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Nazri on RMAF Nuri helicopter used by DPM

The Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission (MACC) is still investing claims that Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had used Royal Malaysia Air Force Nuri helicopters to attend UMNO functions in Kudat, Sabah this August, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department  Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz Said.

This is in reply to Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timur) Parliament question. He said the use of government aircraft was spelt out in guideline for the use of aircraft is based on the “Surat Pekeliling AM Sulit Bil.1 tahun 1987”,Peraturan Peraturan Jet Eksekutif Kerajaan dan Pesawat-pesawat TUDM, which allocates government executives jet aircrafts for the use of DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertua Agong YAB PM and YAB DPM.

Among the basic criteria for considering such application are where there is no air service provided by MAS on these routes, and where it covers far out areas which required the use of helicopter in order to arrive at such destination at faster speed.

The incident happened in August this year when DPM ordered the use of the Royal Airforce Nuri helicopter from Labuan RMAF base to fly him and his group from KK to attend the Kudat UMNO division AGM. Very unfortunately, on the return trip the helicopter was forced landed in Tuaran due to bad weather. Later, he travelled by car to further attend the UMNO AGM in Penampang before returning to KL. Luckily, there was no damage to the helicopter during the unscheduled landing.

This was published in the local papers, and the incident was later queried by the KK MP Dr. Hiew King Cheu on the legitimate used of the RMAF helicopter by the DPM for private function.

According to the circular and guide lines 1987 which quoted that only the Agong, PM and DPM can apply for the use of the Air Force aircraft for official function when there is no air flight available to the destination, therefore, the MACC should conduct thorough and not bias investigation pertaining the case. The people want to know the result of the investigation, and we want some straight answer.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP



他是回答林吉祥(怡保东区国会议员)在国会的提问。他阐述说使用政府飞机的使用指标是根据“一九八七年即机要通函议案一 (Surat Pekeliling AM Sulit Bil.1 tahun 1987),政府公务规则和条例启用皇家空军飞(Peraturan Peraturan Jet Eksekutif Kerajaan dan Pesawat-pesawat TUDM),该条规注明政府分配国家飞机于国家元首,首相和副首相官方使用


该项事件发生在今年八月,副首相指示皇家空军的鹦鹉型直升机从纳闽马来西亚皇家空军基地,载送他和他的小组出席沙巴州古达的巫统区大会。 很不幸在回程时,因为受恶劣天气的影响,该直升机被迫降在斗亚兰。 之后他改坐汽车前往兵南邦参加该处的巫统区大会,然后才返回吉隆坡。幸运的是该直升机在着陆时没有遭受任何损坏或危险


根据一九八七年的通函和规章里记述,如果元首,首相和副首相进行公务而其目的地没有提供飞行服务,可以申请使用空军飞机,因此,反贪污局对有关的案件应进行彻底及没有偏见的调查。 人民想知道其调查的结果,我们需要直接的答案而不是模糊地带过

Road link Dai Yeh Villa (SMC) to Jalan Lintas only one-way now

The general public has long wanted a road-link from Dai Yeh Villa through the SMC and next to the resident of Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Joseph Pairin Kittingan joining to the Jalan Lintas highway. This short cut will provide the road user time saving and avoid traffic jam on Jalan Kolam. Every one welcomes the construction of the road.

The original design is for two ways, but now due to some ‘unknown reasons’ the road is reduce to only one way. That means the cars can only be allowed to come in from Dai Yeh Villa and SMC to the Jalan Lintas Highway, and no cars can enter from the Jalan Lintas highway.

When the public knew about this change, they were very disappointed and requested the KK MP Dr. Hiew to find out why there is such change. The people said this as highly inconvenient and they want a road that can allow traffic to go in from Jalan Lintas after the City Mall to Dai Yeh Villa and SMC too. There is not reasonable to build a road only allow one way traffic.

Dr. Hiew together with Edward Mujie and John Lee inspected the road situation, noticed a few irregularities on land boundaries which might be the cause of the road being forced to be reduced to a single lane and only allowed for one way traffic.

Hiew will investigate and contact JKR and the relevant department for more detail before making public the finding for the matter. Meanwhile, he said this road is vital to solve the jam in Jalan Kolam and it is a good short cut for people to cross to the both side. This road should be built as a duel-carriage way and not just a small one way road for future purpose. This should be carried out even on the extent of acquiring land for the purpose.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

Pic.  Behind Hiew, Edward and John is the disuse entrance from City Mall on Jalan Lintas

大业新村(SMC)道路通向林达路(Jalan Lintas) 的捷径
市民一直希望能够有一条从大业新村路经过私人医院(SMC)及副首长拿督约瑟拜林的住家,通往林达高速公路(Jalan Lintas)的一处捷径 这将提供一项方便大家使用的通道,促使道路使用者节省更多的时间,同时也避免水塘路的交通堵塞。 每个人都很赞成该段捷径的建设。

该新建马路原本是设计为双程路,但由于一些‘不明的原因’该段道路被减缩为单程路。 这意味着汽车只能被允许从大业新村和私人医院方向进入前往林达高速公路(Jalan Lintas),也就是说汽车不能从林达公路转入该路前往大业新村及SMC

当民众知道这项的更改后,他们感到非常失望,并要求亚庇民主行动党邱庆洲博士询问当局为什么会有这样的更变。 他们说,这将造成不便,他们希望该段道路,可以让车辆从城中城广场(City Mall)前转入该路段前往大业新村和SMC  邱氏被告知,花费大约马币两百万来建设的该段道路,而现在只得单程路实在是不合理和不合逻辑。


邱氏将会进行深入的调查,并且会接触工程局去了解有关细节,之后会将该调查的结果公开于众。同时他说,该段道路是解决水塘路严重阻塞的方案,并且也是一个方便的捷径  该段路程应该建成双程道路,而不是单程路,尤其针对未来将会有的繁忙交通流量的发展。 当局应该甚至收购该段路周边的土地以兴建一条更宽阔的马路

图 :从林达路转入该新路的进口被弃用

New Labuan Prison Complex

The question raised by the Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng on the proposed new Labuan prison complex posted an interesting scene when the answer came from the Minister of Internal affairs.
As reported, the announced cost on the said prison project was RM79 millions, but the minister’s answer gave a new figure of merely RM 34.9 million.

He said the actual cost is only RM 34.9 million and not RM 79 million, as mentioned by the Labuan Corporation Chief executive officer Datuk Barisan Saban when he told reports that a new prison in Labuan would complement the work of the police and courts. The proposed RM79 million prison complex with a capacity to hold 2oo inmates will be built in Kg Sungai Buton. The local community leaders and village chiefs are against the project as they fear the prison here would make Labuan look like a “Penal Island” and other development would be hindered. (Bermana).

The minster further said that the capacity of the prison should be 230 and not 200 prisoners. The building is of a ‘high security concept’ and the cost also includes the use of stainless steel, advance lock system, and “anti-climb” security fencing.

He said Labuan really needs a Prison of its own like other states in the country because:-
(1)   to allow the local people to receive their sentence locally and not to be sent to Kota Kinabalu,
(2)   to allow care and visiting convenience for the relatives of the prisoners which is in conjunction with the 1-Malaysia concept, ‘the people first’,
(3)   to facilitate easy court procedure and sitting,
(4)   to reduce cost on visiting and investigation for far destination,
(5)   to avoid risk on travelling on sea route.

