Thursday, 25 February 2010

Pairin should explain now百林应该立即解释

The Sabah Infrastructure Development Minister Datuk Joseph Pairin Kittingan should explain to the general public on spending of the RM10 million on the proposed highly disputed upgrade for the 800 meter new road linking the Queen Elizabeth Hospital 2 to Lintas road.

This follows the statement made by Pairin saying that he will explain in the State Assembly during the next sitting on the reason why the RM2 million new road is to be upgraded to a dual carriage way in the 10th Malaysia Plan costing RM10 million.

Sabah DAP Local Government and Housing Bureau Chief cum its Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie commented that it is no need to explain in the Assembly sitting but Pairin should explain to the people immediately now on whatever the reason. It is highly irrational for him to wait until the Assembly sitting, but in fact he can straight away tell us all on what is the reason.   Pairin being the Minister of Infrastructure Development in Sabah and his own house is just next to this road, he should well know the actual real picture and the real reason behind the disputed upgrading of this newly completed road.

Edward said it is very disappointed to see our Minister can not come out in the open to explain the issue right away. May be the Director of JKR can enlighten us on the reason and the itemized cost breakdown on the announced RM10 million required for the upgrading to the new road. The people in Kota Kinabalu are really upset with this kind of work done and performance, some even said that those who are involved in this project should be held responsible, if not they should resign from their post. The tax-payers’ money should not handled wisely and penny-worth.

In Sabah, may be there are many similar cases like this that needed to be exposed, Sabah DAP welcomes the general public to come forward bravely to inform about any cases that needed to be exposed. We have to protect our right and interest, but most important is to fight corruption and abuse of power at all cost.

Edward said once the documents are ready on the new road, Sabah DAP will report and forward to the MACC for an investigation to be carried out to get to the bottom of the causes.

Pic : Odd design of the new access road

Edward Ewol Mujie      



百林在报章上说,他将会在即将来临的州议会中解释为何已经耗费了马币两百万令吉兴建的新通道,必须被提升成为双行车道的原因。 该项提升工程将会在第十马来西亚计划进行并且耗资马币一千万

沙巴民主行动党地方政府及房屋局主任兼州副主席爱德华慕吉说,百林没有必要等到开州议会才解释,无论是什么原因他应该立刻向民众解释。 拿督百林要等到开州议会时才交待是非常不合理。事实上,他是可以立刻让大家知道其原因。  百林是沙巴州基本设施发展部部长,而且他自己的房子就在该段马路旁,他应该很清楚地知道,以及了解该段新建的道路需要提升的背后真正原因

爱德华说,他非常失望看到部长没有即刻站出来解释该项问题。 也许工务局总监可以汇报给民众有关提升该段通道的主因,以及公布如何会需要马币一千万拨款的详情。 亚庇市民对政府工程和其表现感到非常不满,有些人甚至说,涉及该项工程的人士应该被追究责任,及引咎辞职。 纳税人的钱必须明智地的运用。

在沙巴州,可能有许多类似的情况需要被揭露,沙巴民主行动党欢迎民众勇敢地站出来揭露任何有偏差的个案。  我们必须保护我们的权益,最重要的是打击腐败和滥用权力