Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Najib should give Liow Tiong Lai an ultimatum to resolve the Sabah health crisis or be sacked 纳吉应向廖中莱发出最後通谍,要他立即解决沙巴卫生危机,即亚庇医院像越南难民营般,否则将廖中莱革职,以委任新的卫生部长

I am shocked and outraged by a letter I have received from a serving medical officer of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kota Kinabalu about the deplorable conditions of the hospital complexes in Sabah particularly Kota Kinabalu which had been likened to Vietnam refugee camp.Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai had been Health Minister for more than two years and despite repeated complaints, he had turned a complete deaf ear and blind eye to the prolonged healthcare crisis and the deplorable hospital conditions in Sabah particularly in Kota Kinabalu.我接到亚庇伊丽沙白女皇医院的一名医生来信後,感到震惊与愤怒,因为他在信中道出沙巴,尤其是亚庇区医院的糟糕情况像越南难民营那般。

 The serving doctor in QEH wrote of the horrors suffered by the sick in Kota Kinabalu where they are subjected to “a wicked game of musical chairs” shunted around various hospital centres according to their changing healthcare needs as “there is not a single centre that can address a patient as a whole”.
The medical maze, which has brought total chaos to healthcare services in Sabah, includes the state’s only referral centre, Queen Elizabeth Hosptal and nearby centres like Hospital Bukit Padang the mental institution, Hospital Likas, the makeshift hospital in Lingzhi Museum in Kepayan and Umno’s favourite Sabah Medical Centre (SMC).
This is the tale of horror as narrated by this QE doctor:
“Mr. Wong, an elderly man presented at Hospital Likas because of severe breathlessness and was found to have severe pneumonia on chest x-ray.
“He was then admitted to the High Dependency Unit of Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) 30 minutes away for treatment.
“He improved after six days and was then transferred to the normal ward for further recuperation.
“A bed was urgently needed one day later and the frail Mr. Wong was then shipped off to Hospital Bukit Padang for ‘rehabilitation’.
“Alas, he did not improve but instead deteriorated.
“As Hospital Bukit Padang was devoid of the necessary equipment and setup for managing emergencies and ill patients, Mr. Wong was then resent back to QEH for further management.
“More tests were required and old Wong was then sent to Sabah Medical Center for a CT scan.
“I’m not sure what happened to Mr. Wong thereafter.”
The QEH doctor who made these revelations of the deplorable health crisis in Sabah in the form of an Open Letter to Liow Tiong Lai, wrote:
The formation of the Queen- SMC-Likas-Lingzhi-BukitPadang medical maze has brought total chaos to healthcare services in Sabah.
The docile and unassuming Sabahan patients are constantly playing a wicked game of musical chairs, being transported around from one hospital to another according to their changing healthcare needs.
There is not one single center that can address a patient as a whole.
A lady in labor will be told that she can’t do so in QEH, while a fitting patient are whisked away from Likas to QEH.
A child with a broken limb may go to SMC but the surgery can only be done in Likas.
Elderly Mr. Wong is merely one of many such victims.
Continuity of care is virtually impossible when patients are moved about every few days.
Valuable investigations and data are lost in the process of multiple transfers resulting in costly, repeated tests.
Patients have even died due to the lack of emergency equipment and the deficient setup at the peripheral wards.
You will not hear all these because your little pharaohs in the state health department have done a great job concealing negligence, mismanagement and sheer stupidity.
Medical personnel are suffering in silence too.
Doctors from house officers to specialists are rushing around the five medical centers daily, wasting precious time, fuel and energy in the process of doing so.
Medical officers have been doing eight to fifteen on-calls every month as a result of the increased locations housing the sick.
That is fifteen days away from home and family every month, mind you.
Just in case you forgot we too have young, growing kids to care for.
Absent parents do not make for good family dynamics, won’t you agree?
We are risking our lives each working day wondering if the abandoned tower block will one day collapse upon us and send us to our Maker.
Our comrades serving in Sabah Medical Center are not having it any better.
In spite of the Barisan Nasional’s grandiose publicity buzz over the RM 245 million purchase of Sabah Medical Center, the medical personnel and patients have remained mere squatters in the premises.
The medical staffs are receiving summonses so very too often as a result of limited parking space.
Those of us in surgical disciplines are working till 9 pm on Mondays to Fridays so as to optimize the operating time of our three miserable rented surgical theatres.
In the SMC wards, 4-5 patients are cramped into rooms meant for two as the hospital was built to house a capacity of 150 beds only.
On QEH, the only tertiary referral centre in Sabah, the QEH doctor has this to say:
Increasingly, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the only tertiary referral center in Sabah is living up her grand title of being a sick house.
Partially shut down since September 2008, the ailing sick house of Sabah has turned critical recently, with worsening cracks and falling tiles and a real threat of frank collapse.
The older blocks nearby were declared unsafe and subsequently evacuated and shut down.
Ill and frail patients were shipped off in a frenzy like unwanted cargo to nearby centers like Hospital Bukit Padang the mental institution, Hospital Likas, and the makeshift hospital of Lingzhi Museum in Kepayan and of course, UMNO’s favourite Sabah Medical Center (SMC).
The QEH doctor said he and his colleagues invite Liow “to come and see the ground situation for yourself without a grand entourage of administrative boot-lickers”.
He continued:
“Patients who require hospital admission have to be turned away due to the insufficiency of places.
“The inpatients meanwhile are packed like sardines in the current wards, with hardly a metre of space between beds.
“The situation is comparable to a Vietnamese refugee camp.
“Hospital-acquired infections are the norm rather the exception.
“When a patient with tuberculosis coughs his lungs out, everyone in the ward will be inhaling the highly infectious Mycobacterium.
“After 50 years of independence, our ill patients who require close observation are still sharing monitors and other equipment between themselves.
“Is this the standard of care that Barisan Nasional is according to Najib’s self-proclaimed fixed deposit?
“Whatever happened to all the oil money that Sabah has generated for Tanah Melayu over the last 50 years?
“So you see, Mr Health Minister, we don’t need more jobless house officers, more empty promises and more tasty slogans like 1Malaysia.
“We need 1Hospital and 1HealthMinister who is attuned to the sufferings of the rakyat under his care.”
This is an utter shame for the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s 1Malaysia and his pledge of “People First, Performance Now: I will send the QEH doctor’s indictment of the healthcare system and the Health Minister ‘s failure and negligence to the Prime Minister, who should table it on Friday’s cabinet meeting as an example of failed Minister in his Cabinet.
Either Najib give Liow an ultimatum to immediately resolve the deplorable healthcare crisis in Sabah or Najib should make an example of Liow by sacking him and appoint a new Health Minister for the country.

上述医生道出 了亚庇病患的的恐怖遭遇,他们被投入“随乐声抢椅子的戏谑遊戏”中,根据他们的病情,在各医药中心兜转,因为“没有任何一个中心能完整的治疗一名病患”。
这种医药迷宫,令沙巴,包括州内唯一的转诊中心伊丽沙白女皇医院及附近的中心,如Bukit Padang精神医院、里卡士医院、Kepayang的LingZhi博物院临时医院及巫统所钟爱的沙巴医药中心(SMC),都陷入一片混乱中。
当天较後时,由于极需一张病床,虚弱的王先生被送去Bukit Padang医院休养。
由于Bukit Padang医院缺乏处理紧急与严重病症所需的设备,王先生被送回伊丽沙白女皇医院。
皇后、SMC、里卡士、LingZhi、Bukit Padang的医药迷宫,令沙巴的卫生服务陷入一片混乱。
虚弱的病患像没人要的货櫃那般,乱成一团的被送去附近的医院,如Bukit Padang精神医院、里卡士医院、Kepayang的LingZhi博物院临时医院及巫统所钟爱的沙巴医药中心(SMC)。
这对首相纳吉的一个大马“以民为本、即刻表现”承诺,是一大耻辱。我将把上述医生对卫生制度及卫生部长疏忽职守的控诉传达给首相,好让首相在周五的 内阁会议上提出这个他内阁中部长失职的例子。