Dr. Hiew the KK MP is rather surprise when learning this from his counter part the Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng, on the sudden change of the project cost from Rm79 million to RM 34.9 million, and on housing in stead of 200 to 230 prisons for a cheaper cost of building. There must be a serious error someway, and might be a drastic cut due to strong protest in Labuan.

For a population of only 86,000 in Labuan, the prison complex is uncalled for and main land Sabah is so near. The small island of Labuan is really can not have a prison complex to house 230 prisoners. The above reasons given by the Minister is not acceptable at all, and further more most of the people sentenced to prison are foreigners. Just imaging if we get rid of the foreigners in our prisons by sending them back to their own home country for their punishment, we actually can solve a lot of our problem and headaches.

At this present stage of economy and the strong protest from the people in Labuan, we want the government to drop the idea and stop the Labuan prison project.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP



他说,实际成本只有三千四百九十万马币,而不是七千九百万马币。根据报道,纳闽发展局首席执行员拿督巴利山沙班的报告,在纳闽岛有新监狱将会有效的减低警察和法院的工作。 拟议七千九百万马币的监狱可容纳两百位犯人的监狱大楼将建在双溪布顿。 当地社区领袖和村长们都反对这项建设,因为他们担心监狱会使到纳闽成为‘刑罚岛’,和其他发展将受到阻碍(Bernama)

该部长还表示,该监狱的容量应该是230,而不是200名囚犯。 该建筑还包括使用不锈钢,上锁系统以及高防卫篱笆。


对于一个只有86,000人口的纳闽岛,兴建综合监狱是多余的,而沙巴州是如此之近。 纳闽岛实在不需要有一个可以容纳230囚犯的大监狱。 部长所给于的上述理由是不能被接受的,加上被判刑的人大部分是外来人。 如果我们监狱里的外来人被遣送回他们自身国家的监狱里服刑,实际上可以解决我们许多的问题及烦恼。


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Maang water treatment project plan – shelved or scrapped?

Borneo Post 20th November 2009 carried the news “Maang water treatment project plan shelved, Kaiduan dam project downsized; affected villagers to get land”. Sabah Infrastructure Development Minister and former Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan said the government has decided to scrap the proposed water treatment plant project in Maang, Penampang. Sabah DAP Bureau Chief for Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries, Dr. Edwin Bosi think Huguan Siou owes the people of Penampang an explanation. Is it shelved or scrapped?

While we wait for Huguan Siou to give us an explanation let us discuss about the proposed Kaiduan dam. Penampang is either fortunate or unfortunate to having the Moyog and Papar rivers originate in the Southern part of the Crocker Range and meandering through Penampang. Obviously, nature has provided us with good water supply and if we dam them, we can easily produce substantial amount of hydropower. A good and safe dam does not come cheap. The impact and side-effect to the environment, agriculture land and human settlements are equally immense and expensive. This is a case of winning some and losing some. It is not a win-win situation that we are all hoping for.

Water is a vital commodity. Without water, all living things die. People do not die without electricity. Therefore, a smart government will invest in water preservation. One of the first things a government should do is to provide water tanks to every household in all villages. In the urban area, housing developers must include water tanks to capture and store rain water. The government must encourage the people to procure water tanks for obvious reason. Downsizing the proposed Kaiduan dam is relevant if the people are educated to use less electricity and water. The government must encourage the people especially those who can afford solar power to install it in their homes. Dr. Edwin thinks SESB should give these house owners rebates.

Before the government implements the Kaiduan dam, it should spent time to study the post-construction problems faced by the villagers affected by the Moyog dam. Majority of the people affected are now settled in Kg. Tampasak, Babagon, Penampang. The village is just in front of the dam yet the village is not supplied with water. They relied on gravity water! The houses were cramped into a small area where the villagers can’t even plant vegetables or keep some chickens. The access road is so small and narrow that getting into an accident is not surprising. They were promised an open space for sports activity but it never materialized. Above all, they were never given land to farm. They were promised and the thought of better living conditions was too good to missed. As soon as they left their original settlements, life becomes more expensive and hard. To the villagers in Kg. Tampasak Babagon, the popular Kadazan song “janji terang bulan” remind them of their predicament. Will this happen to the villagers affected by the Kaiduan dam?

It is to the opposition’s benefit to see that the government does things wrong and unpopular. But as a responsible opposition, Sabah DAP wants to remind the government to be transparent in everything it does. As far as the Kaiduan dam is concern, the villagers are not consulted and they feel that there is something sinister about the whole thing. Rightfully, the oppositions do not know about these projects but for the BN “wakil rakyat” in Penampang to say they are not aware is an insult to the intelligence of the people of Penampang in particular.


婆罗洲邮报二零零九年十一月二十日报道说“马岸滤水站(Maang)计划被搁置,凯端水坝(Kaiduan dam)工程缩减,受影响的村民获得土地”。 沙巴州基本设施发展部长和前首席部长拿督斯里约瑟拜林说,政府已经决定取消兵南邦厂马岸滤水站(Maang)的计划。 沙巴民主行动党农业,畜牧业及渔业局主任艾德温博西医生说,拿督约瑟拜林欠兵南邦人民一个解释。 到底是被搁置还是取消呢?

在等待约瑟拜林给我们解释时,让我们讨论有关凯端水坝的计划。 兵南邦区不知道是否幸运还是不幸拥有从南部克戈区域通过莫约(Moyog)和巴吧河流蜿蜒兵南邦地区。 显然大自然提供了良好的水供水,如果兴建大水坝就很容易会产生大量的电供。 一个有效和安全的大水坝并不便宜。 针对环境影响和造成农业土地及住宅区的副作用一样昂贵。 这是赢得一些和失去一些的案例。 它并不是我们所希望的一个双赢的局面。

水对我们非常重要。人民没有电供可以继续生存,但是没有水,万物即死。 因此,如果是聪明的政府将会投资在水利。 政府第一件事应该做的是提供水箱给所有乡村的每一户家庭。 在市区的房屋,发展商必须提供水箱以便可以储存雨水。 政府必须要鼓励市民购买存水箱预防缺水。 若建议缩减凯端水坝(Kaiduan dam)工程,市民就必须被教育不要浪费电和水。 此外政府要鼓励市民特别是那些有能力安装太阳能发电,在自己的家里安装。 艾德温医生认为电力局应该回扣给房主。

在政府在推动兴建凯端水坝(Kaiduan dam)工程,应该花时间研究莫约(Moyog)水坝建设将带给村民的影响和问题。 受影响的村民目前居住在兵南邦,甘榜丹巴沙,巴吧干(Kg. Tampasak,Babagon)。 该村庄就是位于在水坝前,但村里却没有水供,他们只依靠山水! 此外他们房屋被挤在一个小范围,导致村民甚至无法种菜或畜养鸡只。 通往该处的马路是非常狭窄,一旦发生意外也不足为奇。 政府答应建设体育活动空间,却至今都没有实现。 最重要的是,他们也没有获得土地以进行耕种。 政府承诺改善该处居住和生活条件的誓言不过是一个空谈。 当他们离开原居处,生活将变得更加昂贵和困难。 居住在甘榜丹巴沙,巴吧干(Kg. Tampasak,Babagon)的村民有一首流行的卡达山歌曲‘janji terang bulan’是提醒他们脱离困境。 这是否会发生在兴建凯端水坝(Kaiduan dam)工程时同样的严重影响该处的村民呢?

