Monday, 1 March 2010

DAP leader YB Lim Kit Siang said Kadazan Native is kingmaker

Veteran DAP leader YB Lim Kit Siang arrived Kota Kinabalu this morning (26th February 2010) to start his 3-day visit to Sabah. He was accompanied by YB Lim Lip Eng (MP Segambut), YB Teo Nie Ching (MP Serdang) and Ms Foo Yueh Chuan (DAP HQ Chief of Staff). After a press conference YB Lim and other DAP leaders attended the Chinese New Year celebration organised by UPKO leader YB Don Mojuntin at Dewan Tun Fuad Stephens. This afternoon YB Lim laid a wreath at the “Double Six memorial” at Sembulan to remember the fallen heroes of Sabah. YB Lim first laid a wreath today in 1978.

In the evening the DAP veteran leader and two Federal DAP MPs attended a dinner at Windbell Restuarant Tg. Aru where he met with Kadazan Native professionals, businessmen and social activists. In his speech YB Lim reminded the Kadazan Natives that they are the real kingmakers in Sabah and Malaysian politics. He urged the Kadazan community to read the book “The Golden Son of the Kadazan” which gives a good account of the struggle of the Kadazans. But first he urged the community to demand the government to lift the ban on this book. He said there is no reason why this book which discussed the struggle of the late Datuk Peter Mojuntin be banned while a book by Dr. Mahathir’s “Malay Dilemma” has been lifted.

YB Lim said the UMNO-dominated BN government has short change the Kadazan Natives. He asked the community what it has achieved since joining to form Malaysia. He asked what level of betrayal the BN government has inflicted on the Kadazan Native community. For example, after taking power in 1994 the Kadazan Native had only one Chief Minister based on the rotational system of Chief Minister. Even that Tan Sri Bernard Dompok only served for 9 months. After gaining more seats in the election, UMNO decided that the rotational system of Chief Minister be abolished. Where is the fairness, he said.

The DAP veteran said the double six incident has robbed the Kadazan Natives many good leaders. He said political history must remind the Kadazan Natives of their role in the rise of Berjaya and PBS governments. He said the Kadazan Natives have been marginalised and emasculated, and even to the extent of been castrated. He again reminded the Kadazan Natives that their future is in their hands. You have a fantastic power which you can release and become equal citizen, and participate towards nation building.

About 60 people from the Kadazan Native community attended the function. Among those present were Sabah DAP leaders led by its Chief YB Dr. Hiew King Cheu, YB Jimmy Wong (Deputy Chief), Edward Ewol Muji (Vice Chairman), Jeffrey Kumin (Organising Secretary), Dr. Edwin Bosi (Publicity Secretary), John Lee (Deputy Publicity Secretary), Steven Jimbangan (Kepayan), Peter Liew (Tuaran) and Lau (Labuan).