Friday, 29 January 2010

Roadside grass needed clearing immediately 伊拉迈立(Iramanis)路边草需要清除

Sabah DAP Sepanggar Parliamentary branch chairman Jeffrey Kumin today received public complaints concerning the uncut long messy grass on all the pedestrian walkway around S.K. Mutiara near the Iramanis housing estate.

The inspection confirmed the public complaint as valid, and the pedestrian walkways are covered with long grass making it impassible to pedestrian especially the school kids who have to walk on the road risking being knocked down by cars. The grass around this area seems uncut for a long time and may be DBKK had totally forgotten about this area. This is a resident area with some beautiful houses, but the environment is totally spoiled by the uncut ugly messy grass.

To this effect, Jeffrey Kumin also wants to remind the Inanam PKR (People Development Leader) Alaska Alasa to take particular attention to this area and take action on the problems. It is his job to bring up the various matters needed action, and don’t wait until public got angry. He is drawing government salary and should perform his duty as expected. There are plenty dirty drains, garbage, bad roads, dirty night markets, illegal cigarettes and gum sucking in Inanam, why the Inanam PKR did not notice all these?

Jeffrey commented on why we have to pay to engage a PKR whereby we see no action and positive work done from such a person? The BN government system of engaging the PKR is to create a post for rewarding a particular person who had helped the party in election or in some other ways just to take care their man using public money. This is a waste of public fund, and we see no effective result. This BN government PKR system can be abolished and saved lots of public fund.

Jeffrey Kumin.

Pic: The long grass on the pedestrian walkway near S.K. Mutiara, Iramanis.


沙巴民主行动党实邦加(Sepangar)国会支部主席杰菲利古明今天接到民众的投诉,有关于在伊拉迈立(Iramanis)S.K. Mutiara附近行人道上过高的灌丛野草,当局没有进行清理割除的工作


杰菲利古明要提醒下南南人民发展领袖,阿拉斯加阿拉萨(Alaska Alasa)注意该区,并且采取行动清理该处的野草。 处理和解决下南南各区的问题是他的工作,不要等到公众生气和不满才来采取行动。 他是领政府的薪金,因此应该履行其职责。在下南南有许多肮脏的排水沟,垃圾,坏的马路,肮脏的夜市,非法香烟,吸强力胶者,为什么身为下南南人民发展领袖的他却没有注意到这些问题?

杰菲利指出国阵政府委任人民发展领袖,却没有看到他们有积极工作来为民服务呢? 国阵政府成立人民发展领袖的职位纯粹是为了奖赏曾经在竞选期间帮助国阵的人士。他们用人民的钱来照顾他们的自己人,这是浪费人民的纳税钱,而该些人并没有确实的效能。 国阵政府所设立的人民发展领袖职位应该被取消,免得浪费公款。

Pork should be allowed import 应该允许猪肉进口

Sabah Deputy Chief Minister-cum-Agriculture Minister Datuk Yahya Hussin said it is not time to import pork (Borneo Post, 29th January 2010). The question is when? Now we are facing shortage of pigs and the price is escalating very fast too. The demand for pork is high and it will higher during this coming Chinese New Year.

The consumption of pork will increase further thanks to the President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez. She claimed that eating pork is better for sex than Viagra (Borneo Post, 29th January 2010).

The veterinary department wants to centralize pig rearing to control and overcome pollution. This is a noble idea. The government has already identified 500 acres of land in Tongod Telupid for an integrated pig farm which is expected to be completed in 2012. Ironically, Datuk Yahya is not even confident that this project will be completed in time. In his press statement he mentioned about privatization so that the project can get off the ground fast and at the same time save the BN government lots of money.

We must thank Datuk Yahya for being franked. He said such a massive integrated pig farm needs lots of money and expertise. The BN government does not want to spend the money for the pig project or it does not have the money to undertake the project. Datuk Yahya directly confirmed that the Veterinary department which is under his charge does not have the expertise.

If only the Veterinary Department has done a good job on the pig industry we will not be in this situation now. What has the department been doing for the pig industry? The department is going hard on the small pig farmers and asking them to comply with stringent environmental laws and regulations. Many are forced to close down. While the department pressured these small farmers, the department fails to get the integrated pig farm off the ground.

As the veterinary department has failed in as far as the pig industry is concerned, Sabah DAP feels that it should allow pork to be imported to ease the current situation. This will not hamper the pig farmers as they will continue to get a good price for their animals. The imports will definitely stabilize the pork price. Of course this importation will not be indefinite. Sabah is not going to be a livestock producing state for a long time, so diseases such as Foot & Mouth Disease (FMD) should not be a reason for banning imports.

The veterinary department must quickly get the integrated pig farm ready so that farmers can produce pigs to achieve self-sufficiency in pork and pork by-products. I am very sure there will be extras for export.

Dr. Edwin Bosi.


沙巴州副首席部长兼农业部部长拿督耶耶胡申在报章表示说,现在并不是时候进口猪肉(婆罗洲邮报,2010129日)。 问题是什么时候才可以进口? 我们目前正面临着猪肉短缺问题,而且其价格也不断的上涨。猪肉的需求量甚高,而在即将来临的农历新年将会更高。


兽医部要集中养猪场在一起,以便能够控制产量和解决环境污染。这是一项好的想法。政府已经确定要盖一所大型综合养猪场在东谷,都鲁必(Tongod, Telupid)大约五百英亩的地方,该工程预计将在2012年完成。最大的讽刺是拿督耶耶胡申自己也不确定该工程是否能够及时完成。在他的新闻中,他提到该工程应私营化,使到能够更快地完成,并且同时可以节省大量的政府资金。

拿督耶耶表示,对进行该大型的综合养猪场需要大量资金和专业知识。 沙巴国阵政府可能没有足够经费来进行综合养猪场的工程。 还有拿督耶耶承认他所管辖的兽医部是没有该项专业的知识。

如果兽医部有处理好养猪业的工作,我们现在就不会有缺乏猪肉的情况。该部门为养猪业做了些什么? 他们只不断的施压于小型猪场,并要求他们严格遵守的环境条规,这导致许多小型养猪场被迫关闭。 该部门一味施加压力,却无法及时兴建综合养猪场,使到猪农们措手不及,生计深受影响。

由于兽医部的失职,导致养猪业受损,沙巴民主行动党认为应该批准猪肉进口,以纾缓目前的情况。这不会妨碍猪农,而他们所养的猪只仍然可以卖得好价钱。 进口猪肉将会稳定猪肉的价格。 然而进口猪肉将不会长期的,疾病如口蹄症不应该是禁止猪肉进口的原因


杂物阻塞路阳马路行人道 Luyang road side pedestrian walkway impassible

Luyang road side pedestrian walkway impassible

The Sabah DAP Infrastructure Bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng and the State Organizing Secretary Jeffrey Kumin inspected the blocked road roadside pedestrian walkway Luyang housing estate, and found that many of these walkways are impassible and have forced the pedestrians to walk on to the road surface, and taking risk being knocked down by cars. Such road incident had occurred in the past in the Foh Sang area.