反对党可以清楚看到,政府所做的事是错误的并且不得人心。 但作为一个负责任的反对党,沙巴民主行动党要提醒政府在进行的一切工程或事情必须要有透明度。 至于凯端水坝问题,村民们觉得没有经过征询他们意见就霸道的进行,对他们非常不公平。 理所当然反对党并不知道该项工程,然而兵南邦国阵人民代议士也说,他们也不知道有关该项工程,这很显明是在侮辱兵南邦人民的智慧。

Tanjong Aru Flyover Delayed

A written reply from the Sabah Ministry of Works stating that there is an 11% delay on the construction of the Tanjong Aru Flyover. This came from the answer asked by the Sri Tanjong Assemblyman Jimmy Wong Tze Phin during the State assembly meeting recently.

This was brought up by the Kota Kinabalu MP Dr. Hiew King Cheu not long ago regarding the many months of total stoppage of work on the Tanjong Aru traffic junction flyover which caused heavy traffic jams during peak hours and caused safety hazard and inconvenience to road users. The Director of JKR and the Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman replied in their newspaper statement that there is no stoppage of work but instead there is an ahead of schedule and all progress payments paid to the contractor concerned.

It is very surprise that now the State assembly issued such a reply to confirm a delay of 11% and this also confirmed on the stop work as reported by Sabah DAP. The reason on why this stop work had happened was not given. The stop work period on the construction was as long as up to 10 months. Time of completion of the project is in the year of April, 2010. How are they going to meet up with the completion date?

Dr. Hiew and DAP Infrastructure Bureau chief john Lee Kim Seng visited the site on Sunday afternoon before leaving to KL to attend Parliament, noticed that there is some work activities on site at last, and there is much to catch up on the project. Since this project is financed by the Federal fund, and checking through the 2010 National Budget, there is only a small sum allocated for roads and bridges in Sabah, RM148 millions. Hiew said how can Sabah survive under this little “petty cash”? This amount can’t even pay for the Tanjong Aru Fly over.

The BN state government should make an effort to “demand” for more money from the Federal level for Sabah. The Tanjong Aru flyover should not stop work anymore.

Dr. Hiew king cheu, KK MP.



与其同时亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士曾经在不久前询问政府,有关停工多个月的丹容亚路天桥问题,由于该工程处在繁忙的交通繁路口,造成了严重交通堵塞,引起道路使用者的不便及有安全隐患,该项工程已经停工多个月。 然而工程局主任和沙巴州首席部长拿督慕沙阿曼曾经在报章上大声宣明说,该项工程并没有停工,并且其进度还比预期的早, 此外该工程款项而也已经支付于承包商。

叫人费解的是,在州议会却给于‘该项工程确实面对11%的工程延误’的回答,而且还指出目前该项工程是需要重新开工,这就如沙巴民主行动党所报告的一样。 关于为什么发生停工的原因却没有获得正面回答。 该项建设工程已经停工长达10个月之,而预期将在明年四月竣工的工程,又如何能够赶得上呢?

在本星期日,邱博士在前往吉隆坡出席国会时,和民主行动党基本设施局主任李金星一同前往巡视该工程地点,幸运的事终于发现有工人在开工,该项工程必须要赶快加工以赶上其进度。 据了解该项工程是由联邦政府所拨出的款项,但是根据2010年国家预算案中,政府是拨出马币一亿四千八百万的款项给沙巴州兴建或维修马路和桥梁。 邱博士说,如此一一点的“零用钱”,沙巴如何能够有更好的发展? 何况这个数额甚至不足够支付丹容亚路天桥的工程。

沙巴国阵州政府应努力为向联邦‘争取及要求’更多拨款给予沙巴州。 让丹容亚路天桥不再停工了。

KKIA heated passenger boarding waiting gallery

The Kota Kinabalu member of Parliament received complaints from annoying air line passengers in Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) while taking a flight to Kuala Lumpur. They were saying that the boarding gallery from Gate A1 to A5 is heated like an oven due to the hot direct sunlight. There is no shedding of any sort, and the passengers have to sit under the hot sun, being “baked” while waiting to board the aircraft. The air conditioning did not help much.

After inspected the situation in KKIA, it is true that the place is hot and the passengers have to bear with the uncomfortable heated condition caused by the direct sun. This happens daily from 2pm to until sun set. The glass fascia does not have any means of shedding from the hot sun.

Dr. Hiew views this situation as urgent and this is important not to make our foreign tourist and travelers to have a bad image and impression about Sabah and Malaysia. He hopes the Airport Authority (Malaysia Airport) will look into this matter immediately. The MP proposed to install some beautifully designed retractable shedding blinds which carry the local sceneries and graphic design, or the glass shall be dark tinted.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

Pic: Showing the direct sunlight heating up the waiting area.


亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士收到许多旅客的投诉,有关亚庇国际机场(KKIA)乘客候机室炎热的问题。他们说,从A1至A5闸门的侯机室处,由于面对炎热阳光的直射,就好像加热的烤箱一样。 该处没有任何遮阳的设备,乘客们只能坐在烈阳下被“烤”着等候登机。 而且该处的空调也没有多大的帮助。

邱博士视察亚庇国际机场的情况后说,发现该处实在是很热,在候机的乘客必须承受阳光直射造成炎热的不舒适。 每日从下午二时至太阳落山,乘客无法避免地要受到日晒。 该处的玻璃镜没有加上防晒的隔膜层。

邱博士认为马来西亚机场当局必须立即处理该情况,否则这会让外国游客和本地旅客对沙巴州和马来西亚有一个不好的印象。 邱氏希望机场管理层(马来西亚机场)立即认真研究这项问题。 邱议员建议安装一些设计精美及富有地方风情的自动伸缩性落地百叶窗在候机室处,或粘上一层防晒隔热膜使到该些玻璃窗暗色一点,以防止太阳光直接射入候机室。

Sijil Anak Negeri Sabah

Dr. Edwin Bosi

Sabah DAP Bureau Chief for Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries

Sijil Anak Negeri Sabah

When UMNO-BN assemblymen went to the offensive against the sole DAP’s Assemblyman Jimmy Wong in the Dewan for having a “sijil anak negeri Sabah” a certificate proving one to be a Native, little did they realize that they have opened a can of worms.

This certificate is unique to Sabah only. It allows an individual to claim a Native status through the Native Court by proving to the Court that he/she has a lineage or blood link to a Native parents, grandparents and forefather. Indeed, the panel of Native judge which comprises the District Officer, District Chief and one other Native Court judge will preside over the application, and upon been satisfied by the claimant the Court will issue the “Sijil Anak Negeri Sabah”.

The Chinese have a long and historical link with the Natives of Sabah (formerly North Borneo). There are numerous inter-marriages between the Chinese immigrants and Natives producing numerous Sino-Chinese. At one time, the “Paranakan” of Sabah, a body of people with “mixed blood” is well publicized. It is unfortunate that when a Chinese gets a “sijil anak negeri Sabah” it is accepted with suspicion. A “sijil anak negeri Sabah” is also given to non-Chinese (Filipino, Indian etc.) whose parents, grandparents and forefathers have Native blood. One must go back to the definition of a Native and then understand how and why those possessing the “sijil anak negeri Sabah” can be the “atypical” Sabahan.

It is reported that the issuance of the “sijil anak negeri Sabah” was frozen way back in 1982. The reason given then was the alleged “abuse” on the part of the Native Courts in Sabah in issuing the certificates to those who are not qualified. There was then a rumor that the late Tun Datu Mustapha’s political advisor from Kedah had a “sijil anak negeri Sabah”.

