Friday, 30 October 2009

Penampang – Land for waste and Dam

In September 2009 some 250 natives gathered at Kg. Terian, a village at the boundary of the Crocker range to protest against the government plan to construct a RM2.8 billion Kaiduan dam. The natives came from eight villages – Terian, Babagon Laut, Timpayasah, Tiku, Buayan, Pongobonon, Kionob and Timpagoh in the Penampang constituency and they are worried dead that the dam will submerge their ancestral land. They came to Dr. Edwin Bosi, Sabah Bureau Chief for Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries for help.

This dam will subsequently submerge about 1200 hectares of forestland which takes away a fair bit of agriculture land. Hill padi is important to the natives. At least, it moves them away from hungry and with a little bit of government support (agriculture extension program), they will get out of abject poverty. The natives do not want to be spoon fed. Teach them how to fish and they will assist to bring this country to great height especially in terms of food security. If the government does not want them to toil on illegal land, by all means process and approve their land applications fast. Dr. Edwin has met most of the villagers and their main concern and issue is about land.

Dr. Edwin said this before, the commercial part of Penampang is been excised. Soon the Penampang will become a tiny rural land good for producing water, electricity and pineapples and not forgetting a dumping ground for the city’s human waste. The Penampang folks are well-known in the field of agriculture. Thus, the talent of the Penampang people in agriculture and producing food is been wasted by the lost of land to sewage and dam.

This came about because our Penampang MP and the ADUN for Moyog and Kepayan are been by-passed by their BN government when projects are proposed for the area. Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, the MP for Penampang has already stated in public that he was not consulted in this Kaiduan dam project and maybe the waste treatment plant too. Are not our representatives been briefed by the District Officer on a regular basis on development plans in Penampang?

There is nothing much we can do about this “arrangement” between our representatives and their BN government. We cannot complaint because they were given the mandate by the people on 8th March 2008. At least for now we can use a little people’s power and demonstration (protest) so that the dam project gets a review. Dr. Edwin feels sorry for the thousands of people in nice houses living next to sewage plant. There is still one more hope for the people that is the 13th general election which will be soon.

Dr. Edwin assures the people of Penampang that DAP and the Pakatan Rakyat government in Sabah will not take the people for granted. Every projects or programs will be made public knowledge so that inputs from the people especially those who will be affected by them will be heard. Thus, DAP’s slogan of Competency, Accountability and Transparency or CAT will be the guiding light when DAP and Pakatan Rakyat governs the country.

Dr. Edwin Bosi, DAP Sabah Bureau Chief for Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries


二零零九年九月约有两百五十的当地居民聚集在甘榜泰里安(Kg. Terian),该甘榜位于在克罗克(the Crocker range)附近,以抗议政府计划在该处兴建一座马币2.8 亿的大水坝(Kaiduan dam)。 当地居民是来自兵南邦选区的8个村庄 - 泰里安(Terian),巴巴干劳(Babagon Laut),丁巴雅沙(Timpayasah),迪古(Tiku),布阿原(Buayan),坡古博诺(Pongobonon),其诺(Kionob)和丁巴谷(Timpagoh),他们非常担心大水坝将淹没他们祖先的土地。 因此,该些居民向沙巴民主行动党农业,畜牧业及鱼业局主任艾德温博西医生寻求协助。

若兴建该大水坝,这将淹没约一千两百公顷的林地及一些农业地。 要知道旱稻对该处的居民非常重要,虽然政府的农业推广计划中所给的支助很少,然而他们藉着耕种旱稻来养活家人而不至于面对贫困。 当地居民希望政府能够协助及指导他们以提高经济的发展,特别是在粮食方面。 此外如果政府不希望他们非法使用土地,就应该尽快处理土地申请程序,并迅速批准他们的申请。 艾德温医生会见了大部分的村民,他们主要的关注都是有关土地的问题。

艾德温医生以前说过,兵南邦的商营业已经被淘汰。不久该处将成为一个农村,而该土地将用于提供水电供应及栽种凤梨,此外该处也将成为垃圾场地。 兵南邦居民在农业领域的发展是众所周知的事,然而因为土地的污染和浪费,及兴建大水坝而阻碍了该处的农业发展。

据了解国阵政府并没有经过兵南邦国会议员和摩约(Moyog)及甘拜园(Kepayan)议员就提呈该项工程的建议。 此外,兵南邦国会议员丹斯里伯纳东波(Tan Sri Bernard Dompok)已经公开表示,他没有被通知或征询有关该大水坝工程及废物处理厂的事项。 根据常例地方官员必须给于兵南邦区发展计划的简报才提呈建议书。

针对该区代议士与国阵政府之间的“协议”,我们实在无法作什么。 而且人民在2008年3月8日大选里投选他们当政,所以我们也不能投诉,。 目前我们只能以人民的力量和抗议行动,向当局取得该项工程重审查和研讨。 艾德温医生担心成千上万在该污水处理厂旁边的房屋。 然而我们还是有希望的,那就是即将来临的第十三届大选。

艾德温医生向兵南邦人民保证,民主行动党和民联政府将会“以民为先”。 任何工程项目将公开让民众知晓,尤其是将会受其影响的人民知道该计划,并且将会听取各方的建议。 民主行动党的口号-诚信,公信力及透明度或CAT将是行动党和民联执政的指明灯。

Urgent attention needed on Inanam New Township lamp posts

Emergency replacement of street lights in Inanam are needed

The Inanam residents and various shop owner had complaint to Sabah DAP Local government and Housing bureau chief, Mr.Edward Ewol Mujie ,about the seriously bent streetlight poles at Inanam Town, which had bent about few weeks ago, and at the current condition showed that the metal column of the light poles were rusted and structurally weakened, it just might break apart anytime from now would endanger the public and the car parked there and the shop owners around are also concern about the lowered wire might electrocute the pedestrians if being contacted.

Mr.Edward Ewol Mujie said: “ The Council should have a routine structural testing of some of its street light poles in the city and the residential areas as to develop a long-term replacement program, maintaining street lighting is an essential part of the town council responsibility in terms of providing a safe environment for pedestrians and motorists.” Mr.Edward Ewol Mujie urging our City Council could rectify the problem urgently before any fatal accident happened, and this should be another part of the Council ability to develop safer public places and to create a better quality environment for local people and businesses in this area.

By : Edward E. Mojie, Sabah DAP Local government and Housing bureau chief

(Picture show the Edward standing in front of rusted and structurally weakened light poles)


下南南居民和商店老板向沙巴民主行动党地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉投诉,有关几个星期前该处严重弯曲的路灯柱。 目前的情况可以看到该处路灯铁杆开始锈蚀和削弱,并且可能会随时断掉,这将会危及该处的公众和泊在附近的汽车。 该处周围的商店也对下垂的电线表示关注,因为如果行人不小心可能会触电而造成生命的损失。


Thursday, 29 October 2009

Clean up needed at the back lanes of Beverly Hill Phase 2 Apartment.

Sabah DAP Local Government and Housing Bureau Chief, Edward Ewol Mujie had a field observation to the back lanes of Beverly Hills phase 2 apartment after receiving complaint call from the residents of this high density populated area regarding to the waste collection problems is this area. As according to the residents and one of the management staff, the garbage had been piling up since last week due the Penampang Town Council fail to clear up the garbage center.

Currently the unpleasant smell that comes from rotting garbage and leftover food is enough to make anyone stay near the garbage centre lose their appetite and is that really nauseating. The residents also informed that the only answer they had from Penampang Town Council is due to the garbage truck break down, but this really should not be the excuse, it’s time that our town councils taking better preventive measure by having back up garbage truck for the management of various public utilities residential areas. Lack of directives and strict supervision could be the major cause of this problem; we just need to look at some of the things residents of any housing estate have to put up with nowadays.

Mr. Edward Ewol Mujie is urging the Penampang Town Council solving this garbage problem urgently, such sub-standard work is carried out in housing estates is not acceptable. Where is the Rakyat first that has been pledged? Surely, for each piece of quality work to be done properly, there should be reasonable work standards.


Mr. Edward Ewol Mujie

Sabah DAP Local Government and Housing Bureau Chief

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Report from UN General Assembly (UNGA) 2009.

On arrival in New York, we were welcome by the members of the Permanent Mission of Malaysia to the UN, headed by Ambassador Datuk Hamidon Ali, the Permanent Representative of Malaysia to the United Nations in New York. The office of the mission is situated at 313 East, 43rd Street, New York. The building is owned by Malaysian government, and it is very near to the UN complex, just 5 minutes walk away.

