Thursday, 25 February 2010

Korea visit arranged by UPF (universal Peace Federation)世界和平组织安排马代表团到韩国访问

On 17th to 22nd February, a team of 27 members from the Malaysian Members of Parliament, Senator, State Assemblymen, professors of the higher education institutions were among the group of Malaysia VIP delegation invited by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) for the ILC International Leadership conference meeting, study trip, and tour to places of interest in Seoul, Korea.

The Malaysia delegates have visited the “Samsung” headquarter in Seoul and briefed by the Chairman and his CEOs. It is an eye-opener for the group to visit the one of the Korea’s top newspaper, “Joong Ang Daily” who has a daily sale of 1.6 million copies, covering the whole Korea. The hi-tech manufacturer “Parks System” produces some highly confiscated and high power computerized microscope and it is a fast developing industry in Korea. Its many thousand of employees and R&D staffs are at very young age, average not over 40 years old.

The relaxing part of the trip is the visit to the snow and ice covered resort of “Yong Pyong Resort” which is so cold, icy, covered with thick snow, and yet fascinating to its beautiful sceneries and clean environment. The winter resort is ear-marked for the venue of the 2018 Winter Olympic, if Korea is selected for the winter games. Koreans are gearing to hope to host the next Winter Olympic in 2018.

The group has also visited the Korean National Assembly guided by the Member of the National Assembly Mr. Song Young Gil, who is very kind to provide a guided tour through their Assembly building and explained to the group the current trench of the Korean economy. Dr. Hiew raised a question on the trading relationship between Korea and Malaysia, and its volume of trades, Mr. Song replied with a trading figure of USD 10 billion from Korea buying Malaysia products. The Malaysian Ambassador to Korea Dato’ Ramlan Ibrahim was accompanying the Malaysian delegate during the visit.

Not forgetting to mention that it is a good experience for the group to have such a benefiting trip to Korea arranged by the UPF, especially there is no boundary and differences between the BN and PR Members of Parliament who were among the group. The true brother hood and peace is deeply felt during the entire trip in Korea.  

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

Pic: The Malaysian delegation photo taken in Samsung (1) and Joong Ang Daily (2)



马来西亚代表团访问了在汉城的‘三星’总部,其主席和首席执行员向该代表团作出有关‘三星’电子业的简报,此外代表团参观了韩国其中最大的‘中央日报’报馆,该报馆让大家打开眼界,受益不少。  ‘中央日报’每天的销量额是160万份,涵盖了整个韩国。  此外高科技制造商‘百士系统’(Park System)所生产的高超和高功率的电脑显微镜,是一家非常快速发展的韩国电子工业。  他们有上万的雇员,而且他们的研发人员都很年轻,大多不超过40

此行最轻松的时刻是探访冰雪覆盖的度假胜地‘永烨度假村’,该处非常寒冷并且覆盖着厚厚的白雪,该度假村的风景秀丽迷人,空气清新,环境清洁,是旅游的好去处。  据了解,如果冬季奥运会选定在韩国,该冬季度假村将会成为2018年冬季奥运的场地。 韩国人民希望2018年的冬季奥运会将会在该处举办。

该代表团还参观了韩国的国会大楼,由该国的国会议员宋尤吉先生带领参观,并解释韩国目前经济的状况。 邱博士在解说会中提出了韩国和马来西亚之间的贸易关系问题,及其贸交量, 宋国会议员回答说,韩国向马来西亚购买大约100亿美元的产品。 马来西亚驻韩国大使拿督郎兰易卜拉欣(Dato’ Ramlan Ibrahim)也一同陪同马来西亚的代表团

值得提及的是,这次的旅程是一个很好的经验,在访问韩国期间该团受益良深,特别是国阵和民联议员之间已没有‘阵线’及‘党派’之分。 在整个韩国行程中深切地感受到,真正兄弟的和平团契。 这应该感谢世界和平组织所带来的功绩。