The “sijil anak negeri Sabah” is a valuable document. It affords the holder to buy and possess lands under Native titles. It gives them the “Bumiputra” tag which comes with such privilege as opening an ASB account. The common people of Sabah feel that the “new” bumiputras who are well endowed financially are in a better position to amass more wealth. It is because of this that the resentment becomes obvious.

Sabah DAP Bureau Chief for Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries, Dr. Edwin Bosi, has seen an interesting article in an internet portal “Sabahkini” under the title “Delima Sijil Anak Negeri Sabah” posted on 19th April 2009. This article gives a good account of how a Native certificate is issued and it also comes with a list of recipients too.

To Dr. Edwin, the “sijil anak negeri Sabah” once issued properly by the Native Court cannot be disputed. It is important that the BN government be transparent in pursuing the “sijil anak negeri Sabah” of YB Jimmy Wong. The BN government must publicize all the recipients of the Native certificates so that the people of Sabah can judge for themselves whether those holding the certificates are genuine. Dr. Edwin opinion that the “sijil anak negeri Sabah” should be de-freeze so that those who qualify can benefit (whatever it is) from being a Native of Sabah if they so desire. The applicants cannot be faulted. The Native Courts cannot be faulted for all those fake and false “sijil anak negeri Sabah” but the said Court needs to live up to the expectation of the Natives of Sabah.



该土著证书唯有在沙巴州才有。 这是允许一个人通过土著法庭申请并且证明他/她是有道道地地的土著祖先,家族或血脉。 该项证书首先向土著法庭申请,并与地区县官,行政官和另外一个土著法庭的法官审查该项申请,当一切申请都符合条件,该法庭就会签发‘土著证书’给申请人。

本州的华裔与沙巴州(原名北婆罗洲)的土著又着很深的历史渊源。 其实有许多中国的华裔移民和当地土著通婚,曾经有一段时间造成许多‘土生土长的沙巴华裔混血儿’。 不幸的是该些获得‘土著证书’的华裔如今却遭受到怀疑。 此外该土著证书也有发给非华裔如菲律宾,印尼,西马和印度人等,当其中的父母,祖父母或祖先有土著的血统。 我们必须回到该证书的原本定义,然后才明白如何及为什么能够获得该土著证书并成为有“另一种身份”的沙巴人。

根据报道,该土著证书已经在一九八二年被冻结及禁止分发。当时的理由是涉嫌“滥用沙巴土著法庭”分发该证书给那些不符合资格的申请者。 当时也有传言说,来自吉打州的已故敦拿督穆达法的政治顾问也拥有一张沙巴土著证书,甚至于多位政界人士。

该沙巴土著证书是一份有价值的文件。 使持有该证书的人可以购买和拥有土著土地。 这给他们带来‘土著’的标签而可以得到特别优惠如开ASB的户口。 沙巴老百姓认为表现良好的‘新’土著在经济上会比本地人聚敛更多的财富。 因为这一点导致我们不满情绪变得明显。


艾德温医生认为,该土著证书一旦由土著法院发出后是不能被质疑的。重要的是国阵政府当针对黄仕平土著证书的调查时,必须透明和公正的进行。 同时国阵政府也必须展示所有申请该证书的名单,让沙巴人民能够自行判断持有该证书的真实性。 艾德温医生认为,该土著证书应当取消冻结,让那些符合该申请条件的沙巴原住民能够得到应有的权益。 因此是不能指责该申请人,而且更不能指责土著法院有关‘伪土著证书的事件’,但该土著法院的行政需要加强以达到沙巴原住民的期望。

Agriculture to get Sabah natives out of poverty

Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman had made two announcements that particularly merit our attention. In the Borneo Post November 12th, 2009 the CM mentioned of the RM44.2 million debt write-off for local authorities and converting it into grants. On 14th November 2009 and in the same newspaper, Datuk Musa announced a budget for RM2.268 billion for development. A total of RM968 million is allocated for infrastructure and communications while RM117.50 million is for the agriculture sector.

After so many years under BN, the Chief Minister continues to allocate so much for infrastructure and communication. By right, the infrastructure and communication should be in place long time ago. What were our BN politicians doing when they were in West Malaysia? How is it that they did not notice the rapid infrastructure and communication development there? What we are observing in Sabah now is the famous and obvious infrastructure development that is the re-sealing of roads in the urban areas. We are likely to observe re-sealing been done on the same stretch several times! This is money wasted. Rightly, the 2010 budget should now be more focused on agriculture.

Sabah is rich in natural resources. Sabah’s gas and oil bring in billions of revenue to the country. Unfortunately, Sabah gets only a miserable 5% of it from Petronas. Revenue from our forest has slide down drastically. We can see many fully laden logging trucks plying along the Sapulut-Keningau road and the Sapulut-Kalabkan road. If logging licenses are still issued out and logging is not conducted according to RIL protocol, then we can kiss our forest goodbye.

The impact of logging is extreme. The rivers will turn into “Milo” and water supply will be affected and expensive to treat. The sediments will settle on the coral and snuff them. Marine life will be dead. Wild animals will lose their cover, shelter, refuge, feeding and nesting ground. They become easy target for poachers. Human-animal conflict develops and the human-wild animal proximity may lead to the emergence of new fatal diseases. The chain of event will finally proclaim a loser, the human race. Ironically, it is human that started it.

The re-forestation program is struggling and there is nothing to be proud off or to show off. Very soon we will need “kaki lima” sales men to promote our nature. To me selling our virgin jungles and wild animals as tourism products will be tantamount to “cheating” the tourists. It will not take long before we realize the trickling number of visitors entering our country.

Dr. Edwin has seen poverty at its worse amongst Sabah’s native in its rural setting. A five ringgit note means so much to them. Give them 10 ringgit and you can see the joy in their face. However, despite being devoid of cash, they are hard working by toiling the land so that they have enough to eat. The stomach comes first. They are masters of shifting cultivation which they consider a tradition and therefore, legal. The natives have applied for land but approval seems never to come. They are banging on the Native Customary Rights (NCR) to give them a legal hold on the land they have toiled for ages. Even this NCR is unable to withstand the onslaught of the rich, influential and powerful individuals who can acquire the said land. There are many examples and the fight between the natives and powerful individuals continues.

It is therefore not surprising why the BN government is been perceived as deliberately keeping the rural natives in the state of poverty and dependency. With their huge source of fund, the BN continues to get the support of the rural voters who return it to power in almost every election.

This is the 21st century and Dr. Edwin would like to believe that the rural voters are out of the coconut shells. He cannot imagine why they should continue to return BN to power after failing to address their land applications, identification and citizenship, socio-economic wellbeing, health and education and basic infrastructure. He think the BN government is still taking the rural natives for granted.

There is no doubt a Pakatan Rakyat government can do better. This is because it is aware and understands the problems. However, Pakatan Rakyat must first select the best qualified and credible candidates. The government needs a team of qualified Ministers and Assistant Ministers to spearhead the various Ministries and semi-government bodies. Under a Pakatan Rakyat government the civil service must be reformed. They have to move with the government of the day. They must assist the government to plan and implement projects that are beneficial to the people and country. Like the politicians, the people in the civil service must be highly qualified, committed, dedicated and responsible to their job.

For example, the local authorities must be managed by a good team so that taxpayer money will not be wasted. There will be no such thing as debt write-off. The Land & Survey department will have to buck up. The natives should quickly get their land so that they can toil them properly. With a title in hand, farmers can obtain financial loan from the financial institutions. The agriculture extension program will be top priority. They must be in the field with the farmers. Commercial-scale agriculture will be encouraged. The grazing reserves must be developed for livestock production instead of serving as collateral for other projects. Aqua-culture will be accelerated. We want to be self-sufficient in food and to export the surplus. We want to see that the farming community becomes a lucrative business.