1997年我国国家债务达900亿元,占国内生产总值32% 。但是2008年我国国债却剧增400%至3064亿,去年国债更高达3652亿,占国内生产总值52.4%, 超越了国际安全水平规定的50%指标。

国阵政府于2009年举债高达885亿令吉, 比2008年增加48%;是1991年以来最严重的现象。更令人忧心的是,国阵政府今年计划再发售19项债券, 期限竟远至2032年。一旦缺乏严厉监督,即使将来改朝换代由民联执政,民联对天文数字的债务也将爱莫能助!
2009年只有14间新公司在大马交易所挂牌上市, 创下20年最低纪录, 外资的流入更创下不足70亿美金新低,连继两年输给邻国印尼及越南。财政赤字高达7.4%, 不敷多达511亿元,是1987年以来最高点。大马再不大刀阔斧改革,将来恐怕为时巳晚。 政府再三举债是用未来钱,再加上肃贪不力丶执行差劲,实际的问题比浮上台面的更吓人,因此我呼吁政府加速改革与开放,放弃种族主义,以透明丶公正丶绩效为 标准,外资才有可能止跌回扬。



民行4月30千人宴火箭高層 發表演說

民 主行動黨斗湖支部舉辦千人宴盛會籌委合攝。


舉 辦此項盛會目的也在喚醒沙巴人民,對於促進兩線制的覺醒并拯救沙巴與馬來西亞。

當晚千人宴宴開百席,入場券分為VIP、VVIP與五十令 吉。

任何有興趣者可向以下人士購票,即:–(一)張仕生,電話:016-8302076、(二)陳泓縑,電 話:019-8231289、(三)洪定榮,電話:013-8844700、(四)梁雲輝,電話:016-8275330、(五)戴小姐,電 話:013-8939798、089-753051。

當晚也邀請民主行動黨國會領袖林吉祥、民主行動黨全國副主席東姑阿都亞玆士賓東姑依 布拉欣、八打靈北區國會議員潘儉杰、沙登國會議員張念群、泗岩沫國會議員林立迎、沙巴民主行動黨州聯委會主席邱慶洲國會議員、斯里丹絨區州議員黃仕平作作 精彩演說。

Smelly Inanam Baru Drain needed clearing 恶臭的下南南巴鲁排水沟需要清理

爱德华即刻联络上亚庇市政厅,要他们立即采取行动清除排水沟,并建议市政厅必须要定期 检查所有在亚庇市内的水渠。 市政厅所聘用的承包商必须执行其指定的工作,并应严格遵守其合约的条件。 事实上,如果他们没有把工作做好,就应该给予警告或者终止其合约。Edward has contacted the DBKK for immediate action to clear the drain, and he advised the DBKK to inspect regularly all the drains in Kota Kinabalu. The contractors employed by the DBKK must perform their designated work schedule accordingly and should adhere strictly to the condition of their contract with DBKK. In fact, if failing to do their work they should be given a warning or be terminated.

Sabah DAP Local Government and Housing Bureau chief Edward Ewol Mujie today inspected the dirty and smelly drain in Inanam Baru town that is filled with garbage up to a foot deep. This is following the public complaint received by the bureau saying that the garbage accumulated and left there for a long time and the smell has become unbearable. The night market there is believed to be dumping waste into the drain behind. The drain has become very unhygienic.
Edward has contacted the DBKK for immediate action to clear the drain, and he advised the DBKK to inspect regularly all the drains in Kota Kinabalu. The contractors employed by the DBKK must perform their designated work schedule accordingly and should adhere strictly to the condition of their contract with DBKK. In fact, if failing to do their work they should be given a warning or be terminated.
In Kota Kinabalu, Inanam, Mengattal, Telipok and even in Kapayan, there are still many places littered with rubbish and dirty drains in many places. We hope all these can be attended to with urgency by DBKK.
Edward Ewol Mujie.
Pic: Edward inspecting the dirty drain with complainers.


沙巴民主行动党地方政府及房屋局主任爱德华慕吉今天检查了下南南巴鲁处恶臭冲天及肮脏的排水沟,该排水沟堆满了约一尺高的垃圾。 他说他接到市民的投诉,指出该排水沟的垃圾累积了一段很长的时间了,并且发出难以忍受的臭味。 相信是夜市营业的摊主把垃圾倾倒入该排水沟。 如今导致该处非常不卫生。

爱德华即刻联络上亚庇市政厅,要他们立即采取行动清除排水沟,并建议市政厅必须要定期检查所有在亚庇市内的水渠。 市政厅所聘用的承包商必须执行其指定的工作,并应严格遵守其合约的条件。 事实上,如果他们没有把工作做好,就应该给予警告或者终止其合约。
在亚庇,下南南,孟加达,打里卜,甚至在甘拜园有很多肮脏又诸塞的排水沟,并且在许多地方都看到满地垃圾。 希望亚庇市政厅能够积极的关注这些问题并且把工作做好。

Lim Kit Siang being refused in to Sepangar Navy Base 林吉祥被拒绝进入西邦加海军基地

民主行动党国会领袖林吉祥与亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士,泗岩沫区国会议员林立迎,沙登国会议员张 念群及其他沙巴民主行动党领袖被拒绝进入西邦加海军基地,和参观数十亿马币的潜艇东姑阿都拉曼号。

DAP Parliament leader Lim Kit Siang together with KK MP Dr. Hiew King Cheu, Serdang MP Teo Nee Chieng, Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng with other Sabah DAP leaders were refused in to the Sepangar Navy Base for a quick visit and to see the billion ringgit submarine KD Tungu Abdul Rahman.

Dr. Hiew had earlier on contacted the Naval officer in charge for a permission to enter the base for a quick visit by the DAP Parliament leader to check on the famous submarine whether it has been repaired and capable of diving. The answer given was no and rejected their visit on the ground of secrecy reason, and it is also due to the visit of the Sultant of Selangor during that time. Anyhow Lim and the DAP group still took a drive to view the new Naval Base in Sepangar to understand more of the situation there, and the group was stopped at the entrance of the billion ringgit built navy base.

In Parliament, the Minister of Defend Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi during the question time on the topic of the submarine did mentioned that he can invite the Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Yin to go to the Sepangar Naval Base and check on the Submarine together. DAP is still waiting for his invitation to see whether the submarine had been repaired or not. According to the people who worked in the base, they said that the boat is believed to be still under repair. On today newspaper, they are going to try diving on the submarine, will it be successful? Or any more trouble again.

In replying a question from the KK MP Dr. Hiew on the reason why the RM 3.4 billion is having so much trouble and might endanger the life of the crew members, the Minister of Defend replied in Parliament that the submarine is still under warranty and no need for alarm to its faults and mechanical failure. The answer is not acceptable and why should a new submarine to have such a major fault in the system and what happen next when the warranty period expired.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP


民主行动党国会领袖林吉祥与亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士,泗岩沫区国会议员林立迎,沙登国会议员张念群及其他沙巴民主行动党领袖被拒绝进入西邦 加海军基地,和参观数十亿马币的潜艇东姑阿都拉曼号。

邱博士之前已经接触海军主管军官,向他要求获准民主行动党国会领袖进入该基地,并且视察该首艄著名的潜艇是否已经完成维修及能够潜水了。  该基地的主管军官拒绝了他们的要求,并且说其原因是因为该处是个严守的军事基地,同时凑巧雪兰莪州的苏丹也在这段时间里在该基地进行访问。 无论如何林氏和行动党团队仍然前往该处视察,以了解该新海军基地的实况,但是该团队被禁止进入耗费马币数十几亿所兴建的海军基地。

在国会中,国防部长拿督斯里阿末扎希在有关于潜艇的话题提问时有提到说,他可以邀请槟城首席部长林冠英去参观西邦加海军基地及视察该艄潜艇。  民主行动党仍在等待他的邀请,并且想知道该潜艇是否已经进行维修了没有。据在该基地工作人员说,该潜艇仍然还是在修理之中。  今天的报章上指出他们将尝试进行海底潜水,这是否意味着已经完成维修工作呢?或会导致更多的问题。

针对邱博士的问题关于为什么耗费马币三十四亿的新潜艇,会有这么多问题并且可能危及船员的生命,国防部长在国会回答说该潜艇仍在保养维修期 内,所以没有需要担心会有机械故障。 如此的回答是不能接受的,为什么一个新的潜艇,既然会有主要系统发生故障的严重问题,如果保养维修期过后,政府将要如何做?