There is regular pre-assembly sub-committee meeting conducted in the Mission conference room every morning, 8.45am, chaired by Datuk Hamidon Ali. The various sub-committee leaders will report the discussion held on the previous day and any proposal made in regards to the various issues in the specific areas like Eradication of poverty, Human rights, disarmament, global economy trend, conflicts between nations, agriculture development and food security, and over many other important fields that are affecting the world. There are important papers presented by the delegates from various countries for discussion and adoption by the various sub-committees. There are many achievements during the process of forwarding views by the different nations for the consideration of the various commissions in the UN. All these are carried out in a very orderly manner, the diplomatic way and with high standard of discipline.

With the fact that, I always speak up on behalf of Sabah on various pressing issues affecting Sabah, I had presented here some of the cases for action to be taken by Datuk Hamidon Ali and his team in the UNGA. It is relevant and of importance to be brought up in the UN, the cases like the Claim of Sabah by the Sulu Sultan, Eradication of Poverty, economic and agriculture development are of significant for discussion. If these can be mentioned, it can create an awareness amount the UN and the Asean countries.

To that, I will make this trip in the UNGA worth while, and be fruitful to Sabah and Sarawak.

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP from New York.

Pic: (1) Pre-assembly meeting with Datuk Hamidon Ali, Mission staffs, Senator Dato’ Hajah Saripah Aminah Binti Haji Syed Mohamed, and Sentor Zaitun Binti Mat.

(2) Photo taken in the sub-committee for Eradication of Poverty meeting.

Friday, 23 October 2009

General Assembly of the United Nations

Hi all, these are the photos taken in New York UNGA. The weather is not too cold, with sun shine.

The meeting in the UNGA is interesting, and our Malaysian Mission to the UN is helping us. Every morning at 8.45am

we all have to attend the pre-assembly meeting with the Ambassador Datuk Hamidon Ali, the Permanent Representative to the UN in our Malaysian Mission office. The office is just a few block away from the UN building.

More meeting are conducted in the area of Human Rights, Eradication of poverty, world peace, economic progress etc. There are many useful point that we can use in Malaysia, and I have brought up the matter of Sultan of Sulu claim for SABAH, burning of Sabah flag, illegal immigrant, and other issues with our people in the Permanent Mission of Malaysia here, and requested them to seek the Philipines to drop whatever their claim there is.

The meeting will continue until mid December, and I will stay until the 31st October before moving back to Parliament.

Hiew King Cheu. KK MP.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Likas Botanical Park abandoned

Sabah DAP queried on why the so called Botanical Park in Likas, Mile 2, Jalan Tuaran, being abandoned and left to be overgrown with grass and bushes. The whole park is looking untidy, facilities torn in pieces, with fallen trees, garden lights stolen, environment dirty, and it is very unsightly.

The park was built with few millions of ringgits in the past, aiming to provide a leisure place for the city dwellers, and high lighting various species of trees and flowers. That is why it is called the Botanical Park. Since then, the park was run down without maintenance and care. It is left to overgrown with bushes and trees are not maintained, the grass not cut. The walk ways are broken, and the children playground broken too.

The KK MP Dr. Hiew King Cheu, Local government and Housing Bureau chief Edward Mujie, with the Infra structure Bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng had visited the park, and they felt that the large amount of public fund had been spent unwisely and wasted. The condition of the park should not be left to rot and become a piece of waste land. The park has become a piece of land where no people will visit. A total clean up and rebuilding is necessary, for sure the BN government will spend more tax payer’s to do that.

After checking with the authorities and DBKK, it is true that the park is in a stage of “no body care” dilemma. The park was built by MPKK (now DBKK) previously, but the land ownership is placed under Lembaga Sukan Sabah. DBKK wishes to take over the control and ownership of the park, but there is no reply so far from them.

Dr. Hiew said the park should be taken over by DBKK, so that the park beautification and maintenance work can be carried out, and to rebuild the park into a park where every one can go to relax and enjoy the fresh air. The park is centrally placed in Kota Kinabalu, and is ideal for city dwellers. It is a shame to let the park go wasted.

Some fast action must be taken to upgrade the park, don’t wait until a new Sabah government to do this.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.

Pic: Dr. Hiew, Edward, and John inspecting the KK Botanical park in Likas.


沙巴民主行动党质疑为何在里卡士斗亚兰路的植物公园被遗弃,到处杂草和灌木丛生。 整个公园很凌乱,基本设施遭到破坏,倒下的树木,被盗的花园路灯,肮脏环境,非常不雅观。

该公园是花了几百万马币兴建的,其宗旨是提供城市居民一个休闲的好去处,此外该花园栽种各种不同品种的树木和花卉,因此该处被称为植物公园。 但是目前该花园没有被维修和照顾,到处长满了灌木和杂草,树木也没有维修。 此外该处的走道和儿童游乐场地都残破不已。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士,地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉与基本建设局主任李金星前往视察该公园,他们表示这样的花费大量公共资金是不明智的浪费。 政府不应任该公园如此遭毁坏并遗弃着。 如今已经没有人愿意去该植物公园。 现在该公园必须做清理和重建的工作,而且可以肯定的国阵政府将会花更多纳税人来进行该维修和清理的工作。

行动党从当局和亚庇市政厅了解到,该座公园确实是‘没有人/部门管理’。 该公园以前是由MPKK(现在的DBKK)所建设的,而该土地的地契是属于沙巴体育局的。 亚庇市政厅希望能够接管该公园的地契,好让他们能够进行维修和清理的工作,但迄今沙巴体育局还没有答复他们。

邱博士说,该公园应该交由亚庇市政厅来管理,使到该公园可以进行维修及美化的工作,并且重建一个每个人可以去放松和享受清新的空气及环境优美的公园。 该植物公园正好是在亚庇市的中央,是城市居民理想的悠闲好去处。 很可惜的是该公园却如此的浪费着。


图 :邱博士,爱德华慕吉及李金星摄于该植物公园

SUBSIDIZED RICE - Malaysia - Sabah - Kota Kinabalu

The Federal Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Datuk Seri Noh Omar announced the “Rice for the People Subsidy Program” or “Program Subsidi Beras untuk Rakyat (SUBUR). According to him more than 150000 poor Malaysians will benefit from this subsidy (Borneo Post, 14th October 2009). The people in urban areas earning less than RM1500.00 per month and those in the rural areas with an income of less than RM1000.00 per month will be given RM30.00 subsidy coupons every month.

DAP Penambang, Dr. Edwin Bosi also attracted by the statement from the Chairman of the Sabah Bumiputra Farmer and Stockbreeders Association (PETANAH), Mr. Gaibin Ransoi which appeared in Borneo Post on 14th October 2009. In his statement, Mr Gaibin called on the government to give special attention to the problems faced by smallholder farmers in Sabah and create more programs to help them get out of poverty.

According to a source in Pemborong Beras Bumiputra, Sabah’s rice requirement is about 18000 metric ton per month. Out of this, 30% or 5400 metric ton comes from local production by mainly by our farmers. Obviously, we are very dependent on imported rice.

When we look at “SUBUR” we thought that it is a rice subsidy for all Malaysians. To subsidize rice only for the poor Malaysians is discriminatory. The coupon system can be abused. First, the people can change the coupon for fast cash and someone can then sell the subsidized rice at a profit. The other question is whether the government agencies involved in managing the subsidy have adequate manpower to manage this rice subsidy? Isn’t it better for them to be in the field to assist farmers to produce more?

To overcome this abuse and poor delivery system, the government should instead consider the rice subsidy for every Malaysians. The government allows the rice whole and retailers to sell all the local rice at subsidized price. The fragrance rice can be sold without subsidy. In this respect, the rich Malaysians and those who prefer the expensive so-called better and fragrance rice can buy them if they so desire.

If the government decides on “SUBUR” or the blanket rice subsidy for all Malaysians, the main instrument that can ensure that the system or program works is the strict enforcement. The enforcement must be staff with people of high integrity that cannot be corrupted.

We must be practical. Rice is our staple food and we are aware of how important is food security. We know that we are too dependent on rice import and should anything affects importation, we will be facing black-market rice. PETANAH has the point. The government must assist the farmers to not only produce food but also to increase productivity. The agriculture department is providing the farmers with subsidy in terms of padi seeds, fertilizers and technical advice. Again, is the delivery system transparent and corrupt-free? The department should also provide more training for farmers.

