Thursday, 18 March 2010

Pairin should also resign on failing Zero Poverty Rate by end of 2010 对未能在2010年底前达至零贫穷率,拜林应该引咎辞职

Minister to the Energy, Green Technology and Water Chin Fah Kui has announced his commitment to resolve the power supply problem in Sabah by resigning from his minister post if the Saidi Index of 700 minutes per subscriber annually on the power supply is not achieved by end of 2010.

Sabah DAP Vice Chairman Edward Ewol Mujie said this is a noble way to do and he appreciates the move by Chin. On this, Edward also wants this good example to be followed by the Sabah cabinet starting from the Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman himself. On the long power supply failure and water shortage problem in Sabah which is not solved and the situation is getting worst, the Sabah State Cabinet can not discharge their responsibility on their failure to provide steady uninterrupted supply to the people on these two important and compulsory amenities. The Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman should follow to make a pledge to the Sabahan that he will also resign together with Chin if the targeted 700 minutes index is not met by end of 2010.

On the eradication of hardcore poverty in Sabah as announced by the state government to achieve Zero Poverty rate by end of 2010 is seemed like another empty promises made to the Sabahan. We want to see that the announcement can be fulfilled, and not for propaganda purposes, the people are being cheated over and over again. Datuk Pairin Joseph Kitingan has announced to achieve Zero Poverty by end of 2010 while he was Minister of Rural Development, and now he is the Minister of Infra structure Development, has he forgotten about the announcement? Why he is silent on the topic now? As far as the people in the very poor will remember his announcement forever and this is their hope to see things happening, and their livelihood improving.

Edward Ewol Mujie said it will be no use to just make announcement but without solid commitment and determination to get the problem solved. The BN government has made announcements that they can’t and didn’t deliver, therefore he call for Datuk Pairin Joseph Kitingan to also follow Chin Fah Kui foot step to resign if the Zero Poverty rate is not achieved by the end of 2010, to show that he is a responsible leader and not just “say-say” only!

The same goes to the water supply shortage in Sabah, as the Infrastructure Development Minister, Pairin should be committed to make a pledge to the Sabahan as when the problem can be resolved. The people wants to see full commitment from the BN government to address and solve the hard pressing problem that created much hardship amount the people in Sabah which also including the BN member and supporters.

At the mean while, we wait to see what sort of commitment shall come from the BN leaders. The Sabahan are watching.

Edward Ewol Mujie. Sabah DAP State committee Vice Chairman



沙巴民主行动党州副主席爱德华慕吉说,这是一项崇高的做法,他赞赏陈氏的承诺。 对此,爱德华表示沙巴内阁部长也应该仿效这样的榜样,尤其是身为沙巴首席部长的拿督慕沙阿曼。 沙巴长期以来电供及水供短缺的问题不单没有解决,反而情况越来越严重,沙巴州内阁部长在这两个重要设施的问题上,应该付上责任,但是不能有效的履行其任务,亦未能提供稳定的水电供。 沙巴州首席部长拿督穆萨阿曼应该负责向沙巴人所做出承诺,如果停电频率在2010年底没有达到700分钟每消费者的目标,他也应该与拿督陈一起引咎辞职,向人民谢罪。

对于沙巴州政府宣布在2010年底前要达到零贫穷率看来又是空头支票。 我们希望看到这项宣布是真正能够达致,而不是为了宣传的目标,人民不断的被欺骗一次又一次。 拿督约瑟百林担任农村发展部长时,已向人民宣布在2010年底要达到零贫穷率,现在他是基本设施发展部长,好像他对该项宣布遗忘了。 为什么他没有再提到该项沙巴州政府的承诺呢? 贫穷人民却永远记得他的宣布,满怀希望,他们希望看到的部长能够协助改善他们的生活。

爱德华慕吉说,如果没有坚定其承诺解决问题的决心,只是单单宣布是没有用的。 国阵政府已宣布,但是他们却无法去解决,也无能力提供给人民应有的福利,所以爱德华建议拿督百林也应该跟随陈华贵的做法,如果没有达到零贫率就应该引咎辞职,以表明他是一个负责任的人民代议士,不要只是“说说”而已!

沙巴州也面对水供短缺问题,百林身为基础设施发展部长应该作出承诺,宣布可以解决沙巴人的问题。 人民希望看到国阵政府能够遵照对沙巴人所做出的承诺和真正的去解决问题,这些人也包括了国阵党员和其支持者。