Lim Kit Siang speech at keningau, sabah with locals and PR leader

New blood to reinforce Sabah DAP political strength 张国华医生加入沙巴民主行动党

张国华医生在他的首次讲话中表示,他很关注许多沙巴人在恶劣环境下所面对的问题,特别是沙巴土 著。 政府服务部门,特别是医疗服务方面,他们似乎完全忽略了病人的阶段,导致现在面对严重的失策并且丧失许多宝贵生命。 虽然很多医生已经向卫生部长提呈他们的信件以表达他们的愤怒和失望,但是部长太忙碌于他的竞选事务。 张医生说唯一能够解决这长期已久存在的问题就是一定要换新政府,让一群新血来管理沙巴州政府。新民联是一个强大的团队,并且会提供给人民应有的权益和更好 服务,这可以从槟城和雪兰莪州看得到。

A medical doctor, Dr. Felix Chong Kat Fah is the latest recruit to reinforce the Sabah DAP team of leaders. He is given the task to manage the Tanjong Aru DAP branch and put to in charge of the public service in the area.

He was welcomed by the Sabah DAP State Committee during a breakfast session with DAP Parliament Leader Lim Kit Siang last week in Donggongon, Penampang. Sabah DAP chief Dr. Hiew King Cheu in his welcoming speech said that it is important for people like Dr. Felix Chong who cares for the people and Sabah to come forward to serve the people positively. Sabah is indeed in urgently needs for a change of a new Pakatan Rakyat state government for a new hope and to bring about change in the state. Dr. Felix Chong is a qualified and experience person who has a warm heart towards the people of Sabah, and Dr. Hiew believes that he will well fit for the task given and even in the future PR government.

Dr. Felix said in his maiden speech expressed his concern about the many poor conditions of the State of Sabah faced by Sabahan especially by the Natives of Sabah. The government medical service in particular is in a stage of total neglect which is now causing heavy burden and even lives lost to many patients in the state. We have doctors writing letters to the Minister of Health expressing their anger and dismay, but the Minister is too busy in doing his party campaign. Dr. Felix said the only way to get to solve this long standing problem is to change the government and let a group of new blood to administrate the Sabah Government. The new Pakatan Rakyat group will definitely be stronger and can deliver a better government, just look at Penang and Selangor.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, Sabah DAP Chief, KK MP


沙巴民主行动党最新加入的党员张国华医生,是一位资深的医生,他的加入增强了沙巴行动党的领袖层。他将会负责丹容亚路行动党支部,并且将在该地区提 供公众服务。

上周在兵南邦东贡岸,沙巴行动党州委会及行动党国会领袖林吉祥与张医生一起集餐时,表示热烈欢迎他的加入。沙巴行动党州主席邱庆洲博士在致 欢迎辞说,像张国华医生愿意出来积极的为人民服务并且关心沙巴州的心意是很重要的。张国华医生是一位资深和经验丰富的专业人士,并且拥有对沙巴人民热情的 心,此外他也曾经担任必鲁兰医院(Beluran Hospital)的医院总监。 邱博士认为他将会是一个很好的民联领袖。此外邱博士也指出,要让沙巴州未来有希望和大改变,是迫切需要新民联州政府当政。

张国华医生在他的首次讲话中表示,他很关注许多沙巴人在恶劣环境下所面对的问题,特别是沙巴土著。 政府服务部门,特别是医疗服务方面,他们似乎完全忽略了病人的阶段,导致现在面对严重的失策并且丧失许多宝贵生命。 虽然很多医生已经向卫生部长提呈他们的信件以表达他们的愤怒和失望,但是部长太忙碌于他的竞选事务。 张医生说唯一能够解决这长期已久存在的问题就是一定要换新政府,让一群新血来管理沙巴州政府。新民联是一个强大的团队,并且会提供给人民应有的权益和更好 服务,这可以从槟城和雪兰莪州看得到。

Too Many 4-D special Draws 万字特别开彩

许多市民向亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士投诉,有关政府近年来所批准搏彩公司‘特别开彩’的问题,他们担忧这将导致不良的影响。 他们投诉说除了平常每周4次的开彩以外,为什么还会有那么多的‘特别开彩’。  民众说由于有太多的万字开彩,造成严重的赌博风气大增,尤其是在沙巴州。  因着万字赌博彩导致人民失财,更加严重的是沙巴州的巨大资金已经严重流失,过户到西马的博彩公司口袋里。  由于耗费在万字赌博,导致许多人士已经面对金钱困难,有的甚至要向‘阿窿’借钱来周转。  这已成为一种严重的社会病态,然而政府仍然鼓励这种赌博的活动,因为要征收博彩税,害苦了人们。

Many public concerns over the many “special draws” by the 4-D outlets approved by the government over the years have been forwarded to the attention of the Parliament by the Kota Kinabalu Dr. Hiew King Cheu. This is after complaints received on why so many special draws were allowed besides the normal 4 times a week draws. The people said there is too many draw that resulting in heavier gaming activities especially in Sabah. A lot of the people’s money is lost due to gambling on the 4-DIGITS, and Sabah State is losing plenty of money to the Semenanjung owned gaming companies. Many people already fallen into financial hardship due to heavy gambling on the 4-Ds, and some even go to seek Ah-Long for more money. This has become a social ill, and the government still encourages this gambling activity.

The reply from the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib cum Minister of Finance stated that the government only permitted 20 days on the Special draws for all the operators of the 4-Digits (NFO) to the 6 gaming outlets in Semenanjung Malaysia, 4 in Sabah and Sarawak for the year 2010 compared to the 27 days approved for 2009. There is now 120 draws all together, even though there is a reduction of 7 days as approved for 2010. He also replied that the gaming tax received by the government is used for the development purposes and for the administrative cost for the country. Many people said that this tax money gained from the gambling habits of the people is deemed to be “evil money”, and it is a fact that the tax money comes from some evil activities encourage by the government. If the government insist to allow this type of gambling activities to go on and granting more special draws over the years, that reflects the BN government is going against its principle, and may be the government coffer is already empty and have to turn to gambling tax to survive.

From the figure disclosed by PM Najib, there is a total of RM1,199,574,646.73 of gambling tax received from the 6 nos. gaming companies in Malaysia for the year 2009. The following figure was disclosed:-

TOTO         RM 459,600,452.05
Magneum   RM 401,283,257.55
Da Ma Ca   RM 265,531,593.04
Diriwan       RM   21,446,904.92           
STC            RM   21,068,136.56
Sarawak     RM   30,644,302.61
Total          RM 1,199,574,646.73 (RM1.199 billion)

The calculation of the taxation on gaming tax is based on 5%, therefore if we worked backward, and it is a staggering figure of RM24 billions on gambling per year,and this is not including the business volume of the “black market 4-Ds” which is believed to be doubling this figure. If the government further allows the number of special draws to be increased will definitely increase this figure. There were many special draws already since the 1st of January 2010 and the next one is 30th of March, 2010. Will there be any more coming next? The gambling is not doing any good to the poor people who try their luck to make some more money and fulfill their gambling urge. This is not to be encouraged especially during this economy difficulty time. I have seen people and poor workers gaming away their baby’s powder milk money and it is a sad story.