The roadside walkway has been used as a dumping ground for household and garden waste by the resident here. DBKK when contacted by Sabah DAP, they said they are not responsible to take care to clear this waste material, but instead they said that this is an offence and they can issue warning to house owner to clear the waste. There is an available clearing service by the DBKK with a small charge for the workers and the lorry. The people should contact DBKK if service is required, and it is a civic responsibility for every one to keep our city clean and tidy. It is really ugly to have piles of rubbish in front of your house.

John Lee and Jeffrey said they will seek help from DBKK to at least help to clear some of the bigger piles along the roads in Luyang for the safety of the pedestrians. The cooperation of the resident and DBKK is much needed and appreciated, and this is especially so for the coming Chinese New Year festival.

On the other hand, the Luyang PKR Chin Teck Ming is adviced and reminded to act immediately on this issue which lasted for many years in the area. He should work out a work schedule to clear the rubbish on the roadside, and not always take photos to tell people that he is always looking at drains, and ignored the piles of rubbish along the road. He is a paid civil servant now and we expect him to do his job accordingly.

John Lee Kim Seng, Sabah DAP Infrastructure Bureau chief.

Pic : John and Jeffrey inspecting the roadside rubbish dump, note the people walking on the road.


沙巴民主行动基本设施局主任李金星和州组织秘书杰菲利古明前往视察路阳区马路旁的行人道,结果发现该些行人道被杂物及废料严重阻塞。 迫使行人必须走在马路上,并且随时有被汽车撞倒的风险。 这样的意外事故在路阳区曾经发生过。

该马路旁的人行道已被居民利用为垃圾丢弃地。 沙巴民主行动党已经向亚庇市政厅反映,并被告知说市政厅没有责任清除这些垃圾,但是他们说随地丢垃圾是犯法的事,他们可以发出警告并指示屋主清除该些垃圾。 市政厅有工作人员和货车提供清理服务,其收费并不贵。 市民可以联络亚庇市政厅如果他们需要此服务,而且保持市容整洁是每一位公民的责任。在门前堆积成堆的垃圾是非常不雅观而且有损市容,何况会造成行人遭到危险。

李氏和杰菲利表示,他们将寻求市政厅的帮助清除沿着路阳区马路行人道上的垃圾。 市民和亚庇市政厅必须一起合作保持环境的清洁,特别是即将来临的农历新年节日。



Thursday, 28 January 2010

沙巴禁止猪肉进口-不公平 Pork import banned for Sabah - unfair

The pork shortage in Sabah and the rise in price is the main concern of many housewives and food stall operators. The pork consumers are worried the price will continue to escalate to an unaffordable level. The pork is an essential food item of many people.

Sabah DAP Agriculture, Fisheries, and Live stock Bureau Chief Dr. Edwin Bosi explained that the live pig shortage in Sabah is coupled with the shifting of the small farms to the centralized pig farm in March 2009 and that caused the interference of the pig production. During the shifting, many of the 2,000 mother pigs that were pregnant suffered miscarriage due to the long travelling distance.

In 2007, there was a low market price for the pork and the surplus supply of pigs. 2,000 over heads of mother pig was slaughtered to cut the production and 9,000 piglets were roasted for a big feast, the move stabilized the pork price at that time. Since then, the number of pigs available for consumption is greatly reduced, and there is a shortage in the Sabah market. It is believed that this situation will last for at least 12 months before we have enough live pig supply.

Dr. Edwin said if the BN government still insists on not allowing the import of pork in Sabah, definitely there will be a further price hike in the pork price, and that bad for the Chinese New Year festive season. Is this the way that BN treats the people in Sabah? They must as well change their slogan of “People First” to “People Last”!

On the other hand, Sabah DAP Vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie charged that it is highly unfair for Datuk Yahya Hussien the Agriculture and Food Industry Minister to announce that there will be no import of pork allowed in Sabah in spite of the shortage, while West Malaysia is allowed to import due to its shortage. Why this is happening, and is it East Malaysia different from other part of Malaysia? If it is so, then the BN slogan of “1-Malaysia” is total out of context.

The BN had in fact created a “2-Malaysia” concept, one East Malaysia and one West Malaysia, there is two standards. Just like the “ALLAH” issue why East Malaysia can used the word but not allow in West Malaysia except Penang and Federal territories (FT). The fact is that BN is not being practical on many issues, and Sabahan will have a chance to choose and vote Pakatan Raykat and dump BN in the coming general election.

Edward Ewol Mujie and Dr. Edwin Bosi

Pic. Dr. Hiew and Edward checking with pork sellers on the pork price.


沙巴猪肉短缺和价格上涨使到许多家庭主妇和消费者非常关注。 猪肉的消费者担心价格会继续的升高,导致市民吃贵猪肉。 猪肉是许多华裔人士不可少的食物。

沙巴民主行动党农业,渔业和牲畜局主任爱德温博西医生解释说,沙巴生猪的短缺加上在零九年三月期间把所有小农场搬迁到大型养猪场,这影响了生猪的生产。 同时在搬迁的期间两千多头的母猪有些已怀孕,由于路途遥远和波折导致它们流产。

在二零零七年,猪肉供应过剩之时,导致猪肉价格降低。 超过两千头母猪被宰杀以减少生产小猪之量,也宰杀了九千头小猪来减低产量过剩,当时也举行了一场烤乳猪的大宴会,此举是为了稳定当时的猪肉价格。 但是自那次起,猪肉的供应大大减少,导致现时在沙巴州面对猪肉短缺。 据说该情况将会持续十二个月,才能生产足够的生猪供应。

爱德温博士说,如果国阵政府不允许沙巴州进口猪肉,很肯定猪肉价格将会上涨,并且将会深深影响农历新年猪肉的价格。 难道这就是国阵政府对待沙巴人民的方式? 那么国阵必须要改口号,把“以民为本”的口号变为“以民为后”!