Dr. Edwin call the government to consider establishing a full-pledge Agriculture University in Sabah. There are many experience and educated Sabahans in Agriculture who can provide the staffing for such university if it materializes. Sabah has so much land for agriculture but we need all the proper “elements” to make Sabah the food production center in Malaysia.

One of the most important factors in a successful agriculture industry is providing land for the people. Dr. Edwin urges the Sabah Land & Survey Department to expedite the processing and approval of land applied by the natives. With the proposed Micro-Credit scheme by PETANAH, he is sure Sabah can be the nation’s food producer. This will transform our people to be self-reliant rather than continue with the subsidy mentality. It will directly reduce or eliminate poverty.

Dr. Edwin Bosi / Sabah DAP Bureau Chief for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries,

picture : Dr. Edwin showing abandoned land suitable for hill padi cultivation

联邦农业及农基工业部长拿督斯里诺奥马宣布的“白米津贴计划”(SUBUR)。 根据他所说,在马来西亚有超过十五万名穷人将受益于这项津贴(报道于零九年十月十四日婆罗洲报)。 居住在市区的人民的收入每个月少于RM1500.00及内陆地区的每个月收入少于RM1000.00者将获每月RM30.00的津贴券。

沙巴民主行动党农业,畜牧和渔业局主任艾德温博西医生,针对沙巴土著农民和畜牧协会(PETANAH)主席伽彬冉赛(Gaibin Ransoi)在零九年十月十四日婆罗洲报章提到说,他呼吁政府应该特别注意沙巴州的小型农业所面对的困境,此外政府应该推动更多计划,以帮助他们摆脱贫困。

根据沙巴土著稻米协会,沙巴州稻米的需求量大约每月需要18000吨。 而在18000吨的30%或5400吨的白米是来自我们当地稻农的生产。 从此可见我们非常依赖于进口的白米。

该项“白米津贴计划”是给所有马来西亚人的白米津贴。 该项津贴只给马来西亚的穷人,实在是一项歧视,此外津贴券的制度可能会被滥用。 首先,人们也可以改变把该卷转换为现金,有人甚至可以出售该卷来获利。 另一个问题是,政府的管理机构是否有足够的人力在处理该项津贴卷? 若转移该项津贴来帮助稻农生产更多稻米,那不是更加实际吗?

为了避免该弊端问题和传递系统,政府应该考虑全民都能得到白米的津贴。 此外应该让代理商及零售商以津贴了的价格出售所有本地白米。 至于昂贵的进口香米可以在没有津贴下出售。 这样比较富裕的人需要购买昂贵白米,可以依照他们的意愿来选购。


白米我们的主要粮食。 如果我们太依赖进口的白米,若有任何问题发生在进口白米的方面,我们将会面对白米黑市价的问题,沙巴土著农业及畜牧业协会指出了这一点。 政府应该要协助农民提升稻米的生产量。 农业部门已提供给农民的稻米种子,肥料和技术咨询方面的援助,在这方面是否有其透明度? 此外,该部门应该为农民提供更多的培训。

艾德温医生呼吁政府考虑建立一个完善的沙巴农业大学。 有许多有经验和有农业知识的沙巴人能够给予这方面的协助。 沙巴州有许多适合种植的农业土地,但是我们还需要完善的“基资”,使到沙巴州能成为主要粮食生产州。

一个能成功提升农业的最重要因素,就是提供土地于农民。 艾德温医生敦促沙巴土地测量局尽快处理土著土地申请的审批。 沙巴土著农民及畜牧业协会相信沙巴州可以成为国家粮食生产州,这将促使我国人民能自力更生,而不需要继续的依靠进口白米,同时这将能够减少或降低沙巴州的贫困率。


Monday, 19 October 2009

Kaiduan Dam near Kg. Ma’ang

The BN government again did something not taking due consideration and care for the people on their direct interest. This time, it is Kg Ma’ang in Penampang again. Last time it was for the moving in of outsider from Kg. Sri Tanjong from the KKIA extension work, and now it is a proposed water supply dam (Kaiduan Dam) to be built in the area. There will be a few thousand of acres of prime land and at least 1,000 inhabitants affected.

The Kampong folks staged a demonstration to protest, and the Minister Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiat said that there is no need for a protest demonstration, because it is still under a feasibility study stage. There is no cause for alarm.

The Kota Kinabalu MP Hiew King Cheu commented that the whole incident reflects the whole ill attitude of the BN government towards the people. They (BN) openly claimed “people first” under the PM Datuk Nijib Tun Razak’s slogan of “1-Malaysia”, but in the Kg Ma’ang case, where is the people-first concept? They merely preach something and do something else. The thousand people there are not being given the consideration on their traditional home ground.

Why choose that particular place to build the dam, while there are other places to be considered? The main criteria for choosing the location must first and foremost to think about the people, then follow by the suitability whether the site is good for a dam building. The Kg. Ma’ang does not qualify for any of the criteria set for the selection of the dam site. The clear reason is that the proposed location is covered by many kampongs that can not allow be moved, and it is too near to the main town area. Secondly, the location is needed for future expansion need for the development of the Kampongs.

Hiew said the government should select other locations where little or less disturbances will arise for the purpose of building the water supply dam. There must be some other location available and feasible for the construction of a water supply dam. The dam could be further away from populated areas and it is cheaper to build because this will involve less or no compensation to the kampong land or the people.

Again the government is reminded that the program and planning to build a large sized multi billion ringgit water dam, it is worth thinking about incorporating facilities to generate hydro power electricity from the dam too. This proposed dam should be of duo purpose, since it is for the future up to 2050.

Hiew wants the government to immediately abandon the feasibility study on the proposed water dam location in Kg. Ma’ang, Penampang, and don’t waste the tax payers’ money on producing something known to be impossible and not feasible to the people. It may be possible and feasible engineering / technical wise, but may not fit in on other affecting factors.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

甘榜马岸(Kg. Ma’ang)附近的凯端水坝(Kaiduan Dam)

国阵政府又做了一件没有经过适当考虑及没有照顾人民利益的事件,就是宾南邦甘榜马岸(Kg. Ma’ang)水坝的事项。 上一次是为了亚庇国际机场的扩建,把外人迁入甘榜斯里丹绒,现在建议在该处兴建供水水库(凯端水坝)。 这项工程将会用到几千英亩的土地,而至少有1000名居民受到影响。


亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士评论说,整个事件反映出国阵政府对人民的无视态度,在首相拿督纳吉“一个马来西亚”的宗旨中,他们(BN)不断的声称‘以人为主’的概念,然而根据甘榜马岸的情况,似乎看不见‘以人为主’的概念? 他们只是在大声鼓吹,其实是在做其他事。 当局都没有考虑该处的居民的处境和他们的权益。

其实还有其他更好的地点来兴建该水坝,为什么非要选择该处? 无论选择任何地点,必须首先要考虑的是人民,然后才按照适合的地点,并且研究是否拥有该水坝建设的主要标准。甘榜马岸并不符合该水坝建设的任何标准。 主要的原因是,该拟议的地点有许多甘榜无法搬迁,而且非常接近城镇地区。 其次,该甘榜需要发展和扩张。

邱博士说,政府应该选择其他地点或比较地广人少的地点来兴建该提议的水坝。 其实应该会有更适合的地点来兴建该水坝。 该大水坝应该选择远离人口稠密地区,此外这样会更便宜,因为这将涉及较少或没有甘榜居民的土地或补偿。

民主行动党再次提醒政府计划兴建的大水坝是超过亿零吉的工程,同时应该被关注及纳入生产水电供应的设施概念。 这项拟议中的水坝应该是以上述的两个目标为主, 因为该项计划是针对未来的需要而设。


Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament applied for leave

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu is applying for a two weeks leave from the people in Sabah, starting from the 18th of October to 1st of November, 2009. He will be away from Sabah to attend the United Nation General Assembly meeting in New York, USA. After returning to Malaysia, he will continue to attend the Parliament sitting from 2nd November, 2009.

During the two weeks leave, all the matters arising can be forwarded to the MP office in Foh Sang, Kota Kinabalu, tel no: 088-254987, or E-mail to The special assistant to the MP, Ms Adeline Yep will attend to various complaints and assist on all other matters. The Sabah DAP deputy chairman Edward Ewol Mujie will also station in the office to help out.