Therefore, we call for the government to cut all the special draws and reduce the weekly draws to only twice a week instead of 4 times a week.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.


许多市民向亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士投诉,有关政府近年来所批准搏彩公司‘特别开彩’的问题,他们担忧这将导致不良的影响。 他们投诉说除了平常每周4次的开彩以外,为什么还会有那么多的‘特别开彩’。  民众说由于有太多的万字开彩,造成严重的赌博风气大增,尤其是在沙巴州。  因着万字赌博彩导致人民失财,更加严重的是沙巴州的巨大资金已经严重流失,过户到西马的博彩公司口袋里。  由于耗费在万字赌博,导致许多人士已经面对金钱困难,有的甚至要向‘阿窿’借钱来周转。  这已成为一种严重的社会病态,然而政府仍然鼓励这种赌博的活动,因为要征收博彩税,害苦了人们。

首相拿督斯里纳吉兼财政部长回答说,在2009年批准总共二十七天的‘特别开彩’,比起现在政府批准了在西马的六家博彩公司(NFO),及4家在沙 巴的二十天‘特别开彩’只少了七天而已。 现在共有120次的开彩,即是在2010年批准减少了7天。  政府征收的博彩税是用于国家发展和管理经费。 很多人说从人民身上取得的赌博税被认为是‘罪恶的税钱’, 这是无可否认的事实,许多税款是由政府鼓励的罪恶活动中征收到的。 如果政府坚持让赌博活动继续进行下去,并且批准更多的‘特别开彩’, 这反映出国阵政府的原则是背道而驰的,也许可能是因为国阵政府国库是空的,所以转向征收赌博税以保生存。

从纳吉透露的数字中,在2009年马来西亚的六家博彩公司得到的总税额共计马币1,199,574,646.73。以下是2009年搏财业税收的数 字: -

多多博彩        :RM 459,600,452.05
万能集团        :RM 401,283,257.55
泛马博彩        :RM 265,531,593.04
Diriwan集团 :RM   21,446,904.92           
山打根赛马    :RM   21,068,136.56
砂捞越赛马    :RM   30,644,302.61
共计                :RM 1,199,574,646.73 (RM1.199 billion)

有关该博彩征税是于 5%来计算,因此可以发现到每年花钱在赌博的总数目约马币二百四十亿的惊人数字,这还没有包括‘黑市’的万字博彩,如果加起来计算,总数应该是该数目的两 倍。 如果政府继续允许‘特别开彩’的次数增加,购买博彩的数目肯定会增加。 从2010年1月开始已经有许多‘特别开彩’的次数,而下一次的‘特别开彩’是在3月30日。  以后会不会还有更多的‘特别开彩’呢? 赌博对穷人是没有好处的,尤其是想碰运气的心态想赢更多的钱的人。  在现在经济困难的期间,这是项不值得鼓励的事。 看到贫穷人士为了碰运气而输掉孩子的奶粉钱,是一件可悲的事。


Lim Kit Siang speech at Kg.Inobong Penampang,Sabah [HQ]

Thursday, 18 March 2010

DAP Leader Lim Kit Siang Sabah Visit

民主行动党国会领袖林吉祥将前往沙巴州进行为期3天的访问,日期是从3月19日至21日。 这是他对沙巴人的承诺。林氏和另两位行动党国会议员张念群和林立迎及沙巴行动党团队将在明天下午前往根地咬甘榜出席当地的聚集,接下来当晚他们将出席于根地咬33餐厅的私人晚宴,并与当地领袖会面。The DAP Parliament Leader Lim Kit Siang will be in Sabah for a three day visit starting tomorrow 19th to 21st March to fulfill his promise to the Sabah people for a monthly visit schedule.He and the Sabah DAP team with the two DAP MP Teo Nee Cieng and Lim Lip Eng will be attending a local gathering in Keningau with the Kampong folks in the afternoon, and later in the night they will be joining a dinner function with the local leaders in the Restaurant 33 in Keningau town.

The program of their visit will continue to the Sulaman Sentral in Sepangar for a dialogue with the Sabah Natives and the local leaders on topic concerning the people here especially the native issue and economy. The group will also hold causal gathering with the local leaders and representatives in Inanam and Mengatal town in the local coffee shop on Saturday 3pm to 11pm.

The Sunday (21st) will be allocated for the Sabah DAP Penampang branches to hold the walk about in Donggongon town and the Taumu ground. This is for the purpose for Lim Kit Siang to talk to the local folks and a chance for them to meet him in person. Later he will adjourn to the statue of the late Peter Mojuntin in Donggongon Square to place a wreath for the remembrance of the Golden Son of the Kadazan. A lunch function is prepared in his honor in Inabong Kampong, Penampang.

All are welcome to join the functions and have a chance to talk to Kit Siang or photo session with him.

Dr. Edwin Bosi, Sabah DAP Publicity Chief.

民主行动党国会领袖林吉祥将前往沙巴州进行为期3天的访问,日期是从3月19日至21日。 这是他对沙巴人的承诺。


跟着在周六(20日)他们将继续前往西邦加(Sepangar),在苏来曼中心(Sulaman Sentral)与当地领袖和土著进行对话,并且了解该处人民的需要和问题。 尤其是有关本地的经济问题和趋向。 当天该团队也将会与当地领袖在下南南和孟加达的咖啡店有个小聚集。

在周日(21日)林氏将会和沙巴兵南邦支部前往探访东贡岸镇和该处的‘斗磨’。 这是为了让林吉祥能够进一步了解当地土著,并且让他们有机会见到林氏本人。 接着他将会前往竖立在东贡岸广场的已故彼得默君丁(Late Peter Mojuntin)的雕像前献花圈,向‘卡达山之子’表达其敬意。 之后就会前往以诺博甘榜(Inabong Kampong)享用午餐。


Pairin should also resign on failing Zero Poverty Rate by end of 2010 对未能在2010年底前达至零贫穷率,拜林应该引咎辞职

Minister to the Energy, Green Technology and Water Chin Fah Kui has announced his commitment to resolve the power supply problem in Sabah by resigning from his minister post if the Saidi Index of 700 minutes per subscriber annually on the power supply is not achieved by end of 2010.

Sabah DAP Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie said this is a noble way to do and he appreciates the move by Chin. On this, Edward also wants this good example to be followed by the Sabah cabinet starting from the Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman himself. On the long power supply failure and water shortage problem in Sabah which is not solved and the situation is getting worst, the Sabah State Cabinet can not discharge their responsibility on their failure to provide steady uninterrupted supply to the people on these two important and compulsory amenities. The Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman should follow to make a pledge to the Sabahan that he will also resign together with Chin if the targeted 700 minutes index is not met by end of 2010.

On the eradication of hardcore poverty in Sabah as announced by the state government to achieve Zero Poverty rate by end of 2010 is seemed like another empty promises made to the Sabahan. We want to see that the announcement can be fulfilled, and not for propaganda purposes, the people are being cheated over and over again. Datuk Pairin Joseph Kitingan has announced to achieve Zero Poverty by end of 2010 while he was Minister of Rural Development, and now he is the Minister of Infra structure Development, has he forgotten about the announcement? Why he is silent on the topic now? As far as the people in the very poor will remember his announcement forever and this is their hope to see things happening, and their livelihood improving.

Edward Ewol Mujie said it will be no use to just make announcement but without solid commitment and determination to get the problem solved. The BN government has made announcements that they can’t and didn’t deliver, therefore he call for Datuk Pairin Joseph Kitingan to also follow Chin Fah Kui foot step to resign if the Zero Poverty rate is not achieved by the end of 2010, to show that he is a responsible leader and not just “say-say” only!