The Pakatan Rakyat government must see that the basic infrastructure such as road, water and electricity are in place for the rural people. Those having identification and citizenship issue will be quickly attended to. The Native Court must be institutionalize and become part and parcel of our judiciary system. This Court must help the natives to get their Mycard and so forth. The social welfare department will be revamped and be pro-active so that the elderly and disable will be looked after. School and health clinic are going to be a permanent and important landscape in the rural areas. A Pakatan Rakyat government must be concern about the safety of the citizens. The necessary security apparatus must be in place. Above all, the PR government will go all out to empower the people especially the rural people so that they will be self-reliant and productive so that Sabah and Malaysia will move forward.

Dr. Edwin Bosi

Bureau Chief for Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries


沙巴州首席部长拿督穆萨阿曼已作了两项声明说,特别值得我们注意。 根据2009年11月12日婆罗洲邮报首席部长提到的地方当局约马币四千四百二十万的债务将被注销并且将会转化为赠款。 在11月14日2009年同一家报纸,拿督慕沙宣布了马币2.268亿的发展预算。 政府将拨出马币九亿六千八百万用于基础设施和通讯,同时拨给农业的款额则是马币一亿一千七百五十万。

经过国阵执政那么多年,首席部长仍然继续为基础设施和通讯分配拨款。 其实,基础设施和通讯应在很久以前就应该被提升了。 到底本州的国阵的政治人士在西马在做什么?他们怎么没有注意到基础设施和通讯的发展呢? 在沙巴州很明显的观察到,修铺和沥青市区道路的基础设施建设。 我们可以看到一道马路不断在同一个时期内重复地进行几次的沥青! 这是在浪费人民的金钱。 在二零一零年的预算中,现在应该更集中于农业发展。

沙巴拥有丰富的天然资源。沙巴的天然气和石油带给我国的收入有数十亿马币。 不幸的是,沙巴州从马来西亚国家石油公司得到的是只有可怜的5%税收。 此外我们的森林收入已大幅下滑,可以看到很多大卡车满载伐木在沙布鲁-根地咬路(Sapulut-Keningau road) 和沙布鲁-卡拉干路 (Sapulut-Kalabkan road)上行驶。 如果政府仍然分发采伐许可证及没有按照RIL规则的进行记录,那么我们可以向我们的森林告别了。

该项非法伐木带来的影响是非常大,河流会变成‘黄泥水’,供水就受到影响,到时必须采用昂贵的清水处理技术来提供清水。 从河流出大海的沉渣会影响珊瑚的成长,这将导致海洋生物的死亡。 野生动物将失去它们的掩护,避难及觅食处和栖息地。它们很容易成为猎者的目标。 人与动物间的冲突,及人类,野生动物的接触可能导致新的致命疾病的出现。 在这情况下,最终宣布人类将面对痛苦。 最具有讽刺的是这一切是人类所引起的。

当局推动的重造林计划根本没有什么值得骄傲或者炫耀。 我们很快就会需要站在街边的五加基营销我们的大自然。 到那时销售我们的原生森林和野生动物旅游产品将等于向游客“作弊”。不会需要很长时间就会发现来我国的游客人数将会逐渐的减少。

艾德温医生曾看到在沙巴州贫困的农村恶化环境。 马币五令吉对他们来说很重要,如果给他们十令吉就可以看到他们脸上的喜悦。 然而尽管缺乏现金,他们辛勤的耕种土地,好使他们有足够的食物。 民以食为天。 他们努力的耕种并认为是他们传统文化,因此他们是土地的主人。 然而当地人申请审批土地时却面对迟迟没有被批准。 他们向土著法院(NCR)申请批准他们代代辛勤的耕种的土地。 可悲的是即使是土著法院(NCR)无法让他们能够取得该申请的土地。 有许多例子可以看到土著和当权者之间仍在继续的战斗着。

因此,毫不奇怪为什么国阵政府故意保持农村处在贫困里,以便人民必须不断地依赖州政府。 由于其巨大的资金来源,国阵继续得到农村选民的支持以赢得每一次的大选。

现在进入了二十一世纪,艾德温医生相信,农村的选民不再是无知的一群。 他无法理解为何还要继续支持国阵,至今国阵仍然未能解决他们土著的土地申请,公民权,社会和经济福利,卫生和基础设施,教育和基本权益等等问题。 他对国阵政府不断的在欺骗单纯的土著感到不满。

毫无疑问若是民联来执政,以上的问题可以做的更好。 这是因为民联知道和理解问题的所在。 然而,民联必须首先选择最合格和可信的候选人。 政府需要合格的部长和助理部长,来领导各部门和半官方机构。若民联执政,首先政府部门的公务员必须进行改革。 他们必须与政府有一致的步伐。 他们必须协助政府规划和实施各项有利于人民和国家的工程和计划。 政府的公务员必须要有高素质,热诚和有责任感的人。

例如地方当局必须由是优秀的团队,使到纳税人的钱不会白白的被浪费,也不会有像债务撤销的事件。土地和测量部门必须重组振作。土著希望尽快得到他们的土地,使到他们能够拥有自己的土地。 拥有土地契在手,农民可以从金融机构得到贷款。 此外当局必须优先推广农业的项目,同时必须与农民有很好的联系。 农业商机必须受到鼓励,保留地应该用于畜养或畜牧发展,而不是作为其他的发展工程。 必须提升水产养殖。我们希望能够达到我国粮食自足自给并且能够出口。 同时也希望看到农业能够变成赚钱的行业。

民联政府必须为农村居民提供完善的道路,电水供和基础设施。 申请身份和国籍问题也必须迅速的处理。土著法院必须制度化并成为司法系统的一部分。 该土著法院必须帮助当地人得到他们的Mycard及其他问题等。 社会福利必须要改进,使到乐龄人士有得到照顾。农村地区必须兴建学校和医疗诊所。民联政府需要确保人民的安全,因此必须要建设完善的安全设备。 最重要的事民联政府将全力以赴,特别是协助农村人民,让他们能够自力更生和提高生产,使沙巴和马来西亚向前迈进。

Friday, 20 November 2009

New Beaufort Bridge across Padas River

The existing bridge crossing over the Padas River in Beaufort is no longer capable of handling and catering for the increasing traffic flow. This is the only bridge crossing the river and linking Beaufort to Sipitang, Sindumin and to Sarawak. The daily traffic jam is caused by the narrow width of this old bridge, especially for the heavy and large body trucks find it dangerous and difficult to pass through the bridge.

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu today asked the Minister of Works in the Parliament during the question and answer time on where and when will the second Beaufort bridge crossing the Padas River be built and ready for use. He also asked whether the old bridge will be upgraded.

The answer from the Ministry of Works quoted that the new location for the second bridge in Beaufort is located at KM 97.08 Federal Highway from Kota Kinabalu to Sindumin. The 200 meter long new bridge is using the “Balance Cantilever pre-stress Box girder” system of construction. It has commenced work on the 17th September 2009 and expected to be completed on the 31st December 2010, with a total cost of RM 28.5 million. The funding of this project is under the Special allocation packet from the second economy stimulus plan.

When this second bridge is completed, the link and system of the Federal highway will be completed and will not face any cut-off. The safety and the daily activities of all the road users, especially the local folks, the tourist from Sarawak and Brunei on their way to Kota Kinabalu will be very much improved with the new bridge.