Dr. Hiew said he will bring up various matters arising in the region related to economic development and corporation between the Asian countries, and also on foreign workers problem, fisheries, agriculture, trades and industries development, and to foster closer relationship and ties between the near by countries with Sabah in particular. There is so much to achieve, and he said he will do his very best to make full use of the time there. He is not going there as an opposition MP, but in stead he is representing Malaysia as one of the delegates in the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA). Together with him on the third group are Senator Dato’Hajah Saripah Aminah Binti Syed Mohamed and Senator Puan Hajah Zaitun Binti Mat.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP


亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士将于二零零九年本月十八日至十一月一日前往美国纽约代表马来西亚出席联合国大会,他向沙巴人民请假两个星期以便出席该项大会。 回国之后,他将出席十一月的国会会议。

在这两个星期内,所有投诉及其他的事项可联络路阳和生园亚庇国会议员办事处电话号码:088-254987,或邮电至。 国会议员特别助理Adeline Yep将协助大家处理各事项。 沙巴民主行动党副主席爱德华慕杰也将会提供协助。

邱博士说,他将在该联合国大会提出有关亚洲国家之间的经济发展的问题,外国劳工,渔业,农业,贸易和工商业发展等课题,尤其是有关促进沙巴州与邻国之间的密切邦交关系。 他说他会尽自己所能,充分利用这个难得的机会。 他出席该大会并不是以反对党国会议员的身份,而是以马来西亚国家代表的身份前往参加该联合国大会(UNGA)。 与他同行一组(第三组)的还有另两位上议员,拿督哈佳莎丽帕和哈佳赛敦.玛。

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Lembaga Port Klang (LPK) closing down private small jetties

The Port Klang Authority is directing all shipping activities from the 5 small private jetties to move to the main jetty managed by the Port Klang Authority. All these small jetties are currently serving the shipment of dirty, loose, large, bulk cargos from the Semananjong to Sabah and Sarawak. The cargos include those items like heavy bulk construction materials, agriculture fertilizers, cement, concrete products, and timber etc..

The move has caused the East Malaysian shipping companies an additional port charge of more than RM20 per meter cube on the cargo handled through the main jetty, the consumers will have to shoulder the additional cost. The many shipping companies had expressed their dismay over the directive to move over to the main jetty. Their basic complaint is that why should they and the consumers have to spend more by going to the main jetty. A shipment of 5,000 meter cubic may now cost an additional of RM 100,000 or more. This is definitely heavy burden to many Sabahan and Sarawakian. Further more, they have to wait for a longer period for them to queue to load their cargo, due to the jam.

The shipping companies had complained to Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament and wish to have his assistance to highlight the matter and to seek the Port Klang Authority (LPK) to consent by not forcing the East Malaysian shipping companies to comply. In the past, they were allowed to use the small private jetties for loading cargo that is going to Sabah and Sarawak, and now this is stopped, it is causing lots of inconveniences and time lost.

Dr. Hiew said he has been to Port Klang personally and has checked with his Selangor counter part in the Selangor State government about the difficulties faced by the Sabah and Sarawak shipping companies. The Port Klang Authority is under the Federal government and the State government has no power and control over the shipping activities and all its landing rights. There are some other reasons associated to the closure, one of the reasons being the “smuggling activities” via these small jetties. The matter is still being negotiated. The Sabah and Sarawak shipping companies are requesting the small private jetties to be remain open and continue to serve the East Malaysia.

Very unfortunately without notice, the small jetties were suddenly asked to shut down today. There are plenty of cargos stuck in the jetties waiting for shipment to Sabah. It is understood that the letter of approval from the Ministry of Transport was not delivered to the LPK on the extension of time granted until end of December 2009. The shipping companies are waiting for further instruction from the ministry, while all cargos are on hold. Dr. Hiew has informed the Assistant Minister of Transport, YB Abdul Rahin Bakri regarding the matter, and hope he can assist to resolve the trouble faced by all.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.

Photo attached.


巴生海港局指示私人码头的所有货运活动终止,并需要将所有货运迁往巴生港口的大码头。 目前这些私人小码头是处理从西马到沙巴及沙捞越的各种重型,肮脏,巨大和散装的货物,如重型机械,建筑材料,肥料,水泥,混凝土制品及木材等。

使用大码头将使到东马的船运公司,必须付出每立方米二十令吉的额外收费,因此消费者不得不承担这项额外的费用。 有许多船公司都表示,他们对这项搬迁到大码头的指示感到不认同。 他们抱怨说,这项搬迁导致他们和消费者都增加许多费用。 比如五千立方米的装运,就必须多付额外的十万令吉或更多的费用。 这无疑是对沙巴和沙捞越增加沉重的负担。 此外由于大码头非常忙碌,他们必须要花更长时间等候装载货物。

沙巴船运公司向亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士投诉有关该事项,并希望他能够协助向巴生港务局(LPK)协调该项问题,并希望他们不要强迫东马船运公司搬迁。 在过去,他们被允许使用私人小码头装载去沙巴和沙捞越州的货物,现被停止,这将会造成许多不便和时间上损失。

邱博士说,他已亲自前往巴生港口视察当地的情况,并已向雪兰莪州政府询问有关该事项及沙巴和沙捞越船运公司所面对的困境。 巴生港务局是联邦政府管辖,州政府没有权力插手,而这个问题仍在谈判中。 有关该小码头的关闭,是因为“走私活动”和其他不明的原因。 沙巴和沙捞越船运公司正在要求私人小码头继续开放。

很不幸,在没有获得通知之下,今天接到指示小码头必须立即关闭。 许多等待运往沙巴的大量货物被逼滞留在小码头。 据了解联邦交通部批准延长使用小码头直到2009年12月底的文件,并没有及时发出,所以才有立即关闭的情况。 船运公司已将该事件向亚庇国会议员投诉,有关所有货运目前都被阻扰。邱博士已联络上联邦副交通部长拿督阿都拉辛巴克里告知有关该事项,并希望他能即刻解决东马船运公司所面对的困境,让东马船运能长期继续使用巴生港口的私人小码头,而不再面对关闭的厄运。

No need of Community Development leaders (PKR)

No need of Community Development leaders (PKR)
The Luyang PKR (Peminping Kemajuan Rakyat) under the BN government political appointment quota had not been filled since the termination of the last PKR from SAPP when it pulled out from the Barisan National (BN) last year.

The previous PKR for Luyang area, Benny Quak resigned from SAPP when SAPP pulled out from BN, then he was terminated later by the BN state government as PKR. Until today, there is no person to fill up the vacancy as Luyang PKR.

Under the BN system, the primary duty of this political appointment as a community development leader is supposed to be the assistant of the elected people’s representative (YB) for the area. We see that the role of this person is just merely there to assist the YB to take care of the local matters arising and solving problems in the constituency. This post is to represent the people to work and communicate with the various government departments and authorities. In Luyang, DBKK is the most dealt with government body. The pay for the said post is RM 4,000 per month or more.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the KK MP said the Luyang PKR should not be reappointed in spite that there are many BN component parties are eyeing on the seat, like PBS, MCA, LDP, MIC, Gerakan and even the UMNO-Puteri? Have the people in Luyang suffered due to no PKR to represent them? In fact it is not so.

Sabah DAP views the appointment of PKR as unnecessary, and is a waste of public fund. We have so many government officers, departments and authorities, department heads, the City Mayor and his staffs, CDO, Ketua Kampong, JKKK, Kapitan Cina to attend to the problems of the people, why should we engage another representative to represent the YB and the people. We, the DAP opposition Assemblyman and Member of Parliament can also function equally well without the aid of a PKR. There are many PKRs in Sabah, and much money had been spent in the past, this is the lost of the people. This will increase the expenditure of the government with very little gain in return. Thus, Sabah DAP urges the BN government to abolish the PKR appointment system once for all.

