Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Telipok shop drainage work-no good

The people and shop owners in Telipok town complained to Sabah DAP Local government and Housing Bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie, concerning the drainage work that caused much anger among the shops owners and the people affected by the drainage work by DBKK.

The original concrete drain at the back lane of the block of shop next to the church was been servicing well since the past, but they don’t understand why the DBKK constructed a new underground culvert drain with a diameter of 30 inches and several big manholes that set the back lane road. The mild steel grating covers to the manhole were not designed to cater for heavy traffic. Some already gave way under heavy load, and few cars also failed into the manhole without cover. The culvert drain did not constructed to the right fall, and dirty water caught and stagnant in the drain are very smelly and stinging, especially during hot days like now. There were even three dead rats found floating in the underground drains. The old drain was covered and blocked by the excavated earth. This caused more stagnant water trapped there, giving out more foul smell.

Edward inspected the underground culvert said he will request DBKK to change the design of the cover to the big manholes by using air tight concrete covers instead of mild steel grating, this will stop the foul smell emitting from the manhole to the shops. The old/unused drain must be filled up by earth and paved to create a wider space for parking and not to leave it unattended and forming pot holes which is dangerous and may hide snakes, rats and mosquitoes.

Picture : Edward inspecting the damaged new MS grating.

Edward Ewol Mujie.


在过去,教会旁边的商店后巷的水沟一直都没有问题,现在他们不明白为什么亚庇市政厅建造一个地下三十寸直径的地下排水沟,以及几个地洞在后巷的路上。 该些遮盖地洞的铁栅的设计根本无法荷负重量的车辆,有些重型的车辆已经压坏其中的铁栅,及有些车不小心掉进没有铁栅遮盖的地洞而造成交通意外。 因为该排水沟没有依照应有的标准建造,使到污水停滞无法流走而造成肮脏集水和发出恶劣的臭味,特别是炎热的天气下,甚至在现场还发现三只死老鼠漂浮在水渠里。 该处的旧排水沟被泥土掩盖和诸塞,这造成了更多的积水和恶劣的臭味。

爱德华视察了该地洞后表示,他会向亚庇市政厅要求更换并且设计比较好的密封洋灰盖,而不是以空洞的铁栅来遮盖。 这样将会停止恶臭从地洞冒出。 旧的水沟必须被填满并铺平制造一个更宽阔的空地,让店主泊车,而不是造成破洞满布,造成危险和可能藏蛇,老鼠和蚊子滋长。