The same goes to the water supply shortage in Sabah, as the Infrastructure Development Minister, Pairin should be committed to make a pledge to the Sabahan as when the problem can be resolved. The people wants to see full commitment from the BN government to address and solve the hard pressing problem that created much hardship amount the people in Sabah which also including the BN member and supporters.

At the mean while, we wait to see what sort of commitment shall come from the BN leaders. The Sabahan are watching.

Edward Ewol Mujie. Sabah DAP State committee Vice Chairman



沙巴民主行动党州副主席爱德华慕吉说,这是一项崇高的做法,他赞赏陈氏的承诺。 对此,爱德华表示沙巴内阁部长也应该仿效这样的榜样,尤其是身为沙巴首席部长的拿督慕沙阿曼。 沙巴长期以来电供及水供短缺的问题不单没有解决,反而情况越来越严重,沙巴州内阁部长在这两个重要设施的问题上,应该付上责任,但是不能有效的履行其任务,亦未能提供稳定的水电供。 沙巴州首席部长拿督穆萨阿曼应该负责向沙巴人所做出承诺,如果停电频率在2010年底没有达到700分钟每消费者的目标,他也应该与拿督陈一起引咎辞职,向人民谢罪。

对于沙巴州政府宣布在2010年底前要达到零贫穷率看来又是空头支票。 我们希望看到这项宣布是真正能够达致,而不是为了宣传的目标,人民不断的被欺骗一次又一次。 拿督约瑟百林担任农村发展部长时,已向人民宣布在2010年底要达到零贫穷率,现在他是基本设施发展部长,好像他对该项宣布遗忘了。 为什么他没有再提到该项沙巴州政府的承诺呢? 贫穷人民却永远记得他的宣布,满怀希望,他们希望看到的部长能够协助改善他们的生活。

爱德华慕吉说,如果没有坚定其承诺解决问题的决心,只是单单宣布是没有用的。 国阵政府已宣布,但是他们却无法去解决,也无能力提供给人民应有的福利,所以爱德华建议拿督百林也应该跟随陈华贵的做法,如果没有达到零贫率就应该引咎辞职,以表明他是一个负责任的人民代议士,不要只是“说说”而已!

沙巴州也面对水供短缺问题,百林身为基础设施发展部长应该作出承诺,宣布可以解决沙巴人的问题。 人民希望看到国阵政府能够遵照对沙巴人所做出的承诺和真正的去解决问题,这些人也包括了国阵党员和其支持者。


Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Peter Chin assures Sabah will attain SAIDI rate by year end 2010 ? 陈华贵将保证在今年2010年底达到停电指数低平均率 ?

The System Average Interruption Index (SAIDI) set by the PM on 700 minutes per consumer annually from the existing 2870 minutes per consumer annually indeed has put tremendous pressure on the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Datuk Chin Fah Kui. He even promised the Sabahan to fire him if the set target is not attained then, but anyhow this is what is owe to the Sabahan and it is their duty to deliver power.

Sabahan views this as another ‘gimmick’ played by the BN government to install some false hope in Sabah. The question is why only now to impose the SAIDI figure of 700 minutes per consumer annually by end of this year and not 16 years ago when the BN ‘reverse take over’ the Sabah Government. Sabah had already suffered enough and sustained much loses in the past and we remember that for ever. In West Malaysia, the SAIDI figure stands at 72 minutes per consumers annually, why Sabah is being given 700, a much longer hour of SAIDI?

The question is why Semenanjong can have uninterrupted power supply and why Sabah not getting that. It is clear that Sabah is not important at all, and may be it is true that the BN Sabah leaders are not capable and helpless to fight for the rights and well being of their fellow Sabahan. They have failed them. This can be demonstrated in many examples, and the fact is that Ministers who are not UMNO can’t even get the civil servant to work for them as mentioned by some minister.

Dr. Hiew, the KK MP advice Chin Fah Kui need not scarify himself for the wrong and the fault of others before him who were in charged of the Sabah power supply. We should all blame the BN government too for not being able to give Sabah a steady power supply. Chin is still new in his ministry in the Federal cabinet, and he should not shoulder the whole responsibility for not giving Sabah full and uninterrupted power supply. Many people have asked the question on whether he can really assure the Index can be met by year end. May be it will right for him to reshuffle and to revamp the SESB management or sack those incapable personals.

The KK MP Dr. Hiew said the whole Sabah cabinet should resign together with Chin, if the index of 700 or lower is not met by year end. It is not fair for only Chin to resign while the rest of the Sabah BN cabinet looks on. This is also for them to show to the Sabahan of their determination and commitment to solve the long outstanding power problem, and to show that they are responsible elected representatives of the people. This is the time for the Sabah government cabinet to tell KL to act.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu. KK MP


首相纳吉制定平均停电率(SAIDI)由现时停电指数每年每消费者2870分钟,降低至每消费者700分钟,该项制定将给了能源,绿色技术和水务部长拿督陈华贵部长巨大的压力。 他甚至告诉沙巴人,如果所定的目标没有达到,他将会引咎辞职, 但无论如何这是亏欠沙巴人的,也是他们的责任提供足够的电力给沙巴州。

对沙巴人来说,这是国阵政府给沙巴人另一个虚假的希望‘噱头’。 问题是,为何现在才制定在今年年底前必须要达到实施700分钟每消费者每年的平均停电率,而不是在16年前当国阵‘接管’沙巴州政府时开始施行。 沙巴人民已经受够了,我们永远记得我们在过去损失了多少。 在西马,该平均停电率的数字是72分钟每消费者,为什么沙巴州却给于700分钟如此长的停电率呢?

问题是为什么西马可以不需要面对电供短缺的问题,反而沙巴州不停的处在电供严重短缺的情况。 显然,沙巴被视为不重要,而可能的事实就是沙巴州的国阵领袖没有能力和无法为沙巴人民争取应有的权益和福利。 国阵亏欠了沙巴人,这可以从许多例子中看到, 而且有些部长也说,非巫统的部长甚至不能指示政府公务员为他们工作。

亚庇国会议员邱博士建议陈华贵,虽然现在他负责沙巴电供的问题,但是他不必把之前他人所犯的错误和责任全部揽在自己的身上,因为之前的部长根本没有做好他们的工作。 没有提供沙巴州稳定的电供,这都应该归咎于国阵政府。 陈氏才刚担任该联邦部门的部长,因此他不应承担沙巴严重电供短缺的全部责任。 很多人都问他是否真正能够保证该700的指数可以在年底前达到。 邱博士奉劝他正确的做法就是重新更换和重组沙巴电力局的管理层或清除没有能力的人。

邱博士表示,如果到今年底平均停电率没有到达700分钟每消费或更低,那么沙巴全部的内阁部长应该和陈氏一样,引咎辞职。 只是由陈华贵一人辞职是不公平的,而沙巴国阵各内阁部长也有责任。 他们应该向沙巴人保证他们的决心和承诺,以解决长期悬而未决的电供问题,同时也表明他们是负责任的民选代表。 沙巴州政府内阁部长应该向联邦方面要求,即刻采取行动来解决沙巴州的问题

Monday, 15 March 2010

Sabah Power supply remains unsolved沙巴电供仍然无法解决

Sabah Power supply remains unsolved沙巴电供仍然无法解决

有人提到说,最近安装在山打根和斗湖的应急流动发电机,被发现是二手货,为什么我们沙 巴人不能使用新的发电机。 或者因为我们是二等公民。在该研讨会的对话环节中,许多人都抱怨说,能源委员会并没有真正想通过该研讨会对沙巴电力的问题得到好的结论,参加者都不能有充 分的时间来表达。 又因委员会选择在星期五早上进行,因为周五是回教祈祷日,造成没有足够的时间来发言,还有广大民众未受到邀请。一位与会者说,委员会多人前来亚庇及花费了 大量纳税人的钱,我们只听到一些旧的故事,问题还是未解决。大家都深感失望。邱 博士建议在下次选举时,最好是换政府。