As for the existing old bridge which is only 1.8 kilometer away from the new second bridge, shall be maintained by the Ministry of Works as an alternative way for crossing the Padas River in the future. The second bridge shall be completed first and the upgrading work will then be carried out on the old bridge under the 10th Malaysia Plan, if the allocation is approved for this purpose.

Dr. Hiew further asked the Minister in the additional verbal question, on the possibility to include a special additional lane on the new second bridge for the railroad to cross in the future connecting Beaufort to Sipitang, Sindumin and eventually to Sarawak.

The reply indicated that the government had finalized the design and had started on the construction work. If any future plans for the North-south Trans-Borneo railroad is going to be built, then a bridge for the railroad will have to be built separately.

Dr. Hiew commented that the reply is satisfactory, and he hopes the building of the second bridge will go on as scheduled. The government should immediately to draw up plans to provide railroad link from Beaufort to Sipitang, Sindumin and eventually linking to Sarawak proper. There are lots more cargo and passengers on this route once completed when compared to the line to Tenom which cost the government RM 400 million to upgrade.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP


位于保佛唯一横跨巴达士河的旧桥连接士必当(Sipitang),新都明(Sindumin)和前往砂捞越,现在已经不能够再承受每天的交通流量 。 这是由于该旧桥太狭窄,造成车主每天必须面对交通阻塞,特别是针对重型或大型的卡车通过桥梁时,会面对危险和困难。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士今天在国会询问公共工程部部长该项问题,并要部长详述横贯巴达士河的保佛新第二大桥的兴建工程的开工日期和其地点,及何时可以完工。 同时他还询问该旧桥是否将会被提升和维修。

公共工程部部长回答说,保佛第二座大桥的新地点是处于从亚庇到新都明(Sindumin) 97.08公里的联邦大道。 该项200公尺长的新大桥将会使用‘平衡悬臂预应力箱梁’的建设系统。 该项工程在2009年9月17日已开始动工,预计于2010年12月31日完成,耗费马币两千八百五十万。 该项工程的资金是第二个经济刺激计划的特别拨款。

当第二座大桥落成后,连接联邦公路系统将完成并且不会遇到任何交通断切的问题。 所有日常道路使用者可以安全使用,特别是当地的居民,从砂捞越和汶莱的游客要前往亚庇市的路线将会有很大的改善。

至于离开新大桥约1.8公里的旧桥,工程部将会保留作为以后过河的另一个途径。 如果拨款的分配通过,第二座新桥应首先竣工后,旧桥的提升工作将随后根据第十大马计划而进行。


部长回答表示,该大桥设计已完成,并已开始建设的工作。 如果任何未来计划要兴建南北贯通的铁路,该铁路大桥将要分开兴建。

邱博士说部长的回答令人满意,他希望保佛的第二大桥将继续按计划进行兴建。 政府同时也应该立即制订计划,提供保佛,士必当,新都明和砂捞越的连接贯通铁路。若与政府能耗费四亿马币提升亚庇通往丹南的铁路,更加应该拨款兴建该处的铁路,因为保佛通路将会是非常繁忙的交通要道。

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Serious month-long foul sewerage pollution at bus stand in Merdaka Padang KK

The bus operators, commuters, tourists and the general public at the bus stand in the KK Merdaka Padang are very angry towards the situation of the foul sewerage and its waste water being pumped to overflow in the road surface, pedestrian walkway and drains in the area. According to the people there, the situation is already a month long issue and it will go on for a longer period if no action is taken to solve the sewerage overflow problem.

The Kota Kinabalu MP Hiew King Cheu was called to attend to their complaint early this morning to inspect the situation on site. A big crowd of people gathered to stage their anger. They said this situation is intolerable. This is worst especially when the temporary pump that was installed to pump automatically when the manhole is overflowing. The raw sewerage (gold bars) and foul water (perfume) are splashed all over the road and overflow from the road side drain. Many mini buses and people were caught in the shower of “perfume” and the “gold bars” got into buses parked nearby. Many tourists complained to the bus operators and one Japanese tourist who stepped into the pool of “shit” had scolded loudly in public.

Hiew immediately conducted the DBKK sewerage section person-in-charge to enquire on the situation. He was informed that the sewer pipe in the area has a serious breakage and the system is malfunctioning. The temporary sewerage pump was installed to pump the sewerage water to the drain to reduce the overflow. They said they will have to dig up a long portion of the sewer pipe to make the necessary repair and replacement. The work is scheduled to commence soon next week. They apologized for the inconvenience caused.

In the cases like this, Hiew said the situation should be dealt with immediately because this involved the public safety, hygiene and health, impact on tourism, and the beautiful Sabah image spoiled. I have instructed the DBKK to immediately act on the foul situation and to have no further delay to make good. The MP office will monitor the progress at all times.

On the BN government’s “Key Performance Index (KPI)”, what is the rating on DBKK and the Sabah chief minister and his ministers? Do they score high marks, may be the general public can be their best judge on this KPI rating. The people in the KK town padang don’t think they will give them any high marks the KPI.

Hiew King Cheu. KK MP

Pic: Hiew inspecting the sewerage overflow problem with complainers in KK town padang.



亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士接到他们的投诉后,今天清晨亲自前往视察该情况。 大群人聚集在该处向邱议员表示他们的不满。 他们说不能再容忍这种情况。 临时安装的抽水泵自动操作的时候,最糟糕的情况是污水满溢,造成污水管的污秽物和污水都流溢到路面和路旁的排水沟,发出恶劣的臭味。 停泊在附近的巴士及许多人士都会不小心踏入一池的“香水”和 “金条”里 。 许多游客都抱怨及一位日本游客不小心踏入“一滩污水”时,当众大骂。

邱博士立即联络亚庇市政厅负责污水管理的负责人及查询有关情况。他被告知,该地区的污水管道已经严重遭受破损,该排污已系统出现故障。 当局已经安装临时的排污泵在该处以减少污水的溢出。 他们说,他们必须挖掘该污水管道进行必要的维修和更换,而该工程将定于本周即将展开。 当局对该处带来的不便致上万二份的歉意。

邱博士说在这样的情况下,当局应该立即处理,因为这涉及公众安全,卫生和健康,以及对旅游业的影响和大大的破坏了沙巴州美丽的形象。 邱博士已指示亚庇市政厅立即采取维修行动,并不要再延误。 亚庇国会议员办事处将跟进该维修工程的进度。

针对国阵政府的“工作效力评价指标(KPI)”,亚庇市政厅和沙巴首席部长及他的部长们是什么的评级? 他们会得到高的评分吗? 也许亚庇市民可以在这个‘工作效力评价指标’做出最佳判断。 相信亚庇市独立草场的市民们,不会给当局很高的评价了。

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Clean Coal Technology-how clean?

On the 4th November 2009, Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu asked the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water on whether the government can guarantee there is no hazardous pollution from the proposed Coal-fire power Station in Sahabat, Lahad Datu, and to state any positive steps taken to control the potential pollution threats, and how?

The reply from the Ministry stated that the government will take into serious consideration the various aspects that will affect the environment arising from development projects, especially those involving the coal-fire power station which is using a “clean coal technology”. All these are under the strict control and monitoring of the Jabatan Alam Sekitar (JAS). The Coal-fire power plant will not be exempted from the strict guide line set down by the department.

The reply stated that all preventative measure will be taken for minimum pollution, like using the ‘electrostatic precipitator’ for the dust extraction up to 99.7% through the burning of coal that is released to the atmosphere. As for the flue gas desulphurization or the sulfur content extraction unit will be deployed to ensure the sulfur level is under control from the burning of the coal, and the ‘Low Nox Burner’ will be used to control the Nitrogen Oksida (NOX).

