

Sabah DAP New Intake of Senior Professional

Sabah DAP welcomes Dr. Edwin Bosi, a senior veterinary doctor cum politician from Penampang to join in as a life member of the party. Dr. Edwin Bosi finds the Sabah DAP a better and stronger platform for him to perform politically and will be a better route to serve the people positively, especially for those in the Penampang area. He has been in politic for quite some time now, and judging on the current situation and political scenario in Sabah, there is really a need for a change of the government in Sabah.

Edwin has the following academic qualification:-

(1) Diploma in Animal Science (1978) from University Pertanian Malaysia (UPM)
(2) Degree in Veterinary Medicine (1984) from University Pertanian Malaysia (UPM)
(3) Masters in Philosophy- in Veterinary Public Health (1992) from Massey University, New Zealand.

Edwin Bosi was the first Sabah Native to qualify as a veterinarian.

His experiences was with the Veterinary Department since 1978 and was seconded to the Sabah Rhino and Wildlife Conservation committee in the Chief Minister’s Department (1985/6) as senior Veterinary officer, as Group Manager (live stock) to KPD Holdings (1992/94), and in Wildlife Department (1994/2000).

He served as Research Fellow and also lectured at University Malaysia (UMS) from 2000/02.
Edwin is a partner in Companion Animal Clinic in Kota Kinabalu and he is also a livestock farming consultant.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the Sabah DAP state chairman cum Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament said With Edwin Bosi joining the Sabah DAP has given the party a very much bigger strength in term of ability, and has opened up a wider scope of service to the people in Sabah. With the high academic qualifications and vast experiences in the Veterinary business, Edwin definitely has become a valuable part of Sabah DAP organization. Edwin will be given an important role to perform in DAP, and his contribution will be very much appreciated both by the party and the people of Sabah. We must recognize his ability and his deep hearted urge to perform to serve and to help the fellow Sabahan.

Sabah DAP welcomes all those people who wish to contribute and to share the struggle in Sabah to join. We shall form a very strong team consisting of professionals and experienced personnel to form a strong DAP team in Sabah, and we hope the people in Sabah will give us the mandate to form the next state government.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu.

Pic: Edwin Bosi.

沙巴民主行动党欢迎埃德温博西医生(Dr. Edwin Bosi),一位专业兽医兼兵南邦区的政治工作者的加入,并成为民行党永久党员。埃德温医生说,因为沙巴民主行动党是有更好的发展空间,并且是个平稳而有力的平台,让他能够藉政治上的能力大展身手,来为沙巴人民提供更有效的服务,特别是在兵南邦区。 他参与政治也有相当长的一段时间,他评论以沙巴州当前极坏的局势和面对政府无能的状况,绝对有需要更换现任国阵政府。

(1) 动物学文凭(1978年)- 马来西亚农业大学(UPM)
(2) 兽医学位(1984年)-马来西亚农业大学(UPM)
(3) 动物卫生硕士学位(1992年)- 纽西兰墨西大学(Massey University)

他在1978年在兽医部任职,此外,他也是沙巴犀牛和野生动物保护委员会( 1985 / 6 )的高级兽医官,同时也曾经在92年至1994年担任沙巴农业发展局(KPD)管理牲畜的区经理,也曾任职于野生动物部(1994/2000)。 他曾担任研究员,并于2000年至2002年在沙巴马来西亚大学(UMS)担任教授一职。 埃德温医生是亚庇动物诊所(Companion Animal Clinic)的合作伙伴,他也是一位畜牧业的资深顾问。
沙巴民主行动党州主席兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士说,埃德温医生的加入给予该党更强的实力,并且提供了一个更广范的服务范围。 埃德温医生在兽医界拥有高深的学历和丰富的经验,绝对是民行党一位有才能又专业的党员。 埃德温将会给于重任并在民行党里担任重要职位。 他在未来的贡献将会给予沙巴人民有很大的收益,他的才能以及工作能力,尤其是他的一股为民服务的热诚,将会得到沙巴人的赞赏。

沙巴民主行动党欢迎任何人愿意为沙巴人作出贡献,并一起为沙巴人争取福利的人士加入。 我们将成为一个非常强大而有实力的团队,我们将以专业和有经验的人士组成一个能为人民谋求福利的政党,希望能够