另一方面,民主行动党州副主席爱德华慕吉说,副首席部长兼农业及食品工业部部长拿督耶耶胡申宣布不允许外国猪肉进口是非常不公平,然而由于西马的猪肉缺乏,他们可以进口猪肉,为什么东马却不能,这是否东马和西马有不同点? 如果是这样,那么国阵政府的“一个马来西亚”口号就是完全是说说而已。

实际上国阵政府已经朔成了一项“两个马来西亚”的概念, 一个东马和一个西马,并且是‘双层标准’。 比如‘阿拉’的字眼, 为什么槟城和联邦直辖区(FT)及东马可以使用,却不允许西马使用。 实际上国阵政府在许多的课题上表现得不实际,沙巴人将有机会判断是否在下一届的大选中选择民联或是遗弃国阵

KK General Hospital (QE1) car park havoc 亚庇中央医院(QE1)停车场问题

There is numerous public outcry and even from the nurses and doctors in the KK general hospital (QE1) regarding the serious car parking problem faced by them. The whole situation can be described as massy and a havoc along the stretch of hospital road from outside the emergency wards onwards. The insufficiency of car parks had resulted car owners dumping their cars on the roadsides and even on the road shoulders. The situation of illegal parking had attracted the traffic police to come to issue summons to cars that are illegal parked.

Dr. Hiew, the KK MP said that the situation persisted for a long time and there is no sign for the authorities to improve the situation. During the inspection with Edward Ewol Mujie, the Sabah DAP Local government and housing Bureau chief, before they can get down from the car, the people immediately approached them to express their anger and frustration in the parking situation there. Among the complainers, there were nurses, doctors, patients, and visitors. The people complained especially the long walking distance along the road under the hot sun and rain before they can get to their cars. Some will have to walk over to the distant car parks, and it takes some twenty minutes. Just imaging how a sick person feels when he has to drive and park his car far away, walk to see the doctor and walk back, he might be even sicker then.

Dr. Hiew wandered, is this type of health care that the BN government is providing to all of us, especially in the state capital and the KK City? Why there is no proper planning over the car parks arrangement? The JKR, DBKK, the Health Ministry, and other authorities are responsible for all these and are answerable to what ever the mishap. There are plenty of available vacant spaces for the hospital to build car parks, let it be even on a temporary basis. This is shear negligence on the part of the Ministry of Health, and we do not know when the situation can be improved. The next commencement on the construction work of the twin tower blocks and the demolition of the old tower block will create definitely further ‘havoc’ in the QE1.

The road congestion in front of the QE1 emergency ward is another complaint during the visit. This jam situation has not been solved for a long time since, and the cars usually seen parked jamming the entrance and on the road center island, blocking the life saving ambulances. Many think that the emergency ward is located at the wrong place and it needs to be moved to a more open location and having wider space. It should not be put in a packed corner like now.

Dr. Hiew the KK MP wants the hospital and the Health Ministry to immediately work on plans to rectify all the wrongs and bad parking situation in the QE1. He said, if several hundred million ringgits can be spent to purchase a private hospital, why can’t the government spend some money to put right the situation in QE1, and to relief the pain and suffering of the people using the hospital?

The people should consider ditching the BN in the next general election for their failure to take care the wellbeing of the people.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

Pic: Dr. Hiew and Edward inspecting the entrance to the QE1 emergency ward.


有许多市民投诉,甚至中央医院(QE1)的医生和护士们对泊车位的问题感到不满。 在急救室前并沿着医院路段的情况可以说是非常糟糕。 该处缺乏的泊车位导致许多车主把车违法停泊在路旁,甚至在安全岛上。该处违例泊车的情况导致交通警察经常发出传票给该些没法不得不违法停泊的车主。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士说,这种情况持续了一段时间,但到今天当局也没法改善该处情况。 邱博士与沙巴民主行动党地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉前往视察该处,在还没有下车之前就有市民立即前来表达他们对泊车位的不满。当中投诉者有护士,医生,患病和探病者。 民众抱怨说尤其是在烈阳下和下雨时,必须步行很长的距离,才可以到达他们的汽车。如果泊车在露天停车场处,需要走大约20分钟的路程。 可以想像如果一位病人,当他把车泊的很远,步行到医院看医生,然后再步行回到车上,他的病情可能恶化。

邱博士想知道,这是否国阵政府提供给市民的所谓一流的医疗保健,尤其是在州首都的亚庇市? 为什么没有适当的停车场安排?公务局,亚庇市政厅,卫生部和其他部门必须负起责任,并且能够向该问题做出解答。 在医院的周围有空地可以兴建停车场及临时泊车位。 这明显地是卫生部的疏忽,不知道何候这种情况才能被改善。 政府将会进行该医院的双子大楼以及拆除医院旧楼的工程,到时中央医院的情况必然会更加‘混乱’。

亚庇中央医院的急救室前面道路经常面对挤塞。 该问题一向来都没有被关注,通常可以看到许多汽车停泊在门口及路中央的安全岛上(如相片所示)导致堵塞救护车的进出。 许多人认为该急救室的地点不适当,并且认为需要搬迁到一个更加广阔适合的地点。

邱博士要医院当局和卫生部立即着手策划,以纠正亚庇中央医院的问题和泊车位的情况。 他说如果政府能够用数亿令吉来购买私人医院,为什么政府不能纠正中央医院的问题,以解决市民的痛苦?



Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Damai Commercial complex needed more car parks 达迈(Damai)需要更多的泊车位

The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu and Jeffrey Kumin were invited today by concern owner to inspect a collapse earth slope which is fear that this will damage properties and obstruct the road in the Damai Point Multi-storey car parks, if the slope do comes down during heavy rain fall.
The earth slope is roughly 70 feet high and has been constantly falling down to the road and cover the bust bin cubical. The owner of the land had placed plastic sheet to cover and to protect the eroding slope but that didn’t help. Recently more earth had come down during the rain. The management of the Damai Point multi-storey car parks urges the owner of the slope to immediately rectify the situation, and the DBKK or JKR should step in to instruct the owner of the said land to take action under the slope protection procedure.

Dr. Hiew commented that may be it is a good idea to use this piece vacant land to build another multi-storey car park, big enough to cater for the ever increasing car volume in Damai Commercial complex. It is very hard to find parking in the area, day and night.

The DBKK should consider in acquiring this piece of vacant land to build a multi-storey car park, whereby generating substantial income for the DBKK, and in return benefiting the people. The planning for more car parks is a very urgent matter, even in Damai.