The sea water and fresh water used in the coal plant operation is affirmed by the JAS for its safety and will cause no pollution. There is also the installation of ‘air quality monitoring stations’ in the area to ensure the air quality is safe. JAS will ensure all these are complied and implemented in the strict order.

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament, Dr. Hiew said that all the measures as mentioned by the Minister and JAS are standard coal plant pollution control devices used all over the world for many years. All these measures can not guarantee 100% on the environmental harm, worst when coupled with human factors/errors and mismanagement. With the strict pollution control, can the government guarantee all these will be adhered to?

Hiew had raised in Parliament to the Minister Datuk Chin Fah Kui on why the government insisted on using the coal-fire power plant in Sabah, while there are so many other alternatives like the Hydro and solar energy, and even to bring in the power generated from Bakun Dam. It is not logical just to send power to Johor through a 1,500 km under sea cable, and not sending it to Sabah, just for a 760 km cable above ground. The minister answered that, it is basically on economical ground not viable. The minister also said that on the proposal on (Liwagu) and (Upper Padas) hydro power generation project have been looked into, and the earliest completion date is 2017.

Dr. Hiew urged the government to look into the power woes immediately in Sabah seriously, and do not put Sabah into further hardship and suffering.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP


2009年11月4日,亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士在国会询问能源,绿色科技和水务部部长,是否能够保证计划要在拿笃沙哈拔 (Sahabat, Lahad Datu) 将兴建的燃煤发电厂会不会有污染环境的问题,以及政府将如何采取控制污染的潜在威胁及如何积极推动该项步骤?

部长回答说,政府将会认真考虑各个方面将会造成环境污染影响的工程,特别是涉及燃煤发电站,并且将会使用“清洁燃煤技术”。 所有这些都是在环境局(JAS)严格的控制和监督。 燃煤发电站必须按照该部门的严格条规下运行不得豁免。

此外他也回答说,所采用的预防措施就是把污染问题降到最低,使用“除尘高达99.7%的静电除尘器”把燃烧煤炭而释放到大气层的有害烟气及尘埃除掉。 此外将装置脱硫或抽提硫的萃取器,以确保和控制燃煤所燃烧出来的烟雾,以及使用“低燃烧器” (Low Nox Burner)来控制氮气体的释放。

海水和淡水运用于燃煤发电厂的运作,部长和环境局将确保及肯定其安全并不会造成任何海水及河流的污染。 此外该地区将安装多个“空气质素监测站”,以确保空气素质的安全。 环境局将确保所有规则将严格的遵守和执行。

亚庇国会议员邱博士说,由部长和环境局所提的一切环保措施,是燃煤发电厂标准的污染控制装置,而且世界各地也使用了许多年。这些措施是不能100%保证对环境没有污染及损害,如果加上严重的人为因素/失误和管理不当,污染情况更加会不堪设想。 这些严格的污染控制,政府能否保证将严格的遵守和执行?这也是人民所担忧的。

邱博士在国会议会中也向部长拿督陈华贵提出了关于为何政府坚持在沙巴州使用燃煤发电厂,尤其是还有其他的代替品如水力发电和太阳能等,甚至还可以利用由巴贡水坝(Bakun Dam)传来的电力。 政府将通过海底约一千五百公里的电缆传电到柔佛州,而不把电力传送给沙巴州,这似乎不符合逻辑,而巴贡水坝到沙巴的地面电缆只有七百六十公里长。 部长回答说那是基于经济上问题而不可行。 部长还表示,关于兴建里瓦古(Liwagu)和必打士上游 (Upper Padas)的水电发站的建议已经完成,并会将于2017年里竣工。


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

New Reward System for Civil Servants

Malaysia Prime Minister said government will introduce new reward system to motivate civil servants and inculcate the culture of high performance in the public sector (Borneo Post, 3rd November 2009).

The Malaysian civil service is the most prestigious organization and many are praying that they can be recruited into the service. The urge to be part of the Malaysian civil service is real however, there is a perception that it is a domain of the Malays and Muslims only.

Once you join the civil service you are among the elites. It is not easy to terminate your service even if you do not come to work for months. Dr. Edwin Bosi has experienced this matter during his stint in the civil service. We followed the book when dealing with this staff. In his defense, he criticized the administration of his immediate superior for being uncaring towards the staff welfare. He was reinstated instead of been given the boot. Such is the situation in the Sabah civil service.

The Sabah Civil Service (SCS) is unique. The administration is basically British style. However, there are so many changes. One good example is the Conservator of Forest is now called the Director of Forestry. The scheme of service was very British too. For example, the Senior Veterinary Officer (SVO) must be a qualified veterinarian who will assume the post of Director of Veterinary Services. It takes 5 long academic years (in some universities it is 6 years) to become a qualified veterinarian.

Sabah is the only State which has a non-veterinarian as Director of the Veterinary Services. This happened when the scheme of service was changed allowing non-veterinarian to sit as Director of the Department. This is very unfair. A non-veterinarian takes only 3 years to get a Bachelor Degree, and he will be appointed as Research Officer (RO) of the Veterinary Department. This RO will be promoted to Senior RO and becomes the Director of the Veterinary Department.

There are many highly technical departments in Sabah such as JKR, Drainage & Irrigation, Agriculture, Veterinary, Fisheries, Wildlife, Forestry, Town Planning to name a few. These departments require highly trained and technical individuals. Everyone can become an administrator of departments.

It is thus very important that the government looks at this matter seriously. Look at the poor performance of the Veterinary Department. According to its 2004 Annual Report, Sabah is only 1% self-sufficient in beef. For years since 1980, the Department’s target was 40% self-sufficient.

The key to inculcating high performance in the civil service is to attract the best brain and the best qualified individuals for the job. A highly qualified boss will not be worried of been overtaken or undermine by his subordinates. In fact, a confident and qualified boss will go further by ensuring that his supporting staff is highly qualified and motivated. When the management team is qualified and motivated, there will be less “errors” when implementing the tasks while producing extremely high quality plans.



马来西亚公务员是最受欢迎的职位, 每一位公民都渴望成为马来西亚公务员,他们都希望能够获得录取,但是,似乎该职位只留给马来人和穆斯林人士而已。

一旦加入公务员就是如拥有了铁饭碗。 即使几个月不来上班,也不会遭受到职位被终止。 艾德温博西医生曾经是一位公务员,所以很了解。 面对任何人或处理任何事,他们都是遵循书上的规则而做。 面对忽视时会批评顶头上司对员工的福利漠不关心。复职时就会不关己事的心态。 这就是在沙巴州公务员的实情。

沙巴州公务员(SCS)是独一无二的一群。他们基本的行政是属英式。但是如有许多多的变化,一个很好的例子就是,森林管理负责人现在被称为林业主任。 该服务系统也是非常英式。例如,高级兽医师(SVO)必须是合格的兽医并且将担任兽医总监职位。 要成为一个合格的兽医就需要攻读五年大学(在某些大学则需要六年)。

沙巴州是唯一州属是由非兽医者来担任兽医总监。 这件事会如此是因为系统改变了,因此就允许非兽医出任该部的主任。这是非常不公平的事。 非兽医只需要3年就获得学士学位,然后他将被任职于兽医部门的研究主任(RO)。 这位研究主任过后将晋升为高级主任,最后成为兽医处总监。

