Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sabah power disruption set for “Malaysia Book of Records”

Sabah DAP youth will conduct a historical move to get the Sabah power supply disruption and woes to be recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records. In deed, the power problems arising in the power woes in Sabah can really be set in the Malaysia Book of Records.

The Malaysia Book of Records will be happy to keep this record in their new edition of records. The Sabah DAP youth chief cum publicity secretary, Teddy Yang said in a brief statement today. He said the items to be recorded in relation to the power supply woes are as follows:

(1) SESB having the most number unworkable and broken down power generators,
(2) The high frequency of power disruption in Sabah,
(3) The longest hour of power cut in Sabah,
(4) The highest record of distribution faults,
(5) The most number of IPP in Malaysia,
(6) The oldest power generators in Malaysia,
(7) The longest unsolved power supply woes in Malaysia,
(8) The worst power supply state in Malaysia,
(9) SESB the most blamed power producer,

Teddy said the chance for the above mentioned events are well known in Sabah. It is easy for the Malaysia Book of Records to register them and be recorded down in history. He is contacting their people to proceed for the necessary details for the setting of the records.

Teddy who is also the Sabah DAP publicity secretary commented that Sabah state is being monopolized by a single power producer and the power woes is something that never got solved in many years in Sabah. The peaceful Sabahan is quietly absorbing the pain and suffering. When Sabah DAP proposed to put up the Peaceful Protest gathering in front the SESB offices in KK, Sandakan, and Tawau, the government turn around and blamed the DAP for not helping the government to solve the problems, and used many other reasons to cover their mistakes. It is pointless to tell the people what they are going to do, but they have forgotten to tell what they did not do in the past 15 years to improve the power supply when they took the government from PBS in 1994.

Teddy said whatever future plans there is will not immediately solved the power woes, therefore Sabahan will continue to suffer at least for the next 3 to 5 years. The plans to build new power plants, whether it is of gas, hydro and diesel fire power or other means, will definitely need 3 to 5 years.

Teddy Yang Chan Tsze, Sabah DAP youth Chief, cum Publicity Chief.

沙巴民主行动党社青团将进行一项具有历史性的记录,这是针对沙巴州长期电供不足和停电的次数,以记录在“马来西亚纪录大全”里。 沙巴州长期电供不足和停电产生的各种问题确实是可以记载在‘马来西亚纪录大全’里。

该‘马来西亚纪录大全’将会很乐意把这个记录记载在其新版本中。 沙巴民主行动党社青团主席兼州宣传秘书,杨展之今天在文告中说,该项有关电供的问题及其破记录的事项如下:

(1) 沙巴电力有限公司拥有最多故障的发电机,
(2) 沙巴停电频率最高,
(3) 沙巴有最长停电的时间,
(4) 沙巴拥有最高纪录的传电网技术故障,
(5) 沙巴拥有最多私人发电站,
(6) 沙巴拥有最‘老爷’的发电机,
(7) 沙巴花最长时间来解决电供问题,
(8) 沙巴有最严重的电供问题,
(9) 沙巴电力有限公司是最受指责的电供商,

杨氏说,上述所说的事件在沙巴州是众所周知的事。 这些记录很容易被通过并登记在‘马来西亚记录大全’里。 他将联络民众并取得更多详细的资料以着手进行申请记录。

杨展之说,沙巴州目前被唯一电力公司垄断了所有的电供,导致多年来沙巴州电供的问题从来都没有被解决和好好处理。 一向来温顺的沙巴人都默默地承受着这些痛苦。 当沙巴民主行动党建议在亚庇,山打根和斗湖的沙电大楼门前进行‘和平抗议’集会,政府却反过来指责民行党不协助政府解决该项问题,并且用许多其他理由以掩饰其过失,政府不该这么做,这是毫无意义的。 他们在一九九四年从沙巴团结党手中夺取州政府后,在过去15年里他们根本无能力改善电供的问题。

杨氏说不论在未来有什么改善电供的计划,这是不能够立即解决目前严重的电供问题,因此沙巴人民在未来的三至五年仍然继续会面对电供断缺的问题。 如果政府计划兴建新的发电站,无论是天然气,水力,柴油或其他发电方式,很肯定将需要至少3至5年的时间才能完成。