The reported mobile generator sets delivered and installed in Sandakan and Tawau being 2nd hand was brought up to query the Commission on the rational why we Sabahan cannot use new generators. Are we second class citizen so that we can only used 2nd hand things? many people who were with the dialogue and briefing complained that the Energy Commission had not truly wanted to give and produce a fruitful function where the participants can fully contribute to the event. They set this on a Friday morning and rushed off because of the Friday Prayers and there is not enough time given to speak. There is not enough notice given to the general public and invitation is not overall. A participant said what is the point for the Commission to send so many people, spending so much tax-payer money, and we only got to listen to some old stories over and over again. The problem remains unsolved anyway. It is highly disappointed as far as the Sabahan is concerned. Hiew suggested to change the government during the next election.   
Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.
The Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Dr. Hiew King Cheu today attended the dialogue arranged by the Energy Commission (Suruhanjaya Tenaga) Malaysia under the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, in the Hotel Le Meridian Kota Kinabalu, and was  attended by the groups like SEPA, SHERIDA, and others. Very unfortunately, there were no representatives from the BN parties.
The Commission gave the briefing on the various aspects on the power shortage and failure situation in Sabah which included the existing problem with power shortage, Short term and Long term plan for the Sabah power supply, present and future power distribution plan, new Power generation plan, the highly disputed coal-fire power plant, gas and oil power plant, financial situation and many other related matters to the power problems in Sabah. The briefing is really comprehensive enough.
The people who participated the briefing gave their views on the subject and forwarded their views on the poor power supply in Sabah for the consideration of the Commission. The main focus from the people is on the highly disputed 300MW coal-fire power plant which is planned for installation in Sahabat, Lahad Datu. There was question on the gas power plant and on why send the Sabah gas to Bintulu etc..
The reported mobile generator sets delivered and installed in Sandakan and Tawau being 2nd hand was brought up to query the Commission on the rational why we Sabahan cannot use new generators. Are we second class citizen so that we can only used 2nd hand things?
Dr. Hiew being the only MP and politician who attended the function, gave his view during the dialogue by saying that he himself being a politician, he had came up with a formulae, “ Power failure and black out + coal fire power = new Sabah Government’. His comment was agreed by many. He further said he was challenged by the assistance minister Yong Oi Fah to bring the matter on the 15 unit second hand gen-sets to MACC, and Hiew said he definitely will get MACC to check on the reason behind this. He further questioned that how clean is the “clean coal technology” as mentioned by the Commission and SESB during the briefing. He said this is far from the actual technology used to send the poisonous gases into the earth crush some many Kilometers down.
Many people who were with the dialogue and briefing complained that the Energy Commission had not truly wanted to give and produce a fruitful function where the participants can fully contribute to the event. They set this on a Friday morning and rushed off because of the Friday Prayers and there is not enough time given to speak. There is not enough notice given to the general public and invitation is not overall. A participant said what is the point for the Commission to send so many people, spending so much tax-payer money, and we only got to listen to some old stories over and over again. The problem remains unsolved anyway. It is highly disappointed as far as the Sabahan is concerned. Hiew suggested to change the government during the next election.   
Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP.


亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士今天出席由能源,绿色科技及水务部属下的能源委员会(Suruhanjaya Tenaga)的研讨会。 该研讨会于亚庇艾美酒店(Le Meridian)举办,并邀请了各团体如沙巴环保组织(Sepa),发展商公会(SHERIDA)等参与。 很不幸的是国阵并没有委派代表出席。

能源委员会在该研讨会上汇报有关沙巴州内的电力短缺及经常停电的问题。 其中包括了电供短缺的因素,建议中的短期和长期供电计划,现时和将来的电力供应,建新的发电计划,还有极受争议的燃煤发电厂计划,天然气和石油的供应,财 务状况和其他有相关事宜的简报。该项简报其实是不够全面,并未整体的及有效的去解决沙州电供的问题。
参加该项研讨会的人士向该委员会提供了他们的意见和观点有关电供的问题。 而主要重点仍然是倍受争议将在拿笃沙哈拔(Sahabat, Lahad Datu)兴建300兆瓦燃煤发电厂的计划,及有关天然气为何送去民都鲁等。

有人提到说,最近安装在山打根和斗湖的应急流动发电机,被发现是二手货,为什么我们沙巴人不能使用新的发电机。 或者因为我们是二等公民。
关心人民的邱博士是唯一的代议士出席该研讨会,在对话期间他说,他将会以政治的眼光来发表他的观点,他究出一个新方程式,就是在沙巴‘电力短缺 + 燃煤发电 = 新政府’。  他的方程式获得全场的支持。 他进一步说,今天副部长杨爱华挑战他向反贪污局举报有关15部二手发电机的问题,他定会为山打根和斗湖人民争取应得的权益及福利。他进一步质疑能源委员会 如何去保证没有燃煤污染,因为所提到的‘清洁燃煤技术’并不全面性,委员会所提到的只是表面性而已。邱博士说,基本的清洁燃煤技术是输送有害气体至地球的 表壳深处化掉。 这是极昂贵的设施,当局是否会施行吗?
在该研讨会的对话环节中,许多人都抱怨说,能源委员会并没有真正想通过该研讨会对沙巴电力的问题得到好的结论,参加者都不能有充分的时间来表达。 又因委员会选择在星期五早上进行,因为周五是回教祈祷日,造成没有足够的时间来发言,还有广大民众未受到邀请。一位与会者说,委员会多人前来亚庇及花费了 大量纳税人的钱,我们只听到一些旧的故事,问题还是未解决。大家都深感失望。邱博士建议在下次选举时,最好是换政府。

KDM as CM comment by Herbert misleading 卡族为首长之言论

Sabah DAP Organizing Secretary Jeffrey Kumin felt very sorry for the statement made by the Vice President of PBS Herbert Timbon Lagadan on the issue whether KDM shall be returned as a Sabah Chief Minister in the future. This is following the comment made by the Sabah DAP vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie on the matter.

沙巴的卡达山族群长期已被忽视,甚至被遗忘。 很好的例子就是许多卡达山人都长期面对赤贫的困境,这是不能否认的事实。  由于国阵卡达山领袖没有为他们争取及提供缓助,许多人仍是活在极贫困中。  根据统计,有许多土著甘榜的生活水平和条件很恶劣。 许多贫困的年轻土著无法在担布南和兰瑙的农村地区找到工作而转去吉隆坡工作。 最近有报道说许多沙土著青年在吉隆坡没有饭吃和没有地方住,并且需要寻求当局的援助。 很不幸的是国阵政府竟然声称,只有二十位土著青年而已,试问他们在那里得到该些数字? 国阵政府甚至还指出,在沙巴州有许多就业机会尤其是在亚庇工业园(KKIP),为什么不能立即安排他们回乡,并提供工作给那些年轻人呢?
Herbert could have read wrongly and misinterpreted the statement made by Edward wrongly on the issue that KDM will have no chance to return as Sabah CM under the BN rule. Edward said that in reference to the matter that “KDM will have a good chance to return as the CM under the Pakatan Rakyat new government”, and it is not necessary for Herbert to be so sensitive and got it all wrong.
Furthermore, Edward is right that under BN state government there is no further chance for a KDM to be the Sabah CM. If Herbert wants to confirm this, he may try to sound this up with his PBS boss Pairin to see whether this is possible or not. He may also put this question to the BN Boss CM Musa Aman and to request to take over his post for the KDM to head for the Sabah CM?

