Monday, 8 March 2010

The inspection to the power supply mobile bank of generator sets by the Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament to Sandakan BDC substation site, came with a shock to notice that the bank of 15 generator sets supposedly to be new sets turns out to be whole bunch of used (near condemn) units of power generators.

Dr. Hiew was accompanied by the Sabah DAP Batu Sapi chairman George Hiew Vun Zin and members inspected the gen-sets and confirmed that these are used second-hand units. There are 15 units of gen-sets to bank up to produce a top power supply of 20MW to the Sandakan power consumers. It is sad to see on site that the units were “struggling” to produce power, and “screaming” away to produce enough “juice” for the consumers. The 15 units are of a combination of some 1.74MW unit to smaller units of 0.75 MW per unit capacity. This is supposed to produce a total of 20 MW power, but due to the limitation and efficiency drop of the old units, the power produced is much lower that expectation. During the time of visit, there were two units broken down already, and some four other units could face serious breakdown soon, and the output was down to only 17.15MW. If further units break down, the power supply will be reduced further.

Dr. Hiew as an engineer and knowledge in machineries commented this during the visit, and he said the conditions of the mobile gen-sets are critical, especially running on 24-hours continuously without rest. The mobile units are not built and designed to run for such long hours without stop, especially in such hot weather and dusty condition. These are not new gen-sets and from the observation some of these units are showing sign of losing power due to wear and tear. The tendency of breakdown can come anytime, and blackout in Sandakan will happen again. How to cope with the power shortage when these mobile units totally become unserviceable, and the main power stations will not be ready in 5 years time. The answer is that the Sandakan people will continue to suffer on no steady power supply.

DAP George Hiew said the question is, why after spending so much money on the installation of the needy power generators, and yet we are getting some used near condemned gen-sets in Sandakan and Tawau? Definitely some one will have to do some explanation, may be the CM Datuk Musa Aman can explain these to the suffering Sabahan? The whole thing reflects the incapability of the BN government to tackle and solve the problem of the basic amenity for the Sabahan, and the BN has failed the Sabahan. Don’t forget the BN supporters and members are suffering from no power too, except those high ranking minister that they have their own stand-by gen-sets at home and in their offices.

The power problem will not be solved by the way it is going on. The temporary measures will not help, while the suffering of the Sandakan folks goes on. Dr. Hiew said he sympathized a lot for the Sandakan folks, and hopes they will turn away from BN to support PR for the better future.

Picture : Dr. Hiew, George Hiew and Alex Fong inspecting the mobile gen-sets

Dr. Hiew King Cheu, KK MP



陪同邱博士前往进行视察该流动发电机的有民行党三脚石支部主席邱文正和党员,获得证实这些发电机是二手货。 电力局添置了15部流动发电机,以提供20MW的电源给山打根区。 很可惜的是在现场的发电机只能‘勉强及很吃力’的发电。 该15部大小的发电机的个别供电量是由1.74MW和0.75MW等。 总发电量应该能够产生20兆瓦, 但由于陈旧机械及低弱的发电效率,电力生产量更低。 在视察期间,邱博士发现有两部发电机已经故障不能使用,而另外四部发电机将要面临严重的机械故障,当时的电供量已下降到只有17.15MW。 如果该些流动发电机进一步发生故障,很肯定的是山打根的电供将会面对严重的短缺。

对机械有相当经验的邱博士评论说,该些流动发电机的状况很糟糕,特别是在全天不休息连续的操作之下。 这些流动发电机并不是设计于长时间的操作,特别是在炎热的天气和尘土飞扬的情况下。 因为不是新的发电机,而且有些已经开始渐渐得失去操作功能,尤其是其陈旧的情况。 这些陈旧的发电机将无法长期使用和操作,并且沙巴的主要发电站将不会在五年内准备好,如何去应付山打根的电力短缺。 因此山打根人民将会继续承受没有稳定电供的困境。

邱文正说,为何花这么多钱安装流动发电机在山打根和斗湖,而且还是二手的。 政府肯定要向人民解释,可能沙巴首席部长拿督慕沙阿曼可以向面对痛苦的沙巴人民解释。 这件事反映出国阵政府的无能去为沙巴人民解决基本电供的需要,以及提供其他基本的设施。 不要忘了国阵的支持者和党员同样的也面对电供短缺的困难, 当然除了那些国阵高层及部长们,因为他们的家里和办公室里都有自备发电机。

这样下去,沙巴州的电供问题永远不会得到解决,当局的临时措施也无济于事,山打根人会长期面对困境。 邱博士说他很同情山打根人,并呼吁他们不要再支持国阵政府,选择民联才是上算和能够有更好的未来。

图 :邱博士,邱文正和方健强于冒烟的流动发电机前摄。