The government should work hard to bring up the efficiency of the various government department and authorities to cope with the need of the people. The present system had created and resulted in a scenario where by the government department is depending on the YB and its PKR for their instruction to act. Without the independent action and decision from the departments, how can we build a better future? The departments should not wait to be told by the PKR and YB, they should act immediately and plan what ever is necessary.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP


由国阵政府政治委任的路阳社区发展领袖(Peminping Kemajuan Rakyat),自从去年沙巴进步党退出国阵后,该社区发展领袖的职位被终止,至今还没有再被补上。

该前任路阳社区发展领袖,郭义海(Benny Quak)自沙巴进步党退出国阵也就同时脱离了该党,之后遭国阵革除他的职位。 而该空缺直到今天还没有被填补。

根据国阵的制度,该社区发展领袖的职责主要是协助当选的州议员服务该选区。 其实这个职位的工作只是在于协助州议员关注及解决该选区的问题和事项。 同时该职位也是代表人民与政府的各相关部门及与有关当局接洽。 对于路阳区而言,亚庇市政厅是直接相关联系的政府机构。 此外,据了解该职位的薪金大约是每月四千马币或更多。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士说,尽管有很多国阵的人士都虎视眈眈该职位,比如沙巴团结党,马华,自民党,国大党,民政党,甚至巫统的公主团。 实际上根本不需要重新委任任何人来填补该职位,路阳区的人民并没有因为没有该社区发展领袖而面对困难?其实设有该职位是多此一举。

沙巴民主行动党认为没有必要委任新的路阳社区发展领袖,这是重叠职责及浪费人民的金钱。我们有这么多的政府官员,部门和地方官员,部门主管,市长及其他的员工,发展官(CDO),村长,乡保团(JKKK),华人甲必丹来照顾人民的诸多问题,为什么还要委任一名州议员的代表。 民主行动党的国州议员在没有社区发展领袖亦可以同样做得好。 在沙巴有很多社区发展领袖,并且也花费了很多钱来支薪给他们,这根本是个人民的大损失。 这已增加政府的开支,而且没有对人民有实际上的回馈。因此,沙巴民主行动党敦促国阵政府取消所有社区发展领袖之职。

政府应该努力提升各政府部门的工作效率,以应付人民的需求。目前的行政制度造成政府部门必须等候听从国阵州议员及社区发展领袖的指示来行动。 各部门应该立即采取计划和行动来为民服务。 如果一个政府部门无法自己做出决定,试问如何能够建立完好的社会?

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


The Sabah DAP Local Government and Housing Bureau Chief Edward Ewol Mujie said that DAP fully support the idea mentioned by Tuan Hj. Yahya Ahmad, Secertary General of Yayasan Islam Sabah (MUIS), that Wisma Muis could be converted into a Kota Kinabalu General Hospital. His statement which stated the proposal appeared in Daily Express Sunday Forum on 30.07.09.

Edward said that the Wisma Muis is located in a very strategies amd centralized location, and it is ideal for the purpose to house the Kota Kinabalu general hospital. There are plenty of parking spaces, and there are plenty of car parks in the multistory and underground car park as well as around the buildings. The environment is conducive to house a general hospital with ample floor space and it is large enough to house all the hospital facilities and easily accommodate s 1,000 beds and more. He further stated that the building space can easily be converted into many operation theatres, emergency units, intensive care units, wards and sick bays and for various purposes.

Edward said Wisma Muis has a large conference auditorium which can be utilized for conducting lecture, courses, seminars and training. He urges the Government to consider this suggestion seriously. It is understood that the complex has not been fully occupied and under utilized for many years, if the building is successfully taken over by way of renting or out right purchase by the Federal Health Ministry, it will be of benefit to MUIS and the people in Kota Kinabalu as a whole. This will be a “win-win” situation. Further more, when compared to the purchase of SMC, this will be a much cheaper alternative and worth of money spent. At least, we don’t have to worry where to park our cars and being summoned.

The Sabah State government should assist to make this viable proposal a success for the sack of the Kota Kinabalu much needed health care facilities.

Edward Ewol Mujie.


沙巴民主行动党地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉说,行动党非常支持沙巴基金回教理事会秘书长哈芝亚亚阿曼的建议,有关回教大厦转换成为亚庇综合医院的提案。 他是在零九年七月三十日本地报章的星期日论坛上所发表的言论。

爱德华说,该回教大厦位于一个在非常优势的地点,因此将它改成为亚庇医院是非常理想的建议。 该大厦拥有很宽大又多层的停车场,而且该建筑物的周围也有足够的泊车位。 此外,该座大厦具有足够的建设面积空间,足以容纳所有的医院设施和提供约有1000张的病床。 另外他也指出,该建筑物可以建设许多的手术室,急诊室加护病房,普通病房,等待处及其他方面的用途。

爱德华指出,该回教大厦有一间大型的会议礼堂,这礼堂可利用来进行各种的讲座会,研讨会和培训课程。 因此他促请政府认真考虑这项建议。 此外据了解,该建筑物有许多的地方,多年来一直都被空置着,所以如果联邦卫生部能够租赁或购买该座建筑物,这不但有利于沙巴基金回教理事会,对亚庇人民更是一个大好的喜讯。 这项建议将会是一个“双赢”局面。 相对于收购私人医院的比较,这将是一个更便宜及物有所值的选择 。最起码我们不担心泊车位和被罚传票的问题。


Saturday, 10 October 2009

Jln Bundusan traffic bottle neck

The delay in completion of the Jalan Bundusan road upgrading progress and the current shortage of street light had been a night mare form many residents in this areas, although the changes have succeeded in easing traffic congestion for those travel from berverly hill to to Jalan Penampang and to Jalan Kolam, but during evening peak hours from 4pm to 6 pm, there is a bottle neck problems from consolidation of 3 lanes to 2 lanes in front of the round near Atlantis Restaurant, residents in Taman Golf View, Taman Golf Garden, now have to bear with daily jams during these evening peak hours, and those road user who travel from Jalan Kolam to tmn. Intan, Golf, Reservoir, Raffelesia would have to stuck in the long queue for about 15 to 20 minutes for the 1km distance before reaching the roundabout for u-turn.

Sabah DAP Local government and Housing bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie is hoping the JKR can redesign this bottle neck near Atlantis, as to improve the traffic flow management, or may be to copy the design like Inanam round-about. Traffic problems in Bundusan are not just a menace to those on the streets, they also impact the overall productivity of our society and are a real threat to our development.

The economic and social cost to cities with regular traffic jams has been estimated by economists around the world and it is extremely high, not to mention the costs associated with environmental pollution generated by idling engines and stop & go traffic, the health problems created in the people breathing the undiluted exhaust emissions, and the reduction of property value in areas where traffic jams become routine– and unfortunately it is often the real reasons.

(picture show the traffic jam Jln Bundusan round-about)

狭窄的卜都山路(Jln Bundusan)

拖延重建,如今已完成的本都山路(Jln Bundusan)及该段路的短缺路灯问题一直是该个地区居民的噩梦,虽然现在已经竣工,同时也缓解该处的交通拥塞问题,然而每天傍晚从下午四时至六时的繁忙时间,在海洋城餐厅前的该段道路由三条车道转为两条车道的瓶颈处,却造成高尔夫花园及附近的居民面对交通大阻塞,车主们在这只有一公里的路段,必须等上大约15到20分钟的大排长龙才能到达回转处。

沙巴民主行动党地方政府及房屋局主席爱德华慕吉希望能工务局能够重新设计海洋城餐厅前这段瓶颈路线,以改善交通问题,或可以复制下南南回转路圈(Inanam round-about)的设计。 在该处的交通问题,不只是一街道上的威胁,他们也影响到整个社区的发展。

跟据估计世界各地的经济学家的研究,经常塞车的城市,造成遏制经济增长的频率非常高,更遑论交通阻塞所带来的环境污染及健康问题。 行动党希望当局尽快及有效的处理该段道路的问题。

Friday, 9 October 2009

Apartment Problem in Beverly Hills Phase 1, Block Q.

Penampang: In February 1995 John Yapp and wife, Lucy Wong bought an apartment in Block Q Beverly Hills Phase 1 from Sabah’s well known Housing Developer, Wong Kwok Holdings Sdn. Bhd. Majlis Daerah Penampang (MDP) issued the Occupation Certificate No. BP.90(93)No.2/19 dated 28th July 1997.

On October 2000, 41 owners of apartment in Phase 1 through a legal firm took Wong Kwok Holdings and MDP to court for wrongfully and in breach of the Sale and Purchase Agreement and without the consent of the Plaintiffs began to dig massive holes and undertake unauthorized works on the common property of the plaintiffs and placed or caused to accumulate a substantial quantity of debris on the common property of the plaintiffs. The Developer has operated heavy machineries and heavy trucks and lorries on the common property of the plaintiffs without the Plaintiffs’ consent.

The Developer had then informed the house owners of the management’s plan to carry out remedial works at Beverly Hills Apartment Phase 1, Block Q (letter dated 28th September 2000) and also a letter dated 28th September 2000 informing owners that Block Q is structurally safe and fit for occupation.

The 2000 episode is over however, Wong Kwok Holdings has started doing “remedial” works again without informing house owners. What is seen is a notice which stated “Underpining Works @ Block Q from 18 June – 18 Oct 2009”.

As far as John is concern he has given up with seeking legal redress as previous legal actions appeared ineffective and a waste of money. John has approached DAP Penampang Dr. Edwin Bosi and briefed him on his current problem. John has decided that enough is enough and would like to sell the apartment back to the developer. For John Yapp he has only one hope and that is for Wong Kwok Holdings to buy back his apartment at a reasonable price so that he can move on with his and family life.