Besides, Dr. Hiew also urged DBKK to look at the urgently required additional car parks in Foh Sang, Luyang shops. The people here frequently have to make many rounds before finding a car parking space, and businesses are affected due to lack of car parks. DBKK should source for a space to build a multi-storey car park to accommodate the increasing car volume. May be the open-air car park can be used to erect a suitable multi-storey car park building. The other possibility suggested by Hiew is to provide concrete cover to the big drain next to the Bornion Centre shops behind the KFC. More car parks can be created on these two areas and substantial income for DBKK.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP   

Pic : Hiew and Jeffrey inspecting the collapsed slope



该土坡大约有70英尺高,并且一些崩塌泥土已经掉到该处的道路上,并且覆盖马路旁。 地主已经使用塑胶布覆盖和预防该土坡的崩塌,但却没有帮助,因为该些塑胶布已全破损。  最近因为下雨有更多泥土崩塌下来。 达迈停车场的管理层敦促该土坡的地主立即处理该项问题,此外亚庇市政厅或公务局应该发出警告指示该地主立即对该土坡采取护坡的工作

邱博士说,如果利用这一块空地兴建一座多层的停车场可能会是一个很好的建议,这项措施足以应付达迈商业中心的严重泊车位缺乏的问题。 在达迈区,无论是早上或夜间是非常难找到泊车位。

邱氏建议亚庇市政厅应该考虑收购该片空地,以兴建一座多层的停车场,这不但会为市政厅带来可观的收入,同时也造福人民。 针对兴建更多停车场的规划是一项非常急迫的事,无论是在达迈或其他地方

此外,邱博士还敦促市政厅应关注路阳和生园商店迫切需要增设泊车位。 前往该处的人经常要绕很多圈才能够找到一个泊车位,由于没有足够的泊车位,导致该处的生意受到影响。 市政厅应该寻找适当的地点来兴建一座多层的停车场,以应付日益增加的汽车流量。  甚至可以考虑把和生园的露天停车场改建为一座多层停车场。 邱氏提议另一项可能的建议,就是在婆联商业中心肯德基店后面的大水沟,把它覆盖起来使用。 将这两处转型就可以提供更多的泊车位,同时也可以增加市政厅的收入


Kampong Cendrakasih needed immediate attention 甘榜贞德拉卡西(Kg. Cendrakasih)需要关注

The Sabah DAP vice chairman cum Local Government and Housing chief Edward Ewol Mujie today was called to inspect the drains and surrounding in the crowded Kampong Cendrakasih in Inanam. This is a resettlement housing estate that has been neglected over the years since they were moved here many years ago from other parts of Inanam.

It is to his surprise that the drains and the environment that is so unacceptable. The place is dirty and the drains there are so bad and clotted up. Many of the drains are blocked and become a breeding place of the mosquitoes. The drains in front the mosque has collapsed walls, serious clotted up and full of garbage. The road condition in the area is also needed much attention and needed resurfacing.

The living environment here is not acceptable and the authorities especially the DBKK should move in to clean up the place and redo all the drainage system. We don’t want the people here to suffer further, and we have a duty to take care of them.

The Dewan Serbaguna here is in a poor condition and needed further upgrading and repair, especially its surrounding perimeter.

On the other hand, Edward suggested that may be it is better for the DBKK to come in to help the people staying here to set up their Resident Committee in Kampong Cendrakasih in order that they can manage certain things here without waiting for the authorities, of course provide with certain funding from DBKK.

One of the residents here told Edward that he doesn’t wish to wait until the next general election for the BN Government to come to do something. The voters will not be cheated of their votes anymore. It is better to change for a better caring government now.

Edward Ewol Mujie, Sabah DAP Vice chairman.

Picture : Edward inspecting the clotted and broken drain in front of the Cendrakasih Mosque.

甘榜贞德拉卡西(Kg. Cendrakasih)需要关注

沙巴民主行动党州副主席兼地方政府和房屋局主任爱德华慕吉今天受邀前往视察下南南甘榜贞德拉卡西(Kg. Cendrakasih)的排水渠及周围的环境。 该处多年来都被忽视的安置区,他们是多年前从下南南其他地区搬迁到该处。

爱德华惊讶的发现该处的排水渠及环境达到可怜的地步。 该处的环境非常肮脏,排水道的状况非常糟糕,并且多处的沟渠已阻塞着,成为了蚊子繁殖的地方。 回教祈祷所排水沟的墙壁已经倒塌,并且垃圾集满水沟里。 该地区的路面情况破烂,而且路面需要重铺。

该处的环境是那么的糟糕,有关当局尤其是亚庇市政厅应该派人清理该处,并且维修所有的排水系统及道路。 我们不要这里的人们生活在恶劣的环境下,而且政府有责任照顾他们。



其中一位居民向爱德华说,他不想等到下届的大选,才看国阵政府来为他们做事。 选民不会再次受骗于国阵了,而且最好选择会关心人民的民联。


Monday, 25 January 2010

Stop all special-draws on 4-digits 取消万字票的特别开彩

There is out cry from the general public over the number of special draws allowed by the government for the 4-digits gambling outlets in Malaysia especially in Sabah. Sabah DAP chief cum Member of Parliament for Kota Kinabalu Dr. Hiew King Cheu constantly received public complaints and request expressing their wish to put a stop on all the 4-D special draws.

The people blamed the government allowing so many specially draws for the companies operating 4-D in the 4-digits gambling outlets, nearly once every month and given now three special draws for the coming Chinese new year season. This has caused deep concern and financial burden to many 4-D “investors”. A great number of the gamblers have turn to the “Ah lung” for money to invest in the 4-D, in return no gain/win but money lost.

The Sabah government imposed a 10% GST (goods and service tax) on the sale of the 4-D tickets on top of the 5% gambling tax charged by the Federal government. Sabahan has to pay 15% extra on the RM1.00 gambling ticket, and that becomes RM1.15. Sabah government collects annually some RM70 millions from this 4-D sales on the 10%. This is saying that there are some RM700 million sales, and this money did not stay in Sabah. The people are therefore tempted and switch to buy ‘Black Market’ 4-D, which is much cheaper than the outlet 4-D. It only cost RM0.90 per ticket, and tax free. It is estimated that the sales volume of the ‘Black Market’ 4-D is double the amount of the legal outlets, and their business turn over can be around billion ringgits.

The government allowing so many special draws resulted in more money flowing out of Sabah additional to the original out flow, and Sabah has become poorer over the years. When compared with the tax money collected, we definitely faced a total loss in the long run.