在沙巴有许多技术性的部门如工务局,灌溉,农业,兽医,渔业,野生动物,林业,城市规划等部门。这些部门需要训练有素的专业人士来担任该职位。 然而现在每个人都可以成为其部门的主任。

政府在这件事上必须要严格的看待。 因为我们可以看到兽医部的表现是如此不佳。 在1980年该部门计划我国肉类可以自给自足,而其目标高达40%, 但根据其2004年的报告,沙巴州只有1%。

为了达到公务员能够有更好的工作效力,主要的关键是要吸引最优秀和最合格的人选。一位高素质的上司不会担心被会下属超越或被削弱。事实上,一个又自信及合格的上司将进一步支持及提高他的工作伙伴素质和积极态度。 当一个积极又素质高的管理团,会比较少犯上“错误”,而且在执行任务的时候,会提供和策划优质及妥善的计划。

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sabahans are breeding like rabbits

When Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya merged to form Malaysia, Sabah contributed about a third of the land mass. It was reported that the population of Sabah in 1947 was 320,500 and in 2000 it was 2,449,389. The average national growth rate is about 3.2%. In Sabah, there are spikes in the population growth rate that merit attention. These growth rates which were of interest are 1971 – 1975 (6.3%), 1976 – 1980 (4.4%), 1980 – 1991 (5.69%), 1986 – 1988 (3.4%), 1988 – 1995 (3.4%) and 1991 – 1995 (5.5%).

It is interesting to analyst the “breeding” pattern of Sabahans. During the USNO era (1963 – 1975) there was sudden surged in breeding activity especially between 1971-1975. The growth rate then was reported a staggering 6.3%. It was during this time there was an arm conflict in the southern Philippines. The influx of refugees into Sabah may be the reason behind the sharp upward spike.

The Berjaya era came from 1976 – 1985. Again there was a surge in population growth, above 4%. The conflict in southern Philippines continued and more refugees streamed into Sabah.

The PBS era came from 1985 – 1995 and the growth rate was about 3.4%. However, in 1991-1995, the growth rate was registered at 5.5%. During this period there was no more arm conflict in the southern Philippines. However, there was a huge increase in the number of Indonesians working in the oil palm plantations. This could be the reason for the sudden increase in population of Sabah.

In 1931 Sarawak population was about 600000 and in 2000, there are about 2 millions Sarawakians. Sabah started with 270233 (1931) and shot up to 2.4 millions in 2000. In 2003, Sabah’s population stood at about 2.8 millions an increase of about 400000 within three years!

Sabah’s population growth rate is about twice higher than the national average. The influx of refugees from southern Philippines and the recruitment of thousands of Indonesians in the oil palm industry may have contributed to such a fast growing population.

These immigrants are properly separated from the local Sabahans by means of special identification papers. They should remain non-Sabahans in the population census. On the contrary, Sabahans are multiplying like rabbits.

Immigrants must realize that they are wanted and welcome in Sabah, to help Sabah progress economically and that Sabahans know this. Sabahans are just not happy when they (immigrants) are legalized without going through the proper procedure. Ironically, there are still so many Sabahans with red ICs.

Lately, people like M. D. Mutalib and Hassnar Ibrahim have come forward publicly to reveal the activity of the government in issuing legal cards to these immigrants. They have spoken openly even to the extent of writing books about Project IC and Project M. These illegally legalized immigrants are believed to have now registered as voters.

Sabahans are concerned about this matter. SAPP has recommended that a re-registration of the people of Sabah to be undertaken when it comes to power. It wants to weed out all those illegal who have been legalized. SAPP also wants to introduce a special identification card for immigrants. While SAPP’s intention is worthy of support, the party needs the support of the Federal government to be able to implement the exercise. First, SAPP cannot form the Federal government. A SAPP-government in Sabah will face the same fate as PBS and Datuk Yong Teck Lee knows this fact. On the other hand, a Pakatan Rakyat government in Sabah and at Federal level can undertake such exercise.

The two-party system is fast evolving in Malaysia. It will be between Pakatan Rakyat and BN. The people will have a choice. A Pakatan Rakyat government will bring reform to the government and administrative system. A Pakatan Rakyat government will uphold the separation of powers between the executive, judiciary and government. Once this separation becomes a reality, everything will fall into place nicely. This is the way forward for Malaysia.

BY : Dr. Edwin Bosi, Penampang DAP


当沙巴州,砂拉越州和马来亚合并组成马来西亚,沙巴贡献约土地面积的三分之一。 根据报道沙巴州在1947年的人口是三十二万零五百,到了2000年增加到两百四十四万九千三八十九,既是全国平均增长率约3.2%。 在沙巴州,该人口增长率急升值得被关注。 最感兴趣的增长率如下:在1971至 1975年(6.3%),76年至80年(4.4%),1980年至1991年(5.69%),1986年至1988年(3.4%),1988年至1995年 (3.4%)和1991年至1995年(5.5%)。

很有趣的是在分析沙巴州人口的“繁殖”模式。 在巫统时代(1963 - 1975)有人口突然飙升的现象,特别是在1971-1975年之间。 当时报道这项增长率高达6.3%,相当的惊人。在这个时候正是出现在菲律宾南部武装的冲突事件。大批的难民涌入了沙巴州,这可能引起突急增长的背后原因。

在1976年至1985年的人民党时代,人口再一次的暴增高达4%以上。 当时菲律宾南部的冲突依然持续着,更多的难民涌入沙巴州。

在1985至1995年的沙巴团结党时代(PBS era),人口增长率约3.4%。 在1991-1995年的增长率为5.5%,在这期间,并没有发生菲律宾南部武装的冲突事件。 然而油棕种植园的印尼工人的人数大幅的增加。 这可能就是导致沙巴人口突然增加的原因了。

在1931年砂劳越的人口约有六十万,到了2000年,大约有两百万的砂劳越人。沙巴州开始时有二十七万零两百三十三人口(1931),之后在2000年突升高达2.4%。 在2003年,沙巴州的人口大约为两百八十万人,在三年内增加了约四十万的人口!



外来移民必须明白沙巴是欢迎和接受他们的,因为这可以帮助沙巴在经济上进步,而且沙巴人也知道这一点。 但是沙巴人不开心的是他们(移民)的没有通过正当手续就能够得到合法的公民权。 具有讽刺意味的是,既然还有这么多道道地地的沙巴人却还在使用红色身份证。

最近,慕达立(M. D. Mutalib)和哈士纳易卜拉欣(Hassnar Ibrahim)公开揭露出政府发出证卡给这些移民。 他们甚至公开发言说将出书写述有关申请身份证计划和Dr. M计划,这让非法移民合法化,并且可能现在已登记为选民了。

沙巴人非常关注此事。 沙巴进步党建议重新展开沙巴人口登记,好让他们能确保真正的人口数字。此外他们要淘汰所有已得到合法的非法移民。 进步党还希望发给移民的特别身份证。 进步党的意念是值得支持的,而且该党需要联邦政府的支持,以便能够实施该项工作。 事实上,进步党是无法成为联邦政府,此外他们在沙巴州将会面对沙巴团结党和拿督杨德利同样的命运。 然而相反的,唯有民联执政的沙巴州政府和联邦可以进行和推动这项计划。

这两党制民联政府能够领导马来西亚趋向快速发展。 民联和国阵之间,人民只有一个选择。民联政府将改革之前政府的腐败行政制度,同时民联政府将坚持行政,司法和执政的分别治权制。当该分别治权制一旦落成,一切将如水到渠成,这是马来西亚的未来进步的趋向。