Thursday, 18 March 2010

DAP Leader Lim Kit Siang Sabah Visit

民主行动党国会领袖林吉祥将前往沙巴州进行为期3天的访问,日期是从3月19日至21日。 这是他对沙巴人的承诺。林氏和另两位行动党国会议员张念群和林立迎及沙巴行动党团队将在明天下午前往根地咬甘榜出席当地的聚集,接下来当晚他们将出席于根地咬33餐厅的私人晚宴,并与当地领袖会面。The DAP Parliament Leader Lim Kit Siang will be in Sabah for a three day visit starting tomorrow 19th to 21st March to fulfill his promise to the Sabah people for a monthly visit schedule.He and the Sabah DAP team with the two DAP MP Teo Nee Cieng and Lim Lip Eng will be attending a local gathering in Keningau with the Kampong folks in the afternoon, and later in the night they will be joining a dinner function with the local leaders in the Restaurant 33 in Keningau town.

The program of their visit will continue to the Sulaman Sentral in Sepangar for a dialogue with the Sabah Natives and the local leaders on topic concerning the people here especially the native issue and economy. The group will also hold causal gathering with the local leaders and representatives in Inanam and Mengatal town in the local coffee shop on Saturday 3pm to 11pm.

The Sunday (21st) will be allocated for the Sabah DAP Penampang branches to hold the walk about in Donggongon town and the Taumu ground. This is for the purpose for Lim Kit Siang to talk to the local folks and a chance for them to meet him in person. Later he will adjourn to the statue of the late Peter Mojuntin in Donggongon Square to place a wreath for the remembrance of the Golden Son of the Kadazan. A lunch function is prepared in his honor in Inabong Kampong, Penampang.

All are welcome to join the functions and have a chance to talk to Kit Siang or photo session with him.

Dr. Edwin Bosi, Sabah DAP Publicity Chief.

民主行动党国会领袖林吉祥将前往沙巴州进行为期3天的访问,日期是从3月19日至21日。 这是他对沙巴人的承诺。


跟着在周六(20日)他们将继续前往西邦加(Sepangar),在苏来曼中心(Sulaman Sentral)与当地领袖和土著进行对话,并且了解该处人民的需要和问题。 尤其是有关本地的经济问题和趋向。 当天该团队也将会与当地领袖在下南南和孟加达的咖啡店有个小聚集。

在周日(21日)林氏将会和沙巴兵南邦支部前往探访东贡岸镇和该处的‘斗磨’。 这是为了让林吉祥能够进一步了解当地土著,并且让他们有机会见到林氏本人。 接着他将会前往竖立在东贡岸广场的已故彼得默君丁(Late Peter Mojuntin)的雕像前献花圈,向‘卡达山之子’表达其敬意。 之后就会前往以诺博甘榜(Inabong Kampong)享用午餐。