In Sabah, the government did not go tough on the illegal black market 4-D operators, and their operation is so wide spread until we can just make calls to put in the bets (‘buy numbers’). For the sack of our future in Sabah, We feel that there should be strong enforcement to chop such activities.

The cut down of the special draws and the number of weekly draws will definitely help in the long run. The habit of gambling is difficult to be stopped, but we can help to reduce and restrict. We must help those who can not afford to gamble, and especially those who gambled away the babies’ milk powder money just trying to win more and satisfy his gambling itch.

It is the responsibility for the BN government to take care of this 4-D gambling business, and do not let the people suffer further. Otherwise, the BN state government is seen as supporting gambling with all the additional special draws allowed in Sabah.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu.

Pic: Banners showing dates of special draws.



人民指责政府允许万字票公司推出特别开彩,几乎每月一次,并在农历新年期间举行三场特别开彩。 此举已经引起民众深切的关注和一项财政的负担,尤其是众多的‘投资者’将会把大量的金钱去‘博一搏’。 有些赌徒甚至于转向‘阿窿’借钱来投资,到头来是两头不到岸,钱财尽失,反而欠下阿窿大笔数,还极不清。

沙巴州政府征收10%的商品和服务税,加上5%联邦博彩税,沙巴人要多付额外的15%,成为1.15令吉。 沙巴州政府每年从万字票得到七千万令吉的税收,也这就是说,所有万字票公司总共有七亿令吉的销售额。 而这些钱都没有留在沙巴州。 因此民众多转而购买黑市万字,它便宜得多,只是每张RM0.90,又免税。 据估计,黑市万字的销量是持牌万字公司的双倍,他们的总营业额可以高达十亿令吉。

政府允许这么多特别开彩导致更多的金钱外流,因为该些万字公司多是西马公司,这使到沙巴更穷。 沙巴州政府所得的税收款和外流的金钱相比,我们的确临长远的损失。

在沙巴州,政府并没有强硬去对付非法黑市万字的营运,造成他们的业务广泛,我们可以直接拨电,或上网下注(买号码)。 为了沙巴的将来,我们认为应该要有强烈的执法,阻止此等非法活动。

减少特别开彩及定期开彩,肯定会有助于减低赌博的习惯。 我们可以帮助减少和限制,但是我们并不能阻止赌博,尤其是那些用婴儿的奶粉钱去投注,只是为了想赢得更多以及满足他的赌瘾。

国阵政府有责任控制万支票赌博的业务,不要让人民进一步受害,国阵政府是被看为支持进行赌博的政府,害人不浅。 如今沙巴如此贫穷,国阵应该负全责。

Court judgment and exiting law on turtle egg contradict 保护海龟蛋条例混绪不清

Sipadan Island is a well-known diving paradise in Sabah. There are many turtles in the sea off Sipadan Island, and they have used this island for procreation. There are also people depending on the collection of the turtle eggs as a source of income for their families. There is no clear evidence that these collectors allow certain percentage of the eggs to be hatched so that the turtle population is not affected. Sabah DAP Publicity Secretary cum Agriculture, Fisheries & Live Stock Bureaus Dr. Edwin Bosi said that these collectors should understand about the sustainability of the turtles.

Many tour operators are operating holiday tour on the island, the deep sea diving is a lucrative business. The operator worked together to pay off the traditional turtle eggs collectors, to effect a turtle conservation effort. That is a noble action of the tour operators.

The traditional turtle egg collectors through a legal action in court had been granted their right on the turtle eggs collection. The High Court in Tawau has confirmed that the families are allowed to continue their traditional collection of turtle eggs in Sipadan island. What is the purpose for them to collect the eggs, is it meant for sale to the public?

The Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Datuk Masidi Manjun must declare the stance of the government on this issue. According to the law, the turtle eggs are not allowed to be sold and consume as per the Sabah Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997. It is a serious offends to buy and consume turtle eggs. They are also not allowed to be exported. Why the traditional turtle eggs collectors being granted the right to collect the eggs, is it for sale in the market? How is Masidi going to deal with this, please explain?

Dr. Edwin said that the government should study the verdict of the Court and look into the implication on the existing Wildlife Conservation Enactment law. The Sabah government should not keep quiet on the issue.


沙巴州西巴丹岛是一个众所周知的潜水天堂。 在西巴丹岛四周的海面有很多海龟会游到该岛上生蛋。 有些人是依靠收集海龟蛋为他们的收入来源。 在马来西亚海龟是受到保护的生物种类,确保海龟不会绝种。 沙巴民主行动党宣传秘书兼农业,渔业及牲畜局主任艾德温博西医生希望这些收集海龟蛋的人应该要明白繁殖海龟的重要性。 收集,出售,及购买海龟蛋是一项严重的罪行,可以遭受刑罚。

有许多旅游公司带领游客前往该岛旅游及潜水,是一项有利可图的生意。 此外他们也付钱买回被收集的海龟蛋,让它孵化而放生回海,他们的做法确保海龟的繁殖,这是值得赞扬的事。

该岛上传统收集海龟蛋的人,已通过法律程序恢复其海龟蛋收集的权利。斗湖高等法庭已宣判他们可以继续在西巴丹岛进行收集海龟蛋。 那么收集到的海龟蛋将做何用途,用于出售换取金钱?根据1997年沙巴野生动物保护法令,已明确的禁止收集及出售海龟蛋,而且也不准出口。

沙巴旅游,文化和环境部部长拿督马希迪必须在这个课题上明确向大家表明政府对该法庭判决的诠释及立场。 因为该项判决已经造成混绪,为何判决可以收集受保护的海龟蛋,而另一方面在州法律上是犯法的。


Thursday, 21 January 2010

BN negligence caused flood disaster, must apologize!严重洪灾,国阵政府失责,应向人民道歉!

Sabah DAP condemned the BN government for their negligence that caused serious flood all over Sabah during the recent rain. The losses in properties, agriculture produce, inconveniences, and especially the precious life lost are deeply regretted and impossible to put a figure on it.

Sabah DAP Vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie, the Tuaran chief Peter Liew Fui Ken and members visited the flood disaster zone in Kota Marudu, Kota Belud, and Pitas to personally find out how serious is the flood and its impact on the environment, lively hood of the people affected, causes of the flood, the losses, and the feeling of the people there.

It is true, we can not blame the sky for the down pour of rain, but we can blame the government for not being able to take appropriate measures to cater for the flood situation. It is the negligence and failure on the part of the government, and the BN government should be held liable for all the sad happenings arising from the flood. The shear reason indicates their failure in providing adequate and efficient drainage system in the flood zones. Everyone is affected by the flood which should have never happened, if proper drainage is provided.