Wong Kwok Holdings is not a small company. In the Housing Development industry, Wong Kwok Holdings is the leader. Wong Kwok Holdings should uphold its reputation to maintain.

DAP Penampang feels that this is not a difficult problem to solve. Dr. Edwin urges Wong Kwok Holdings to consider John’s proposal and buy back the apartment. He said sure after the current remedial works are over, Wong Kwok Holdings can easily sell the apartment for even at a higher price. Besides that, there are many others house owner are involve in difficulty in Block Q Beverly Hills Phase 1.

Dr. Edwin Bosi - DAP Penampang

Picture 1 shows the on-going work at Block Q and presence of heavy machineries.

Picture 2 shows the signage informing owners that there is an on-going remedial work.


一九九五年二月约翰叶和妻子露西从WK集团买了一间第一期Q座的比佛利公寓,WK集团乃是沙巴众所周知房屋开发商。 并由兵南邦县议会(MDP)于一九九七年七月二十八日发出的入伙纸,其编号为BP.90(93)No.2/19。

在二零零零年十月,有四十一位第一期的公寓屋主通过律师控告WK集团及兵南邦县议会(MDP),他们违反买卖协议书及未经原告同意,对原告们的产业进行大规模的非法挖掘工程,及造成对原告们的公寓严重的影响。 该房屋开发商未经原告们的同意,把重型机械和重型卡车及货车驶入Q座公寓的范围。


在没有通知该些屋主的情况下,黄国集团于二零零零年尾进行了‘补救修复’的工程。 后来在通告上写着“2009年6月18日 至2009年10月18日进行Q座公寓进行‘补救修复’工程。

至于约翰,他放弃曾申诉及寻求法律控诉WK集团,认为这是在浪费金钱。 约翰向兵南邦民主行动党爱德温博西医生投诉,请他的协助解决该项问题。约翰已经决定忍受够了,并且希望把公寓出售回给该房屋发展商。对于约翰叶来说,他唯一的希望是WK公司以合理的价格回购他的公寓。

WK公司不是一间小公司,在房屋发展商的事业,他们公司处于领先的地位。因此兵南邦民主行动党认为这不是一件难以解决的问题。 因此艾德温医生敦促WK集团考虑约翰的建议,买回该公寓。他相信该项‘补救修复’工程完成后,WK集团可以轻易出售该公寓甚至可能会是以更好的价格卖出。除此之外,还有许多其他的屋主仍然面对比华利公寓第一期Q座的问题 。

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Tanjong Aru Fly-over construction Stopped work

Many people had expressed their concern over the total stopped work on the construction of the Tanjong Aru fly-over. There were no site activities over the last many months and the site is totally idle without a single worker on site. The people suffered massive traffic jam daily during peak hours caused by the narrowing of the roads from all sides.

The situation was highlighted by the Sabah DAP following the receipt of numerous public complaints pertaining to the congestion and inconvenience caused by the construction work. There are regular long queues during rush hours coming from all corners.

A quick repair needed- Taman Tasik

Due to the recent rain, a resident of Taman Tasik, Lorong Bunga Dedap 1, Mdm. Ngam had complained to Sabah DAP to show concern regarding the collapsed drainage walls near her house. It could have created blockage to the main drainage. She urges DBKK to remove the tree beside the drain which had damaged the drain walls. According to Mdm. Ngam, she had complained the problem to DBKK about a year ago, but no action had been taken to rectify the problem.

Sabah DAP Infrastructure Bureau chief, John Lee wants DBKK to take prompt action to repair the damaged drain wall for the residents in Taman Tasik. Meanwhile overgrown weeds and grass in various monsoon drains in the Taman also needed urgent attention. They should ensure all our drainage systems are able to flow at maximum efficiency as to minimize overflowing that causing floods.

Sabah DAP might not have the privilege of being escorted by relevant government department engineer to inspect the drain problem, and that should not be a factor to prevent us from carrying out our committed duties to channel the voice of the people and to protect the right of the Sabahan. The people will decide whether these government officials have fulfilled their job obligation and duties to serve the people. The people in Sabah are more willing to speak out their numerous problems via opposition platform, it is understood that the Sabahan are more willing to depend on the opposition leaders to assist them.

The case as highlighted by Melanie Chia, the Luyang Assemblywoman on DBKK engineers for not willing to accompany her on the drain inspection in Taman Golden City, is understandable. There is no need to hammer the DBKK engineers for not being able to escort the ‘YB’ and her representatives to inspect the drainage problem. It is not fair sometimes when the matter had been there for many years. The YB had been in the government for many years and even holding important minister post, she did not solved the problem. Now she is out of the government, she definitely will not be able to do the same like before. We, in DAP being seasoned opposition party workers, we know how to get round and get our job done. The end result is that we want the people to benefit, in spite of the many difficulties and hindrance encountered.

From : John Lee Kim Sing, Sabah DAP Infrastructure Bureau chief

Taman Tasik的排水沟急需进行维修

最近的下雨,有位居住在Taman Tasik的居民彦女士(释音)向沙巴民主行动党投投诉有关她家附近墙壁倒塌的排水沟。 该毁坏的排水沟可能会造成严重的阻塞。 她曾经敦促亚庇市政厅铲除破坏该墙壁的大树。 根据彦女士说,她在一年前曾向市政厅抱怨该问题,但当局却没有采取任何行动来纠正该问题。

沙巴民主行动党基本设施局主任李金星敦促市政厅迅速采取行动,修复Taman Tasikde损坏的排水墙。 此外该处的四周长满了杂草的水沟也需要关注。 他们应该确保所有的排水系统能够通顺流动,以减少阻塞。

沙巴民主行动党或许没有特权被有关政府部门的工程师陪同,视察排水问题,但却不应该是一个藉口,阻碍我们履行应有的职责,协助人民传递他们的心声及维护沙巴人民的权益。 沙巴人民自己会看是否政府官员又在履行他们的工作和职责来为人民服务。 并且沙巴人更愿意寻求及透过反对党为他们解决诸多方面的问题,据了解人民比较相信反对党能够协助到他们。

路阳区谢秋菊州议员在报章上指出市政厅的工程师不愿陪同前往检查排水沟的事件,是可以理解的。 因此她没有必要去指责该工程师不愿陪同她和她的同僚去检查排水沟,这是很不公平的事,尤其当该项问题已经存在了很多年。 谢州议员已在政府工作许多年,甚至曾经担任重要部长的职位,但是当时她却没有去解决该项问题。现在,她没有在政府工作,她是肯定无法做到像以前一样。 我们反对党的党员经验丰富党务工作,知道如何全面的做好我们的工作。 经历许多困难和障碍,尽管面对困难,行动党最主要的结果是希望人民得到他们应得的权益。

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


The Sabah DAP state committee during its meeting on the 30th September 2009 had passed a resolution to appoint and endorsed the new member from Penampang to head and manage the very important Agriculture, Livestock and fishery Bureau of the party here in Sabah.

Dr. Edwin Bosi is a senior veterinary doctor who graduated from University Pertainan Malaysia (UPM) back in 1984, and had a Master degree from Massey University New Zealand in 1992. He worked with the government service since 1978, in KPD and in the Sabah Wildlife Department until 2000. At the moment, he is operating an animal clinic with his partners, and acts as a qualified Fauna (wildlife) consultant, and has participated in major Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) in Sabah and Sarawak. He works as a veterinary practitioner and consultant in livestock farming, and he is a regular columnist publishing articles on animal care in the local papers.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, the Sabah State chairman cum Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu making the announcement said that it is great pleasure to have such an outstanding person joining the Sabah DAP to serve the people and the party to a higher level. The Sabah state committee has voted to support his appointment numerously, and welcome him to work side by side with the other DAP bureaus to serve the Sabahan more positively.

Dr. Edwin thanks the party for allocating and trusting him with such an important task, and pledged to perform well and work hard to attend to the many pending problems in Sabah, especially in the field of agriculture, livestock and fishery. There are still so much to do and we need to address to all the issue one by one. Any matters concerning agriculture, livestock and fishery for advice and project proposal, may contact Dr. Edwin at 016-8216140.

