Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Guidelines on the swift let industry lacking养燕业缺乏政府条规

Following the action taken by the KK City Hall’s Enforcement and Licensing Unit together with the Wild Life Enforcement and Licensing Division in an operation to seize several equipment used for breeding birds in Kota Kinabalu, The KK MP received complaint from the operators of the bird nest industry.

The complaint is basically saying that the bird nest industry is facing much difficulty where there is no set of standard by-law and regulation given by the local authorities and other department regarding the industry. The trading license in Sabah were issued and approved in some area, and the licenses issued vary from council to council. For DBKK, they don’t even know how to issue the licenses, because there is no set rules and guide-line until now. The only thing is that they are going to discuss the proposed guidelines on the swift let industry in the cabinet meeting to give the industry its much needed framework to operate in a sustainable manner.

The bird nest industry in Sabah is earning the state an increasing income day by day, and no doubt the industry has its high potential in our economy growth. The three famous caves in Sabah are traditional bird nest producing area which produces some 8 tonnes of bird nest yearly, and is some RM45 million per year. The other smaller swiftlet and bird nest operators are growing in strength and their production is on the increase.

Dr. Hiew said the government should move to encourage the industry and even providing financial assistance to the swift let operators, to enhance speedy setting up of the fast growing industry. The technology in setting up the swift let is simple and easy, with some proper control and regulation set up, and definitely it is going to be a lucrative business which can earn vast income. Just let the birds do the job.

Dr. Hiew said there is no difficulty for the government to come up with the guidelines and rules, and they should not delay it further. This is because in Semananjong there are some standard guidelines set on the bird nest industry and allowed to operate, and why Sabah is being left behind, or is it Sabah not so important, and is this the 1- Malaysia concept?
The Sabah government should immediately discuss to formalize the rules and regulation for the bird nest and swift let industry, so that the people can invest more into it to bring more income for Sabah.

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

Pic: Dr. Hiew inspecting some of the swift let bird nest installation.



他的申诉说,养燕行业面临很大的困境,并且也没有由政府所设定的准则和法令,地方当局和有关该行业的其他政府部门也没有正式的条规。 在沙巴州某些地区有些经营养燕业已获得牌照及许可证,但是亚庇市政厅却不知道如何发出牌照和许可证, 因为他们没有正式的规则和条例。 他们将要在内阁讨论该些规则和条例的建议,以让养燕业界能够照章顺利的运作。


邱博士说,政府应帮助和鼓励养燕界,提供财政援助,让该行业迅速发展,以提高生产量。  养燕业是以简单又容易的技术来经营,以适当的控制和监管,肯定是一个利润丰厚的行业,并可赚取很高的收入。

邱博士说,没有政府的指南和规则,使到该行业进退两难,面对官员的百般挑剔及取缔。  当局不应该再拖延,必须立即公布该行业的标准准则,并发出正式的经营牌照。 为什么西马可以让养燕者顺利进行该行业,而沙巴却面对重重难关,难道沙巴不是那么重要吗?