The flood will persist if no work on drainage or flood mitigation schemes are provided and implemented. The typical case of the famous Telipok annual flood that caused huge losses and precious life is a very good example that we all remembered. With the completion on the construction and the widening of the Telipok River did solve the horrible flood and nightmare permanently. Similarly such work can be executed for solving of flood in the many flood prompt area in Sabah, example Beaufort, Pitas, Kota Belud, Kota Marudu, Mengattal, Lahad Datu and others.

The Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman said the government is going to compensate the flood victims with money after his visit to the flood areas in Kota Belud. The question is, can the government compensate life lost? The thousand acres of rice field submerged in flood water caused millions of ringgit lost. The padi fields with its crop ready for harvest are all damaged by the flood water, who is going to pay for these? The government does no good in solving the situations, and the little money for the people is just to propagate that BN cares. One old lady told Edward that they want a permanent solution that can solve the problem once for all, like Telipok town.

Sabah is already facing shortage of rice and has to depend on heavy import, the government plans to make certain areas in Sabah to become the rice producing hub, the primary task had not been dealt, that is flood mitigation scheme, and that is the prime reason for the big flood. Billions of ringgits had been announced to be utilized for the purpose, what happen now, we still see flood everyway. The BN government should be held responsible and liable for their failure in solving the problem.

On behalf of the flood affected victims, Sabah DAP wants the BN government to apologize to the people. They should follow the great leaders of many other nations in the world who did apologize to their people for their wrong.

Edward Ewol Mujie, Sabah Vice Chairman.

Pic 1 & 2 : Padi field in Kota Belud submerged in deep water.



沙巴民主行动党副主席爱德华慕吉联同斗亚兰负责人刘辉坚及党员前往哥打马鲁都(Kota Marudu),哥打毛律(Kota Belud)和必打士(Pitas)视察该处的洪灾区,实地了解其严重性及所造成的环境影响,尤其是当地人民所受到的水灾影响,对他们的损失和感受。

实际上不能怪责天下雨,但我们却要责怪政府多年来未能解决各地淹水的情况及采取适当措施。这是政府的疏忽和失败,国阵政府应该承担和负责一切洪灾所造成的事件。 因为没有提供有效率的防洪和排水系统,这导致许多人要面对洪灾及造成损失。

如果没有提供排水措施和防洪的设施,沙巴州各地将会不断的发生洪灾。 以前在打里卜的常年洪灾就是一个典型的实例,我们都还记得当年的打里卜大水灾,造成了巨大的财物和生命的损失。 随着完成兴建排水系统之后,加上扩大了打里卜的河床,永久解决了该处可怕的洪灾噩梦。 同样的工程可以在沙巴州其他经常发生洪灾的地区进行来解决洪水问题,例如保佛,必打士,哥打毛律,哥打马鲁都,孟加达,拿笃和其他的地区。

沙巴州首席部长拿督慕沙阿曼前往访问哥打毛律洪灾地区后说,政府将给于金钱的补偿给灾民们。但是政府可以弥补宝贵生命的损失吗? 此外数千亩的稻田被洪水淹没破坏,造成数百万令吉的损失。 其中对正要进行收割的成熟稻米都被洪水破坏,这将由谁来偿还? 国阵政府目前没有解决的方案,而只能赔偿给灾民一些钱,这只是宣传国阵关心他们。 有一位老太婆告诉爱德华说,他们希望有一个永久性的解决方案,能够一次过解决洪灾的问题,就好像打里卜镇一样。

沙巴州已面对白米严重短缺的问题,必须大量进口白米,政府也宣布准备在沙巴州的一些地区成为稻米生产中心,但是主要的排水工作却没有处理好,因而洪灾还是沙巴州最常面对的问题。 政府宣布了上亿令吉的排水计划,如今洪灾却一次比一次严重。 国阵政府必须负起全部责任,并承认他们无法解决该项问题。

沙巴民主行动党代表所有的灾民,要国阵政府向人民道歉。 他们应像其他国家的领导人,勇于承认他们的过错并且向人民直接道歉。

图示 :古打毛律稻田被洪水严重破坏

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Unlawful use of public passage way/corridor 占用公共通道

Sabah DAP Local Government and Housing Bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie today inspected the Sadong Jaya coffee shop that is using the public corridor/passage way to arrange its table for the customers.

The many complaints received by the bureau are correct, and it is true that the passage way for the pedestrian was occupied by the restaurant, and the people trying to cross faced blockage and obstruction. This passage way is important for the people to get from the car parks to the other blocks in Sadong Jaya.

Edward however had contacted DBKK and the person in charge said action will be taken to rectify the situation. Edward said that it is a by-law that no obstruction must be placed on the five-foot way, especially there is heavy foot traffic. He hopes that DBKK will be more carefully in the future to grant such permit for business owners to place their tables on the Kaki-lima.

Kota Kinabalu City has becoming a fast developing city and we should step up our control over many matters in the city, and we should not continue to have the same all style and wrong doing in the system which will harm the image of the city. This is especially so when dirty and untidy eateries still can be found in the city.

Edward also wants the Minister of Tourism, culture, and Environment Datuk Masidi Manjun should spend time to go round to inspect the area where needed upgrading and attention. We are sure he can do or suggest something that can provide a facelift to our KK city. A good example is the famous Tanjong Beach until now there is still no street and garden lights at night.

Edward Ewol Mujie.

Pic: Edward inspecting the tables and chairs blocking the passage way in Sadong Jaya.


沙巴民主行动党地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉今天视察了沙东加雅(Sadong Jaya)一家咖啡店占用公共通道/走廊,并置放许多张桌椅大做其生意。

行动党接到很多有关的投诉,在前往视察中,发现到该行人通道确实被该间餐厅霸占使用着,导致行人在穿越该通道时面对阻拦和不便。 该处的民众通常必须利用该通道从停车场前往沙东加雅其他办公楼或商店,如今被咖啡店占用已造成许多不便。

爱德华已向亚庇市政厅的负责人反映该情况,他被告知当局将会采取行动纠正该情况。 爱德华说,根据地方条文,“五加基”是不能被任何物件阻碍,尤其是有很多人来往的地方,这会造成危险。 他希望亚庇市政厅能够在这方面更加小心处理有关“五加基”的问题。

另外,亚庇市已成为一个快速发展的城市,而我们应该更加强制“五加基”的使用,我们不应该继续有相同错误出现,这会损害城市的形象。 尤其在亚庇市仍然可以发现肮脏又邋遢的饮食店。

爱德华希望旅游,文化和环境部部长拿督马西迪应该多花时间去关注和检查所有在亚庇市中需要提升的地方。我们认为他是应该做的,并且也该提升城市的设施和环境,使我们的城市像样一点。 有一个很好的例子就是我们著名的丹容亚路海滨,在那里到现在为止还没有街灯和花园灯照明,夜间是漆黑的一片,只有烂灯柱还在。

Penampang new voters drive 民行党在兵南邦登记新选民

PENAMPANG: On Thursday 14th January 2010 Sabah DAP Publicity Secretary Dr. Edwin Bosi was at the CKS Supermarket near Donggongon tamu ground under a big tree to register new voters from the area. According to SPR, there is about 280,000 people have not registered as voters in this State. Sabah DAP will be setting up stations all over the State to assist SPR or the Election Commission to register these new eligible voters.