Dr. Hiew highlighted that the function of the Agriculture, Livestock and Fishery Bureau has the principle role of up bringing the fundamentals and very important industries in Sabah. We see these industries as the life line of Sabah, and we depend on their success to lift Sabah economy back on its feet. The future activities under the command of Dr. Edwin Bosi will be multifunctional and effective. We have full confident in him and entrust he will serve well like many of the Sabah DAP Bureaus set up to serve the Sabahan.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, State chairman cum KK MP



艾德温博西医生是一位资深的兽医,他于一九八四年完成马来西亚农畜大学(UPM)的兽医学位,于一九九二年获得纽西兰大学的硕士学位。他在1978年在政府兽医部任职,此外他也曾任职农业发展局(KPD)里的牲畜管理区经理,和任职于沙巴野生动物局直到2000年。目前,他与他的伙伴经营一间动物诊所,此外他也是一名合格的弗纳机构Fauna(野生动物)的顾问,而且艾德温医生也是沙巴和沙捞越州的环境影响评估专家(EIA)之一。 他是专业兽医及畜牧业的顾问,目前他也是当地报章专栏作家,择写有关‘动物保健’。

沙巴民主行动党州主席兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士在作出该项宣布时说,他很高兴能有这样一位优秀的人才加入行动党行列一起为人民服务,更能达到更高更广的优质服务。 沙巴行动党州联委员会全体委员都一致支持他,并欢迎艾德温医生的参与服务,并祝福他更积极的为沙巴人民服务。

艾德温医生很感谢该党的重委和信任,他承诺将会尽其所能把工作做好,努力关注沙巴州许多悬而未决的问题,特别是在农业,畜牧和渔业的领域。 有许多工作等着要做,而我们必须逐一的去处理及解决。 如果有任何有关农业,畜牧和渔业的问题及希望得到指点的人士,可以随时拨电联络他本人 (016-8216140)。

邱博士强调说农业,畜牧业和渔业局的主要职责,就是要促进沙巴州基本及非常重要在这方面的生产业。 如果我们能够成功的提升这些行业,这将对沙巴州的经济有很大帮助。 在艾德温医生的管理下,该局在未来的活动中将具有多项功能和效益。 我们有充分的信心委托他这项重要的职责,并深信他将会为沙巴人民提供更好的服务。

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sabah DAP online petition for group legal action against SESB
Electricity woes exist since 1985 until today and Sabah today hardly has any days goes without a blackout occurring somewhere. There is bound to be a black out somewhere! The challenge before us that Sabah has achieved something that is against the will of the people. All Sabahan have to find a way out of this mess and we cannot leave the entire matter in the hands of SESB or TNB or the energy commission. In their hands electricity supply has became worst and worst though they had made many promises that the situation will get better. For example, when the grid system was completed, SESB director made a statement that ‘blackouts’ will become history. So all the questions, suspicions, interfering of SESB that led to this mess are put into the open for the public to scrutinize. The best avenue is no other than the court.

That is why Sabah DAP leaders Sri Tanjong Assemblyman Jimmy Wong together with Kota Kinabalu MP Dr Hiew King Cheu had decided to lead the way by initiating an online petition at ( ) for all Sabahan to sign as to support DAP to legal action against SESB, which we hope to file the case beginning next month. For those who wish to claim for damages due to the result of power blackout can bring a copy of I/C and latest SESB bill together with supporting documents to our Kota Kinabalu DAP office at Foh Sang shop lot. The main objectives of the legal process are as follow.

1. To highlight the plight and predicament of the rakyat of Sabah to the national leaders. It’s not a matter of win or loss.

2. The process will serve as a serious lesson to SESB and Energy Commission as to their short coming. Serious enough for them to make serious effort to restore the supply of electricity.

3. SESB must be transform and serve the purpose of energy supplier. The role of effective supply of electricity to domestic and commercial just like other Malaysia states. At lease to be equal if not better than the other states.

We wish all Sabahans to be united together to fight for our wellbeing, economic development and determination to solve this problem once and for all. The blackouts, not only made Sabah suffer but also scaring away investors.

(picture : DAP Leaders Dr. Hiew, YB Jimmy Wong, Edward Mujie, Dr. Edwin Bosi, Fung Thin Yein, Jeffrey Kumin and John Lee launching “online petition for group legal action against SESB”

By : John Lee


自1985年至今,沙巴州很难没有一天不面对停电的困境,而且没有一个地区可以逃过该遭遇! 现在沙巴政府必须面对人民的意愿的挑战。 所有沙巴人必须自己拼出一条生路,不能只等沙电,国能或能源委员会来处理该项问题,因为他们已成为最无能和最差劲的电力供应公司,虽然他们已经作出很多承诺,答应电供问题会很快的解决。 例如,当网格系统完成后,沙电总监发表声明说,“停电”将成为历史,至今还是一张空头支票。 所有的疑问,对频频停电的干扰,导致本已陷入困境的沙巴人民公开议论,目前最好的途径就是只有把人民的痛苦带上法庭。

这就是沙巴民主行动党州主席邱庆洲博士及斯里丹戎州议员黄仕平决定发起‘网站签名运动’的方式 (让所有沙巴人民上网签名以支持行动党的控诉沙电,我们希望在下个月将该控诉案采取法律行动。 对于那些因停电而遭受损失的民众,并且想要求赔偿,请带您们最新沙电的账单,连同相关的文件前往路阳和生园行动党办事处。该主要控诉的法律进程如下。



3。沙电必须提升电供的效率。 要像其他的州属一样,能够提供给全州市区或内陆区稳定的电供。总让不能比其他的州属好,但是最起码大家平等。

我们希望所有沙巴人民一起团结起来争取我们应有的权益,经济的发展并且决心一劳永逸解决悬而未决的长期电供短缺问题。 停电不仅让沙巴州面对困境,同时也吓跑许多投资者。

Long Mai Islamic (M) Chamber of Commerce, Henan Branch, China

The group of China visitors from the Long Mai Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Henan China has arrived in Kota Kinabalu today for a seven days business study trip and tour in Sabah. They were in Penang before arriving in Kota Kinabalu. The Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Yin hosted a series of talks and business venture discussion between the Penang business communities with the group from Henan China. There were much achievement and had paved the way for more future business ties. The group was deeply impressed by the Penang development and business opportunities available, and there were immediately many potential investments were identified and lined up in principle for business venture. The most attractive one would be on the ‘Second Home’ program.

The Main objective of the Chinese Islam business group to visit Sabah is primary aiming at establishing the business ties between the two places, especially with the Chinese Muslim community. In China, there is some 50 million Chinese muslim. The Chinese Islamic group of businessmen has great interest to invest in Sabah due to the fact that Sabah is conducive for big investment opportunities. This is reflected in its natural resources, global location, available land, people, beautiful environment and the unexplored business venture opportunities. The group is very interested to extend their sincere assistance to help Sabah to develop the many unexplored fields like agriculture, live stock, ‘halal’ food industries and tourism.

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu was today to welcome them to Sabah, and the MP expressed his warmest welcome to the group and hope they will have a pleasant stay in Kota Kinabalu. A series of meetings have been arranged with the local business community to create interact, so that more understanding can be achieved and to foster closer ties for future business venture. The group will also pay courtesy call on the KK City Mayor Datuk Illiyas Ibrahim, the Joint Chinese Chamber of Commerce Datuk Sari Tan who is also a Chinese Muslim, other Sabah Minister, and have meeting with the Sabah Chinese Muslim Association. They hope this will be a fruitful trip for this is the first visit trip to Sabah and they hope more such business will be arranged in the near future.

Dr. Hiew hope those who are interested to meet and listen to the Henan business investment group can come to the dialog meeting in the KK Chinese Chamber of Commerce, at 1 pm on the 5th October 2009.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.

PIC : the visiting group with Dr. Hiew and John Lee Kim Seng.