Sabah KDM has been long suffering from being neglected and some times forgotten. The good example is the long standing hardcore poor situation of the KDM, and this can not be denied. The many KDM people is still “traditionally” poor due to the KDM leaders in BN had not done enough for them. This is reflected in the statistic figure that in many KDM kampongs the living standard and condition is bad and deploring. There are some hundred thousand poor young people who can not find jobs and earn a living in rural areas in Tambunan and Ranau district went over to Kuala Lumpur to work there. Recently a report stated that many of them had no food and shelter, and had to seek help. Very unfortunately, the BN government claimed only 20 of them, where do they get that figure? BN even goes on to state that there are plenty of jobs available in Sabah and especially in KKIP, and why not offer these young people the jobs and bring them back to home?

Jeffrey said the hardcore poor can be easily located even in urban towns in Sabah. The project “cari orang miskin” launched by the Sabah DAP has produced many such cases and attracted much attention. This is a solid proof the KDM is not being well taken care off by the BN, and they have totally failed them. If the BN wanted more example of their failure, we can always provide them. The BN should not continue to deceive the KDM people.
Jeffrey Kumin.

沙巴民主行动党州组织秘书杰菲利古明对沙巴团结党副主席赫伯(Herbert Timbon Lagadan)在报章上所发表针对沙巴民主行动党副主席爱德华慕吉说卡达山人在国阵政府中不能再有机会成为沙巴州首席部长的言论感到遗憾。
赫伯错误地曲解爱德华慕吉的言论,其实卡达山杜顺土著在国阵政府的执政下,他们是没有机会再成为沙巴首席部长。 爱德华主要是表达“卡达山杜顺土著在民联执政下的新政府,将有更好的机会担任首长一职”,赫伯是没有必要如此的敏感和误解。

此外,爱德华的言论是没有错的,在国阵州政府的执政下,卡达山著成为沙巴首长的机会是零。如果赫伯要确定这一点,他可以向他的老板百林请示 该事项。 他也可以要求沙国阵领袖慕沙阿曼,可否让卡达山土著接管首长之职。

沙巴的卡达山族群长期已被忽视,甚至被遗忘。 很好的例子就是许多卡达山人都长期面对赤贫的困境,这是不能否认的事实。  由于国阵卡达山领袖没有为他们争取及提供缓助,许多人仍是活在极贫困中。  根据统计,有许多土著甘榜的生活水平和条件很恶劣。 许多贫困的年轻土著无法在担布南和兰瑙的农村地区找到工作而转去吉隆坡工作。 最近有报道说许多沙土著青年在吉隆坡没有饭吃和没有地方住,并且需要寻求当局的援助。 很不幸的是国阵政府竟然声称,只有二十位土著青年而已,试问他们在那里得到该些数字? 国阵政府甚至还指出,在沙巴州有许多就业机会尤其是在亚庇工业园(KKIP),为什么不能立即安排他们回乡,并提供工作给那些年轻人呢?
杰菲利说,赤贫人士可以很容易在沙巴州的城镇里找到。  由沙行动党推行的‘发掘赤贫人士’的活动,已发现许多类似急需受关注的人士。 这已证明沙土著在国阵执政下并没有得到妥善照顾。 这些人已经彻底对国阵政府失望。 国阵如果需要其他的例子,我们可以随时提供。国阵政府不应该继续蒙骗沙土著了。

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Natives of Sabah To Urge Barisan National Government to lift the ban on the book entitled the ¡® The Golden Son Of The Kadazan¡¯

To: Sabah State Government, Federal Government of Malaysia On the 6th of June 1976 a tragic plane crashed at Sembulan took away the life of Sabah Chief Minister Tun Fuad Stephens together with several Cabinet Ministers and others. The ¡®Double Six¡¯ tragedy had deprived the Natives of Sabah, a great leader in the person of Datuk Peter J. Mojuntin. A book about him was written by the late DAP Leader Bernard Sta Maria entitled ¡®The Golden Son of the Kadazan¡¯ which was subsequently banned by the BN government on the ground that the book threatened peace and order. Now the Natives of Sabah must urge the BN Government to lift the ban of the book with immediate effect as the book talked about the struggle of the late Peter J Mojuntin, his commitment, and his dreams and visions for the people especially the natives of Sabah. This book is very important and inspiring and must be read by the younger generation. If the ban on the book ¡®The Malay Dilemma¡¯ written by Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamed the former Prime Minister of Malaysia can be lifted, there is no reason the same could not be done for ¡®The Golden Son of the Kadazan¡±. We, the undersign urge the BN government to practice its 1Malaysia concept and lift the ban on this book ¡°The Golden Son of the kadazan¡± with immediate effect. Sincerely, The Undersigned

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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

'Who do not share our ideals, can leave' by DSAI

Confirmed no KDM Sabah CM under BN rule沙巴国阵政府永不会有卡达山首席部长

The Sabah Deputy CM cum Minister of Infrastructure Development Datuk Joseph Pairin Kittingan said the opposition has a bid to confuse the people of Sabah especially the KDM community. He commented on the issue raised by the DAP National Advisor Lim Kit Siang on the KDM being the biggest losers under Barisan Nasional.

Sabah DAP Vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie said that he felt very disappointed and regretted very much on the comment made by Pairin.  During the days of PBS from 1985 to 1994 holding the Sabah government, before their government was reversed taken over by the Barisan Nasional, during that time the KDMs had seen some light in their wellbeing and status. The situation was totally turned over after Tan Sri Bernard Dompok headed the Sabah CM post for the last time for only the short 9 months. With the permanent stoppage of the CM rotation system in Sabah, the chance for a KDM CM was permanent gone. Will there be any more KDM CM possible under the BN rule?

Edward challenges the present CM Datuk Musa Aman to step down and let Datuk Pairin to hold the post of CM to show what he claimed that he can work well with the other ethnic groups in Sabah. Further more being an ex-CM, the KDM Pairin is well qualified and experienced for the Sabah CM post. Datuk Musa can not say that Lim Kit Siang comes to Sabah for a few days and making incorrect comment, and that shows Musa’s ignorance of the fact that a few words from Kit Siang can mean a lot from his true heart and spirit to protect the rights of the Sabah KDMs and every body in Sabah. Kit Siang’s move and words had aroused a lot of attention including the “Ho Guon Siou” of the KDMs Datuk Pairin and the CM Datuk Musa. Indeed, this can serve as a “wake up call” for the long neglected and deteriorating rights and well being of the KDMs.

On this, Edward claims that under Pakatan Rakyat rule in Sabah and Malaysia in the future, there will be a good chance for the KDM to come back as the CM of Sabah, and this is something that the BN can not do.

Edward Ewol Mujie. Sabah DAP Vice Chairman



沙巴民主行动党州副主席爱德华慕吉说,他对百林的言论感到非常失望和遗憾。 沙巴团结党在19851994年执政沙巴州政府,后来被国阵夺取政权,当时的卡达山土著族群看到了一点他们的进步。这种情况完全被终止当丹斯里东博当了短短9个月的首席部长之后。 随着沙巴国阵永远停止首长轮流制度后,卡达山人担任首长的机会就永远消失了。  国阵会让卡达山人担任沙首长吗?爱德华挑战拿督慕沙阿曼下台,让拿督百林担任首长以展示他所强调的,他可以在沙巴与其他族群融合一起。 此外拿督百林是有很好的条件和经验丰富能够胜任沙巴首长的职位。

拿督幕沙不该说,林吉祥来到沙巴发出不正确的评论,这显示幕沙对事实的无知。 以林氏的几句话,从他的真实情感和为沙巴卡达山土著的每一个动作,他引起了广泛关注,包括了卡达山人的精神领袖拿督百林和首长拿督幕沙。 的确这可以作为警钟‘唤醒’长期被忽视和不断被侵融的卡达山人的将来权益和福祉。


Tawau Water supply Dam project under 10MP 斗湖大水坝工程能完成吗?

Sabah State Infrastructure Development Minister Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan said the plan to build the dam in Tawau is estimated to cost RM240 million now, and this was listed under the 9th Malaysia Plan, but it was later rejected. Sabah will propose to list the dam project in Tawau under the 10MP to facilitate its request for the allocation.