Dr. Edwin who is also Sabah DAP Bureau Chief for Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock Development urged Sabahans to register early especially the young people. He said the 13th general election is around the corner, and he reminds the people if they wish to change the present BN government for a better government, Pakatan Rakyat will be their best choice.

After the 12th general election of March 2008, Malaysia is now heading towards a two-party system. The people in Malaysia are heading for a change, and the change is to let Pakatan Rakyat to form the new Sabah State Government and the Federal Government.

By : Dr .Edwin Bosi

Picture shows Dr. Edwin (seated) during the new voters registration exercise at CKS-Donggongon tamu ground, Penampang on 14th January 2010.


上星期四1月14日沙巴民主行动党宣传秘书兼农业,渔业及牲畜发展局主任艾德温博西医生在兵南邦东贡岸‘斗磨’场前的大树底下进行新选民的登记。 根据选举委员会的报道,约有二十八万名沙巴州的足龄公民(21岁)还没有登记成为选民。 沙巴民主行动党已经在全沙巴州设立了登记服务台,以协助选举委员会注册所有合格的新选民。

艾德温医生敦促所有还未登记的民众尽早登记为选民,特别是足二十一岁的。 他说,第13届的大选将会在不久到来,现在不登记,到时就无法履行身为公民的责任,也失去要选出一个真正能关心人民的政府的机会。 如果要换政府,必定要让民联取代现在的国阵政府。

2008大选之后,马来西亚已步向两党制。 马来西亚选民将会集中选票给民联阵线,改变现有状况遗弃国阵,以求改变,让民联成立沙巴州政府及联邦政府为人民带来好的前程。

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Bill Board in a dangerous position

The position of a huge bill board erected in front of the SESB building in Karamunsing next to the flyover is under public complaint and raised much concern on safety.

Sabah DAP Local Government and Housing Bureau Chief Edward Ewol Mujie said this bill board is definitely not in a good position and it is protruding over into the head room of the road. Any such structure erected in a public place should be given prime concern on public safety. He advised that DBKK should look into this situation and put right. The best solution is to remove the bill board.

DBKK should be more careful in all cases in approving the erection of the huge bill boards, especially on the location, sizes, safety, obstruction, and the content of the bill board. In Kota Kinabalu, there are bill boards erected every way and some looking dangerous and even ugly in sight. The authorities like JKR, Bomba, EIA and other authorities besides DBKK should be given the chance to comment and approved on the bill boards.

There should be no oversized bill boards erected in the city limit for many reasons.

Edward Ewol Mujie.



沙巴民主行动党地方政府及房屋局主席爱德华慕吉说,该广告牌的位置不适当,有一半的广告牌突出到马路了。 任何在公共场所竖立此类的牌版应该首要考量到公众安全的问题。 他说亚庇市政厅应该好好的研究该广告牌,并加以纠正。最好的解决办法把该广告板拆走。

亚庇市政厅应该小心处理和批准竖立巨大的广告牌,特别是其安装的位置,尺寸,安全,阻挡视线及该广告的内容。在亚庇市很多处竖立各种各样的广告牌,有一些不太安全,甚至有一些很难看。 爱德华提议除了市政厅以外,公务局,消防局,环境局和其他当局应该一起该提出意见和批准广告牌的竖立。


CM: avoid power wastage 沙首席部长说:别浪费电力

The Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman said that Sabahan should practice efficient energy saving in their daily activities especially those in the industrial, manufacturing and supply industries and the public in general.

The Sabah DAP chief cum the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu commented that the CM’s call seems contradicting to the modern style of living that we should be enjoying in this new era. We are in the 2010 and it is a high-tech world now, why should we go back to the old time of using ‘Karosine Lamp’ just because of not having power supply, and have to bear with the hardship. This is a clear indication that the BN government had failed to deliver a comfortable life for the people. What is the use for the CM to say charging the Sabahan with a lowest rate for now, what about compensating us for our losses from the power blackout, and lost of business?

Hiew said the power supply cut and blackout problem is not only happening yesterday, but it is a problem existed for years. Like what the Minister Chin Fah Kui highlighted that the power generators are very old and outdated, and it is expensive to maintain and run, what have the government done so far to rectify the situation? The Federal Government has already spent RM 1 Billion but there are still cuts and blackouts happening often. This proved that the RM 1 billion is totally insufficient and in Sabah we will need at least RM 50 billion to provide us with steady power supply up to 1,500 MW to meet the power demand by 2020.

For all that had been announced by the government on power supply improvement in Sabah, we can only see these come into operation in year 2015 or later, except the 190mw Ranhill gas powered generating plant in Sepangar that only can have its first 66mw be commissioned later this year. The whole electricity supply system in Sabah is in a state of bad planning, there is totally no focus on the future need of the consumer, and it is not planned in equal pace following the development need and trench. What we see today is a string of announcement, trying to tell the people that they are doing something. In the real fact all these could have happened some 15 years ago, and by now there would be no problem with our power supply. Secondly, if these power plants were constructed during that time, it will not cost so much of tax-payer’s money.

Despite of all the plans that the government is going to implement or new plants are being constructed to improve the power supply situation in Sabah, Hiew suggests that the present existing old power generators running on diesel fuel are to be immediately replaced with new one or additional units to be installed to enhance sufficient and additional power to tie over the period from year 2010 to 2020 until the new plants can be commissioned to supply sufficient power in Sabah. These existing power stations will have to continue to keep on running until the new ones are ready. To replace the new diesel generators would not be costly and it is easy to installed, and can be ready in a few months. This all depends on whether the government is sincere in helping the poor Sabahan or not.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP



沙巴民主行动党兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士说,沙首席部长的呼吁似乎对现今生活在新时代有一点矛盾。 我们现在是生活在2010年高科技世界的年代,为什么要回到以前使用‘油灯’的时代? 是因为沙巴州的电力供应不足够? 这很清楚地表明,国阵政府未能提供一个舒适的生活给沙巴人民。 首席部长要求沙电应该向沙巴人民征收最低的电费,那么如何去补偿我们因停电所造成的损失?