来自中国河南龙脉伊斯兰商会的一行人,今天抵达亚庇进行七天的商贸交流及旅游。 他们在抵达亚庇前,也到槟城进行了多天的商贸交流和考察。 槟州首席部长林冠英与中国河南企业集团进行了多项的企业合资研讨会,并提供许多未来将展开的投资方式和商机。该考察团对槟州的发展和商业机会留下了深刻的印象,并且发现许多潜在的投资机会及将会促使两国工商业的大突破。 其中最吸引他们的是‘第二家园’计划。

中国伊斯兰商贸团探访沙巴州主要是研究和建立双边的商业联系,特别是与中国穆斯林团体。 在中国大约有五千万的中国穆斯林教徒。 中国伊斯兰团体有兴趣投资在沙巴州,他们认为沙巴州有极好的投资机会。 因为其天然资源,地点,土地,人民,环境优美及工商业的发展空间。该团体非常真诚和有兴趣援助沙巴州发展其农业,牲畜业,‘清真’食品业和旅游业。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士欢迎他们到访沙巴州,并希望他们在亚庇有一个愉快的假期及交流丰收。 当地商界已安排一系列的会面及研讨,让该团队对沙巴州有进一步的了解,以促进未来的商机。 该团队将拜访亚庇市长拿督易利雅士,中华总商会会长拿督陈友仁(拿督陈也是穆斯林教徒),与其他部长会面,及拜会沙巴华人回教理事会。 他们希望这首次访问沙巴州将是一个圆满和成功的旅程,他们希望在不久的将来会对沙巴州有更多投资及旅游的机会。


图 :河南商贸团团长, 伊真实业有限公司董事长,买伊光(左第三者)与邱博士及李金星和团员合照

Friday, 2 October 2009

Sabah DAP to assist SPR register new voters

Kota Kinabalu: A total of 13 Sabah DAP leaders led by YB Jummy Wong of Sri Tanjung attended a 3-hour briefing by the Director of Election Sabah, Tuan Hj. Md. Idrus Bin Ismail on the role of Assistant Registrar (Temporary) on 1st October 2009 at the Sabah Election Commission’s office in Putrajaya Kota Kinabalu. Later, all the 13 DAP leaders were officially appointed and received their letters of appointment as Assistant Registrar from Tuan Hj. Md. Idrus.

In the briefing Tuan Hj. Md Idrus informed DAP leaders that there are 817361 voters and 12765 as postal voters in Sabah as of August 2009. In the Federal Territory of Labuan, there are 21061 voters and 1536 postal voters. According to Tuan Hj. Md Idrus, there are 260000 Sabahans who have not registered as voters yet. In this sense, he thanked DAP for coming forward to become Assistant Registrar and help his office in registering these new voters.

Sabah DAP Assistant Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie thank you Sabah Election Commission for appointing 13 of Sabah DAP Branch Chairman as assistant registrar. He said that the appointment is very appropriate as they can assist the SPR to register the new voters throughout the State. The eligible new voters can contact the DAP appointed Assistant Registrar for the registration, they are :

1. Jeffery Kumin 012-8668310 (Kawasan : N13 Inanam)

2. Teddy Yang 013-8504300 (Kawasan : N17 Tanjong Aru)

3. Jeffrey Wong Su En 016-8186667 (Kawasan : N20 Moyog)

4. Chok Kon Teck 013-8837863 (Kawasan : N44 Karamunting)

5. YB Jimmy Wong 016-8260108 (Kawasan : N57 Sri Tanjung)

6. Fung Thin Yein 013-8844700 (Kawasan : N58 Merotai)

7. Fung Vun Fui 019-8964742 (Kawasan : N46 Tanjong Papat)

8. Peter Liew 013-8594184 (Kawasan : P170 Tuaran)

9. John Lee Kim Seng 016-8319178 (Kawasan : P171 Sepangar)

10. Dr. Edwin Bosi 016-8216140 (Kawasan : P174 Penampang)

11. Anthony Teo 017-8979889 (Kawasan : P186 Sandakan)

12. Chan Foong Hin 019-8231289 (Kawasan : P190 Tawau)

13. Ong Boon Hoo 013-5583198 (Kawasan : P177 Beaufort)

BY : Dr. Edwin Bosi

Picture shows a group photo with Tuan Hj. Md Idrus Ismail (7th right), YB Jimmy Wong (8th right) and other DAP leaders.


沙巴民主行动党副州主席黄仕平和13位支部主席于零九年十月一日,出席由沙巴选举委员会总监哈芝伊杜士 (Tuan Hj. Md. Idrus Bin Ismail)给于约3个小时的简介有关注册助理的工作性质。 13位民主行动党领袖获得总监哈芝伊杜士分发的文函,被正式委任为注册助理。

根据哈芝伊杜士的简报告知民主行动党领袖,截至2009年8月沙巴州有817,361选民和12,765电邮选民。 在纳闽联邦直辖区,有21,061选民和1,536电邮选民。 他也指出260,000万沙巴人民尚未登记为选民。 因此他很感谢行动党挺身而出,成为注册助理来协助他们登记新选民。

该党州副主席爱德华慕吉谢谢沙巴选举委员会委任13位行动党的领袖为注册助理。 他说,该党领袖将会到各地区,协助他们注册全沙巴州合格的新选民。 民众也可以联络以下民行党的注册助理,他们是:

1. Jeffery Kumin 012-8668310 (Kawasan : N13 Inanam)

2. Teddy Yang 013-8504300 (Kawasan : N17 Tanjong Aru)

3. Jeffrey Wong Su En 016-8186667 (Kawasan : N20 Moyog)

4. Chok Kon Teck 013-8837863 (Kawasan : N44 Karamunting)

5. YB Jimmy Wong 016-8260108 (Kawasan : N57 Sri Tanjung)

6. Fung Thin Yein 013-8844700 (Kawasan : N58 Merotai)

7. Fung Vun Fui 019-8964742 (Kawasan : N46 Tanjong Papat)

8. Peter Liew 013-8594184 (Kawasan : P170 Tuaran)

9. John Lee Kim Seng 016-8319178 (Kawasan : P171 Sepangar)

10. Dr. Edwin Bosi 016-8216140 (Kawasan : P174 Penampang)

11. Anthony Teo 017-8979889 (Kawasan : P186 Sandakan)

12. Chan Foong Hin 019-8231289 (Kawasan : P190 Tawau)

13. Ong Boon Hoo 013-5583198 (Kawasan : P177 Beaufort)

Kota Belud Jalan Sayap bridges not built and delayed

When the Sabah DAP mobile service team visited Kota Belud town last week, they were brought by some locals here to see the few old Bailey bridges which are supposed to be reconstructed into permanent reinforced concrete bridges connecting the Jalan Sayap to the various kampongs here. According to the few project sign boards stating the name of the project, the start date stated is 18.03.2009 and completion date is 18.11.2010, to date the project has not started, we can only see some site preparation work been carried out.

The present condition of the old Bailey bridges is poor, and the timber decks are broken up. The steel frame and the structural members are already showing the sign of wear and tear. These Bailey had to be repaired regularly by the kampong folks on the timber decks before the smaller vehicles can pass.

DAP asked on why the new bridges contracts were awarded, and yet there is no positive sign of work starting, and what is the reason for the long delay to commence the work? How can the government let the contractor be so slow in their performance of their work? Whether the government is supervising them, or rather this is some political projects that make them no worry about contract delay penalties? May be the Kadaminan Assemblyman Herbert Timbon can assist and enlighten us on the above queries.

Sabah DAP Local government and Housing bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie and Infra structure Bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng inspected the said bridges together with the Kota Belud folks, and found out their complaints are valid. The bridges are really in the worst condition, with timber deck loosen and broken. The whole bridge looks as if it is going to collapse.

Sabah DAP urges the government to immediately expedite to get the work started, and build us the three new bridges for safety sack in Jalan Sayap.

Edward and John.

Pic: Edward and John inspecting the Bailey bridge at Jalan Sayap, Kota Belud.

哥打毛律沙业桥(Sayap Bridge)还没建而且又延迟

沙巴民主行动党流动服务队于上周前往哥打毛律进行流动服务活动时,当地人带他们前往视察该处陈旧的军用桥, 而该陈旧的军用桥必须重建成为混凝土的新大桥以连接该处的甘榜到沙业路(Jalan Sayap)。 根据竖立该处的工程告示牌,说明该项工程开工日期是在18.03.2009和竣工的日期18.11.2010, 但是六个月已过,可是该工程至今还没有开始进行,只看到一些地盘的筹备工作而已。

目前该陈旧军用桥的状况很恶劣,桥上的木板已经严重损坏。 该钢架的结构和其他的地方已经显示出高度磨损及生锈的迹象。 当地居民必须时常进行自行修复该座桥才能够让小型的车辆过桥。

民主行动党询问为何该新大桥的合约已经批发,但却没有看到任何开工的迹象,延迟该工程的理由是什么?政府为何任凭该承包商拖延他们的工作? 政府是否有在监督,或者这是一项政治的工程,即使没有按照日期进行也不担心该合约因延误而遭受到罚款?希望当地的国阵代议士(赫伯丁布)能够向大家解释延工的理由。

沙巴民主行动党地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉和基本设施局主任李金星视察该陈旧的军用桥时说,该桥的状况实在很糟糕。 桥上的木板已严重破损和折断,因此整个桥看上去好像随时会崩塌。