Pairin said he will go to Tawau to monitor the situation there and attend a briefing by the Water works department. Currently, the people in Tawau are facing a short supply of water from the Gudang Empat water treatment plant at Merotai due to the soon drying up of the Tawau River. There is no stocking facility like a dam available for the water supply system in Tawau.

The construction of the dam was proposed way back in the 90’s, and due to the financial incapability of the BN state and Federal government, the then costing less then RM150 million water storage dam at Gudang Empat, Merotai was shelved. They only built the water treatment plant by using the Tawau River water only during that time until now. The increasing demand of Tawau consumer and the dry spell caused the supply is much less the demand. Tawau is at the moment facing acute water shortage. If the dry season prolongs, the situation will be more serious.

Dr. Hiew, the Sabah DAP chief cum the KK MP commented that the proposed dam should be immediate built and not to wait until the 10MP, since it is the undelivered public service and of priority as claimed by Pairin. The dam should have been built and made ready during the same period as the construction of the Gudang Empat water treatment plant back in the 90’s, then today we will have no problem with water in Tawau. It is worst still that now we have to propose again and wait to be approved until the 10MP. Will this dam be approved during the 10MP or it will never be built?

Pairin as the Minister of Infrastructure Development should have already got a full view and information on the water shortage in the whole Sabah, and not only now wanted to go to Tawau to monitor the situation and to attend a briefing by the water department. As for the shortage of water through out Sabah he is to be responsible and answerable to all counts of public complaints. The old saying is true that “We can not start digging for wells, when we are dying of thirst”!

The dam project may take some 5 to 6 years to build after the approval given under the 10MP.
We are now only in the 9MP which has 2 more years to go, that means the Tawau people will have to wait for at least another 8 long years before they can see some steady water coming from their pipe. The degree of suffering for the Tawau people is immense and who can really wait that long. The BN government did not do something positive all these while and just keep on announcing some plans that may not even materialized, how can the people trust them anymore?

The best solution is to change the present government and let the new PR government to take over, to ensure a better future and wellbeing. 

Dr. Hiew King Cheu KKMP     


沙巴州基本设施发展部长拿督斯里约瑟百林说,计划在斗湖兴建一座大水坝的费用估计为马币两亿四千万,这原本是在第九大马计划的工程,但是后来却被取消。  沙巴政府将会再次在第十大马计划提呈斗湖大水坝工程,以便能够获得拨款的分配。

百林说,他将会前往斗湖进行视察,并会听取水务局的简报。 目前,斗湖人正面临水供短缺的问题,这是因为位于摩洛带(Merotai)的四号麻房(Gudang Empat)的食水处理厂的斗湖河即将枯竭。 而在该处却没有一座大水坝的设施来储水

早在九十年代已经提议该大水坝计划,由于国阵州和联邦政府都说没有钱,所以当时提议在摩洛带(Merotai)的四号麻房(Gudang Empat)的水坝工程就被搁置着,而当时该提议的款额是马币一亿五千万而已。 当时他们只在斗湖河兴建抽水站让该食水处理厂得到水源,并且使用直到今天。 斗湖用水量日益增加,导致逐渐无法应付过高的需求量,导致目前斗湖面临严重缺水的问题,如果旱季继续延长,该情况将会更加恶化

沙巴民主行动党州主席兼亚庇国会议员邱庆洲博士指出,既然百林认为斗湖人民有燃眉之急,身为基本设施部长的他就应该立即兴建拟议的大水坝,而不是要等到第十大马计划。 该座大水坝应该是在九十年代兴建,和四号麻房的食水处理厂同时一起兴建,今天斗湖就不会有任何缺水的问题。 最可笑的是现在还要等到第十大马计划中才提呈建议,等待批准。 该座大水坝是否会在第十大马计划中被批准,还是将永远无法被兴建

百林身为基本设施发展部长应该已经有充足的资料,并了解全沙巴州缺水的问题,而不是等到现在才前往斗湖进行视察有关情况,并要求水务局做出简报。  至于沙巴州缺水的问题,他要负上责任,他的工作态度正好是“口渴才挖井取水”

如果第十大马计划批准该大水坝的工程,该工程可能需时五至六年后才能建好。 我们现在仍然还在第9大马计划中并且还有两年的时间,这意味着斗湖人必须等上至少八年之久才可以看到一些稳定的水供。斗湖人民面对的痛苦程度是如此大,试问有谁能够真正等那么久? 国阵政府并没有采取积极行动解决问题,只是不断地宣布永不兑现的计划,这如何能取信于人呢?


Where is the Promised Sg. Damit Bridge?承诺的达密河(Sg. Damit)大桥在哪里?

The people living in the vicinity of the Sg. Damit, had voiced out their grievances to the Sabah DAP Tuaran Division. They are very disappointed on the empty promises made by the Barisan National (BN) since year 2000 until now for a bridge to be built across the Sg. Damit. They said they had totally given up hope on the BN, and will turn to support Pakatan Rakyat (PR) in the coming 13th General Election, even though BN comes now to announce the bridge to be constructed soon.

According to them, they have suffered long enough to making the long detour around to use the Tamparuli Bridge in order to get to the other side of the Sg. Damit. This detour will take one hour drive to reach. There were announcement made on the bridge to be built, especially during the 2004 and 2008 general election. Each time the kampong folks are disappointed.

Sabah DAP Vice chairman Edward Ewol Mujie and the DAP Tuaran chief were on site to inspect the situation faced by the people there. It is noticed that there is a narrow suspension bridge there for pedestrian only. Some motorcyclists are taking the risk to speed across using the suspension bridge, which is highly dangerous for the motorcycle and the foot traffic.

Edward and Peter both said why the BN government can not build the promised bridge, and continue to let the Kampongs suffer the long detour round Tamparuli. It will not be fair after making public announcement and yet nothing had been done. This exposed the incapability and weakness of the BN government. No wonder the people said they will ditch the BN.

Sabah DAP urges the people in Tuaran to support the Pakatan Rakyat in the 13th General election to form the new Sabah Government, so that there will be a bridge over the Damit River.

Peter Liew Fui Ken
Sabah DAP Tuaran Chief.

Pic: Edward and Peter at the Sg. Damit

承诺的达密河(Sg. Damit)桥在哪里?

住在达密河(Sg. Damit)附近的居民,向沙巴民主行动党斗亚兰区部投诉他们对政府没有兴建达密大桥的极度不满。国阵政府在二零零零年承诺将会兴建一座横跨达密河(Sg. Damit)的大桥,但是迄今该承诺都没有实现,国阵不断向人民开出空头支票,这使到该处的村民非常的失望。 他们说,他们已经完全放弃对国阵的希望,并且会在第13届大选中支持民联,成立新州政府。  就算国阵现在公布在短期内将会兴建该座大桥,也将于事无补。

据村民说,他们已经受够了长期绕过担坡罗里桥,前往河的另一边。  如此的绕道需要浪费一小时车程才能到达。 2004年和2008年大选时国阵曾经公布说,将会兴建该座大桥,但是到头来还是一场空,大失所望,村民说他们已经受够及不再受骗了

沙巴民主行动党州副主席爱德华慕吉和斗亚兰区部负责人刘辉坚前往该河边处视察,以了解该处村民所面对的问题。 发现该处只有一条简陋又狭窄的行人吊桥。 摩托车冒风险快速跨越该座吊桥,这对摩托车或步行者是非常危险的事。

他们说,国阵政府为什么不能遵守其诺言立即兴建该座大桥,反而继续让该处的居民面对绕远道的困难。尤其是已公开宣布兴建,但却没有任何行动,这是极不公平的。 这已充分暴露了国阵政府的无能和不守信用。 很多人都说,他们不要国阵了