邱氏说,电力供应短缺和停电问题不是最近才发生的事情,它是多年以来存在的问题。像陈华贵部长所强调,沙州的发电机是非常陈旧和过时的,需要昂贵的维修和操作费。 政府迄今还没有纠正该情况! 联邦政府拨出十亿马币来进行电供的提升,情况显得更差,还是经常发生停电。 这证明该十亿马币是完全不足够,我们将需要至少五十亿马币来确保提供稳定的电力供应,我们需要高达1500兆瓦的电力以应付直到2020年电力的需求。

对于政府所宣布及承诺电力供应的改善,这些只能在2015年后才会看到其运作。 至以在士邦加190MW的新天然气发电厂, 只有第一部的66MW可以在今年初使用。 整个沙巴州的电力供应系统是完全没有根据消费者未来的需求量去计划,也没有遵照发展计划的速度来并肩发展。 我们今天看到的是一连串的宣布,试图告诉人民,他们正在做事。 但实际上,这些应该发生在15年前,如果当年实行了,今天我们就有足够的电力供应。其次,如果在早期建立好发电厂,也将不会花费这么多纳税人的钱。

尽管国阵政府将实施所有的新计划或兴建新发电厂,来改善沙巴州的电力供应,邱氏说,目前旧的柴油发电机要立即更换新的,或添增额外的单位来加强额外电力供应。 这是为了应付2010年期间至2020年所需的电量,直到所有新电供计划完成并且提供全沙巴州足够的电力。这些现有的发电站将不得不继续保持运行,所以有需要立即更换新的柴油发电机。 这些不会昂贵,而且易于安装,可在数月内安置好。 这要看国阵政府是否有诚意协助沙巴州解决电供的问题了。

QE2 to Jalan Lintas new road deserved “Special Design Award” 从伊丽莎白医院2前往林达士路所建的新路应获得‘怪异设计奖’

The newly constructed road linking QE2 to Jalan Lintas possessed the many special features that deserved a ‘special design award’ of the year.

The Sabah DAP vice chairman cum the Local Government and Housing Bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie received public comments on the newly completed road which raised much public criticism on the way that it is designed and constructed.

The road is built primary aimed to act as a short-cut from QE2 (SMC) in Dai Yah Villa to link to the Jalan Lintas without going through the busy Jalan Kolam and Luyang area. Very unfortunately and to the disappointment of many road users, the road constructed is not to serve the purpose but in reverse it has many irregularities compared to the standard road design code and it has become somewhat funny.

The road possessed the odd feature as observed:-

a) Two-way has become one-way - no more space or road reserve occupied or faced objections?

b) Street lights poles and control panels planted and installed on road surface - targets for knock off? (pic 2)

c) Bicycle and pedestrian track built - how many bicycles are there on the roads in KK? (pic 3)

d) 2 short lengths of cascaded concrete drain built on slope - there is no water at all on the slope, maybe it is for decoration? (pic 4)

e) Along Jalan Lintas constructed a bicycle track or walkway – how many people will actually use it? (pic 5)

f) Outlet at Jalan Lintas, metal crash-barrier/guard-rail installed between hip of earth and far from road – served no purpose and waste of money. (pic 6)

g) Branch road connected and set into road centre created obstruction to traffic – bad design and arrangement. (pic 7)

h) Guard-rails installed in front of gabion-stone wall - for double protection? (pic 8)

i) Entrance from Jalan Lintas is closed and the drain culvert constructed fall short – half way change of plan? (pic 9)

Edward Mujie said until today he is still receiving public complaints concerning this road, and he said the RM 2 million Road constructed using huge public fund is not only impractical but also a waste of fund. To make the situation even strange is that the Sabah Deputy Chief Minister cum the Minister of Infrastructure Development Datuk Pairin Joseph Kittingan lives just next to this new road. Did he notice what is going on?

The general public wants the JKR to redo this new road and revert back to the original two-way traffic. This is essential for the people getting to QE2 especially during emergencies. This should allow the ambulance to get in and out from QE2 from this road at a faster rate in order to save lives.

Eward Ewol Mujie,

Sabah DAP Vice chairman cum Local Government and Housing Bureau chief.

Pic: Various irregularities of the road built.




兴建该段马路的主要目的是提供一道捷径前往大业新村的伊丽莎白医院2 (SMC),而市民无需要绕道经过繁忙的水塘路前往该医院去。 很不幸的是,该路段的建设并不能全面提供捷径给市民使用,而该路段出现有许多不合常规的马路设计及很可笑。

该段道路不合常规的设计如下: -

(1)双行道变为单行道 – 这是可能没有多余的空间或保留地或面对反对

(2)路灯杆和控制箱被安装在路面上 – 这很容易被车撞倒 (图2)

(3)改建脚踏车道和行人道 – 是不是亚庇有很多架脚踏车 (图3)

(4)沿斜坡建造两道混凝土排水沟 – 该斜坡上都没有水,这可能是个装饰 (图4)

(5)沿着林达士路旁建设了脚车道或人行道 – 到底有多少人会使用? (图5)

(6)在林达士路旁,兴建铁防撞杆在大堆泥土后面 – 毫无作用和浪费金钱。(图6)

(7)在马路中段的分叉路伸突进路面,造成阻碍 – 非常糟糕的设计。(图7)

(8)安装铁防撞杆在石墙的前面 – 多余及浪费金钱 (图8)

(9)从林达士路的入口处被封闭,排水涵洞只安装一半 – 是否因为计划的改变?(图9)

爱德华说,直到今天他继续收到许多市民对该段道路的投诉,他说政府耗费了马币两百万来兴建该段道路,不仅不实际,而且非常浪费人民的金钱。 更加可笑的是,沙巴州副首席部长兼基本设施发展部长拿督约瑟百林就居住该段新路旁的山上。他到底有没有发现到该些特别的设计?

市民希望公务局能够重新调整该条新路的设计,并恢复原来的双行车道。 因为在紧急状况之下,病患能获得在第一时间内赶到伊丽莎白医院2。 尤其是能够让救护车进出该段道路,以更快的速度拯救生命。